Chapter 390: The Star Lord Is Here

    Chapter 390: The Star Lord Is Here

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    Just as he left the Tian Chi Manor, a flying messenger sword flew over and landed in Mo Wuji's hands.

    The content of the flying messenger sword was very simple: Countless of demonic beasts from the Wolf King Mountain had attacked the Universal Hall and with the cooperation of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry, there were a devastating number of Zhen Xing's casualties. This time round, it seemed like everyone came out of the Wolf King Mountain without showing any mercy. The Universal Hall is currently in a critical state of panic.

    Mo Wuji read this message and was fuming. Before he could even flatten the Wolf King Mountain, these space brutes from the Wolf King Mountain actually dared to visit him.

    Initially, Mo Wuji wanted to make a trip back to the Lost Continent first but this message made him more resolute than ever to slaughter these foreign b*stards before doing anything else.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji started to be suspicious because after experiencing the deaths of two Star Lords, the obliteration of three big clans and even the massacre of Nine Mo City, Zhen Xing did suffer but it shouldn't be till the extent of a critical state of panic right?

    This was because the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and space beasts suffered heavy losses too and their losses were all those who were combat fit.


    Mo Wuji hurried over to the Universal Hall using a transfer array in the shortest possible time.

    Out of all the Worldly Immortal Stage experts in the Universal Hall, Mo Wuji only saw Yan Ze. Yan Ze looked haggard and the spirituality around him seemed to be distorted.

    "Star Lord," Yan Ze finally heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of the Mo Wuji as he hurried to pay his respects.

    The remaining cultivators in the Universal Pier hurried over to pay their respects too. Mo Wuji was the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain so even though many of them had not seen him personally before, tapes of him had been continuously replayed at every corner of the Universal Hall. It could be said that without Star Lord Mo, the Universal Hall wouldn't have existed till today.

    "Where are Hall Master Su and co.?" Mo Wuji asked immediately.

    Yan Ze pointed outside of the Universal Pier and said, "Hall Master Su had personally entered the Star Wars Battlefield and she wasn't the only one. All the Worldly Immortal Stage experts of the Star King Mountain had entered the battlefield. If not because this matter was critical to us, Hall Master Su wasn't planning to disturb you at all."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, because after they knew that he didn't like to deal with such trivial matters, the few hall masters, elders and defenders wouldn't disturb him unless it was an emergency. This time round, he received the news from a flying messenger sword so this must be an emergency which required him to settle.

    "I will go over to take a look," Mo Wuji finished his piece and headed towards level three of the Universal Pier.

    Yan Ze was still explaining while walking beside him, "Previously when the Space Wolf King was still around, he wouldn't deploy his full force to attack. He knew clearly that there would only be advantages and no disadvantages to engage a Star Wars once in awhile.

    This was because it would allow the demonic beasts of the Wolf King Mountain to receive sufficient combat trainings so as to make them stronger. Concurrently, he could reduce the number of space beasts in the Wolf King Mountain so as to save the resources in the Wolf King Mountain. Now that the Space Wolf King was not around, the space beasts and Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army went crazy in their effort to attack us."

    Mo Wuji heard Yan Ze's words and knew that this was probably instigated by someone and that someone was definitely the man who escaped from the Universal Pier, Zhu Qu. To treat Zhen Xing's cultivators as target practice for their own cultivation, this Space Wolf King was simply too optimistic.

    The Star Lord now wasn't Chi Tong but himself, Mo Wuji. Even if there was a need for target practices, it should be the other way round: space beasts as target practices for the cultivators of Zhen Xing.

    "Hall Master Yan, we have so many sects in the Zhen Xing with so many Worldly Immortal Stage experts so we shouldn't be in a disadvantage right? Why does it seems like the situation is not favourable to us?" Mo Wuji asked what he was most curious about.

    Yan Ze clenched his teeth and said, "This was because all the lare sects in the Zhen Mo Continent were trying to reap benefits without putting in efforts by not participating in the war. In this Star Wars, other than the Star King Mountain, there were only two sects out of the 10 who were willing to fight."

    "Didn't we contact them?" Mo Wuji's expression turned ugly because the main force of the Zhen Mo Continent was from the combined forces of the Star King Mountain, cultivator armies and the various large sects.

    In actual fact, during a cultivators war, the most important factor would be the number of experts available on each side. If most of the experts from the large sects in Zhen Mo Continent were not willing to come, the Zhen Mo Continent would definitely be at a disadvantage in this war.

    "How could we not contact them? We have sent out so many flying messenger swords and the only one who came to help was you, our Star Lord. All the various sects have their specific transfer array so the message should reach them faster than it reached you. These experts from the various sects didn't only not come to help but even those who were already at the Universal Hall didn't bother heading towards the Star Wars Battlefield," Yan Ze was fuming with a trace of helplessness.

