Chapter 389: Experience Of Life

    Chapter 389: Experience Of Life

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    "Star Lord Mo, you should have seen. All the pill refiners on there had metal-type spiritual roots. To be honest, if a person had wood-type or fire-type spiritual roots, I wouldn't be surprised if he became a Tier 7 Heavenly Pill Refiner. But for metal-type spiritual roots to become a pill refiner, and so many of them, is simply inconceivable." Noticing Mo Wuji's silence, Yan Huimeng explained by the side.

    Because she knew that Mo Wuji was from the Lost Continent, so she casually asked about Mo Tiancheng. She didn't really expect them to be related.

    As he continued downwards on this list of metal-type pill refiners, Mo Wuji saw a line of words, "Lai Wanxing is despicable and unscrupulous. He secretly abducted all the metal-type pill refiners in Zhen Xing, and he wants to bring us out of Zhen Xing. Borrowing the power of a concealment talisman I hid on myself, I managed to escape, but I'm still unable to pass this information on to Star King Mountain..."

    After which, there weren't any more words. Even the name of this escaped pill refiner wasn't left behind.

    Mo Wuji could guess, this pill refiner must have escaped with his final breaths and he eventually died.

    According to the information on this jade token, Lai Wanxing had brought all the metal-type pill refiners out of Zhen Xing, probably to do something.

    "What's Lai Wanxing's cultivation?" After some time, Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    Yan Huimeng promptly answered, "Not only was his talent in alchemy top class, his cultivation talent was also peerless. 100 years ago, I heard he had already reached Worldly Immortal Stage Level 9. Now that 100 years have passed, I estimate that he had already entered into the Earthly Immortal Stage."

    "Many thanks Manor Lord, can you give me this jade token?" Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said.

    Yan Huimeng smiled brightly, "It's my honour if Star Lord Mo could accept my thing. How could I reject you?"

    This jade token had Mo Tiancheng's name. Even though Mo Wuji wouldn't specifically search for Mo Tiancheng, if he ever encountered anyone on this jade token, he do an inquiry.

    "My visit has been abrupt, I must have disturbed..." Since he had done what he needed to, Mo Wuji prepared to take his leave.

    Yan Huimeng did not wait for Mo Wuji to finish his words of farewell; she took the initiative to say, "Star Lord Mo, I heard that your dao companion Cen Shuyin had perished in Thorny Wind Gate.

    Fairy Shuyin was a peerless beauty and has a virtuous disposition. She was plotted by those vicious people, causing her to perish in the Extreme Realm. It's truly pitiable..."

    Mo Wuji's eyes dimmed. He had intended to bring Shuyin back to her mother's side but he still hadn't done it. Perhaps, in his subconscience, he didn't want Shuyin to leave. That's why he wanted to go into space and raze Wolf King Mountain.

    What if he encountered the Space Wolf King? Perhaps he might perish before he managed to obliterate Wolf King Mountain. Even though he could kill Cang Jue, he knew that he still wasn't a match for the Space Wolf King.

    Should he first return Shuyin to her mother's side, or should he keep Shuyin by his side?

    Mo Wuji's eyes suddenly turned blur. Indeed, he was unwilling to let Shuyin leave. Even though Shuyin was already dead, if he kept Shuyin by his side, he would still have hope.

    But was this what Shuyin wanted? She already said she wanted to return back at her hometown. He was truly a bit selfish.

    Mo Wuji sighed, he decided that he would first bring Shuyin back to the Lost Continent and bury her by her mother's side. Then he would raze Wolf King Mountain. In his previous life, he died in the hands of a woman. In this life, a woman died for him. What regrets could he have?

    "My condolences, Star Lord Mo." Seeing the pained and misty look in Mo Wuji's eyes, Yan Huimeng hurriedly said.

    Thereafter, she continued, "The path of cultivation is long and endless. Without a trusted companion, not only would you lose a place to entrust your heart, you also lose some attunements to the Heavenly Dao. Star Lord Mo, my disciple Xiyue is a peerless beauty, and she especially admires Star Lord Mo. If Star Lord Mo is willing, I can..."

    Mo Wuji's sigh interrupted Yan Huimeng's words, "Many thanks Manor Lord for your kind thoughts. Junior Xiyue's beauty has no equal, and her personality is warm and pure. Whoever could receive Xiyue's affection would be a lucky person. Even I was stunned by Junior Xiyue's beauty..."

    By the side, as Zhuang Xiyue heard Mo Wuji's words, her head increasingly faced downwards. Her face was steaming, and her heart was beating vigorously. If her master agreed, she was willing to immediately follow him.

    Yan Huimeng could naturally feel her disciple's excitement, but she sighed inwardly. There was no problem with Mo Wuji's words; he was indeed praising Xiyue. But his sigh gave her an uncomfortable feeling.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji continued, "But my heart belongs to someone else. Other than Shuyin, I could no longer give my heart to anyone else. I believe that Junior Xiyue's future dao companion would definitely love her more than I could."

    With that, Mo Wuji stood up and bowed towards Yan Huimeng and Zhuang Xiyue.

    When she heard Mo Wuji's final sentence, Zhuang Xiyue's steaming red face instantly turned pale white. Her heart has also turned icy cold. She had never thought that someone would reject her right in her face. Was she no good?

