Chapter 409: Abandoned Mining Area

    Chapter 409: Abandoned Mining Area

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    Even as the walked out of Master Pu Zi's small stone fort, Jia Qi was still in disbelief; Mo Wuji was actually able to get Master Pu Zi to give up his personal storage ring. Before the actual exchange, she wouldn't have believed that such a thing would happen.

    "I really never imagined that Master Pu Zi would really pass you the storage ring," After she calmed down, Jia Qi sighed with emotions.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "This is merely a trade of mutual benefits. This ring could only used in a place like this, but my Brief Theory of Space is an invaluable treasure."

    Jia Qi nodded, Mo Wuji was right. For a treasure like the Brief Theory of Space, if it was somewhere else, a mere storage ring would never be able to exchange for it.

    "Dao Friend Jia Qi, usually how many times would mining areas be allocated every month?" After Mo Wuji obtained the storage ring, he was raring to go out and search for blackstone. He needed spirit stone slags to raise his power rapidly. In a place like this, the most straightforward method to obtain spirit stone slags was by excavating blackstone.

    "Roughly three times every month. When they are allocating mining areas, they will inform us through the bracelet," Jia Qi replied.

    Mo Wuji looked at his own bracelet. Things were written clearly on his bracelet; they would be allocating mining areas three days later.

    Seeing Mo Wuji look at his bracelet, Jia Qi continued, "For the allocation of mining areas three days later, you don't have to go so early."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji stared at Jia Qi quizzically. He knew that going earlier would result in better mining areas. Even though he did not intend to go to those mining areas, he still didn't understand Jia Qi's words.

    Jia Qi laughed self-deprecatingly, "Every organisation has their own hidden rules. Even if you're the first to go, with your qualifications, you wouldn't be allocated the best mining areas. Even if you're the first to find a partner, you will find that you wouldn't be able to find a partner. According to those hidden rules, no one would want to work with you."

    "I can find you ah?" Mo Wuji said.

    Jia Qi shook her head, "That would be for the first time only. After we succeed the first time, there wouldn't be a second time. We would soon be expelled of the Longevity Sect. So going early and getting better mining areas does not apply to everybody."

    Mo Wuji was speechless. What he thought was very fair, turned out to be untrue. Indeed, when there are people, there will be politics. As long as there are politics, there would not be fairness.

    "We can't go too late as well. We can't get the best mining area, but we can still go for the second best. As long as you can maintain that ability to find blackstone, we would soon make a fortune," Jia Qi explained.

    Mo Wuji shook his head and said seriously, "Dao Friend Jia Qi, I'm not clear of your abilities. So before we come up with anything specific, we need to see you display your abilities. Then, we will start, how about that?"

    Jia Qi did not hesitate to say, "Alright, I also have that same intention."

    In reality, to Jia Qi, she did not know how Mo Wuji's ability worked. Thus, it would not be appropriate for them to discuss on how they would divide the blackstones yet.

    "I have an idea. That is we won't go to Longevity Sect to get mining areas, but go to abandoned mining areas. Which are the relatively better abandoned mines? I hope that you can bring me to take a look," Mo Wuji looked at Jia Qi and said.

    "Abandoned mining areas? You want to steal ores?" Jia Qi looked at Mo Wuji in astonishment. Even though there were quite a number of people who steal ores, the ones that actually succeed were only a few. Even in multiple days, they might not be able to find a single blackstone.

    "Don't make it sound so bad; we are merely checking the mining area," Even though Mo Wuji knew that stealing ores was normal and not illegal, Mo Wuji felt very disturbed when he heard it.

    Jia Qi said seriously, "Dao Friend Mo, many newbies have the same idea as you. However, they soon learn that they need to honestly find a group, and honestly excavate at an allocated mining area. All the abandoned mining areas are practically completely excavated. Even if there were some fish that slipped through the nets, the number of them is extremely little. A large number of those cultivators that steal ores are merely wasting their time and their efforts."

    "But I still want to see the abandoned mining areas," Mo Wuji responded.

    Jia Qi laughed, "Dao Friend Mo, you are actually making a wrong move. Thing about it, you have the storage ring. If you dig 10 blackstones, you just need to take two out for them. Thus, the ratios for Half Immortal Domain and Longevity Sect wouldn't affect us much."

    How could Mo Wuji have ignored this fact. He had been to Mining Area F, and in a few days time, he only managed to find seven blackstones. In other words, the worse mining areas weren't even good places to excavate. Thus, he wanted to look at those top graded mining areas. Even if they're abandoned, it wouldn't make a difference to him. Because the deeper areas of the mining areas should still be untouched territory.

    "I just want to take a look. Take me to the best mining area," Mo Wuji maintained his view.

