Chapter 413: The Kind of Person He Was

    Chapter 413: The Kind of Person He Was

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    "This is Dao Friend Mo's residence..." Jia Qi brought Lou Chuanhe to Mo Wuji's immortal cave as she briefly introduced it.

    In the next moment, both Jia Qi and Lou Chuanhe were astonished. Only after a few breaths' time, Lou Chuanhe asked in disbelief, "Is Brother Mo cultivating?"

    Lou Chuanhe had already been here at the Half Immortal Domain for a period of time and even though he hadn't join any team, the research he did during this period of time made him understand more about the Half Immortal Domain.

    He knew that in the Half Immortal Domain, one must not be crazily engrossed in cultivation. The greater the rate of cultivation, the faster the woodification of one's spirit channel. If one were to reach that limit, even the Wood Dissolving Pill would not work.

    The reason he was in disbelief was because Mo Wuji was not just cutivating but he was cultivating at a terrifying rate. One would not be able to detect the situation here from far away but the moment one approached this place, one would be to feel the surrounding spiritual energy pouring towards Mo Wuji's residence.

    They were only able to sense what was happening when they approached because Mo Wuji installed a spirit concealing array.

    "He was indeed cultivating behind closed doors but this is..." Jia Qi was also shocked at how Mo Wuji was cultivating so carefreely. If he continued cultivating like this, wouldn't he be destroying his spirit channel?

    She thought that Mo Wuji was simply using a few spirit stone slags to cultivate behind closed doors. Even though using the spirit stone slags to cultivate here would absorb the acute wood energy in the surrounding air, using the Wood Dissolving Pills would solve the problem.

    "I will get him out now," Lou Chuanhe was slightly worried because the moment his spirit channel was completely woodified, it would be over for him.

    "Hold on..." Jia Qi caught hold of Lou Chuanhe and even though there was mutual trust between Mo Wuji and Lou Chuanhe, her understanding of Mo Wuji was far deeper than Lou Chuanhe's understanding of him.

    After all, Mo Wuji and Lou Chuanhe didn't spend a lot of time together but because Mo Wuji found that Lou Chuanhe was very temperamental and was not a sly man, he was willing to interact with him. However, Jia Qi did spend a great amount of time exchanging benefits with Mo Wuji and she clearly knew what each of them had to do during this period of time.

    As she saw Lou Chuanhe looked towards herself, Jia Qi said seriously, "I have some understanding of Dao Friend Mo and I believe Dao Friend Mo would never do anything to harm himself. Since he did it, he must have his reasons for doing so."

    Jia Qi dared to say something like that because this wasn't the first time Mo Wuji made her dumbfounded. The first time he entered the Mining Area I, he managed to dig up six blackstones easily without a Blackstone Shovel. He made Master Pu Zi loaned him his storage ring to use willingly, made Lord Axe fearful of attacking him and even made him purchase Mo Wuji's blackstone at a price of 25 spirit stone slags. Additionally, he was even able to find over 700 blackstones in the abandoned mines in just a few days...

    At the thought of this, Jia Qi realised that if not for the fact that she personally witnessed all these, she definitely wouldn't believe what she just recalled. However, all these seemed like it was bound to happen naturally with Mo Wuji. Of course, Mo Wuji wouldn't face any trouble cultivating behind closed doors.

    That's right, that was the kind of person he was.

    Lou Chuanhe also remembered how Mo Wuji was able to leave the space canyon so soon after he entered while they were trapped there for over thousands of years. It definitely seemed like this Brother Mo was something out of the ordinary.

    In addition to Jia Qi's convincing, he had already given up on trying to get Mo Wuji out of his closed doors.

    "Dao Friend Lou, you didn't join any team from the Half Immortal Domain?" Jia Qi saw how Lou Chuanhe was so concerned about Mo Wuji,she guessed that he should be the next partner Mo Wuji was looking for.

    She couldn't help but to admire Mo Wuji because given Mo Wuji's ability to find blackstones, it was definitely not sufficient for the two of them to maximise the potential benefits they could gain from this. Therefore, it was absolutely necessary for them to find another person to join their team and it had to be the right person. Lou Chuanhe certainly didn't seem like a sly person and looked like a very loyal cultivator.

    Since they were looking for someone to work with, they naturally had to find a trustworthy person like him.

    Lou Chuanhe shook his head, "I have been looking for a few days now and was intending to join one."

    Jia Qi immediately took out 20 spirit stone slags and handed it to Lou Chuanhe, "Dao Friend Lou, don't join any team for the time being. Go and make a Half Immortal Domain's bracelet for yourself and stay here. For the rest of the matters, we can wait for Dao Friend Mo to come out first."

    Lou Chuanhe shook his hand and said, "I am not even close with you and I don't even know how to address you so how can I use your spirit stone slags?"

    "My name is Jia Qi and I am a friend of Mo Wuji. Trust me and you won't go wrong because these spirit stone slags were exchanged by Dao Friend Mo. You will understand what I mean when Dao Friend Mo come out of his closed doors," Jia Qi insisted on handing these spirit stone slags to Lou Chuanhe.

    Lou Chuanhe could also tell that Jia Qi wasn't lying. He was actually full of admiration for Mo Wuji too because he had only been here for a while and look at his incredible progress. No wonder he could ascend to rank number one on the Universal Board and arrived at the Half Immortal Domain so soon after entering the space canyon.

