Chapter 406: This Fella Really Knows How To Act Like A Pig

    Chapter 406: This Fella Really Knows How To Act Like A Pig

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    "Wood Dissolving Pill can only be concocted by metal-type pill refiners?" Mo Wuji cracked up.

    He had obtained a jade letter from Tian Chi Manor's Yan Huimeng. It was inscribed clearly on the jade letter, the names of all the metal-type pill refiners in Zhen Xing that have been taken away by the Valley of the Immortal Pill's Lai Wanxing. This included even his Grandfather Mo Tiancheng.

    Previously, he was still filled with doubts on why Lai Wanxing would take away so many metal-type pill refiners. Now, he finally understood, that Lai Wanxing must definitely be related to Half Immortal Domain, and he only had one purpose in bringing all those metal-type pill refiners away: to concoct the Wood Dissolving Pill.

    At the end of the day, he was related to Mo Tiancheng by blood. Now that he knew something about Mo Tiancheng, he would definitely not leave it be.

    "If not, why do you think the Wood Dissolving Pills are so valuable?" Seeing Mo Wuji crack up, Jia Qi thought that Mo Wuji was in shock over the conditions required to concoct the Wood Dissolving Pill.

    Mo Wuji did not ask whether Lai Wanxing was here straightaway. Even if he wanted to know, he would have to do so by knocking around the sides.

    "Dao Friend Jia Qi, why did you tell me this?" Mo Wuji calmed down. He did not believe that Jia Qi would suddenly have a change of heart and tell him all these things.

    Jia Qi said indifferently, "Because I need your help. Because I always excavate the least amount of blackstones, no one is willing to pair up with me. Moreover, if you have a partner, when you find blackstone, no one would casually try to snatch it away."

    "So you want to continue to team up with me?" Mo Wuji said slowly. He had the spirit storage channel, so he didn't even need to team up with Jia Qi.

    "That's right. You know it too, besides me, no one in the entire Half Immortal Domain would want to team up with you. If no one teams up with you, you wouldn't be able to last for half a year. If you don't believe me, you can try circulating spiritual energy. See whether there's an additional acute wood energy in your spirit channels," Jia Qi stared at Mo Wuji, her tone was very calm.

    Mo Wuji secretly used his reverse circulation technique. Indeed, there was an additional wood-type energy within his meridians which he had never encountered before. Could this be the acute wood energy?'

    Mo Wuji frowned slightly, and sped up his circulation throughout all his meridians, including his detoxification meridian. In merely a breath's time, that wood-type energy had been swept away by his detoxification meridian, and in the blink of an eye, it was converted into pure spiritual energy.

    So this energy could be considered a toxin ah, Mo Wuji discovered something important. Even if he didn't have the Wood Dissolving Pill, he didn't need to fear this acute wood energy. Indeed, it was best when you created your own cultivation technique. This reverse of the Immortal Mortal Technique was far superior to any other typical techniques.

    Seeing Mo Wuji frown, Jia Qi continued unhurriedly, "I believe you must have felt the acute wood energy, right? Team up with me, I don't dare say that you would have spirit stone slags leftover for cultivation, but at least you won't get your spirit channels woodified."

    Mo Wuji knew that he didn't have any spirit channels, and because he had the detoxification meridian, his meridians wouldn't get woodified. He had no need to fear this acute wood energy. However, he did not immediately reject Jia Qi. He knew that if this woman could excavate blackstone by herself, she was definitely not simple.

    "Can I ask, how long will one Wood Dissolving Pill last?" Mo Wuji asked extremely calmly.

    Seemingly feeling how calm and collected Mo Wuji was, Jia Qi was slightly astonished, "That depends if you are going to cultivate, and how hard you cultivate. If you spend most of your time cultivating, you would absorb much of the acute wood energy. If it's like that, you would need more Wood Dissolving Pills, perhaps 10 pills in one month. If you don't cultivate at all, and merely maintain your power, then one Wood Dissolving Pill would be enough for two months. One blackstone can be exchanged for three Wood Dissolving Pills..."

    Mo Wuji said, "That means to say, roughly three spirit stone slags can exchange for one Wood Dissolving Pill?"

    Jia Qi shook her head, "If you purchase Wood Dissolving Pills with spirit stone slags, you would need 10 of it, and you would get the lowest grade of Wood Dissolving Pill. So, except for an extremely small group of people, an average person typically wouldn't se spirit stone slags to purchase Wood Dissolving Pills."

    Jia Qi did not need to explain for Mo Wuji to know things clearly; the value of a blackstone was definitely much more than 10 spirit stone slags.

    "Then if I work with you, how would we split the blackstones we obtain?" When Mo Wuji thought about that blackstone that escaped, he felt that finding a partner might not be too bad. He did not have any problems with finding the blackstones, his only problem was with digging the blackstones up.

    When Jia Qi heard Mo Wuji's words, she speechlessly shook her head, and said indifferently, "You don't have a choice. If you want to survive, you can only work with me. As for the division of blackstones, I'm sorry, there's no such thing. Every month, I can only give you one Wood Dissolving Pill."

    Mo Wuji was about to chortle in anger, "That means, I can only get one blackstone in three months? I want to ask Dao Friend Jia Qi, how many blackstones do you get during every trip?"

    Jia Qi looked at Mo Wuji, a hint of ridicule could be seen in the corner of her eyes, "That's none of your business. I'm finding you just so that I can get allocated a mining area. I don't actually need your help. To put things in another perspective, I'm helping you."

