Chapter 398: Challenging The Wolf King

    Chapter 398: Challenging The Wolf King

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    "You what you?" Mo Wuji said fiercely. "This old man had no relations to you but you chased after me for months. Today, this old man will pay this all back with interest."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji threw out another punch. This punch was headed towards the white-haired girl's core dantian. He had decided to destroy this girl's spirit channels before he forced answers out of her.

    Fear emerged in this white-haired girl's eyes, and with a quick swipe, she retrieved a talisman from her ring. The talisman instantly activated, sweeping up a beam of blinding white light.

    Within the white light, this white-haired girl sighed; she knew that her mission had failed. It was so hard for her to reach this part of space but now she needed to break through the void to return. If she wanted to come back again, it wouldn't be so easy.

    A mission that shouldn't be failed, had actually been failed. Fortunately, she could still circle her spiritual will within her body, allowing her to activate her talisman. Otherwise, she might have lost her little life here.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's punch was even more violent than before, directly blowing up a huge pit at where that white-haired girl was.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't a half bit happy. When he threw out that punch, he could tell that the white-haired girl had escaped using a talisman.

    Indeed, there was nothing in that giant pit.

    The scene where that white-haired girl escaped using a talisman was witnessed by almost everyone here. The original ten people were staring in shock. If they could casually leave like that, they would have left a long time ago.

    "How did she leave?" A cultivator asked in shock. However, no one answered him because no one knew the answerr.

    "This dao friend, may I ask whether you know who that person who just left with a talisman was?" Mu Yingqiao clasped his fists and asked from afar.

    Even though Mo Wuji looked like an ordinary mortal, no one dared to treat him like so. Even more so, no one dared to walk out and stand in front of Mo Wuji.

    An ordinary mortal was able to injure a person who could leave this space canyon? An ordinary mortal could use elemental energy here?

    "I don't know that too." Mo Wuji replied simply, sweeping his gaze across Mu Yingqing. Thereafter, it landed on Cang Xue.

    He was rather familiar with this big and sturdy red-haired man; he gave off the same aura as that Cang Jue.

    "You are Mo Wuji?" Cang Xue immediately recognised Mo Wuji. Even though he hadn't met Mo Wuji personally, he had seen Mo Wuji's image. After all, he was chasing after Mo Wuji, so now that Mo Wuji was right in front of him, how could he not recognise Mo Wuji?

    "You're that supposed Space Wolf King, right? I heard that after I killed that white-eyed b*stard wolf of yours, you were looking everywhere to kill me?" Mo Wuji extended his hand and Tian Ji Pole appeared.

    His level had already reached Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, he really wanted to try his hand at this Space Wolf King.

    The Space Wolf King, who had always been pursuing Mo Wuji, started to have some hesitations. He just saw that Mo Wuji was still able to use his elemental energy here. If Mo Wuji was able to force him out of this small canyon, then he could only wait for his death.

    As for Mo Wuji's cultivation, he did not even think about it. Being able to enter here meant that Mo Wuji definitely was a Great Circle Earthly Immortal. Lord Black Fox had said before, only Great Circle Earthly Immortals could touch that soaring, glowing light.

    "Mo Wuji, are you the Rank 1 of the Universal Board?" Black Fox suddenly stood in front of Cang Xue and asked.

    Hearing Black Fox's question, Zhen Xing's Bian Shuangbi, Mu Yingqiao, Lou Chuanhe and co. all stared at Mo Wuji. Clearly, they were all interested to know whether Mo Wuji was the Rank 1.

    When Mo Wuji heard this question, he instantly frowned. Everyone in Zhen Xing should know that he was Rank 1 on the Universal Board, but it couldn't have reached here right?

    After all, he took close to a year of constant teleportation to get to this place. Whose information network was so strong? Looking at these people, he knew that they were not trapped here for merely one or two days.

    "Then who are you?" Mo Wuji stared at this short, black skinned girl, his voice holding a tinge of precaution. He wasn't a newbie, with just a simple glance in the canyon, he could tell that there were different factions within the ten over people inside.

    "Wolf King Mountain's Black Fox?" Black Fox said faintly, her tone containing a hint of valiance.

    "Wolf King Mountain ah, I absolutely hate that place. I'm not answering you." Mo Wuji chose to reject Black Fox's question. He also started to be more cautious; he wouldn't fear the Wolf King alone, but if Black Fox was added into the mix, then things were going to get troublesome.

    "Dao Friend Mo, I'm Bian Shuangbi. If you're a cultivator from Zhen Xing, you can come over to our side." Bian Shuangbi also stood up, clasping his fists towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji glanced at Bian Shuangbi's spot and shook his head. That place was too small, going there would only be torturing himself. Moreover, he was not used to sitting near strangers when he cultivated.

    Eh, wait, Bian Shuangbi. This name sounds a little familiar.

    Soon, Mo Wuji recalled who Bian Shuangbi was; he was a juggernaut of Zhen Xing ah, an existence at the Rank 2 of the Universal Board. How did this fella end up trapped here? If not for him, Mo Wuji, this fella had always been Rank 1 on the Universal Board for thousands of years.

    "Oh right, let me introduce to you some people. This is Mu Yingqiao, Universal Board Rank 3. A few years ago, he was still Rank 2." Bian Shuangbi pointed at a long bearded man not far from him.

    Mu Yingqiao? This fella was also a juggernaut of Zhen Xing ah. That's right, he was indeed Rank 2, but he had been pushed down by me.