    When Jia Qi saw how obstinate Mo Wuji was, she could only say, "Alright, I will bring you to Mining Area 6A. That was one of the earliest mining areas, and it has long been abandoned. It could also be considered the best mining area. I heard that once, someone found over 1000 blackstones at a single go. Thereafter, some people went to Mining Area 6A after it was abandoned to steal blackstones, but none of them seemed to be able to receive any rewards. Because every inch of that mining area, had already been excavated."

    "Then let's go to Mining Area 6A, and we'll go right now," Mo Wuji promptly decided. He really wanted to know, in these better mining areas, were there still blackstone in the deeper regions.

    Mo Wuji had displayed his ability and capability; since Jia Qi wanted to work with Mo Wuji, she naturally did not reject him. Moreover, it was still a few days time before the next allocation of mining areas.


    Six hours later, Mo Wuji and Jia Qi stopped. In front of them, was a stretch of black land. The only difference was, there seemed to be faint traces of red soil within this black land.

    "This is Mining Area 6A?" Mo Wuji looked at the black soil in front of him, it really looked like the entire area had been flipped over.

    Jia Qi answered, "Yes, Mining Area A has the best mining areas, and the smaller the number, the closer they are to the blackstone ores. Mining Area 6A was once the best mining area in Half Immortal Domain.

    Mo Wuji entered the mining area and scanned outwards with his spiritual wil. He confirmed that there was no other person in the surroundings.

    His spirit storage channel's spiritual will had already entered into the black soil beneath him. In half an incense's time, Mo Wuji discovered the first blackstone. However, this blackstone was roughly 15 meters into the ground so Mo Wuji did not tell Jia Qi.

    For this single blackstone that was so deep under, he really wasn't interested in excavating it.

    Jia Qi followed behind Mo Wuji, she didn't even bother using her spiritual will to search for blackstone. For a place which had been thoroughly excavated before, she wouldn't do such a useless action. After Mo Wuji knew that this place was indeed unsuitable for excavation, she would discuss with Mo Wuji their plans for three days later.

    Mo Wuji's pace was not fast, nor was it slow. Just like that, two hours passed.

    This place really deserved to be called Mining Area A. In this short period of time, he already found 17 blackstones. Back when he was in Mining Area F, he didn't find such dense amounts of blackstone.

    What left Mo Wuji disappointed was that these 17 blackstones were not what he wanted. The most shallow ones were at least 9 meters down. He felt that this was not worth it; to just dig like this would be a waste of effort. Mo Wuji wanted to find a dense cluster of blackstone, that would save time.

    "Dao Friend Mo, even if you search for another few days, the results would be the same. This place has already been thoroughly excavated, it's hard to find any more new blackstones..."

    Seemingly feeling Mo Wuji's disappointment, Jia Qi advised by the side.

    Just when Mo Wuji was about to explain that he had already found blackstone, just that there were very scattered, he noticed blackstones in a snowflake like arrangement. After roughly counting it, there were actually 30 of them, and they were not deep, around 12 to 15 meters.

    "Let's start digging here," After Mo Wuji locked into the 30 blackstones with his spiritual will, he pointed to the ground.

    "Ah..." Jia Qi stared at Mo Wuji doubtfully. This place had been dug before, you want to dig it again?

    Mo Wuji did not explain but he had already taken out his Blackstone Shovel and started digging. With the bolstering of his elemental energy, the Blackstone Shovel was actually must more effective that his Tian Ji Pole and spear. In a single scoop, he was able to dig up 30 centimeters of black soil, and he didn't even need to use the support of any skills.

    Seeing Mo Wuji start digging, Jia Qi could only follow suit and dig behind Mo Wuji.

    With Jia Qi's first shovel, Mo Wuji knew that in terms of digging the black soil, Jia Qi was much stronger than him. He could only reach a depth of 30 centimeters at each time, while Jia Qi could reach 60 centimeters.

    The lower they went, the harder the blacksoil. Jia Qi was very experienced, she would choose the most suitable spot to shovel. Mo Wuji followed behind her, saving a lot of effort and time.

    Not bad, this partnership was still okay.

    Previously, Mo Wuji took one day to reach 9 meters. But now, with Jia Qi, they merely took 2 hours to reach 9 meters. Not only that, the energy Mo Wuji used was much lesser.

    "Dao Friend Mo, digging on would be a waste..." When they reached 9 meters, Jia Qi could not hold it in and say.

    This could be her first time digging aimlessly.

    Mo Wuji continued to dig as he said, "Don't worry. By the time you reach 15 meters, you will see the results."

    "15 meters?" Jia Qi's hand started to tremble. In the entire Half Immortal Domain, those whose spiritual will could reach 6 meters into the ground could already be considered an expert. If they could reach 9 meters, they would be one of the best excavators here. Those people don't even need to dig personally, they just needed to move their lips and they would get large piles of blackstone. There was only one expert, that could reach 10.5 meters into the ground with his spiritual will, and he couldn't hold it for long.

    Mo Wuji said 15 meters? Was he scamming her or was this bullsh*t?
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