Chapter 414: Master Pu Zi’s Shock

    Chapter 414: Master Pu Zi's Shock

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    "Fang Qi was initially prepared to join the Immortal Seeking Union but after he found out that Cang Xue was already in the Immortal Seeking Union, he immediately gave up the thought of joining them as he turned to join the Sword Qi Flatland instead. Because of this, Fang Qi was chased after by the Immortal Seeking Union's Cang Xue..."

    "Hold on," Mo Wuji interrupted Jia Qi, "Dao Friend Jia Qi, I have been here for quite some time now and I noticed that in general, the Half Immortal Domain was still considered to be fair and just. Furthermore, one couldn't act against another cultivator, let alone kill someone so casually in this place so where did Cang Xue get his balls from? To dare to kill Fang Qi here?"

    Mo Wuji's impression of Fang Qi was not too deep and if not for the fact that Fang Qi came from the Lost Continent too, Mo Wuji might not even remember his name. Fang Qi refusing to join the Immortal Seeking Union because of the presence of Cang Xue proved that he was a man with principles.

    Jia Qi laughed, "The justice and fairness you see is only on the surface because if someone wants to kill you, there are more than ten thousand ways to do so. Furthermore, when Cang Xue attacked, Fang Qi hadn't officially joined the Sword Qi Flatland because if he had joined them, he would at least have some protection from them."

    "How did Cang Xue kill Fang Qi?" Mo Wuji's voice turned cold.

    "His reason was that he gave Fang Qi ten spirit stone slags in private so that Fang Qi could join the Immortal Seeking Union. However, after Fang Qi received the spirit stone slags, he went back on his words and joined the Sword Qi Flatland instead," Jia Qi said calmly.

    Mo Wuji was shocked and only asked after staring blankly for a while, "He used a reason like this to kill someone?"

    "This was already considered as a valid reason for I have seen reasons much more ridiculous than this. As long as you are useful to your own union and your union had relations with the Dao Lord, you could kill someone easily. Cang Xue said that he was cheated and used that excuse to sudden attack Fang Qi," Jia Qi replied.

    "So how did senior Lou get implicated in this?" Mo Wuji calmed himself down as he realised how twisted the rules in the Half Immortal Domain was.

    Jia Qi continued, "Fang Qi and Dao Friend Lou knew each other so when Dao Friend Lou saw that Fang Qi was killed, he was fuming as he was certain that Cang Xue was simply finding an excuse to kill Fang Qi. Cang Xue even intended to attack Dao Friend Lou but he didn't expect Dao Friend Lou to be that strong and Cang Xue was eventually unable to defeat him. Cang Xue was severely wounded by Dao Friend Lou and just as he was about to be killed, the head of the Immortal Seeking Union appeared as he managed to injure Dao Friend Lou and woodify his spirit channel."

    Mo Wuji clenched his fist and said, "And then everything ended and Cang Xue got away like this?"

    "Yes," Jia Qi nodded her head, "I've heard that the Cang Xue fella was incredibly talented in digging for blackstones and was even stronger than some old, experienced fellas. Simply because of his talent, he was able to gain a strong foothold in the Immortal Seeking Union. Additionally, the head of the Immortal Seeking Union had a unique relationship with the Dao Lord of the Half Immortal Domain so nobody would question the fact that he casually killed a few experts who have yet to join any unions or teams. I could only bring Dao Friend Lou over and wait for you to come out."

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath as he suddenly remembered the incident with Lord Axe. It seemed like the reason why he successfully managed to threaten Lord Axe was not entirely because Lord Axe was afraid that his underground market would be exposed. In a place like this where one could kill anyone with ridiculous reasonings, as long as you had a strong backing, you could do anything.

    "Furthermore..." Jia Qi paused for a moment before continuing, "That Cang Xue should have some enmity towards you right? I'm guessing that he would find you very soon. He didn't do anything for now because of the incident with Lou Chuanhe and the fact that you are still a member of the Longevity Sect. After he spent a long enough time here in the Half Immortal Domain, I'm certain a person like him would not let you go so easily. As for the Longevity Sect, there aren't high hopes of them helping us..."

    There was something else that Jia Qi didn't mention which was she suspected that Cang Xue would find trouble with her too. After all, she did try to get him into trouble previously but was blocked by a member of the Immortal Seeking Union.

    Even without Jia Qi's explanation, Mo Wuji was aware of his own predicaments. Even though the laws were wonderfully crafted out in this place, Cang Xue would definitely find trouble with him since he was in the good books of Meng Tianyu, the head of the Immortal Seeking Union, "Dao Friend Jia, I want to ask if you know these people. Bian Shuangbi, Black Fox and Mu Yingqiao, have you heard of them?"

    "I do. Black Fox and Mu Yingqiao have joined the Immortal Seeking Union while Bian Shuangbi joined the Sword Qi Flatland. I've heard rumours saying that Fang Qi wanted to join the Sword Qi Flatland because he was very close with Bian Shuangbi."

    "Bian Shuangbi didn't step out to say anything?" Mo Wuji held good impression of Bian Shuangbi because Mo Wuji felt that he was still pretty magnanimous.

    Jia Qu shook her head, "No or rather, he didn't have any chance to do anything. The whole process of Cang Xue killing Fang Qi was a very short one and could be considered to be a successful sneak attack."

    Mo Wuji remained silent for a long time before speaking up suddenly, "Dao Friend Jia Qi, can I trouble you to bring Master Pu Zi to my residence? I have some things to discuss with him."

    "Of course, I have already found a Brilliant Curved Space Gold suitable to forge a storage ring and Master Pu Zi could have been done forging it already," Jia Qu said without hesitation.