    "This is Lou Chuanhe, he has not been here for long." Bian Shuangbi then pointed at a man dressed like a space nomad.

    Mo Wuji's faze immediately shifted from Mu Yingqing to Lou Chuanhe. If they were talking about relationships, then Loy Chuanhe was more closely tied to him than Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao. Lou Chuanhe was Zhen Xing's 4th Star Lord. However, he had disappeared. Unexpectedly, he had ended up in this ghost town.

    On the other hand, Mo Wuji was the 8th Star Lord. If they really ended up fighting, he just needed to state his identity and he believed that Lou Chuanhe would definitely help him.

    "This is Fanq Qi, and by Fang Qi's side is Qu Yang. Fang Qi came from the Lost Continent, while Qu Yang is the sect head of Absolute Saber Sect."

    Following Bian Shuangbi's introduction, Mo Wuji noticed that Fang Qi looked the oldest here. His hair was all white, and he looked like he might die at any moment. This fella was from Lost Continent; they could be considered to have come from the same place. Mo Wuji nodded to him.

    As for Qu Yang, he was just like hissect name. He stood there like a staight pine. There was a sheatheless saber on his back. That saber looked incomparably perfect, no flaws could be seen anywhere. This fella reminded Mo Wuji of Solitary Red Knot. When Mo Wuji first saw Solitary Red Knot, Solitary Red Knot also had a sheatheless sword on his back.

    If he included himself, Bian Shuangbi only introduced five people. Clearly, the others weren't from Zhen Xing.

    "Dao Friend Mo, you just came from Zhen Xing. Do you know if my Absolute Saber Sect is doing well?" The man standing like a straight pine suddenly clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

    Because of Bian Shuangbi's introduction, Mo Wuji knew that he was called Qu Yang. Moreover, Mo Wuji had a favourable impression of him, he had this spirit exuding from him.

    However, Mo Wuji did not know how to answer about the Absolute Saber Sect. He was the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, he was naturally clear about the various big sects. However, he had never heard of the Absolute Saber Sect. Clearly, the sect had already become like its name, absolutely eradicated.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had remained silent, a hint of melancholy flashed across Qu Yang's eyes. He continued, "No matter what had happened, I hope that Dao Friend Mo can tell me about it. I, Qu Yang, know that my disciples are too direct. Even if something bad had happened, I will be able to accept it."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Dao Friend Qu, I'm afraid Absolute Saber Sect had disappeared from Zhen Xing. Because I have never heard of such a sect."

    Mu Yingqiao seemed to understand Qu Yang's personality, he hurriedly interjected, "The Absolute Saber Sect is in a remote location, and its disciples don't frequently travel around Zhen Xing. It's normal that Dao Friend Mo had never heard of it."

    Mo Wuji did not want to lie to a person like Qu Yang, he shook his head and said, "No, I'm the current Star Lord of Star King Mountain. I shouldn't be wrong about this matter."

    "You're Star King Mountain's Star Lord?" The silent Lou Chuanhe suddenly cried out in surprise.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards Lou Chuanhe, "Mo Wuji greets Senior Lou. That's right, I'm the current Star Lord of Star King Mountain, I'm also the 8th Star Lord."

    "Hahahaha..." Lou Chuanhe suddenly chortled loudly. He had been trapped here and his greatest worry had always been Zhen Xing. He was different from Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao. These people wholeheartedly pursued the greater Dao. Even if Zhen Xing was destroyed, they wouldn't care about it. However, Lou Chuanhe was the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, his master Le Tianyi had also died in battle for Zhen Xing.

    He never expected that he would meet the new Star Lord here. And this was not the most important point, the most important point was that this Star Lord was actually Rank 1 on the Universal Board. As a Star Lord, he understood what that meant. One had to kill boundless amounts of foreign cultivators in order to reach the top.

    Actually, when he left Zhen Xing, Zhen Xing was still embroiled in battle with the alien cultivators and space beasts. Thus, he had always been worried about Zhen Xing's safety. Moreover, Wolf King Mountain's Cang Xue had just arrived, causing this worry to deepen.

    "Dao Friend Mo, how's Zhen Xing?" After laughing heartily, Lou Chuanhe asked. If Star King Mountain had such a strong powerhouse like Mo Wuji as the Star Lord, Zhen Xing definitely wouldn't have been destroyed.

    Mo Wuji's feelings for Lou Chuanhe instantly soared. None of the Zhen Xing cultivators here actually inquired about Zhen Xing. Only Lou Chuanhe, a previous Star Lord, would actually care about Zhen Xing's safety.

    "Senior Lou, don't be worried. Before I came here, I already prepared something like an impenetrable defense for Zhen Xing. I believe that none of the foreign cultivators would dare come close to Zhen Xing. Now that Wolf King Mountain's little b*stard is here, we can be more assured." After Mo Wuji explained to Lou Chuanhe, he waved his Tian Ji Pole.

    He was sure that if he were to fight the Space Wolf King, Lou Chuanhe would definitely stand by his side. Since he would get help, he naturally wouldn't be courteous to the Space Wolf King.

    "Come attack me, old wolf. Oh right, I still have to tell you one thing. Your Wolf King Mountain is now rubble in space. Also, your little b*stard called Cang Jue or something like that had been killed by me." Mo Wuji took a few steps forward, standing in front of the Space Wolf King.
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