    "Then forget about it, I don't need your help. Goodbye," With that, Mo Wuji turned and left. He possessed the spirit storage channel, so he did not even need to go to allocated mining areas. As long as there was blackstone, even in abandoned mining areas, he was able to dig it.

    Jia Qi was momentarily shocked. She thought that she had made things very clear, Mo Wuji could only survive by working with her. She never expected that Mo Wuji would actually reject her.

    "Then what distribution do you propose?" Jia Qi hastened her steps, landing beside Mo Wuji. Without a person to work with, it would be hard for her to be allocated a mining area.

    "1 is to 9. If you're willing, then we can be partners." Mo Wuji slowed down.

    "Alright, 1 is to 9 then," Jia Qi nodded. When she heard Mo Wuji's words, her impression towards Mo Wuji got a little better; at least Mo Wuji wasn't greedy.

    Mo Wuji only needed one look at this woman's expression and attitude to know that she was mistaken, he sighed as he continued, "I'm 9, you're 1."

    "You..." Jia Qi was stunned by Mo Wuji's words. She had met many shameless people, but she had never encountered a person as shameless as Mo Wuji.

    A Worldly Immortal probably couldn't even dig through the black ground. Now, when they were forming teams, he actually wanted 90% of the harvests.

    "If you say it like that, then how many blackstones did you manage to get this time?" When Jia Qi asked this question, she had already thoroughly given up on the idea of working together with Mo Wuji.

    "I guess, probably more than you." Mo Wuji said calmly. His words were not groundless; he was all too clear about the difficulties of excavating blackstone. He possessed the spirit storage channel, but he only managed to get six blackstones. It was just that he was lucky and managed to get five blackstones at a single go. He did not believe that Jia Qi was luckier than him.

    "You actually managed to dig for blackstones?" When Jia Qi heard Mo Wuji's words, she was momentarily stunned as she subconsciously gave up on her idea of leaving. In her perspective, there was no need to talk about Mo Wuji even being able to dig through the black soil. In five days, he probably wouldn't even have found a single blackstone.

    "Naturally. That's why, I don't need to team up with you. Without you, Earth would still continue to revolve around the Sun," Mo Wuji wasn't attentive with his words, he actually mentioned 'Earth'.

    Luckily, Jia Qi did not mind Mo Wuji's words, her gaze turned to the basket on Mo Wuji's back, "Dao Friend Mo, can you open your basket and let me have a look?"

    The basket was covered by a lid which was sealed. As long as Mo Wuji didn't open it, no one else would be able to see what was inside.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "That's not necessary. I still have to thank you for telling me many things, at least I didn't know about the Wood Dissolving Pill and the Blackstone Shovel."

    Jia Qi suddenly grabbed the basket on her back; she took the initiative to open it and say, "I managed to get two blackstones."

    Mo Wuji saw that there were indeed two blackstones lying within Jia Qi's basket; he instantly saw Jia Qi with a different light. If not for his luck in finding six blackstones at one go, he probably would have gotten two blackstones as well.

    "I got six," Mo Wuji opened his bastet ans said.

    Jia Qi stared at Mo Wuji's basket in disbelief, she muttered to herself, "There's really six..."

    It was only until Mo Wuji closed the basket when she finally reacted. With two shining eyes, she asked, "Dao Friend Mo, you don't have the Blackstone Shovel, and you're working by yourself. How did you manage to dig six blackstones?"

    Without a Blackstone Shovel, to dig six blackstones in Mining Area F was truly inconceivable.

    "That's my business. So, I don't need anyone's help. Of course, if you agree to the 1 to 9 distribution, I can consider forming a team with you. After all, it's better when we work together." Mo Wuji said nonchalantly.

    From his perspective, he really did not need to work with anyone.

    Jia Qi suddenly said, "Dao Friend Mo, do you know the value of blackstone?"

    She finally understood why Mo Wuji wouldn't care about a single piece of spirit stone slag. This fella really knew how to act like a pig. If she did not see it personally, who would believe that an intermediate Worldly Immortal cultivator would be able to get six blackstones in Mining Area F in 5 days? Moreover, this was without help, without a Blackstone Shovel, and during his virgin trip to a mining area.

    Mo Wuji said emotionlessly, "I don't know. I did ask you before, but you didn't seem interested in answering me."

    Jia Qi's face turned slightly hot. She said awkwardly, "I don't actually know what the blackstone is. But I know that the value of one blackstone is definitely more than ten spirit stone slags, maybe even 10,000 spirit stone slags could not be compared to it.

    Even without Jia Qi saying it, Mo Wuji could guess that the value of blackstone was far from ordinary. However, he never expected that it would be so valuable. Not even 10,000 spirit stone slags could purchase one blackstone. But now, they have to sell their blackstones for ten spirit stone slags.

    "So what? These blackstones can only be sold in Half Immortal Domain right? If you have a large amount of blackstone, you wouldn't sell it?" Mo Wuji retorted with a question.

    Jia Qi suddenly stared at Mo Wuji, unblinking.

    Mo Wuji did not think that this girl would suddenly fall in love with him. Just when he was about to speak, Jia Qi said softly, "Dao Friend Mo, can I trust you?"

    Mo Wuji did not understand the meaning behind Jia Qi's words, he directly said, "I'm not a person who shoots off one's mouth. If you have anything, just say it."

    Jia Qi nodded, "Actually, this is related to your vital interest. If you are really able to dig large amounts of blackstone, I can bring you to see someone."

    "Who?" Mo Wuji subconsciously asked.

    "A peerless smith," Jia Qi spoked hushedly, one word at a time.
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