Chapter 410: Huge Whirlpool

    Chapter 410: Huge Whirlpool

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    Jia Qi's spiritual will entered the ground. However, at such a depth, there was a huge restraint to her spiritual will. Her spiritual will could only reach 1.5 meters before it stopped. Following her use of spiritual will, her digging speed slowed down.

    Mo Wuji immediately noticed the change in Jia Qi, he promptly said, "Dao Friend Jia Qi, don't distract yourself.

    He used his spiritual will to lock in to those 30 blackstones, and he was also digging; this was already enough to cause him to pant. If Jia Qi was distracted, it would be much more exhausting for him. Moreover, while this place was remote, could they be sure that no one else would come? The moment someone came, there wouldn't be anything good for them.

    "Alright, I know," Jia Qi hurriedly retracted her spiritual will and wholeheartedly started to dig. In another two hours, the Blackstone Shovel in Mo Wuji's hand suddenly twisted, and with a sweep of elemental energy, tens of blackstone flew out from the ground, landing in the basket on his back.

    Jia Qi saw the blackstones brought out by Mo Wuji, and promptly stopped digging. She stared inside the basket on Mo Wuji's back in aghast, not uttering a word for a long time.

    There were 30 blackstones inside the basket. In just half a day, she and Mo Wuji managed to excavate 30 blackstone?

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, sending the loose soil back into the hold. Compressing it with his elemental energy, the place now looked normal.

    "Dao Friend Mo, there's 30..." At this instant, Jia Qi finally came back to her senses as she stared at Mo Wuji's basket and said.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right, we managed to get 30 blackstones this time. Actually, I already found some scattered blackstones just now, but I was too lazy to take them. Otherwise, we would have wasted our time."

    Jia Qi was instantly agitated, "Dao Friend Mo, you're saying, you really can find blackstone as deep as 15 meters?"

    Mo Wuji did not hide anything. Anyway, they were going to work together in the future, "That's right, I can find blackstone as deep as 15 meters. Dao Friend Jia Qi, I've already seen your capabilities in digging, now let's discuss how we are going to distribute this."

    Actually, when Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel was displayed to the max, it could even find blackstone as deep as 18 to 21 meters into the ground.

    What's there left to discuss? There's no need to talk about 1 is to 9. Even if it was 0.5 to 9.5, she would agree. She was very sure, if Mo Wuji revealed that his spiritual will could reach 15 meters into the black soil, no one in the entire Half Immortal Domain would be unwilling to work with him, even if Mo Wuji only offered that 0.5

    She believe that Mo Wuji would not reveal his abilities in Half Immortal Domain. Even though he would be very well-regarded, he would also be in utmost danger. How would the Half Immortal Domain leave a blackstone finding expert like Mo Wuji alone?

    "In the future, I will take 7, you will take 2," Mo Wuji said. He knew that giving 20% to Jia Qi was indeed a lot. However, he wanted to thank Jia Qi, without Jia Qi, his abilities would still go to waste. Moreover, Jia Qi was a good digger, he needed this sort of help. Moreover, by giving Jia Qi enough benefits, she would help him keep this secret.

    "Ah..." Jia Qi was stunned, and she said immediately, "That's too much."

    It's indeed too much. If she's given 20%, then out of those 30 blackstones, she would have given 6. And this was just in a single day. To obtain 6 blackstones in one day, that's simply heaven defying.

    "I hope that you won't reveal my power, just like how you're keeping Master Pu Zi's secret," Mo Wuji said. This matter was very important.

    Jia Qi promptly said, "Dao Friend Mo, you can rest assured. I, Jia Qi, swear that I will not reveal your secret, otherwise, I will be struck to death by lightning."

    Mo Wuji nodded, he could trust Jia Qi.

    "Dao Friend Jia Qi, which planet were you from? Honestly, when I first heard your name, I felt that it was a little strange," Now that the two have struck up an agreement, their relationships were no longer the same. At least in Half Immortal Domain, they were considered in an alliance.

    Jia Qi sighed lightly and said, "I'm from the Complete River Planet. Because my family conditions were too poor to sustain live, I was abandoned by my father when I was born. My father threw me by a patch of reeds. Fortunately, my master passed by and picked me up, naming me Jia Qi." [1]

    Hearing Jia Qi's words, Mo Wuji instantly went silent. When Jia Qi was young, she was abandoned by reeds, which was why she got her name Jia Qi. He thought of Cen Shuyin; Shuyin and her mother was also abandoned by her father. Because of his relations with Shuyin, he suddenly felt much closer to Jia Qi.

    Jia Qi did not know that Mo Wuji had thought of his lover, as she continued, "Actually, Master Pu Zi is the same. He was once an ordinary mortal, his father was a blacksmith, and they had a shop at a busy street. This shop was the source of their family's income, and it was also the root of his father's life. However, because that street was too busy, they were robbed. His parents were killed while he managed to escape with his life. Thus, he changed his name to Pu Zi. One was to remember his parents, two was to remind himself of revenge."

    "Did he manage to take his revenge?" Mo Wuji suddenly felt some sympathy for the bearded smith.

    Jia Qi nodded, "Yes, the thief who robbed his shop had been killed by him. Actually, the entire empire was destroyed by him. The reason why Master Puzi chose smithing, was also in remembrance of his father."

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart; indeed, everyone had their own tragedies, albeit, him, Shuyin, Jia Qi or Pu Zi.

