Chapter 402: Settling Down at the Half Immortal Domain

    Chapter 402: Settling Down at the Half Immortal Domain

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    This Longevity Sect's cultivator really stopped in his tracks but before Mo Wuji could say anything, he revealed an apologetic expression as he said, "This dao friend here, there is really nothing I can do for you here. In this place, those below the Earthly Immortal Stage are basically unable to dig up the black stones. You are only in the intermediate stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage which means that you are still extremely far away from becoming an Earthly Immortal Stage cultivator."

    In fact, there was something else that the cultivator couldn't bear to tell Mo Wuji. That was the fact that without black stones, one would definitely not be able to cultivate and advance into the Earthly Immortal Stage here. He would not only be unable to cultivate and reach the Earthly Immortal Stage, his cultivation level might even decrease.

    "May I ask how do I make the Half Immortal Domain's identity bracelet? Or rather, will there be any consequences if I don't make identity bracelet?" Mo Wuji hurried to ask.

    "With the Half Immortal Domain bracelet, one would be able to live in the Half Immortal Domain because there are all sorts of dangers outside the domain. Furthermore, one couldn't cultivate outside the Half Immortal Domain. The spiritual energy within the Half Immortal Domain allows you to cultivate but other than this, there wouldn't be any other consequences," This cultivator answered Mo Wuji's question patiently.

    Unable to cultivate?

    Mo Wuji immediately tried circulating his meridians and after one round of spiritual circulation, he was certain there was indeed something wrong with the spiritual energy. These spiritual energy had the form but not the spirit so after absorbing it, a large proportion of it would be dissipated away and only a extremely small proportion could be absorbed into the meridian.

    Mo Wuji's eyes fell on the big piece of architecture in front of him and that particular building didn't look like it was anything special to him. There were no arrays installed around it and it appeared similar to the space canyon he landed on previously where there were some parts where cultivation looked possible while some parts seemed impossible. The area, in which cultivation was possible, was wrapped up as it formed the Half Immortal Domain.

    "You don't have to worry because as long as you don't stay permanently in the Half Immortal Domain, nobody would care about you even if you didn't have the bracelet," This cultivator from the Longevity Sect was still rather patient as he took the initiative to add that sentence after noticing that Mo Wuji looked rather lost and shocked.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head because he really didn't mind at all. He had no idea whether others were similar to him because he was still able to absorb a very small proportion of spiritual energy.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't wish to live outside the Half Immortal Domain because given the various dangers present, he might not be able to survive with his current strength.

    "May I know how do I address senior?" Mo Wuji wanted to make friends after he realised that he would probably need help.

    "My name is Lang Hao."

    "Dao Friend Lang, even though my cultivation level is low, I am still able to help with some menial work. For example, I could help to dig minerals or even help to recruit new members, etc. I only request for the Longevity Sect to help me make an identity bracelet," Mo Wuji suspected that he needed to find a team to join if he wanted to make an identity bracelet. Whether or not this was true, finding Lang Hao to help wouldn't go wrong.

    Lang Hao shook his head, "It's not that I don't want to help you because it is very simple to make an identity bracelet. All my Longevity Sect needed to do was to fork out ten spirit stone slags. However, the problem is that after we help you make an identity bracelet, we would still need to provide spirit stone slags for you to cultivate while you can't even dig minerals for us. My Longevity Sect really couldn't afford to nurture people who don't contribute."

    Mo Wuji finally understood why the rest of them left because to recruit someone into their team, they needed to pay him commissions as well as salary whether or not he contributed.

    "Dao Friend Lang, as long as I'm unable to dig up the minerals, I wouldn't take your spirit stone slags. Even the spirit stone slags your Longevity Sect used to help me make my identity bracelet, I will find a way to return it," Mo Wuji said confidently.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji wouldn't accept the salary, Lang Hao pondered for a moment and after hesitating once more, he finally said, "Alright, follow me then."

    The Longevity Sect needed some runners to recruit new members, pass on messages, etc. He completely ignored or didn't care about the part where Mo Wuji said he would find minerals for them. It was simply impossible for a Worldly Immortal Stage cultivator to think that he could find a blackstone mine here.

    The most important reason why he decided to agree to Mo Wuji's request was because Mo Wuji didn't want the salary. It was definitely a good thing to have one more member in the Longevity Sect without the need to pay him. The number of spirit stones slags needed was also within his means.

    As he followed Lang Hao into the Half Immortal Domain, Mo Wuji found out a lot more about the Half Immortal Domain from his Q&A session with Lang Hao.

    The overall in charge of the Half Immortal Domain was an expert called Guang Quan and there were many different teams within the Half Immortal Domain. The only purpose and work of these teams was to unearth minerals. A mineral which had the shape similar to a blackstone but because nobody knew what it was, they addressed it as blackstone.

    Moreover, it was impossible to keep these blackstones inside normal storage rings which was why people carried it using the baskets.

    These minerals that were unearthed would be sent to be under Guang Quan at the Half Immortal Domain and then Guang Quan would transfer these minerals away in exchange for spirit stone slags.

    Cultivators in the Half Immortal Domain would then use these spirit stone slags to cultivate. Whoever could unearth more minerals would eventually receive more spirit stone slags.

    "Brother Lang, I wonder if it is possible for you to pass me a spirit stone slag to let me take a look at how it looks like?" Mo Wuji thought of the spirit stone slags from the Half Moon Prison and was suspecting if they were the same type of spirit stone slags.