    "Alright, I will wait for you at my residence while I take a look at Brother Lou's injuries too," Mo Wuji lifted Lou Chuanhe up.

    Jia Qi didn't mind but she didn't believe that Mo Wuji could save Lou Chuanhe. If one could save someone who had his spirit channel woodified, that person could be considered a god here in the Half Immortal Domain.


    Mo Wuji wanted Master Pu Zi to visit him at his residence because he had all sorts of defensive, restriction and concealment arrays around his place so they wouldn't need to worry about anything they discussed being leaked.

    As for Lou Chuanhe's injuries, it was really nothing significant to him. All he needed to do was to remove the acute wood energy within Lou Chuanhe's spirit channel but he couldn't do it now. Given his strength now, he was only a small ant in the Half Immortal Domain so the moment his ability to detoxify the acute wood energy was revealed, no one could predict the future repercussions.

    Mo Wuji didn't wait for long and in just about one hour's time, Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi had reached his residence.

    "Dao Friend Mo's array dao is indeed stronger than mine," Master Pu Zi could tell Mo Wuji's proficiency in array dao the moment he entered Mo Wuji's residence. From all these variety of arrays put in place, he could tell Mo Wuji's realm in the array dao.

    A capable person would always be respected.

    Mo Wuji wasn't in the mood to discuss such things with Master Pu Zi now because everyone would be a master in their own special field. While Mo Wuji was good in array dao, Master Pu Zi's quality of smithing was so many times stronger than his.

    After Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi both sat down, Mo Wuji said in a serious tone, "Master Pu Zi, since Jia Qi could trust you, I believe I can trust you too."

    Even though Mo Wuji said this, it would still be impossible for him to trust Master Pu Zi as much as Jia Qi trusted Master Pu Zi. The reason why he invited Master Pu Zi here today was so he could reveal his ability to find blackstones. He believed that Master Pu Zi would not reveal his secret because Master Pu Zi had a secret of his own for Mo Wuji to keep. The secret that he had a storage ring which could store blackstones was definitely not any less significant that Mo Wuji's secret ability to find blackstones.

    Master Pu Zi was extremely experienced so he naturally knew that Mo Wuji didn't really trust him but because circumstances forced him.

    "Dao Friend Mo and I could hit off well so I'm sure we naturally harm each other," Master Pu Zi laughed out loud.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head as he passed the storage ring in his hand to Master Pu Zi before saying, "Master Pu Zi, these are what Jia Qi and I gathered in five days."

    Master Pu Zi wasn't very mindful about this as he casually took over the storage ring from Mo Wuji. The moment his spiritual will seeped into the ring, his hand trembled and he suddenly stood up.

    Mo Wuji didn't place any restrictions on his storage ring so his spiritual will could clearly see the hundreds of blackstones inside.

    "This, this is what you gathered in five days?" Master Pu Zi could no longer contain his emotions because he was different from everyone else as he clearly knew some of the uses of the blackstones. This was also the reason why he cracked his brain to find a way to forge a storage ring that could store these blackstones.

    "This was indeed what we gathered in five days and Dao Friend Jia Qi could vouch for me on this," Mo Wuji said confidently.

    Seeing Master Pu Zi's eyes landed on herself, Jia Qi nodded convincingly, "That's right, this was indeed true."

    "Master Pu Zi, I have an ability which could allow me to find blackstones that are hidden as deep as 15 metres deep..."

    Master Pu Zi was an experienced man so even before Mo Wuji could finish what he wanted to say, Master Pu Zi understood what was going on. This implied that to Mo Wuji, the entire Half Immortal Domain was an unexplored mining area.

    "How can I help you?" Master Pu Zi couldn't contain his feelings because he had known about this ability of Mo Wuji, he would have wanted to work with Mo Wuji no matter what so as to be able to earn some share of the blackstones.

    Mo Wuji said solemnly, "Master Pu Zi, I shall be direct then. I need you to help me refine and complete a battleship..."

    Pu Zi hurried to say, "This was already agreed upon previously so even if we didn't choose to work together, I would have helped you."

    Mo Wuji reiterated once more, "This battleship isn't an ordinary battleship and we cannot refine it here. We have to leave far away from the Half Immortal Domain."

    Looking at how dangerous the Half Immortal Domain was, Mo Wuji didn't want to stay any longer. His original plan was to stay here and complete his battleship but after knowing how sh*tty the justice here was coupled with nemesis like Cang Xue around, he naturally didn't dare to have his battleship being refined here.

    "Your intention is to find a faraway, remote mining area to dig blackstones while waiting for me to refine the battleship?" Master Pu Zi asked as he had already gathered some clues from Mo Wuji's words.

    Mo Wuji responded, "That's right..."

    He was pondering if he should give Master Pu Zi a percentage of the blackstones because if he don't, Master Pu Zi would definitely be unhappy and if Mo Wuji did give a percentage of it, how much should he give Master Pu Zi?

    "Could you let me have a look at the incomplete battleship?" Master Pu Zi had heard Mo Wuji mentioned about this battleship for a few times now so he was guessing that it must not be something simple.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate at all as he took out a storage ring, ready to pass it to Master Pu Zi, "The battleship is right inside."

    The cannons and explosives of the battleship had already been shifted away by Mo Wuji because he definitely won't let Master Pu Zi see such things.

    Master Pu Zi handed Mo Wuji the blackstone storage ring and as he received Mo Wuji's storage ring, he immediately used his spiritual will to scan through it.

    When he saw the incomplete space battleship in the storage ring, his expression changed drastically while his hand couldn't stop shaking. Even a peak grade smith expert like himself in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage almost dropped the storage ring in his hand at the sight of the battleship.
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