    She had ways followed her master's arrangements. Even though she would do her own research, she had never been involved with any relationship between guys and girls. Even when she was by herself, she wouldn't think about such feelings. Whoever becomes her dao companion was an arrangement of her master. Even if she did research, her research was on the men that might catch her master's eye. Thus, she never knew of the feeling of love which could endure life and death.

    As for her feeling towards Mo Wuji, most of it was comprised of her master's respect and her reverence towards him. With regards to the feelings between man and woman, how would she know it if she hadn't even interacted with Mo Wuji?

    Yan Huimeng was slightly vexed. She understood a bit about the feelings between men and women. However, as cultivators, weren't they more focused on their personal interests? As cultivators, they didn't even have enough time for cultivation. When would they even have the time to discuss about love? Even though she knew more than Zhuang Xiyue, she was still confused by Mo Wuji's attitude. What did he mean when he said his heart belonged to someone else? He probably wasn't impressed by her disciple; she didn't believe that Mo Wuji would never ever find a second dao companion. If not even Xiyue could catch his eye, then probably no one in Zhen Xing would catch it.

    "Star Lord Mo's future is limitless. Naturally, you wouldn't care about Xiyue. I've been negligent in my judgement." Yan Huimeng started to have a temper. Even if your Star King Mountain was very powerful, there are no lack of suitors for my beauties from Tian Chi Manor.

    Mo Wuji did not care too much about Yan Huimeng's attitude, but when he saw Zhuang Xiyue's slightly trembling figure, he sighed deeply in his heart. He had unintentionally hurt another innocent girl.

    This was not what he wanted. As he thought of this, Mo Wuji said, "There's this phrase from my hometown: 'No water's enough when you've sailed in the deep blue sea; no cloud is beautiful but those on Mount Wu...' Perhaps there's better water elsewhere, but in my heart, only the water in the deep blue sea could be considered water. Perhaps there are more beautiful clouds, but in my heart, only the clouds on Mount Wu are the most beautiful."

    With that, Mo Wuji bowed, turned and left.

    This words from a poem from the Tang Era poet, Yuan Zhen; these words encapsulated the feelings deep in Mo Wuji's heart. However, Mo Wuji was only filled with contempt for this Yuan Zhen; he was a shameless person who gained fame by deceiving the public.

    He abandoned his wife for another woman, and when his wife died, he wrote this poem. Thereafter, before his ink ran dry, he married another woman. If that was not enough, he still played around with other women. If these words didn't describe Mo Wuji's feelings, he wouldn't have bothered using it.

    "No water's enough when you've sailed in the deep blue sea; no cloud is beautiful but those on Mount Wu..." Zhuang Xiyue muttered Mo Wuji's words. This was the first time that her deepest part of her heart was touched by words. What kind of love and persevere was required to say such words?

    This kind of man, if she gave up on him, then she could only continue to listen to her master to the rest of her life, marrying a man that she might not even want to remember the name of. Why was she feeling lost; wasn't the man she wished for right in front of her? Did she want to marry any other random person?

    "Brother Mo, can I ask where's that deep blue sea and that Mount Wu?" Zhuang Xiyue suddenly raised her head and asked Mo Wuji with lustrous eyes.

    The paleness on her face had already disappeared. She could care less about other things, but she must fight for this one. If that Senior Shuyin was still alive, she would silent give them her blessings. Since Senior Shuyin was already gone, why shouldn't she fight? Didn't her master always say, opportunities only flash by, if you fail to catch it, you lose it forever.

    Even Yan Huimeng noticed her disciple's attitude and tone. This time, she didn't call Star Lord, but directly called him Brother Mo. Clearly, this disciple of hers was bravely trying to find her own deep blue sea and Mount Wu.

    Mo Wuji stopped; he could feel Zhuang Xiyue's change and courage, but he truly couldn't be with her, even if she was any prettier.

    The deep blue sea and Mount Wu were merely the attachments and memories etched in his heart. He wasn't refering to an actual sea, or an actual mountain. Mo Wuji believed that Zhuang Xiyue was able to discern that; she only asked this as a display for her determination.

    "The deep blue sea and Mount Wu are places from my hometown. Even I, don't know whether I can ever go back there," Mo Wuji sighed.

    Indeed, he didn't know whether he could return to Earth. He didn't even know how he came to a planet like Zhen Xing.

    After saying this, Mo Wuji did not continue speaking, but slowly walked out of the hall.

    Zhuang Xiyue stared at Mo Wuji's gradually disappearing back, standing for a long time.

    After some time, Zhuang Xiyue suddenly said, "Master, I wish to go and train by myself for a period of time."

    Yan Huimeng stood by Zhuang Xiyue's side. She understood her disciple's disposition; she had a warm and compliant personality. But in Zhuang Xiyue's heart, she also had this determination. The moment this determination was ignited, even Yan Huimeng, as her master, could never extinguish it. Perhaps Yan Huimeng could force Zhuang Xiyue to adhere to her arrangements, but what was the point of that?

    "Go on then. Everything will be left to fate. We can't force some things; forcing it would only be violating one's true nature. Once you violate your true nature, you will never be able to progress," Yan Huimeng preached. Xiyue was already in the advanced Nihility God Stage. She should not face any problems protecting herself in Zhen Xing.

    It was also about time that Yan Huimeng lets go. Since she couldn't arrange a marriage with Star King Mountain's Star Lord, doing so with other sects wouldn't be very useful to her Tian Chi Manor. Moreover, doing so would only cause Xiyue to forever live a life of regret.
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