Chapter 411: Underground Deal

    Chapter 411: Underground Deal

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    "Dao Friend Jia Qi, how did those geniuses enter the Immortal Realm?" As Mo Wuji asked this question, he also secretly raised his precaution in his heart. He definitely couldn't let himself experience tribulation in Half Immortal Domain.

    "I'm not clear about the exact details, I only know that it's related to Half Immortal Domain. In Half Immortal Domain, there's a Dao Lord called Guang Quan. He seems to be related to the Immortal Realm. The blackstones that we dig, and the Wood Dissolving Pills that we purchase, should be deals with the Immortal Realm," Jia Qi replied.

    Mo Wuji did not ask any further. Perhaps the blackstones were traded with the Immortal Realm, but he was definite that the Wood Dissolving Pill was definitely concocted within Half Immortal Domain. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many metal-type pill refiners being kidnapped from Zhen Xing.

    This only added to his urgency and resolution to go back and cultivate. Even though he might not be a match for those in the Immortal Realm after advancing into the Earthly Immortal Stage, it was still better than remaining as a Worldly Immortal.

    "Come, let's go back. Bring me to the underground blackstone exchange," With his current power, knowing too much was also useless.

    "Alright," Jia Qi knew that Mo Wuji was rather mysterious, but did not hinder her trust for Mo Wuji. There were some people, who you would come to trust after interacting with them for a short time. There were also some people, who you would never trust even after knowing them for an entire lifetime. She believed that she did not make the wrong judgement of Mo Wuji.


    Half Immortal Domain's underground blackstone exchange was actually an ordinary looking immortal estate. The only difference was, there was a sign hung at the entrance of the immortal estate: Forging Equipment.

    As he followed Jia Qi, Mo Wuji swept his spiritual will inside. It seemed to be an ordinary looking smithy. Compared to Master Pu Zi's stone fort, at least there was a huge smithing furnace as the center of the house. There was also a cultivator continuously modifying materials within the furnace.

    There was no one guarding outside this shop, so Mo Wuji and Jia Qi was easily able to enter.

    "Forging equipments or selling materials?" The cultivator at the furnace did not even lift his head, casually asking this question.

    "Selling materials," Jia Qi replied solemnly.

    The cultivator did not talk any further. All of a sudden, a door opened beside him. Jia Qi gestured to Mo Wuji, and walked into the small door.

    Mo Wuji knew that everyone was aware of this underground market; even the Half Immortal Domain's people probably knew of it. He did not understand why they had to be so secretive, and why the Half Immortal Domain didn't shut it down.

    After the two entered the small door, the door instantly went shut. Even with Mo Wuji's spiritual will, he was unable to see past the door. He finally understood, this place was protected by a peak-grade array. Just like when he was outside, he was unable to use his spiritual will to notice this small door.

    The door led to a house. There were four people seated inside the house; at the center, there was a pale faced man, he looked very heroic. However, his triangle eyes spoiled his entire image, coupled with his baleful aura, he made people feel uncomfortable.

    On the left of this pale faced man, there was a man and a woman. The man was extremely thin, with a heavy aura of blood. This person looked like he had walked out from a sea of corpse and blood. This thin man was currently holding a sharp knife, cutting his fingernails. The woman was delicate and pretty, she was currently looking at the thin man cut his nails. On the right, there was a middle-aged cultivator. This middle-aged man was holding an abacus, and was currently staring at Mo Wuji and Jia Qi.

    Jia Qi took a few steps forward, clasping her fists as she said, "Greetings Lord Axe, my friend wants to exchange for some Wood Dissolving Pills and spirit stone slags."

    Mo Wuji looked at the giant axe behind this pale-faced man's back, thinking: This fella wouldn't be specially carrying this giant axe around because of his name, right?

    This man called Lord Axe seemed to recognise Jia Qi. His gaze quickly swept across Mo Wuji, before saying, "How many will you be exchanging?"

    Jia Qi didn't say anything. Regarding this exchange, she was only responsible for bringing Mo Wuji here.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Because I haven't been here for long, I don't know how to exchange for blackstone. How are the rates like?"

    A hint of ridicule emerged in the corner of Lord Axe's eyes, he said indifferently, "14 spirit stone slags for one blackstone."

    When Jia Qi heard the price of 14 spirit stone slag, she wanted to speak up. Lord Axe seemed to know what Jia Qi was about to say; he lifted his hand and stopped Jia Qi from speaking, and said faintly, "You're not exchanging blackstone, you don't have the rights to talk."

    Jia Qi sighed in her heart, and could only swallow down her words.

    Mo Wuji was instantly discontented, this fella was very arrogant ah. Anyway, blackstone wasn't very hard for him to obtain. If this fella continued to act so arrogantly, he really wouldn't entertain this dog sh*t Lord Axe.

    "Is the price the same for one and for 100?" Even though Mo Wuji was unsatisfied, he did not reveal it in his voice.

    "You're a newbie, you have no rights to talk to me about the price," Lord Axe's voice seemed to contain a hint of oppressive sharpness.