    It was definitely the Star King Mountain's fortune to have a Star Lord like Mo Wuji.

    "Alright, many thanks Dao Friend Jia and I shall build an immortal cave beside Brother Mo's one," Since Jia Qi insisted, Lou Chuanhe had no reason to reject anymore.

    After watching Lou Chuanhe kept the spirit stone slags, Jia Qi sounded out, "I doubt Dao Friend Mo would come out anytime soon and in the meantime, you can search for a smithing ingredient called the Brilliant Curved Space Gold together with me. You don't have to worry about blackstones because Dao Friend Mo would definitely get some for you when he comes out."


    Presently, Mo Wuji had hundreds of spirit stone slags suspended around him and there were also tens of spirit stone slags floating around both his hands.

    This was the first time he had the luxury to use so many spirit stone slags to cultivate. Back then, just tens of spirit stone slags helped him stepped into the Worldly Immortal Stage. Now that he had over hundreds of spirit stone slags, how could he let this chance to cultivate go to waste?

    The spiritual energy around him was split into three parts, the first part was the Earth grade spirit stones that he took out. Even though he had a large number of these spirit stones, the spiritual energy they contributed was the least.

    The second part was the spiritual energy within the Half Immortal Domain and the fact that these spiritual energy contained a lot of acute wood energy within in. However, Mo Wuji didn't mind as he was still able to swallow these spiritual energy at a mad rate. No matter how much acute wood energy there were in the surrounding spiritual energy, it was instantly purified by Mo Wuji's detoxification meridian and turned into pure spiritual energy for him to absorb.

    The third part was the most important source of spiritual energy which was the hundred over spirit stone slags suspended around him. At every moment in time, every single spirit stone slag would have spiritual energy being extracted from it before seeping into Mo Wuji's meridian.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation level was on a mad rise and the initially stagnant cultivation level had increased to Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5 in merely a month.

    It was only the second month as he entered the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 6 with no obstructions. Everytime he advanced one level, Mo Wuji's strength would appear to have increased as quickly as cell division. Concurrently, the speed and intensity at which he was absorbing the spiritual energy was getting increasingly greater.

    Fifth month, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7...

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's final spirit stone slags had been destroyed into broken pieces and Mo Wuji's strength stagnated at the Great Circle of the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7.

    This was already his eighth month since he entered the Half Immortal Domain.

    In just eight months, he advanced from Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4 to the Great Circle of the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7. He was afraid that he could only achieve such immense pace here because even if had this much spirit stone slags in Zhen Xing, the Dao laws there would still be lacking.

    It was time he got out to unearth more blackstones as he wondered whether Jia Qi had found the Brilliant Curved Space Gold.

    Mo Wuji just walked out of his immortal cave and before he could hang up his sign, he saw Jia Qi walking to and fro in front of his immortal cave.

    Jia Qi looked extremely haggard as she constantly paced up and down outside his immortal cave with an extremely anxious expression.

    "Dao Friend Jia Qi..."

    Mo Wuji only mentioned this four words and Jia Qi revealed a surprised look as she rushed over, "Dao Friend Mo, you are finally out."

    Mo Wuji was extremely curious why Jia Qi had been acting so cold ever since he met her. Even if she decided to work with him, she didn't like to talk much. What was going on?

    "Whose immortal cave is this?" Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already sensed another immortal cave which was located not too far away from his own.

    "It belonged to Dao Friend, Lou Chuanhe..."

    "Senior Lou came?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Jia Qi nodded her head, "Yes, but he isn't in the best of shape now."

    "What happened?" Mo Wuji was astonished and before Jia Qi could say anything, he took the initiative to walk towards Lou Chuanhe's immortal cave.

    Not only did Lou Chuanhe come from Zhen Xing like he did, they were both Star Lords of Zhen Xing. Moreover, Lou Chuanhe was a true man unlike that fella, Mu Yingqiao.

    It was exactly because of this, Mo Wuji decided to leave a blackstone for Lou Chuanhe. Since he wanted to unearth a large amount of blackstones, two people would definitely not be enough. And since he needed to recruit, he might as well let Lou Chuanhe join his small team now. Jia Qi released the restriction on Lou Chuanhe's immortal cave and Mo Wuji only took one step to enter. Following which, he saw an unconscious Lou Chuanhe lying down.

    Lou Chuanhe's body was still filled with blood stains and his entire body was like a wooden block with minimal vitals. Evidently, his life wouldn't last much longer.

    "What is going on?" Mo Wuji's expression turned ugly.

    "He was severely wounded by Meng Tianyu causing his spirit channel to woodify and even his flesh had started to turn into wood," Jia Qi sighed.

    "Who is Meng Tianyu?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "He was the head of the Immortal Seeking Union and his cultivation technique was the wood type. Previously, I've heard that he was able to make use of the acute wood energy to hurt others but I thought that it was only a rumour. Now I've finally realised that he really did have such a technique. Dao Friend Lou's spirit channel was woodified because of him," Jia Qi answered.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows momentarily, "Senior Lou only just arrived at the Half Immortal Domain so why would he act against the head of the Immortal Seeking Union?"

    "The main reason for the clash was because of a cultivator called Fang Qi..."

    Fang Qi? Mo Wuji knew this person and this person was in fact a cultivator from the Lost Continent too. He was also stuck in the space canyon and it was only because of him that he made it into the Half Immortal Domain.
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