Chapter 394: Climbing The Universal Board

    Chapter 394: Climbing The Universal Board

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    "Does anyone have any disagreement to the first rule?" Mo Wuji's gaze swept downwards.

    Because Chi Huahai wanted to avert the responsibility despite receiving the SOS flying messenger sword, he claimed that he didn't receive it. As a result, not only was Chi Huahai's cultivation wasted, Jidu Immortal School - this millenium old sect - was easily disbanded by the Star King Mountain's Star Lord. Just one simple sentence, and a huge sect had disappeared.

    One could imagine, with the disbanding of Jidu Immortal School, most of the disciples from the school were likely to transfer to Vitality Sect or the Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect.

    When that happens, only an idiot would continue to disagree with this rule.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart; he was still heavily influenced by the democratic process back on Earth. Here, strength is power. If you stood at a higher position and you viewed everyone equally, everyone would treat you as a weakling or an idiot. During this critical moment in the Star Wards, only a few sects came to show their support, demonstrating this crucial fact.

    "Since no one had any problems with the first rule, then I will now talk about the second rule. From now on, personal identification is required for access in and out of Piercing Wind City, and at the same time, tolls will be paid when enterring into the City. The money will go into the reconstruction of Nine Mo City and Universal Hall."

    If not for what had just happened, Mo Wuji's second rule would definitely have incited heated discussion from the crowd. But now, no one stood forward to express their dissatisfaction.

    By the side, Yan Ze was secretly praising the Star Lord. All this while, the maintenance fees of Universal Hall, Nine Mo City and Piercing Wind City had come from the incomes of Universal Hall. There was even a portion of it which came from Star King Mountain. As for the other sects in Zhen Mo Continent, they all got to receive the benefits from enterring into space, but for they have never offered even a single cent.

    With these two rules by the Star Lord, it would put an end to all these parasitical sects. At the same time, he would force these parasites to come out with some spirit stones to revitalise Zhen Xing.

    This was the real solution to improve Zhen Xing. Those simple "stitches" of Star Lord Chi were simply methods akin to destroying the east wall to gain materials to mend the west wall.

    Seeing that no one had any disagreements with the second rule, Mo Wuji said with slight satisfaction, "Since everyone is satisfied with the first and second rule, I will move of to the third one. When there is punishment, there is also reward. Qiao Gu, receive the order."

    "Yes." A middle-aged man at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5 stood forward, bowing towards Mo Wuji.

    He was originally the hall master of Morning Star Hall. Because he was from the Mou Clan, and because the Mou Clan had incited the new Star Lord's dissatisfaction, the Mou Clan had always maintained a low-profile ever since the Xia Clan and Yan Clan were destroyed. Not only did Qiao Gu relinquish his position as the Morning Star Hall's hall master, he even offered the Morning Star Army. It was because of that, the Mou Clan was able to survive.

    During the recent battle in the Star Wars, the Mou Clan had contributed largely. It could even be said that they had put their lives on the line.

    Now, when Mo Wuji had called for Qiao Gu to receive his orders, Qiao Gu was incomparably excited. He knew that his decision was right; the Mou Clan had managed to obtain Star Lord Mo's recognition.

    "Star King Mountain's tenth hall, Wu Xiang Hall, will now be disbanded. It will be changed to the Enforcement Hall. You will take on the role as the Enforcement hall Master, if anyone in Zhen Xing dares slight the orders from Star King Mountain, you will assist Luo Yuchen to raze them to the ground.

    At the same time, if any sect contributes to the redevelopment of Nine Mo City, or makes an impact during a battle with the foreign invaders from space, sects could be rewarded the rights to access space freely. Sects which have contributed greatly could even be considred to join the ranks of Vitality Sect and Mysterious Smoky Sword Sect, to hold the honour as a "Planet Defending Sect"."

    When the sects heard Mo Wuji's first sentence, their hearts tightened. If one Luo Yuchen was not enough, now there was an Enforcement Hall. As for the disbanding on Wu Xiang Hall, everyone clearly knew the reason in their hearts. It was because Star Lord Mo had an enmity with Monk Wu Xiang.

    Fortunately, there was a second part to Mo Wuji's words, giving a cause for relief. It meant that they still had a way out. And where was this way out? It was for the sects to truly contribute to Zhen Xing.

    Su Xuan and co. gasped in admiration; this was giving the donkey one carrot after whacking it with the stick many times. If the sects were constantly whacked without the stick and if they always had to be in servitude, there would be internal strife sooner of later.

    Now that there was an alternative path, many sects would choose to work hard to become a Planet Defending Sect, instead of choosing to revolt. Eventually, most of the sects would successfully become Planet Defending Sects, and the small group of disobedient sects would be eliminated.

    "Yes, Qiao Hu will carefully remember Star Lord's words." Qiao Gu's heart was filled with emotions; he truly didn't make the wrong selection. Only by giving proactively would he be able to gain something in return. He handed over his position as Morning Star Hall's hall master, and now, the position of a hall master was returned to him. Moreover, it was the role of the Enforcement Hall Master personally appointed by Star Lord Mo.

    "Hall Master Su, Hall Master Yan, the ten armies need to be reorganised; this matter will be left to the two of you. Hall Master Sang, you and Manager Chi will be in charge of the new identity tokens and the expenses for Nine Mo City's reconstruction. This meeting has come to an end, adjourn."

