Chapter 395: Came Too Late

    Chapter 395: Came Too Late

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    998th, 999th...

    Mo Wuji's entire body was trembling. He had never experienced this sort of pressure; it wouldn't let him get injured but it felt like it was continuously sapping away his energy.

    The elemental energy from his elemental storage channels and the vast violet elemental lake in his sea of consciousness was almost completely depleted. As Mo Wuji stood atop the 999th name, he panted heavily. His entire body felt sore, and his spiritual will was dwindling; he did not beleive that he was able to reach the top of the Universal Board.

    Mo Wuji tried taking some pills to recover his elemental energy, but the elemental energy from the pills were rapidly depleted. Moreover, there wasn't even a hint of spiritual energy in the surroundings, so he couldn't even use his reverse circulation technique.

    He lifted his head and saw the name at the apex of the board; it was his own name. Mo Wuji still decided to give it a go; he grudgingly stood back up, lifting his hands to grab his own name. But before he could even exert any strength, a suction force pulled him up to the top.

    Even Mo Wuji was a little dazed; he soon came to a realisation why the fisherman said that he needed to obtain Rank 1 in order to get the Universal Peak Token.

    Even with his power and vast elemental energy stores, he was still fully exhausted when he reaached the 999th name. If it was someone else, they wouldn't even have a bit of elemental energy left. That meant to say, without any help, it was impossible for anyone to reach the name at the top. Only by obtaining Rank 1, he would be able to gain help on the 999th name. Perhaps this was some sort of rule, just like how there could only be 9,999,999 points recorded in his universal token.

    The top of the Universal Board was empty and sparse. In the center, there was a green jade token floating 1 meter above the air; this jade token was about the size of a palm.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand to grab the jade token; a warm feeling immediately flooded into his hand, giving a sense of comfort.

    There were only three words on this green jade token: Universal Peak Token.

    Just as Mo Wuji held the jade token in his hand, he heard a light crack above his head, as though something had been shattered. Suddenly, in the blurry and hazy peak of the Universal Board, the vast space appeared.

    Mo Wuji was startled; with just one step, he could enter into space. However, a strong pressure came surging over, forcing him onto the Unversal Board.

    Following which, boundless spiritual energy flooded over; this boundless spiritual energy enveloped Mo Wuji. Every inch of Mo Wuji's soul seemed to be ignited.

    He had never experienced such inundating spiritual energy. However, this spiritual energy was rather familiar, it was the same as the spiritual energy from the spirit stone slags he obtained from Half Moon Immortal Palace. The only difference was, this wave of spiritual energy was purer, and richer.

    If the spirit stone slag was a drop of water which could only be enjoyed in small bits, then this spiritual energy was a huge plate. Not only could he drink from it at any time, he could even bathe in it.

    If he wasted this opportunity, then he wouldn't be Mo Wuji.

    In Mo Wuji's heart, he even started to look down on that fisherman. If that fella had told him that there was such terrifying spiritual energy here, then they wouldn't even need to engage in any sort of trade, he would take the initiative to find this Universal Peak Token,

    106 meridians were rapidly reverse circulating. Mo Wuji's depleted elemental energy was instantly replenished. At the same time, his power was rapidly rising. From the start of his cultivation to now, Mo Wuji had never experience such a meteoric expansion of power.

    In just one day, he advanced from Worldly Immortal Stage level 2 to Level 3. On the fourth day, he broke through Worldly Immortal Stage Level 3 and stepped into Level 4.

    Unfortunately, that terrifying spiritual energy had dispersed into thin air.

    Mo Wuji subconsciously licked his lips. Four days ago, he was still in the elementary stages of the Worldly Immortal Stage. Four days later, he had actually reached Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4; he was now a true cultivator at the intermediate stages of the Worldly Immortal Stage.

    If he did not experience this himself, he definitely wouldn't have believed that this would happen.

    From the looks of it, this Universal Board also wasn't something from this world. Otherwise, where would such terrifying spiritual energy come from?

    Since he was unable to step into the vast space from the top of the Universal Board, Mo Wuji reluctantly descended from the Universal Board. Half an incense's time alter, he had already left from Universal Pier, heading towards Wolf King Mountain.

    When he was originally in Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2, Mo Wuji had even made plans for retreat at any moment. The moment he encountered the Great Circle of Class 9 Space Wolf King, it would truly be impossible to emerge victorious.

    Now that he had entered into Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, he could be considered to be in the intermediate stages. Even if he couldn't beat that Space Wolf King, he should at least be an equal match, right?


    The day after Mo Wuji left Universal Hall, a white-haired girl appeared at the Universal Plaza in front of the Universal Board. Not only that, a new universal identity token was hung at her waist.

    "Universal Board's Rank 1... Mo Wuji, this person is the Star King Mountain's Star Lord..." The white-haired girl seemed to be very well-informed. She muttered to herself, then suddenly, she suddenly cried, "Not good."

    When she was thinking of how to get a universal token, she investigated on the matters regarding Zhen Xing. The strongest expert in Zhen Xing was Mo Wuji, a young Star Lord. If this fella had obtained Rank 1, then would that thing on top of the Universal Board still be up there?

