Chapter 392: Star Lord Mos New Rule

    Chapter 392: Star Lord Mo's New Rule

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    Universal Palace, the Star King Mountain's encampment in the Universal Hall.

    Presently, there were no empty seats in the Universal Palace and ever since Star Lord Chi Tong held a large scale meeting during the appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace, today was the first time the Universal Palace was so crowded.

    Mo Wuji sat on the main seat in the Universal Palace while Su Xuan and Yan Ze sat on either side of him. Chi Huo'Er and Chanse stood respectfully behind him.

    Before Mo Wuji spoke, the Universal Palace was extremely silent. Everyone here was aware that their Star Lord recently used his lightning magic skill to kill over billions of space beasts, turning the tide of the entire war in their favour single-handedly.

    If there were still sects who weren't convinced by this Star Lord's capabilities previously, there would definitely be no one who would dare to think this way anymore.

    Mo Wuji's eyes swept across the entire Universal Palace and he noticed that there was almost no absentees here. When the foreign forces invaded the Universal Hall, none of the sect heads or experts were around but now that the foreign forces were defeated, all the sect heads and clan's patriarchs arrived so quickly.

    After he scanned through the entire Universal Palace, Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart. Previously, he didn't care much about matters in Zhen Xing and furthermore, he simply used his huge cannon to snatch the Universal Hall back so he believed that there were still a lot of people who didn't treat him as a Star Lord.

    There were even some people who treated him as the second Chi Tong, who was not yet deserving of the same respect they had for Chi Tong. Because of Chi Tong's status, he could still garner the support of the masses when needed but because Mo Wuji didn't bother much about the administrative matters of Zhen Xing, many sects didn't regard him highly.

    "I believe everyone knows the reason why I gather all of us here. Not too long ago, the Gu Nuo Star Tribe formed an alliance with the demonic beasts from the Wolf King Mountain to attack the Universal Hall. Even though our Zhen Xing cultivator army managed to chase these foreign forces away eventually, we suffered tremendous losses. We started with about 4.2 million cultivators and ended the war with less than 2 million. As the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain, I feel responsible for these losses."

    Mo Wuji's tone became very solemn which resulted in most of the sect heads lowering their heads in silence while listening to Mo Wuji's speech. They knew that Mo Wuji was implying a hidden message with that sentence and that he was blaming them for not helping. However, such things were not abnormal to them because previously when Chi Tong was the Star Lord, every time there was a war, they were also guilty of not helping and eventually got away with it without any repercussions.

    If they were to help every single time, who would replenish the resources each sect had exhausted during the war? Mo Wuji saw that nobody spoke up and was almost fuming inside. He was after all the big boss of Zhen Xing and even after he stood out to admit his mistake, none of the smaller boys actually wanted to share the responsibility. These group of fellas really thought that he was easy to bully.

    After taking in a deep breath, Mo Wuji said again, "This time round, even though my Star King Mountain, Vitality Sect, Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect and the cultivator army managed to get rid of the foreign invaders, who could guarantee that they wouldn't come again? Furthermore, there was still the sect head of the Broken Sect and the Space Wolf King. Therefore, I've decided to revamp the rules of the Universal Hall as well as the Piercing Wind City."

    A few brighter sect heads had already noticed that something was off. That's right, even though only the Vitality Sect and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect rendered help to fight the war, the fact that the Star Lord only mentioned these two sects meant that he was clearly offending the rest of the sects present.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered about how those sect heads thought about his speech as he continued, "To prevent these foreign invaders from entering Zhen Xing, I will reinvent the array gates at the Universal Pier. There are a total of nine array gates at the Universal Pier that leads to the Star Wars Battlefield while seven of the array gates were meant for the cultivator army to use during the Star Wars itself. During peacetime, there are only two array gates that can be used, one for entering and one for exiting."

    Everyone kept quiet because no matter how many array gates were opened to be used, it wouldn't result in significant losses for any of them.

    "In the future, every cultivator who wants to enter or exit the Star Wars Battlefield must have a new universal identity token of their own. Those who participated in the recent war against the foreign invaders will be given this new identity token for free and have the authority to enter or leave the Star Wars Battlefield anytime they want to."

    This sentence left the majority of the audience confused because from the onstart, the Star Wars Battlefield was free for everyone to enter and leave as they wished. They would at most be required to show their universal tokens before doing so. These sects and experts were easily able to get such tokens for whoever they wanted to so why must they exchange for a new one now? And by interpreting the Star Lord's words, it seemed like they were still required to pay fees to make the new universal token?

    Mo Wuji were not bothered by the thoughts of the other sects as he carried on, "Because the Star King Mountain, Vitality Sect and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect participated in the recent war, all disciples of the Vitality Sect and Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect can collect their new universal identity token as well as enjoy the rights to enter and leave the Star Wars Battlefield at will without paying additional fees."

    "Star Lord, what about the cultivators of the other sects?" A middle-aged man stood up and asked while clasping his fist.

    Chanse, who had been empowered by Mo Wuji since a long time ago, shouted furiously, "What are you? How dare you ask a question without getting the permission of the Star Lord? And you didn't even report your own sect. Scram out of the Piercing Wind City now."

    Everyone was shocked at his order. Out of the Piercing Wind City? Not just the Universal Palace? This meant that this fella had to leave the Universal Palace, Universal Hall and even out of the Piercing Wind City. And all this was just because he didn't ask the Star Lord for permission to ask a question? This was simply too harsh right?

