Chapter 393: As Long As Im Happy

    Chapter 393: As Long As I'm Happy

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    Everyone including You Zuodao stared at Mo Wuji as almost everyone could predict how Mo Wuji was going to answer. The moment he mentioned it was because only the Vitality Sect and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect participated in the recent Star Wars, they would immediately refute his claim.

    Because this was the first time these two sects participated in a Star Wars. Previously, when Chi Tong was the Star Lord, these two sects only occasionally supported the war and this was the first time they actually send their full force out to war.

    On the contrary, when Star Lord Chi Tong was around, the other sects would always send people to participate in the war. Even though not all the sects came out at once, there were so many wars against the foreign forces and every sect would have participated at least once or twice.

    This was also You Zuodao's reason to be angry because he knew his Da Luo Sect was decently strong and had even sent a few Worldly Immortal Stage experts to fight in the war before. Hearing You Zuodao's words, Vitality Sect's head and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect's head started to be nervous.

    The reason why they sent out all their forces in this war was because the Star Lord was no longer Chi Tong. These two sects had always advocate on not being merciful to the enemies but every time they fought a war with the foreign forces, whenever the Zhen Mo Continent's cultivators had the upper hand, Star Lord Chitong would always show mercy to the enemies and allowed them to escape.

    If they were to participate in such a war, they would have died feeling uneasy. This was especially true for the Vitality Sect's technique which was based on conscience. To hold in their anger towards the enemies and let them off during a war was obviously not in line with their conscience.

    They would rather not participate in a war with no clear cut winners.

    However, Star Lord Mo killed the Wolf King Mountain's white-eyed wolf, millions of foreign invaders as well as the Space Wolf King's eldest son, Chang Jue without any shred of hesitation. They would only truly enjoy themselves in wars under Star Lord Mo so after Su Xuan sent out the SOS message, the Vitality Sect and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect was the first to send all their experts out to provide reinforcements.

    It turned out that the Star Lord Mo didn't disappoint him because he didn't only kill billions of foreign invaders but also gave him fullest support to both the sects.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly as he didn't believe these people didn't know the reason why he did what he did. This time round, only the Vitality Sect and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect came out to help the fight against the foreign invaders and these people here weren't idiot so why did they have to ask?

    Since they asked even though they knew the answer, it seemed like he did the right thing to let Chi Huo'Er chased that Plain Girder Sect fella out. Sometimes, one would need to show his might so that people would listen to him. If he had no capabilities, he wouldn't be able to sit on where he was sitting now.

    "Am I the Star Lord or are you the Star Lord? Unless you are unhappy with me being the Star Lord? Can't I do what makes me happy?" Mo Wuji's tone suddenly turned cold and his strong spiritual will extended towards him.

    The initially fuming You Zuodao subconsciously took a step back under the pressure from Mo Wuji's spiritual will and he would have took even more steps back if not for something blocking his back.

    Under the pressure from Mo Wuji's aura, the spirituality around You Zuodao instantly collapse and his face turned paler than ever.

    "I was being impudent," You Zuodao hurried to bow as he said cautiously. He was certain that as long as he said something inappropriate, he would have lost his small life here and the Da Luo Sect would eventually disappear without a trace in Zhen Xing.

    Mo Wuji said in a more relaxed tone, "Concurrently, Zhen Xing would have one more honourary title called the 'Planet Defending Sect' and both the Vitality Sect and the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect will be given this honourary title."

    You Zuodao served as a fine example as to how a sect head would be treated if one were to stand up and question the Star Lord. The smaller clans were all trembling in so much fear that they didn't even dare to breathe out loud.

    They had been under many Star Lords of the Star King Mountain but they had never seen such a mighty Star Lord.

    Some of the sect heads recalled that the moment this Star Lord Mo took over, he immediately exterminated the Yan and Xia Clan before snatching the authority to control the cultivator army from the Mou Clan. They all calmed themselves down because if even the Mou Clan voluntarily gave up on the Morning Star Army and part of the Northern Star Army, what would these sects mean to the Star Lord Mo?

    Some of them started to regret because they should have flew over immediately when they received the SOS flying messenger sword from the Universal Hall. Who would have thought that the Star Lord, who normally didn't care about the matters in the Universal Hall, would suddenly be so powerful?

    In fact, the moment Mo Wuji took charge, he dissolved the conflicts between the large powers in the Star King Mountain by razing the Xia and Yan Clan which proved his vicious means of doing things.

    The minority of the sect heads who wanted to use the excuse of not receiving the SOS message also swallowed their words back because such words would only anger the mighty Star Lord and who knew what this mighty Star Lord would do if he was angered?

    This excuse might have worked if this was Star Lord Chi Tong instead because even if Star Lord Chi Tong knew that it was an excuse, he would have given everyone some face and accepted it. However, when faced with this Star Lord Mo, they could forget about receiving the same treatment.

    A white skinned youth stood up and cupped his fist towards Mo Wuji before saying, "I am the sect head of the Jidu Immortal School, Chi Huahai and I have something to say."

    Mo Wuji could not help but praise this fella in his heart because he looked so young yet was already in the peak of the True God Stage. He definitely had a great potential to be great yet he decided to step out and court for his death.

    Mo Wuji didn't reveal any strange expression and said calmly, "This is the Zhen Xing Conference so feel free to say anything you want."