    Anxiety emerged in this white-haired girl's eyes. She lifted her hand and fetched out a talisman from her storage ring. That talisman instantly ignited, forming two lines of spiritual energy which shrouded her eyes. The hazy scene on top of the Universal Board necame clear to her.

    At the top of the Universal Board, the vast universe could be seen. But on the Universal Board, there wasn't even a silhouette of the Universal Peak Token.

    The Universal Peak Token had actually been taken. The white-haired girl clenched her fists, concentrated killing intent flashed across her eyes. If the Universal Peak Token had already been taken, then she wouldn't even need to check the Heaven Seeking Token; it would definitely be taken as well.

    Immediately, she arrived at the third floor of the Universal Pier. The guard at the third floor of the Universal Pier was a cultivator at the elementary stage of True God Stage. He recognised this white-haired girl. When she entered, she even talked to him for awhile. For such a beautiful girl, even if he wanted, he wouldn't be able to forget her. Moreover, he even knew that this white-haired girl had a peculiat name, Nai He. If he wasn't paying attention, he might have even thought that her name was Nai He. [1]

    "Junior He, you just returned from space, and now you're going again?" The guard at the pier chuckled, greeting in an overly familiar tone.

    The white-haired girl revealed an incredibly beautiful smile. Even without speaking, she would be able to illicit good feelings from anyone who saw her. "Big Brother Lu, I have always admired the Star Lord. Originally, I was thinking of paying respects to the Star Lord at Star King Mountain. However, I heard that the Star Lord was no longer here. Thus, I'm contemplating whether I should head out to space or stay here in the Universal Hall."

    "Haha, you wouldn't be able to see the Star Lord for the timebeing. One day ago, the Star Lord just entered into space. I guess that he wouldn't return for at least a few months," The cultivator with surname 'Lu' chortled.

    The white-haired girl never expected that she would get information of Mo Wuji with just a simple conversation. She celebrated heavily in her heart as she continued to say with a smile, "Then I will forget about it. I think I will take a small trip in space. Oh right, do you know where the Star Lord went off to?"

    Cultivator Lu did not think too much of it, shaking his head, he said, "The Star Lord's cultivation is exceedingly high. No one knows where he wants to go. However, now that the foreign invaders have been defeated by our Zhen Xing, it will be very safe no matter in Zhen Xing or i sapce."

    The white-haired girl casually asked a few more questions before rushing out of Universal Pier into space. The Universal Peak Token and and the Heaven Seeking Token had been taken by that Mo Wuji. Now, her task at hand wasn't to be the Rank 1 in the Universal Board, but to find that Mo Wuji. To her, this was actually a simpler task.


    In a canyon billions of miles from Zhen Xing, a cry of shock could be heard.

    This cry of shock broke the silence in the canyon. The one who uttered this cry was a handsome youth.

    "Bian Shuangbi, what matter could leave you in such astonishment? Don't tell me that fella we were discussing about a few years ago really surpassed you, and became the Rank 1 in the Universal Board?" The one speaking was a man with a long beard. He spoke with a tone of banter, clearly, he didn't really think that it was possible for someone to surpass Bian Shuangbi in terms of contribution points.

    "That's definitely impossible. If I'm not wrong, Bian Shuangbi's contribution points should number in the eight millions, right? It's more than a single fold than you, Mu Yingqiao." Another person replied to the long bearded man.

    Seeing that the handsome youth had remained silent, the long beared man, Mu Yingqiao, said again, "Bian Shuangbi, it's not possible that you have been overtaken in space contribution points, right?"

    The handsome youth called Bian Shuangbi nodded, "That's right, I was indeed surpassed in the Universal Board. I'm now in Rank 2."

    "Ah..." Mu Yingqiao exclaimed in shock. After some time, he muttered to himself, "That's impossible ah. 8 million points. Don't tell me, he killed billions of foreign cultivators?"

    "Heng." From a corner in the distance, a cold snort could be heard, clearly dissatisfied with Mu Yingqiao's words.

    No one paid heed to the fella that snorted because everyone knew that fella was the Gu Nuo Great Circle of Earthly Immortal Stage exper, Freitz. This canyon wasn't very big, the distance between the Gu Nuo and Zhen Xing experts was merely a small gutter.

    In all these years, everyone had fought before, everyone had quarreled before, but they couldn't do anything to each other here. Now, they were all trapped in this canyon in space. If they continued to fight, they would only be worsening their misery.

    After some time Bian Shuangbi said, "The Universal Board isn't a treasure from Zhen Xing. The contribution points cannot be fabricated. This person who snatched my Rank 1, might be a hitherto unseen genius."

    "When the time comes, I'm even unwilling for him to come here. This sort of genius, should be breaking through the void..." Mu Yingqiao sighed and said.

    "Someone's coming." Bian Shuangbi's interrupted Mu Yingqiao's words as he stood up. The other people in the canyon also stood up. Over the past thousands of years, no one had come before.

    But now, someone had really came. A big sturdy figure landed inside.

    "Boom!" The huge figure crashed against the ground of the canyon, sending a thunderous cry into this tiny canyon.

    The Gu Nuo Earthly Immortal Freitz suddenly said to a short girl near him, "Black Fox, I think he's from your Wolf King Mountain."

    [1] The 2 He's have different pronunciation. Nai He in the second context could mean 'Hello' or 'How?'
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