Chapter 391: Number 1

    Chapter 391: Number 1

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    Whether it was the Worldly Immortal Stage experts of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe or the Class 8 space beasts that charged towards Mo Wuji, they were all not capable of stopping Mo Wuji's Lightning Rain. They couldn't even protect themselves from the Lightning Rain unless they drew out their own magic treasure because they were facing not only the attacks from the Lightning Rain but Mo Wuji's lightning swords too.

    Mo Wuji would naturally not use his lightning swords against the weaker class demonic beasts as well as the weaker cultivators. However, against Worldly Immortal Stage experts or Class 8 beasts, he definitely had to treat them differently. Occasionally when he was met with even stronger experts or beasts, he had to release a few of his lightning webs too.

    "He is an Earthly Immortal Stage expert, hurry up and retreat..." Very soon, people noticed that Mo Wuji was able to kill Worldly Immortal Stage experts and Class 8 beasts easily which wasn't something a Worldly Immortal Stage expert could do. Hence, the only explanation was that Mo Wuji was an Earthly Immortal Stage expert.

    As more and more Worldly Immortal Stage experts as well as Class 8 space beasts started to surround Mo Wuji, Su Xuan and the rest of the Worldly Immortal Stage experts from the Star King Mountain were finally able to relax a little. After a while, they continued to take the lives of those space beasts at an insane rate. However, no matter how fast they were killing the space beasts, their speed was nothing compared to Mo Wuji's speed.

    The initially chaotic battlezone became even more chaotic. Even though it was chaotic previously, there was still some sort of sequence within the chaos. Throughout the battle, the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army was charging forward while the space beasts were focused on surrounding and killing. The Zhen Mo Continent cultivators were only able to get killed or defend themselves as the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the space beasts had the absolute upper hand in the war.

    Now that Mo Wuji broke the sequence of this chaotic war, the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army started to retreat frantically while the not so intelligent space beasts were simply running around headlessly.

    Mo Wuji was initially intending to raze the Wolf King Mountain so why would he let this chance to massacre all these foreign invaders slip away? He simply released more of his Lightning Rain.

    "That guy is Star Lord Mo and our Wolf King Mountain had already lost to him, let's retreat. Star Lord Mo, you may ask your troops to retreat too..." A Space Bull in the peak of Class 8 hurried to shout as he noticed Mo Wuji's incredible killing spree.

    Mo Wuji was dumbfounded because who was this dumb fella? To actually say such dumb words...

    Su Xuan landed beside Mo Wuji and this intense war had already resulted in some distortion in her spirituality coupled with the few extra wounds and messy hair.

    "Star Lord Mo, previously when faced with such a situation, Star Lord Chi would usually choose to stop killing. That demonic bull's name is Niu Man and even though he was not as strong as Bao Lie, he was one of the more vicious personnel in the Wolf King Mountain. He was the one who said that the Space Wolf King is back," Before she could even tidy her own clothes, she hurried to say this.

    She was clearly aware of the Space Wolf King's capabilities so the moment the Space Wolf King came back, then their greatest worry wouldn't be whether to continue killing or not but how to protect the Universal Hall. Because Mo Wuji just arrived, she had to explain the situation to Mo Wuji before anything else.

    "Star Lord Mo, the Space Wolf King of my Wolf King Mountain had already returned so if you choose to continue your mass killing, you would be forming a deadly feud with the Space Wolf King. He would definitely turn this place into nothing more than ashes if that happens," Niu Man shouted out loud.

    Mo Wuji simply couldn't be bothered with Niu Man as he turned to Su Xuan,"Immediately gather the cultivator army of the Zhen Mo Continent and kill those foreign invaders that are trying to escape. Try your best to recapture the locations that were taken over by the foreign troops earlier on."

    Noticing that Mo Wuji didn't even bother mentioning the Space Wolf King's name, how could Su Xuan not understand Mo Wuji's intention to kill them all and not let a single foreign scum escaped alive.

    "Yes," Su Xuan was explaining her worries to Mo Wuji and the final decision would naturally be made by the Star Lord himself. The Star Lord's decision to exterminate the entire foreign force was in fact aligned with her wishes. Star Lord Chi Tong had been cautiously maintaining the equilibrium with the foreign troops but wasn't he betrayed and assassinated by an Earthly Immortal Stage expert of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe? If it wasn't for Star Lord Mo's heroics back then, this would have already became the backyard of the foreign invaders.

    The initially hesitant cultivator army were suddenly highly motivated after hearing the order to kill every single scums of the foreign forces.

    The cultivator army was already extremely low-spirited because of the losses of fellow comrades in the war and the lack of hope thus far. Currently, seeing how the tides had turned and their commander's orders to kill at full force, why would they be able shred of hesitation in them?

    Killing to their hearts' content was what everyone loved to do as almost two million cultivators from the cultivator army charged forward to surround the enemies before slaughtering them.

    Even Mo Wuji himself charged into the crowd of space beasts as the area that his Lightning Rain could cover increased yet again. At this moment, he had already given his orders so there was no longer a need for him to worry about the cultivator army being lost hence, he could focus on killing too. With the help of the cultivator army, he could easily kill billions of foreign forces in an extremely short period of time.

    "You dare go against the Space Wolf King of my Wolf King Mountain?" Niu Man asked as he noticed that Mo Wuji's attacks were getting wilder instead of showing signs of weakening. Moreover, the Zhen Mo Continent's cultivator army was also charging forward to kill more of their forces.