    "Yes," Chi Huahai clasped his fist again and said, "My Jidu Immortal School was located at a remote place so we didn't receive the Universal Hall's SOS message the first time round. If it wasn't for the fact that I coincidentally come out of my closed door cultivation and opened up my defensive array, I wouldn't even have heard of this Zhen Xing Conference."

    The moment Chi Huahai's words came out, many sect heads lowered their head and was reluctant to be implicated by this fella. This was a typical example of 'If you don't seek death, you wouldn't die'. This fella was extremely talented as he advanced into the True God Stage Level 9 at such a young age. Moreover, after his father, Chi Tianchang, disappeared in space, he instantaneously took over the throne of the Jidu Immortal School. Everyone guessed that he must have been too sick of being the sect head which was why he decided to say such things to seek for his death.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows and said, "Are you saying that because the Jidu Immortal School is located at a remote place and because of your closed defensive array, you couldn't receive the flying messenger sword?"

    "Yes, my Jidu Immortal School's defensive array is a little unique and because of the remoteness of my base, this wasn't the first time we didn't receive the flying messenger sword," Chi Huahai answered.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Seems like you are right and this is indeed a problem. The foreign forces could invade our Zhen Xing anytime so if such an incident were to happen again, it would definitely be problematic for us. Chi Huahai, immediately return to your sect and relocate your Jidu Immortal School. You have one day to do so."

    "Ah..." Chi Huahai was dumbfounded.

    For a sect to be established, the most important factor was its location. Throughout all these years, all the good spots in the Zhen Mo Continent had already been occupied by the stronger sects. Furthermore, it simply wasn't that easy to re-establish a sect in a new location. The various arrays, secret cultivation spot, arrangements of the sect and many more had to be taken into considerations...

    All these required generations of cultivators or even tens of generations to complete it if they were to start from scratch. Jidu Immortal School had already been in existence for over thousands of years and was already one of the more reputable sect in the Zhen Mo Continent. The existing Ji Du spiritual vein was even ranked fourth out of the top 10 spiritual veins in the entire Zhen Mo Continent.

    Is Star Lord Mo crazy? How could he order a reputable sect like this to relocate just like that?

    All the other sects were looked at Chi Huahai like as though they were looking at an idiot because Chi Huahai was brought up in a big pool of honey.[1] Even though he had immense talent and a high cultivation level, it was entirely because of his closed doors cultivation. All his cultivation resources were brought to him by his father and the sect so he wouldn't know what it was like to survive on his own in the outside world. For a person without much social relationship with others to be the sect head, he would definitely drag the sect down sooner or later.

    "Star Lord, perhaps I didn't notice or maybe the flying messenger sword had already reached my Jidu Immortal School. I will go back and check on it," Chi Huahai hurried to say because if he could turn back time, he would definitely not stand up and an idiot he was now.

    Mo Wuji's face turned ugly, "So the flying messenger sword had reached the Jidu Immortal School and you are trying to shirk responsibility by lying to me?"

    Cold sweat started to pour down Chi Huahai's forehead because he had never been through such a scenario. Normally if he were to meet other sect heads, all he did was simply to greet politely.

    "Yes...yes..." Chi Huahai couldn't stop sweating as he suddenly recalled the scene of that Plain Girder Sect's elder being thrown out. If he was also thrown out and not allowed back into the Piercing Wind City, it would be too huge a disgrace for him to swallow.

    Very soon, he realised that he was thinking too much. No, not too much but too perfect.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about him as he turned to Luo Yuchen and said, "Hall Master Luo, Jidu Immortal School even dare to lie about matters regarding the war to defend Zhen Xing. Immediately disband the Jidu Immortal School and there will no longer be such a sect in Zhen Xing. As for Chi Huahai, waste his cultivation."

    "Roger that!" Luo Yuchen didn't stand on any ceremony because he loved this attitude of his new Star Lord.

    In Zhen Xing, only the strongest expert would be able occupy the Star Lord's seat. If one was not strong enough, he would definitely be bullied by the others in Zhen Xing.

    "Ah..." Chi Huahai was completely astonished.

    "Star Lord, you want to disband my Jidu Immortal School?" He couldn't believe what he just heard because it was simply too ridiculous to disband a sect for a reason like this.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered with Chi Huahai because if he was a little stronger, he would have immediately obliterate the Jidu Immortal School.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji's answer, Luo Yuchen had already held Chi Huahai up as if he was holding a chicken. The two defenders seated beside Chi Huahai stood up in an attempt to stop Luo Yuchen but Chi Huo'Er had already landed right in front of them.

    The two defenders sighed once again as they were certain their Jidu Immortal School would be a sect belonging to the past. The truth was that even without Star Lord Mo's decision to disband them, under the leadership of a person like Chi Huahai, Jidu Immortal School would not likely to be progress any further too.

    They both of them stood down because they knew that if they were to make a move here, death would be inevitable for them today. Their actions might even anger Star Lord Mo and trigger him to obliterate their Jidu Immortal School.

    "No, Star Lord Mo, you cannot disband my Jidu Immortal School. We have existed for thousands of years, for Zhen Xing, ah..." Before Chi Huahai could finish his sentence, a devastating cry was heard from outside the Universal Palace. Everyone knew that Chi Huahai's cultivation have been wasted and he was finished. At the same time, Jidu Immortal School was finished too.

    [1]: Being brought up in a big pool of honey is a literal translation to describe someone who is spoilt and has everything he wants or needs provided for him.
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