    "Dao Friend Mo, just now you said you'll get 7 while I get 2. What about the remaining 1?" After chatting with Mo Wuji, Jia Qi also felt that her relationship with Mo Wuji had gotten much closer. The reason why she asked this question, was because she knew that Mo Wuji would not give this 10% to Master Pu Zi.

    In her eyes, Mo Wuji was a very demarcative person. His trade with Pu Zi had already ended, so he would not provide anything further.

    Mo Wuji answered, "I still have a friend. My guess is that he will be coming over in a few days time. I left this last 1 for him."

    Mo Wuji was talking about Lou Chuanhe. He chose to leave these 10% to Lou Chuanhe, not because Lou Chuanhe was a Star Lord of Star King Mountain. After all, he was also a Star Lord. Instead, it was because he appreciated a person like Lou Chuanhe; a person that would give his all for Zhen Xing. Compared to Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao, Lou Chuanhe was more of his wavelength.

    Jia Qi did not ask any further. This was Mo Wuji's business, even if he didn't give this 10% away, she wouldn't mind.


    Now that they had already worked together before, Jia Qi and Mo Wuji now had tacit understanding with one another. Mining Area A was truly a solid mining area. As Mo Wuji continued to search for blackstone, he would at least get three blackstones at one go. He would directly ignore anything less than three.

    In a short five days, the two had dug 738 blackstones. There was once, Mo Wuji found 102 blackstones at one go.

    "Dao Friend Jia, I intend to go exchange for some spirit stone slags, then go behind closed doors. The more she dug, the more spirited Jia Qi got. Mo Wuji, however, did not wish to continue digging. He wanted to go back and cultivate. Even though these blackstones were very precious, he would still exchange some of them for spirit stone slags for cultivation.

    In this excavation, the main player was still Mo Wuji. Since Mo Wuji wanted to return, Jia Qi had to return too.

    "Dao Friend Mo, before you cultivate, remember to exchange for Wood Dissolving Pills," Jia Qi reminded. She was very satisfied, in just a few days, she was able to obtain 150 blackstones. If it was in the past, she would never have gotten so many blackstones even after years.

    Mo Wuji's detoxification meridian could resolve the acute wood energy. So he naturally didn't need the Wood Dissolving Pill. However now that Jia Qi had reminded him, even if he didn't need this pill, he should still buy some of it.

    "I know. It's just that the exchange of spirit stone slags is so evil. After working so hard to get these blackstones, one blackstone can only be exchanged for 10 spirit stone slags, ah..." Mo Wuji grabbed one blackstone in his hand, feeling rather helpless.

    Jia Qi smiled slightly, "I know an underground blackstone exchange, one blackstone can be exchanged for 15 to 20 spirit stone slags."

    Mo Wuji thought of those people who chose to keep their blackstones previously, so it was because they wanted to go to these underground exchanges ah. With this sort of underground exchange, he naturally wouldn't choose to exchange his blackstones with Half Immortal Domain.

    "Then what about your blackstones?" Mo Wuji pointed at his ring.

    "My blackstones will temporarily be placed with you. When you cultivate, I will go look for the Brilliant Curved Space Gold," Jia Qi answered.

    "Alright," Mo Wuji did not appear overly courteous. Jia Qi was at the Great Circle of Earthly Immortal hence, she did not need to cultivate. On the other hand, he was the one who needed to raise his power. He took five blackstones and put them in his basket; these would be used to exchange for spirit stone slags.

    There was this good point about going to abandoned mines, Half Immortal Domain would not monitor his basket.

    "Oh right, I want to ask you about a few people. There's a pill refiner called Lai Wanxing, have you heard of him?" Mo Wuji thought of the questions he wanted to ask previously. Previously, he was not familiar with Jia Qi, but now, they could be considered comrades. He could ask this sort of questions.

    Jia Qi shook her head, "Never heard of it."

    "Then what about Meng Yinsan?"

    "Meng Yinsan?' Jia Qi stared at Mo Wuji in astonishment, "How do you know the genius Meng Yinsan?"

    Mo Wuji said in delight, "Dao Friend Jia Qi, so you've really heard of Meng Yinsan?"

    Jia Qi nodded, "I've naturally heard of him. Meng Yinsan was a supreme expert that managed to leave Half Immortal Domain, a genius cultivator. When he was in Half Immortal Domain, he welcomed the Heavenly Immortal Tribulation, he passed the tribulation and ascended to become a Heavenly Immortal."

    "You can ascend into the Heavenly Immortal Stage in Half Immortal Domain?" Mo Wuji was shocked, could this place really be a part of the Immortal Realm?

    Jia Qi shook her head, "No, only a few geniuses who have cultivated for a short period of time have the chance to face their Heavenly Immortal Tribulation in Half Immortal Domain."

    "Then where do they go?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly.

    "I heard that these geniuses were selected by the Immortal Realm, and have gone into the Immortal Realm. They wouldn't stay with us here to dig for blackstone," Jia Qi's voice was tinged with envy.

    Mo Wuji went back into silence. He felt like he had entered a huge trap, or a huge whirlpool. Selected by the Immortal Realm? If he hadn't gone to Half Moon Prison, he would have believed Jia Qi's words to be true.

    [1] No wonder... Jia Qi translates as abandoned reeds if you read my previous translator note.
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