Chapter 403: Allocation Of Mining Areas

    Chapter 403: Allocation Of Mining Areas

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    Mo Wuji discovered that he was the last to arrive. He was a little speechless; he had already chose to come especially early, but he had still been the last. Could this people have reported here even before the sun came up?

    Mo Wuji's guess was really not bad; these people really came before daybreak.

    "You're new? Why are you so late?" The one speaking was a middle-aged man sitting at the head seat. Mo Wuji was a new face, and was even the last to arrive, it was hard for him not to get noticed.

    Mo Wuji saw that this person was at the highest seat and could guess that he should be the Longevity Sect's sect head. This fella placed great importance in his appearance; his long hair had been tied into a neat cultivator's bun, making him look very spirited. In terms of cultivation, Mo Wuji could feel that this fella was even higher than the Space Wolf King.

    "Mo Wuji, this is our Longevity Sect's Sect Head Feng. Why aren't you paying your respects?" Lang Hao hurriedly scolded from the side. He started to have some regrets, he should not have brought Mo Wuji in. Previously, he saw that Mo Wuji was very astute and he thought that Mo Wuji would be a very capable person. However, he would never have expected that Mo Wuji would be the last to arrive.

    After scolding Mo Wuji, Lang Hao anxiously bowed and explained to the sect head, "Sect Head Feng, Mo Wuji is a newcomer. Because he entered the broken void by accident, his cultivation is rather low, just at the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage. I saw that he was rather intelligent, so I brought him to Longevity Sect to help do some promotions for our sect."

    Sect Head Feng nodded slightly, his gaze landed on Mo Wuji. When everyone else in the house heard that Mo Wuji was only in the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage, their lips all curved into a smile. A mere Worldly Immortal, had no business here; the only thing he could do was to help promote Longevity Sect.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly clasped his fists, "Replying the sect head, I am Mo Wuji, a newcomer. Because it's my first time, I didn't know that I was late."

    Sect Head Feng looked at Mo Wuji with a hint of interest as he spoke indifferently, "You're not late. You just came slightly later than the rest."

    Mo Wuji only needed to look at Sect Head Feng's expression and to hear Sect Head Feng's words to know that the sect head had misunderstood him. The sect head must definitely have thought that he was merely giving an excuse, when in reality, he really didn't know that he was late. However, he could only shut his mouth when facing this sort of things; the more he explained, the worse it would get.

    Sect Head Feng did not continue to care about Mo Wuji, but spoke loudly, "Since everyone is here, I will now announce the mining areas that our Longevity Sect has obtained."

    The house instantly went silent; everyone perked their years to listen to Sect Head Feng's words.

    Because Mo Wuji was a newbie, he wasn't familiar with the group organisation within Longevity Sect. Perhaps it was because Lang Hao didn't consider Mo Wuji as part of the main force for Longevity Sect, which was why much of the details weren't told to Mo Wuji. Now, everyone seemed to be focused on the sect head's words, so he could only follow suit.

    Sect Head Feng's gaze unintentionally swept across Mo Wuji. When he saw Mo Wuji's attentive look, he suddenly felt like laughing. Actually, with Mo Wuji's cultivation being at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, he really didn't need to listen.

    "This time, we have gained the rights to enter four mining areas. They are Mining Area 9087C, divided into ratios of 5:2:3; Mining Area 8762D, divided into the ratios of 4:2:3; Mining Area 3104E, divided into the ratios of 4:3:3; Mining Area 5109F, divided into the ratios of 2:3:5."

    Following the end of Sect Head Feng's speech, the house instantly got lively. Many of the people were applauding and patting each other's shoulders, seemingly raring to go and start work.

    "Eh, I can't believe that we even managed get into Mining Area C. I came too late." The guy standing right in front of Mo Wuji sighed.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly clasped his fists and asked, "This Dao Friend, can I ask why you said you came too late? And what do the letters on the mining areas mean?"

    This cultivator was clearly not in a good mood. His eyes swept across Mo Wuji, and when he recalled that Mo Wuji was only a Worldly Immortal, he couldn't even be bothered to answer.

    Mo Wuji already understood his situation Yesterday, Lang Hao didn't even tell him many things; clearly these fellas did not even treat him as a member of their Longevity Sect. He's merely here as a condiment.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to ask another person, a cultivator not too far away explained, "Those that came early are those at the front. They will be the ones allocated the better mining areas like C and D."

    After Mo Wuji expressed his thanks, he continued to ask, "Then, can I ask, what's the meaning behind the ratios?"

    Luckily, this cultivator did not seem annoyed by Mo Wuji's questions, "Let's say Mining Area 9087C is divided according to the ratio of 5:2:3. It means that if you dig 10 pieces of blackstone, 5 of them will go to Half Immortal Domain, 2 will go to Longevity Sect, while the remaining 3 will go to you. The higher the district, the more popular it is."

    That didn't sound right ah. Mo Wuji asked doubtfullt, "This friend, just now the sect head said that Mining Area 5109F is divided to 2:3:5. Wouldn't that be much better than in Mining Area C? We could keep half of the blackstone to ourselves?"