    A lightning sword charged towards him and Niu Man instinctively shifted his massive body but the lightning sword still managed to scrape out a trace of blood from his body.

    "Who is the Space Wolf King and how dare he cause so much trouble for my Zhen Xing?" Mo Wuji didn't stop attacking while he spoke as the sky full of lightning rain and lightning swords started to gather together.

    Yet another lightning sword flew over and as Niu Man managed to dodge it once again, he was trapped by a lightning web. Following which, another lightning sword pierced right through his waist and Niu Man let out a devastating cry before escaping the lightning web as a black shadow and then disappearing into the space.

    Mo Wuji wasn't even afraid of the Space Wolf King and he even killed an expert in the Earthly Immortal Stage so why would he stay and await his death here? Even though the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and space beasts army were superior in terms of numbers, they didn't have any Class 9 beasts or Earthly Immortal Stage experts within their ranks.

    Additionally, after the Space Wolf King went to chase after Star Lord Mo, he disappeared and had never returned ever since. Otherwise, Cang Jue would never have risked his life to enter Zhen Xing. He was simply lying when he said that the Space Wolf King was back at the Wolf King Mountain.

    Now that the Space Wolf King had not returned and the man he was chasing, Mo Wuji, appeared as if nothing had happened while slaughtering almost everyone here. In fact, Mo Wuji seemed to have even advanced into the Earthly Immortal Stage so Niu Man must be extremely tired of living if he chose not to escape.

    After Niu Man left, the chaotic crowd of space beasts became even more chaotic and the whole place was filled with space beasts scrambling around. At this moment, even the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army found it hard to find an opening to escape.

    The area that Mo Wuji's lightning rain covered was getting increasingly large as more and more Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry army and space beasts were killed because of his lightning rain.

    Su Xuan, who was watching Mo Wuji from afar, gasped as she was dumbfounded. She knew clearly that her Star Lord had not advanced to the Earthly Immortal Stage yet an attack like this was simply no weaker than an attack of an Earthly Immortal Stage expert. It was no wonder Zhu Qu would escape into space, fearful of facing her Star Lord.

    The more shocking thing to her was that the Star Lord's elemental energy and spiritual will seemed like it would never dry up or at least his sky full of Lightning Rain never seemed to have weakened from the very beginning. This was no longer a war but a one sided massacre and after one whole day, this piece of space finally calmed down.

    Mo Wuji also stopped releasing Lightning Rain as his elemental energy was almost fully exhausted. Almost billions of space beasts and hundred thousands of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army had been killed by his Lightning Rain and the attacks from the cultivator army. Those who managed to escape were only less than half of the total size force that came.

    Mo Wuji took out the universal token on his waist as he glanced at it before heaving a sigh of relief.

    The words were very clear as it showed, Mo Wuji, Space Contribution Points: 9999999, Rank: 1.

    He was finally ranked first as he remembered back then when he killed Cang Jue, Hoover and fellas like Bao Lie, he was only ranked second even though he had about 5 millions worth of contribution points. He was curious to know what kind of hacker the Bian Shuangbi fella was that Mo Wuji needed almost 10 million points to surpass him.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't believe that the points he had was so coincidental that he was only one point away from 10 million points. He was certain that this was not a coincidence and that this was a limit which in other words, meant that the maximum amount of contribution points one could collect in a universal token was 9,999,999 points.

    "Star Lord, if it wasn't for your timely arrival, our Zhen Xing's cultivator army would have been completely obliterated," Su Xuan and Sang Caihe hurried over too as Sang Caihe's injuries appeared a little more severe than Su Xuan's. She was extremely thankful because even she would have lost her life today if it wasn't for Mo Wuji's arrival.

    Mo Wuji looked at the Worldly Immortal Stage experts around and 90% of them were from the Star King Mountain while only about a few experts were from other sects.

    "How many of my Zhen Xing's cultivator armies were activated this time round?" Mo Wuji's eyes fell on the cultivator armies who were still cleaning up the mess as he had this premonition that they didn't just activate these 2 million cultivators.

    Su Xuan's face turned gloomy, "All 10 armies were activated and we brought out a total of over 4.2 million cultivators. Currently, we have about 1.9 millions survivors which was less than half of our initial numbers. This was the biggest loss in our entire history of wars in space."

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath of cold air as he knew that they suffered heavy losses but never expected them to be this heavy. The reason was probably not due to the lack in numbers because the strength of the cultivator's army was never in their numbers.

    The main reason should be because there were far too little experts within the Zhen Mo cultivator army. Su Xuan was the commander of the army so she should rightfully be directing their formation and attacks instead of getting involved in the fight herself. It was only because the larger clans and sects refused to support the army which was why she had no choice but to fight personally.

    "The reason why we suffered such heavy losses was because the army lacked a number one commander. If it wasn't for Xuanyu who stepped out to command the few armies that were here, our losses could have been much worse," Su Xuan said in a serious face.

    She really wanted to complain to Mo Wuji that the actual reason was because the experts from all the other sects refused to help. However, as long as there were still some members of other other sects around the area, she didn't want to say such things.

    "Immediately gather all the experts in the Worldly Immortal Stage and above, all the respective sect heads of the larger sects, three star commanders and above in the Universal Hall for a meeting. Shu Xuanyu shall be in charge of all the cultivator armies in the Star Wars Battlefield for the time being," Mo Wuji said with a stern face.
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