    Lang Hap didn't mind as he casually took out a small piece of spirit stone slag to pass it to Mo Wuji, "This thing had another name which was Half Immortal Stone as it's cultivation efficiency was much stronger than the average Heaven grade spirit stones."

    The moment the spirit stone slag landed on Mo Wuji's hand, he could feel that the spirit stone slags he retrieved from the Half Moon Prison was exactly the same one as the one in his hand now.

    Could the Half Moon Prison have originated from here? It didn't seem likely because all the stewards at the Half Moon Prison were experts of the Worldly Immortal Stage. For example, the Meng Yinsan, who killed the warden, was a Worldly Immortal Stage expert too. However, every cultivator here were Earthly Immortal Stage experts and there could perhaps be some Worldly Immortal Stage experts here too but Mo Wuji wasn't able to sense any of them using his spiritual will.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji had been observing the spirit stone slag for a long time now, Lang Hao originally wanted to comfort Mo Wuji by telling him he would receive it in the future too. However, at the thought of this, he recalled that it might actually be impossible for a Worldly Immortal Stage expert like Mo Wuji to receive a spirit stone slag which was why he felt relieved that he didn't say out what he originally wanted to say.

    The process to make an identity bracelet was rather simple and after Mo Wuji reported his name, Lang Hao handed 10 spirit stone slags to the management and the bracelet was made. The truth was that as long as Mo Wuji had 10 spirit stone slags with him, he could have gotten an identity bracelet by himself.

    Mo Wuji was rejoicing at the fact that he was able to join the Longevity Sect because he had already used up all his spirit stone slags for cultivation and couldn't afford 10 of them.

    After helping Mo Wuji register for the bracelet, Lang Hao made Mo Wuji write an IOU for the loan of 10 spirit stone slags.

    Usually because the member would contribute to the team in the form of unearthing minerals, one wouldn't need to return the spirit stone slags when the team helped its member to make an identity bracelet. However, because of Mo Wuji's low cultivation level and low possibility of making contributions to the Longevity Sect, Lang Hao made Mo Wuji write an IOU.

    "Mo Wuji, as long as you are in the territory of the Half Immortal Domain, you can find your own immortal cave to build. Remember, the Longevity Sect will be having a gathering in the morning two days later to distribute the mining areas so please don't miss it," After leaving the place where they collected the bracelet, Lang Hao gave Mo Wuji a pat and was no longer bothered with him.

    Mo Wuji knew the location of the Longevity Sect because he saw it when they walked in earlier on. There were many teams here with their names hung on so it looked like a simple berth.

    As for the Half Immortal Domain, Mo Wuji was rather interested in it because the spirit stone slags attracted his attention.

    Mo Wuji was fully aware of the effectiveness of the spirit stone slags because if it wasn't for the spirit stone slags, it would have been a huge question as to whether or not he would be able to advance into the True God Stage. The spiritual energy within the spirit stone slags was not only extremely dense, it was of a very high quality too.

    Even if others might think that Mo Wuji would not be able to dig up the minerals given his cultivation level, Mo Wuji never doubted himself. He believed that as long as there were blackstones here, he would be able to unearth them. The moment he could unearth them and exchanged it for spirit stone slags, he would be able to use it to increase his cultivation level tremendously.

    Therefore, when Mo Wuji was looking for an immortal cave, his first consideration would be the suitability for his cultivation. When all 106 meridians of his underwent spiritual circulation together, it would definitely affect the serenity of the area. Even if he were to install a spirit concealing array, it would only minimise the impact of the surrounding so he would rather stay low.

    In the end, Mo Wuji chose a rather remote position which was neither too far not too near to the main crowd.

    Even though this position stood alone, it wasn't too lofty in this area. There were in fact a lot of cultivators in the Half Immortal Domain who wanted an immortal cave which was located in a more remote place.

    After choosing his spot, Mo Wuji started to build his immortal cave. He had all sorts of materials in his storage ring plus he could even retrieve natural materials from here. Mo Wuji constructed a four room cave with one living room, one cultivation room, one storage room and a spare room.

    Afterwards, he installed a variety of arrays because he wouldn't let his knowledge in arrays go to waste. Energy gathering array, concealment array, defensive array, hidden killing array...

    After working hard for two days, Mo Wuji finally finished preparing his immortal cave.

    Inside this Half Immortal Domain, it was indeed a lot easier to absorb the spiritual energy for cultivation. However, there were still a lot of spiritual energy that were wasted so it could be said that one wouldn't be able to completely absorb spiritual energy here.

    Mo Wuji was not completely clueless after so many years of cultivation so he had this faint sensing that this had something to do with the laws of heaven and earth. Even the cultivators with the lowest cultivation level here like himself could feel the effects of the laws here. As for the Earthly Immortal Stage experts or the Heavenly Immortal Stage experts, they should definitely be able to feel the laws acting on one's cultivation. No matter how dense or good the spiritual energy was, if there wasn't any Heaven and Earth's Dao laws put in place, one wouldn't be able to gain enlightenment from the Heaven and Earth's Dao.

    If he really wished to improve, he had to find the spirit stone slags.


    On the morning of the third day, Mo Wuji had already arrived at a massive house which was the Longevity Sect. Even though Mo Wuji arrived early in the morning, he was comparably late because there were already over a hundred people inside the house when he arrived.

    Many eyes fell on Mo Wuji as they could tell straightaway that he was a newcomer.

    Lang Hao, who was sitting by the side, shook his head because Mo Wuji was not only the newcomer here, he had the lowest cultivation level too and yet he arrived the latest.
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