    The middle-aged man in question was in daze. He was after all still a sect's elder and in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1.

    Another man, who was standing beside this elder, stood up and clasped his fist before saying, "Plain Girder Sect's head, Lun Han, has something to say."

    Without waiting for Lun Han's request for permission to be granted, Chi Huo'Er had already took a step forward, extended his arm towards the middle aged man beside Lun Han and sent him flying out of the Universal Hall. Following which, Chi Huo'Er said coldly, "Send this man out of the Piercing Wind City and then cancel this man's permit to enter the Piercing Wind City as well as the Universal Hall."

    "Roger that!" A response and then footsteps were heard from outside the Universal Palace.

    Some of the sect heads' hearts turned cold because most of them recognised the fella who was just thrown out. He was Elder Si Jin from the Plain Girder Sect and was in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1. They couldn't believe that a Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 expert was just thrown out like that and the more important point was that Si Jin was actually barred from entering the Universal Hall in the future.

    If he lost his rights to enter the Universal Hall, it would mean that he would have lost his rights to the enter the Star Wars Battlefield too. If he lost his rights to enter the Star Wars Battlefield, it would also mean that Si Jin would forever be stuck at his current cultivation level. There was limited resources in Zhen Xing so staying in Zhen Xing would definitely not do him any good. Furthermore, all the top grade auctions in the Zhen Mo Continent were held in the Universal Hall. In Zhen Xing, even if you have spirit stones, one wouldn't be able to buy quality things with it.

    Only after Si Jin was thrown out, Mo Wuji said faintly, "Chanse, don't interrupt others while they speak. We practice freedom of speech here so anyone is free to speak even without my permission."

    "Yes, Star Lord," Chanse hurried to bow and answer.

    Everyone present knew that the Star Lord was punishing Si Jin to serve as a warning to the rest of the crowd. This was the initial display of his strength to the masses that he was not someone to be trifled with. It seemed as though they have angered this young Star Lord by not participating in the war against the foreign forces. Thinking about his vicious methods, many of them started to feel extremely uneasy.

    Initially, Lun Han stood up because he wanted to plead for Elder Si Jin but now that Si Jin was being thrown out and even chased out of the Piercing Wind City, Lun Han could only swallow what he wanted to say and asked this instead, "Star Lord, so how do the rest of us enter or leave the Star Wars Battlefield in the future?"

    This wasn't just the concern of his Plain Girder Sect but the concern of all the rest of the sects because any sect who wished to progress needed to be able to enter the Star Wars Battlefield freely. Otherwise, the sect would vanish without a trace and eventually ended up as part of Zhen Mo Continent's history book.

    Lun Han asked what everyone wanted to ask so as he finished speaking, all eyes fell onto Mo Wuji's body.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "This was also the next thing I am going to address. All the remaining cultivators would be qualified to enter the Star Wars Battlefield but you have to be recommended by disciples of the Star King Mountain, Vitality Sect and Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect to be able to make a new universal identity token. Simultaneously, fees would be recalculated for those who stayed in the Star Wars Battlefield for more than a month. If one is still inside a month after the fees have been recalculated, the fees would continue to accumulate."

    "This isn't fair!" A well built man suddenly stood up as his spirituality was seeping out of his body and Mo Wuji could tell that this man was at least in the advanced stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5.

    As he noticed Mo Wuji's glare, this man suddenly shivered and hurried to bow and clasp his fist respectfully before calming himself as he said, "Da Luo Sect's head, You Zuodao greets the Star Lord and I feel that the Star Lord's new rule is slightly unfair. If we were to go ahead with this rule, I am afraid that there might be internal conflicts within the Zhen Mo Continent because many sects would definitely be unhappy about this. Our Zhen Xing was already burdened with so many troubles and if things were to get messy with more internal conflicts, I am afraid we might collapsed very soon."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Sect Head You's words really struck me. Is Hall Master Luo around?"

    A golden haired young man carrying a spear on his back stood up immediately, "Luo Yuchen is here and willing to serve at your pleasure, Star Lord."

    During his many years at the Star King Mountain, Luo Yuchen had never been this happy before. This Star Lord was direct,straightforward and was willing to fight when provoked instead of cowering in fear. All the restrains and depression under Star Lord Chi Tong had disappeared without a trace and this joy that he experienced under Mo Wuji led to a new breakthrough in his cultivation level.

    "You shall bring 500,000 cultivators to guard the Piercing Wind City. The moment a sect tries to mess around in Zhen Xing, immediately raze them without any mercy. Oh yes, because the Vitality Sect and Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect contributed the most during the recent war, if any other sects tries to do something to them in the dark, exterminate that sect without question instantly, " Mo Wuji said with a stern face.

    "Roger that!" Luo Yuchen answered convincingly.

    Everyone else's heart turned cold because he was simply waiting for the conflicts between sects to happen so that he could use it as an excuse to exterminate them. If they were unable to enter the Star Wars Battlefield, they wouldn't be able to collect cultivation resources and without these resources, it would really be impossible to not have any internal conflicts between sects.

    One could imagine that under the protection of the Star Lord, the Vitality Sect and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect would definitely grow the fastest and eventually becoming the top two sect of the Zhen Mo Continent. This Star Lord Mo was obviously trying to support the Vitality Sect and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect to defeat the rest of the sects.

    "Star Lord Mo, everyone here belonged to sects of the Zhen Mo Continent so why are you treating us differently?" You Zuodao controlled the raging anger in his heart to ask this.
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