    "Hehe, you're a newcomer so you naturally don't know this. Even though your personal ratio in Mining Area F is the highest, the mineral content within the mine is low it is hard to dig. Even if you get to keep 50%, you might not be able to get as much as Mining Area C. In Longevity Sect, the earliest people will stand at the front, and they would get allocated the better mining areas." The cultivator chuckled as he explained.

    Mo Wuji finally came to an understanding, no wonder why these fellas wanted to come so early. This was based on their own personal benefits ah. If he was the first to arrive, then wouldn't he be allocated to Mining Area C?

    Sect Head Feng waited till the discussions died down before continuing, "This time, 32 people will be allocated to Mining Area 9087C. The first 16 people can choose your pairs."

    As he finished speaking, Mo Wuji say 16 people coming from the left and right side. These 16 people chose their own pairs, forming a group of 32 people. Thereafter, they each took their bracelets and imprinted it in the area in front of Sect Head Feng. Then, they left the house.

    Mo Wuji also understood another thing: Being the last to come did not mean that he would have no hope. As long as you knew the people who came early, you could form a team with him and leave together. When he first arrived in Half Immortal Domain, he saw two people digging for blackstone. He could guess that each team should be comprised of two people.

    "Mining Area 8762D has a total of 28 slots. The first 14 can choose your partners." As Sect Head Feng finished, another 14 people stood forward.

    Not long later, 28 people left the house.

    "Mining Area 3104E has a total of 60 slots. The first 30 can choose your partners."

    "Mining Area 5109F has a total of 40 slots..."


    Mo Wuji discovered that he was exactly the last person within the group of 40. He stared curiously at that cultivator who helped explained things to him previously, "This dao friend, if I'm not allocated a slot this time round, what should I do?"

    The cultivator patted Mo Wuji's wrist, "If you're not allocated, or if you can't find a partner, then you can only go back and wait. Otherwise, you can go and steal ores."

    "Steal ores? The blackstone ores here can be stolen?" Mo Wuji asked in aghast, he never thought that robbing for ores could be said so publicly.

    The cultivator stared unhappily at Mo Wuji, "What are you thinking about? By stealing ores, I mean you can go to abandoned mining sites. That's what I meant by stealing ores."

    With that, he could no longer bo bothered about Mo Wuji and went to form his own team.

    So when he first arrived, those two fellas were actually stealing ores. No wonder why they were by themselves.

    "If you want to go to Mining Area 5109F, then form a team with me. If you're interested, then I'm leaving." A cold voice sounded next to Mo Wuji's ear.

    Mo Wuji finally came to his senses; he discovered that there only a few people left in the house. The sect head and Lang Hao were still here. Besides them, there was also an old man sitting beside the sect head.

    The one speaking to him was a black robed girl. The girl looked very cold, but her appearance was incredibly pretty, she could even be compared to Cen Shuyin and Zhuang Xiyue. And with her mature figure, she looked even more enticing compared to the two.

    However, with her cold face and voice, people could tell that she was not an easily approachable person.

    "Of course let's go," Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say. He had just heard, that if he did not have a partner, he wouldn't be allowed into the mining area. This meant that this mining job required the cooperation between two people.

    The cold girl nodded, and walked to Sect Head Feng and displayed her bracelet.

    Mo Wuji also knew this; to enter the mining area, he needed to sect head to leave an imprint on his bracelet. He did not hesitate to take out his bracelet and pass it to Sect Head Feng.

    When Sect Head Feng was helping him with the imprint, Mo Wuji stared at Lang Hao and asked, "Dao Friend Lang Hao, why don't I even have a basket to store blackstone?"

    Lang Hao laughed awkwardly. Even though he knew he would hurt Mo Wuji's self-esteem, he still said, "Mo Wuji, actually you don't need any basket. The blackstone is extremely hard to dig, and your cultivation is too low..."

    "Even if I'm not able to get condiments, there's nothing wrong with giving me a bottle for the condiments right? Moreover, the condiment bottle belongs to me," Mo Wuji frowned and said. He was indeed grateful to Lang Hao for helping him to enter Longevity Sect. But Lang Hao couldn't just leave him with nothing, and not even tell him anything right?

    "Since he's a member of our Longevity Sect, then just give him one." Sect Head Feng said faintly.

    Since the sect head had spoken, Lang Hao could only walk to the neighboring house and fetch a basket for Mo Wuji.

    The moment Mo Wuji grabbed this basket, he knew it was not made from an ordinary material. He had never seen such a material before.

    After the cold girl received her imprint, she did not waste any words and directly walked out of the house. As for the matter of Mo Wuji asking Lang Hao for a basket, she acted as though she had never seen anything. Mo Wuji hurriedly followed behind her, he didn't even know where the mining areas were.

    Seeing Mo Wuji leave with that girl, Lang Hao finally uttered, "I actually found a partner for Jia Qi..."

    Sect Head Feng did not seem to notice Lang Hao's words, as he said, "Lang Hao, you gave Mo Wuji a basket, but you didn't give him a shovel. How is he going to dig for blackstone?"

    "Sect head, you know it too, I got that Mo Wuji here just to help advertise for Longevity Sect. Wait till he sees how difficult excavation is, he will definitely come back to find me," Lang Hao said with certainty.

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