    "Since that's the case, I'll take my leave," Mo Wuji turned and gestured to Jia Qi.

    "Weng!" Just as Mo Wuji turned, the sound of space splitting already reached his back. At the next instant, Mo Wuji's figure was sliced into four pieces.

    At the very next instant, a calm voice could be heard, "If you dare sneak attack me in the future, my pole will leave a hole of blood through your throat."

    Lord Axe suddenly stood up. Mo Wuji had suddenly appeared behind that thin man's back. Not only that, his steel pole was right behind the thin man's neck.

    That thin man's face had turned rather pale, the exquisite knife that he was using to cut his nails did not return to his hands, but landed at where Mo Wuji was previously, seemingly restrained by some sort of force.

    Cold sweat started to drip off the forehead of the thin man. He had experienced hundreds of battles, and he had reaped countless of souls. However, he never had such an experience when someone had soundlessly and mysteriously appear behind his back without him noticing it.

    A strong killing intent enveloped his entire body. Before he could say anything, that killing intent instantly dispersed and Mo Wuji had also disappeared from his back.

    Jia Qi stared blankly at Mo Wuji, she had never thought that Mo Wuji would be so daring. If they really started to fight, Mo Wuji and her would definitely be unable to make it out alive.

    "Haha, you indeed have the rights to discuss," Lord Axe chortled and sat back down.

    He could see that Mo Wuji was not a person he could trifle with. It wasn't because of that sudden retaliation of Mo Wuji's pole, but because of Mo Wuji's current location.

    Mo Wuji was standing at the foundations of the concealment array, telling him that if he dared to act, this array foundation would definitely be the first to be destroyed. This huge battle would definitely be noticed by the Half Immortal Domain, and his underground exchange center would be directly exposed.

    The more important thing was, just now, Mo Wuji had suddenly appeared behind Xi Sha's back, telling him that Mo Wuji was able of teleportation. Thus, Mo Wuji could destroy the array foundations at any moment.

    Mo Wuji nodded and kept his Tian Ji Pole, walking to Jia Qi's side. Just now, he looked like he could easily kill that thin man playing with the knife, but it wasn't actually such a case. He was indeed able to teleport to the thin man's back because he wasn't releasing any killing intent. The moment he released his killing intent, this thin man who had experienced hundreds of battles would be the first to detect it.

    Thus, he could only do that action without killing intent. But it was also because of the lack of killing intent, even if his pole pierced his opponent's back, he wouldn't be able to do anything much besides some injuries. That Lord Axe had also seen his methods. His real method was that he could easily destroy the array foundations. This sort of things need not be said, they only needed to be tacitly understood.

    In reality, if Mo Wuji used his teleportation coupled with his Next Pole, he would have a chance of killing that thin man. However, that was one of Mo Wuji's hidden cards, so he wouldn't casually reveal it. Moreover, he didn't need to kill that thin man.

    'If it's below five, I can give you a price of 16 spirit stone slags. 5 to 10, I can give you 17 spirit stone slags. 10 to 15, 18 spirit stone slags. If you exceed 15, I will give you 20 spirit stone slags," Lord Axe did not point out Mo Wuji's method, but directly quoted the prices.

    Jia Qi nodded at Mo Wuji; this prices were considered not bad.

    Mo Wuji did not speak, opening the basket on his back. There were 17 blackstones inside.

    Jia Qi saw the blackstones in Mo Wuji's basket and knew that Mo Wuji had raised the number of blackstones that he was exchanging.

    Lord Axe stood up again. He had never seen a newbie that could bring 17 blackstones for exchange at one go. Even those old fogeys that have been here for thousands of years wouldn't be able to bring so many blackstones for a single exchange.

    "One blackstone for 30 spirit stone slags, and give me six Wood Dissolving Pills too. If you're willing, we will trade immediately. If not, I will leave immediately," After letting the other party see the blackstones, Mo Wuji covered the basket.

    He was sure that if this Lord Axe dared to start this underground exchange, he must have his own private road. Since this fella had his own private road, even if he asked for 50 spirit stone slags, it should not be a problem. Of course, the premise was that he could hand over more blackstones.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji would not take out so many blackstones. Taking 17 out was already a risk. If he took any more out, he would really be risking his little life.

    Even Jia Qi was shocked at Mo Wuji's quote. She had never seen a price that exceeded 20 spirit stone slag.

    Out of her expectations, Lord Axe did not seem to find it out of the ordinary, but said calmly, "If you can give me so many blackstones at regular intervals, I don't mind this price."

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "This would depend on luck. I cannot assure you the amount, but I can assure you that I will regularly have blackstone."

    "You're a capable person, I love working with capable people. One price, one blackstone for 25 spirit stone slags. In the future, we will follow this same price," The killing intent on Lord Axe's face suddenly disappeared, and he turned to speak in a warm tone.

    Mo Wuji was adept with spatial teleportation and arrays. He needed a helper like this. At this moment, he was thinking how he could recruit Mo Wuji.

    "Alright, deal," Mo Wuji said promptly. In business, it was always about bargaining with an unreasonable price first.
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