Chapter 412: Mo Wujis Friend

    Chapter 412: Mo Wuji's Friend

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    "I was almost tricked by this fella but even if he really did attack me, he would at most injure me,"After Mo Wuji and Jia Qi left the place, the thin man who ambushed Mo Wuji commented.

    Lord Axe nodded his head before saying, "To be able to threaten to kill you, he definitely had some tricks up his sleeves. However, if possible, I do wish that a person as vicious as him could join us. He would definitely be of great use to us."

    The delicate and pretty woman suddenly said, "Xi Sha, he didn't lie to you because he really did have the ability to kill you in an instant."

    The thin man shook and said, "That is not possible because his sneak attack had no killing intent at all and he was only able to appear behind me because of his trickery. Even if he really did attack me then, my life wouldn't be at risk."

    "How do you know?" Lord Axe furrowed his brows as he looked towards the woman as if he recalled something.

    The woman said calmly, "Intuition, I could see from his eyes that he really didn't fear any of us. And that intuition tells me that he had the capabilities to kill Xi Sha in an instant."

    Listening to what the woman said, Lord Axe's expression turned serious and said, "Ku Ya, do you have any other intuition?"

    Ku Ya might not be the strongest one around but she had a unique ability which was her extremely accurate intuition. This was also the reason why Lord Axe would be so concerned about Ku Ya's intuition.

    "Lord Axe, I have a feeling he won't join us so there's no need to waste our efforts to convince him. Moreover, he is someone we should try not to offend because even though he had not advanced into the Earthly Immortal Stage, he feels terrifyingly strong to me," Ku Ya said in an extremely stern tone.

    "Sister Ku, aren't you being a little too sensitive? I have to admit that this fella had big guts and was also proficient in some arrays but he was still merely a newbie," Xi Sha frowned as he said this.

    Lord Axe waved his hand and stopped Xi Sha from continuing, "Ku Ya's intuition will never go wrong and I could sense an impending danger from that fella too. We have no direct clash of benefits with him so the fact that he could provide blackstones for us would only do good to us. The next time we see him, I will casually ask if he is interested to join us and if he is not interested, the less the trouble the better."

    Xi Sha looked suspiciously at Lord Axe because this was the first time he heard from Lord Axe that he would rather prefer less troubles.


    "I can't believe you managed to sell the blackstones at a price of 25 spirit stone slags!" Even after they were already quite far away from the underground blackstone exchange house, Jia Qi was still in disbelief.

    "Why not? Isn't business all about negotiations?" Mo Wuji answered.

    Jia Qi sighed and said, "Do you know how many experts have died in that house? His nickname is Lord Axe and is extremely powerful. In normal circumstances, if he said no negotiations were allowed, he meant it and those who insist to negotiate would never be able to leave the house alive."

    "He wouldn't dare," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    Mo Wuji believed Jia Qi's words because he knew this was true the moment he was ambushed just as he wanted to leave. However, he was certain that the Lord Axe fella would not dare to do anything to him because the fact that he stood beside the array base showed that he was proficient in array dao. Given his spatial ability, Lord Axe would definitely not be able to kill him in a short period of time. As long as he tried to attack Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji would immediately blast this hidden array apart so everyone would know of this underground market.

    "..." Jia Qi was momentarily speechless.

    She also recalled that Mo Wuji also said that Master Pu Zi wouldn't dare and ever since they stepped into the house, Mo Wuji didn't address him as Lord Axe at all. Jia Qi could infer from all these that Mo Wuji was definitely not someone who would put himself in any disadvantageous situation.

    "Dao friend Jia Qi, I want to go behind closed doors for my cultivation now and after I am done, I will put up a sign on my door," When they were close to his residence, Mo Wuji stated his intention to go behind closed doors to cultivate.

    Jia Qi knew that Mo Wuji wanted to cultivate so she nodded her head and said, "I will go look for the Brilliant Curved Space Gold and if Lord Axe were to find trouble with you, you could head towards Master Pu Zi's place."

    "Alright," Mo Wuji nodded but he really didn't need to be fearful of Lord Axe. Given his strength, as long as he was not trapped, Lord Axe would be helpless against him.


    After returning to his residence, Mo Wuji immediately set up an isolation array and a spirit concealing array. Even though it was a little dangerous to set up an energy gathering array, for the sake of becoming stronger, Mo Wuji still decided to set up one.

    After setting up all the arrays, Mo Wuji threw out a pile of Earth grade spirit stones. Even though these spirit stones were of little help to improve his cultivation level now, he would still need it. Because he only had about 400 plus spirit stone slags available, if he combined the use of the Earth grade spirit stones as he cultivate, he could not only save on the spirit stone slags, the result wouldn't be significantly different too.

    After doing all these, Mo Wuji didn't start his cultivation straightaway as he took out a blackstone. He analysed this blackstone before so he was aware that there was a peculiar aura within the blackstone. Because he had never experienced such aura, he didn't really know why it was like that.

    Now that he had sufficient time on his hand, he took out the blackstone once again.

    The moment the blackstone landed on his hand, it still felt as warm as jade and it was even smoother and more comfortable than a spirit stone slag. As his spiritual will seeped into the blackstone, he was still unable to figure out what this blackstone was. It was odd yet it made him yearn for it as it gave out a very strong aura even though he didn't understand what it was.