    No matter how strong the Star King Mountain was, they simply couldn't flatten all the sects right? If they were reluctant to fight, the Star King Mountain couldn't possibly drag them out to fight right?

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly because it was the exactly the same selfishness in people everywhere he went. It seemed like before he leave Zhen Xing, he had to do something to make sure all the large sects knew that he wasn't just a Star Lord for show.

    Just because he hadn't done anything to them for wanting his life previously, they actually dared to climb all over his head. They must have thought he was such a kind Star Lord that they could bully.

    "Hall Master Yan, continue guarding the Universal Hall. Concurrently, record down the sects who bothered fighting for us against the foreign invaders this time round. I will get the list from you when I am back," After Mo Wuji finished his sentence, he hurried into the third level of the Universal Pier and stepped out of the spatial gate.

    Yan Ze was after all still a Hall Master of the Star King Mountain and back then during the internal conflicts of the three big clans, the fact that he didn't give up on his position proved that he wasn't like the rest of them. Hearing Mo Wuji's words, he knew that the Star Lord was enraged and he was desperate to find out what the Star Lord would do to them after this big war.

    Honestly speaking, ever since he had became a hall master, he enjoyed himself the most during the period of time when Mo Wuju was the Star Lord. At least he didn't have any grievances and could fight whenever he needed without the need to hold back for whatever reasons.

    Chi Tong had the best intentions for Zhen Xing but Yan Ze didn't exactly enjoy himself when being under Chi Tong because every time they reached a crucial part of the war, Chi Tong would insist not to anger the Wolf King and give in to them.


    After charging out of the Universal Pier, the first thing he heard was the sound of insane killing and as he used his spiritual will to scan outwards, he was extremely infuriated.

    There were at least over two million cultivators from the Zhen Mo Continent's cultivator army on the battlefield but as compared to the countless of space beasts and cavalry army, they were like a drop of water going against an ocean.

    There were countless of Zhen Mo Continent's cultivators being killed in every moment in time while the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army charged forward fearlessly. Billions of space beasts were also constantly biting and tearing the corpse of the Zhen Mo cultivators.

    Whether it was Su Xuan, Sang Caihe or Luo Yuchen, they were all currently trapped in the middle and was simply unable to get out to organise their forces to attack. Yan Ze wasn't lying because out of all the Worldly Immortal Stage experts that he spotted, they were all from the Star King Mountain.

    In truth, as compared to Chi Tong, Su Xuan wasn't really as capable in holding the position of the commander of the cultivator army.

    If not for the fact that the Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry army and the space beasts were also scattered apart, the cultivator army would have been completely obliterated long ago.

    At this moment, no matter how strong Mo Wuji was, he wouldn't be able to gather the entire cultivator army to create a better attacking formation.

    The only thing he could do now, was to enter this messy war and kill as many as he could.

    Fortunately, this was a cultivator war, not a war between mortals.

    In a war between cultivators, many of them relied not on charging formations but on sacred arts and magic skills.

    Mo Wuji immediately stepped into the battlefield and raised his hand to release his Lightning Rain. After he advanced to the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2, his spiritual will could extend to over 10,000 metres away from him. Therefore, his Lightning Rain could cover an area of over a few hundred metres square and the destructive power was even stronger than before.

    At this point in time, even if he didn't use any cannon, as long as no Earthly Immortal Stage expert came over to stop him, he would not be afraid even if all billions of space beasts were to surround him.

    "Boom boom boom boom!" Explosions were heard everywhere as an insane amount of blue lightning bolts fell like rain onto the battlefield.

    His Lightning Rain would definitely cover every single inch of the area within 100 metres square of him.

    Whether it was the space demonic beasts, Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry army or even the Zhen Mo Continent's cultivator army would have to scram under the explosive attacks of Mo Wuji's Lightning Rain.

    All sorts of devastating cries could be heard and every lightning bolt that landed on a body would cause one to lose his life. Very soon, the cultivators from the Zhen Mo cultivator army realised that as long as they don't run about frantically, the lightning bolts would do no harm to them.

    "The Star Lord is here! Do not run around mindlessly under the Lightning Rain."

    "Star Lord is here!"

    "My Star Lord of the Star King Mountain is here!"


    In only a short period of time, the news of the the Star Lord arriving at the battlefield spreaded across the entire battlefield. The morale of the Star King Mountain's cultivator army suddenly increased tremendously while the Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry army as well as the space demonic beasts of the Wolf King Mountain all lifted their head to look at the sky full of lightning bolts which were about to fall on them.

    No one here possessed a technique like Mo Wuji's magic skill which was capable of killing the masses.

    Very soon, these space beasts and Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry army reacted as a few experts hurried towards Mo Wuji.

    They were not fools because looking at how strong Mo Wuji's lightning bolts were, the Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry army and the space beasts would definitely be defeated in no time.
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