    When Mo Wuji announced the last few orders, he did not even bother asking for opinions; he immediately ended the meeting. But at this time, no one dared to be dissatisfied. Most of the sects that have entered Mo Wuji's blacklist were already thinking of how they could obtain contributions from Nine Mo City, earning them the title as a Planet Defending Sect.

    Zhen Xing which was previously riled in disorderly administration, had become a high speed machine after this meeting. Fei Chao, who was in charge Nine Mo City's reconstruction, didn't even need to find help; many large sects stepped forward and took the initiative to offer their services.

    Sects, which were previously not interested in enlisting into the ten armies, now continuously sent disciples to find Su Xuan and Yan Ze, requesting for the permission to enlist into the cultivator armies to fight for Zhen Xing.

    Su Xuan could not help but sigh with emotion; people could truly be unscrupulous at times. When Chi Tong was the Star Lord, he treated everyone with warmth and compromise. However, he did not truly inspire people to truly work hard for Zhen Xing. When it came to Star Lord Mo, he directly picked up the stick, then waved a carrot in front of them. Now, all these people come wagging their tails and offering their help.

    If Zhen Xing had always been so united, then would they have had to worry about foreign invaders invading Universal Hall?


    After Mo Wuji delegated all the work, he called Chanse over by himself.

    "Young master, feel free to instruct me to do anything. Chanse will definitely help young master handle the matter well." Chanse patted his chest, indicating his loyalty towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had never doubted Chanse's loyalty. This fella was even more loyal than Chi Huo'Er. After all, Chi Huo'Er treated all the previous Star Lords with this attitude, but Chanse was only loyal to him.

    "Chanse, I have a matter which requires me to travel faraway. Help me make a trip to Lost Continent. Find the grave of Cen Shuyin's mother, revuild it, then protect it with a peak-grade defensive array. I will return to the Lost Continent soon," Mo Wuji instructed. He knew that he would not stay in Zhen Xing for long, thus, he intended to use this time to raze Wolf King Mountain to the fround.

    As long as there was still the Wolf King Mountain, the space beast hordes would continue to concentrate at an increasing rate. Even though they might be lacking in cultivation resources, they were vastly superior in numbers.

    Only by destroying Wolf King Mountain, the foundations of the space beasts would be lost. Gradually, the space beasts would be oppressed by Zhen Xing's cultivators.

    "Yes, Young Master. Chanse will definitely handle this matter to the best of my ability." To Chanse, he was only afraid that Mo Wuji did not leave anything for him to do. If he was provided with work, it would mean that his young master still values him.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a flying sword and handed it over to Chanse, "Chanse, this flying sword is inscribed with my spiritual will. If you encountered anything urgent, you can first send this to Universal Hall, then Universal Hall will send it over to me."

    Chanse carefully kept the flying sword, entering into the transfer array at Universal Plaza and headed off to Lost Continent.


    After Mo Wuji's meeting, the sect heads and elders of various sects self-consciously left Universal Hall. To them, it was now more important to obtain the recognition of Star King Mountain, and become a Planet Defending Sect of Zhen Xing.

    The various departments in Universal Hall worked in a flurry, implementing the new rules and systems of Universal Hall.

    Universal Plaza was now empty, looking cold and distant.

    Mo Wuji stood in front of the Universal Board, emotions raced in his heart. Previously, he promised the elderly fisherman that he would obtain Rank 1 on the Universal Board. The fisherman gave him a time limit of 100 years, but now, it hadn't even been 10 years but he had already achieved that promise.

    The peak of the Universal Board still could not be seen. Names extended outwards, looking like a three dimensional plaque.

    Mo Wuji firmed his heart, approaching the Universal Board.

    When he first got close to the Universal Board, a strong force of repulsion caused him to be unable to get any closer. In this second attempt, this force was not any weaker.

    However, compared to the first time, he was able to continue moving forward.

    In half an incense's time, Mo Wuji was already by the side of the Universal Board. If he extended his hand, he could touch the last name on the Unviersal Board.

    Mo Wuji's two feet trembled slightly, and with a light jump, he landed on top of the last name. Before he could even stand firmly, a violent pressure came bounding towards him.

    Luckily, Mo Wuji had the experience of climbing the Heaven Seeking Staircase. With the activation of his spiritual will and elemental energy, he easily jumped onto the second last name.

    At the very beginning, Mo Wuji still wasn't used to the increasing pressure. But after he climbed four to five names, he was gradually accustomed to the pressure. Even though the power of the pressure increasingly got stronger, Mo Wuji actually climbed faster and faster.

    In merely 2 hours, Mo Wuji had already climbed 992 names. On top of him, including his own name, were merely eight names.


    At the same time, a gorgeous girl with white hair suddenly appeared in the space outside Zhen Xing. She grabbed an exquisite spatial positioning ball in her hand, and after examining it for a while, she muttered to herself, "That's right. This place should be Zhen Xing. That Universal Board should be here. First, I will go to Universal Hall to get myself a universal token. Then, I will obtain Rank 1 in the Universal Board, then I can get the Universal Peak Token. After that, I will go to Lost Continent and get the Heaven Seeking Token..."

    Seemingly very satisfied with her plan, she carefully kept her exquisite spatial positioning ball. Her figure flashed and she disappeared.


    It was already his 997th name. Mo Wuji was starting to feel the fatigue. This pressure did not seem to shatter his bones, but with every name he scaled, the force he felt rose incrementally. It was a little hard for him to bear.

    If not for his elemental storage channels, his violet elemental lake, and his spirit storage channel, he would not have even climbed so far.

    Including his own name, there were three names left. Time to push yourself.
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