    After a couple of hours, Mo Wuji kept his blackstone. Perhaps nobody ever bear to try breaking the blackstone to see what was inside but Mo Wuji was one who dare but he was simply unable to break it. This blackstone was even harder than any of the equipment he had and even when he tried using his Scholar's Heart to burn it, it didn't leave a single burn mark on it.

    No matter what his blackstone was used for, just its hardness alone proved that it wasn't an ordinary object.


    "Dao friend Jia Qi, it seemed like you haven't been to the Longevity Sect to choose a mining area for a month already," A voice suddenly called out for Jia Qi who just walked past the entrance of the Half Immortal Domain.

    Jia Qi didn't say anything as she simply stopped in her tracks and looked silently at Lang Hao, who was standing in front of her.

    Lang Hao laughed out loud as he didn't mind Jia Qi's attitude towards him. He was aware of what type of person Jia Qi was and he knew she would never explain things casually to him. She only stopped so she could wait for what he was about to say.

    "Dao friend Jia Qi, the mining areas include Mining Area B and C..."

    Before Lang Hao could finish, Jia Qi interrupted him and said, "What has this got to do with me?"

    "If you were to reach early, you would have a chance of entering Mining Area C," Lang Hao hurried to explain.

    Jia Qi said faintly, "Sorry, I am stealing ores now so I'm no longer interested in entering the mining areas."

    Lang Hao's expression turned ugly, "Jia Qi, you are still a member of the Longevity Sect. If everyone were to be like you and not go to the Longevity Sect, wouldn't the sect be a mess? If you don't wish to stay in the Longevity Sect, I have no issue with you leaving. However, if you choose to remain in the Longevity Sect, you have to choose your mining areas regularly."

    The moment Jia Qi stopped choosing mining areas, Longevity Sect would no longer be able to earn blackstones from her.

    "Since this was the case, I shall leave the Longevity Sect," Jia Qi said instinctively.

    Hearing that Jia Qi wanted to leave the Longevity Sect, Lang Hao panicked. Leaving the sect would require one to pay 10 spirit stone slags and even though a newbie would definitely not be able to pay that amount, Jia Qi could certainly afford it.

    "Are there still no news of Mo Wuji?" Suddenly, a voice was heard which made Jia Qi turned her head and tossed the matter of leaving the sect aside. She was considered to be an ally of Mo Wuji and since Mo Wuji was a newcomer, not many people knew him. Moreover, Lang Hao was standing right in front of her so who could be looking for Mo Wuji?

    "Dao friend Cang Xue, do not worry, the moment I have news of him, I would inform you right away. Oh yes, the distribution of mining areas would be in two days, make sure you come early..."

    Jia Qi turned and saw a tall man with a square face, tanned skin and a head full of red hair. She didn't recognise this man but she did recognise the cultivator who was talking to him, whom she recognised to be a fella from the Immortal Seeking Union.

    "Are you looking for Mo Wuji?" Jia Qi recalled that Mo Wuji wanted to leave a blackstone to a friend and she wondered if this person here was the friend Mo Wuji talked about.

    "You know him?" Cang Xue asked surprisingly.

    He had immense hatred for Mo Wuji and while he didn't dare to do anything to Mo Wuji in the space canyon because of the restrictions there which only restrained him and not Mo Wuji. Now that he had reached the Half Immortal Domain, he certainly had to find Mo Wuji for revenge.

    "Cang Xue, even if you're finding Brother Mo, are you even worthy to be his opponent? Don't even think of asking for help because if you dare ask me, I, Lou Chuanhe, would be the first to step out to kill you," Yet another voice was heard.

    Jia Qi saw the cultivator coming from behind and he looked like a space rogue cultivator wandering around as he was dressed very casually. However, his body brought along a respectable aura.

    "Are you Mo Wuji's nemesis?" Jia Qi finally understood what was happening as she looked coldly at Cang Xue.

    Cang Xue grunted, "So what?"

    "Scram!" Jia Qi waved her hand and a strong aura swept towards Cang Xue. Cang Xue felt as though a heavy hammer was swung towards his chest. Fortunately, he wasn't like any other ordinary cultivator so he gathered elemental energy in his body and moved back simultaneously and was instantly able to dissipate the elemental energy surging from Jia Qi.

    "How dare you act against me, die..." Cang Xue sneered as he drew out his Crown of the Mountain and River ready to charge towards Jia Qi.

    "Dao friend Cang Xue, don't you want to continue living?" The Immortal Seeking Union's cultivator grabbed the fuming Cang Xue.

    "She was the one who started acting against me," Cang Xue said uncomfortably.

    The Immortal Seeking Union's cultivator shook his head in silence and if not for the fact that Cang Xue looked like an expert in digging minerals, he really couldn't be bothered to talk to an idiot like him, "She merely waved her hand, didn't attack you and had no killing intent. If you were to draw a magic treasure, you would be a corpse in the very next moment."

    Cang Xue's heart went cold as he immediately understood the situation. He was just a newbie in the Half Immortal Domain so he wasn't as knowledgeable as others in the rules here. The moment he made his move and the woman dodged, he would be dead. This woman was certainly vicious.

    Jia Qi sighed and couldn't be bothered with Cang Xue anymore as he turned to Lou Chuanhe and asked, "Are you Mo Wuji's friend?"

    "Yes, Dao friend, do you know where Brother Mo is?" Lou Chuanhe answered.

    "Yes I know, follow me," After Jia Qi said this, she turned and entered the Half Immortal Domain.
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