Chapter 415: Goodbye Lord Axe

    Chapter 415: Goodbye Lord Axe

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    Both Mo Wuji and Jia Qi naturally noticed Master Pu Zi's expression and before Mo Wuji could question Master Pu Zi's reaction, Master Pu Zi was already glaring at Mo Wuji and asked in a stern tone, "Where did you get this battleship from?"

    Mo Wuji became serious as he answered, "Master Pu Zi, I've invited you here to help me complete this battleship, not to interrogate me."

    Jia Qi was aware that Mo Wuji was not someone to offend so she hurried to comment, "Master Pu Zi, I don't think we should inquire too much about Mo Wuji's personal affairs."

    Pi Zi suddenly recalled Mo Wuji's doughtiness as he had exchanged one blow with Mo Wuji before. Back then, even Pu Zi himself didn't have the advantage over Mo Wuji, who was clearly many folds lower than him in terms of cultivation level. In this short period of time, it seemed as though Mo Wuji had become much stronger once more. Furthermore, this is Mo Wuji's lair and there were arrays put in place by him in almost every corner of this place therefore, it would definitely not do him good to attack Mo Wuji here.

    At the thought of this, Master Pu Zi's expression and tone simmered down, "Dao Friend Mo, I have no ill-intentions but I was just curious where did the many cannons and ammunitions of this ship go to?"

    Mo Wuji was shocked when he heard Master Pu Zi mentioning of the ship's cannon. Mo Wuji had already removed the cannons so how did Master Pu Zi know about all these?

    "Master Pu Zi, these have nothing to do with you and all you needed to do is to let me know if you're willing to help," Mo Wuji said faintly.

    He would not beg Master Pu Zi if he was unwilling to help because Mo Wuji didn't believe that he would not be able to complete this battleship without Master Pu Zi.

    Master Pu Zi took in a deep breath as he took the initiative to pass the storage ring back to Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Mo, I know that you're an extraordinary man. I am willing to help and is even willing to leave the Half Immortal Domain with you. However, I have one condition."

    Mo Wuji kept his storage ring and clasped his fist as he said, "Whatever conditions Master Pu Zi has, I would naturally agree without questioning as long as it is within my means."

    Master Pu Zi shook his hand, "We will talk about this condition after we leave this place. So when can we leave?"

    After seeing Mo Wuji's battleship, Master Pu Zi was actually even more anxious than Mo Wuji.

    "I will go exchange for some spirit stone slags then we will leave this place," Mo Wuji answered as he was determined to advance into the Earthly Immortal Stage before returning to the Half Immortal Domain in the future which was why the spirit stone slags were essential.

    Master Pu Zi hesitated for while before saying, "I have over hundreds of spirit stone slags with me so if this is enough for you, I suggest that you don't go exchange for more."

    Master Pu Zi was indeed a smith master to actually carry so much wealth on himself. One must know that those geniuses he saw wandering around in the Half Immortal Domain only had about tens of spirit stone slags. Even though those geniuses could have already used the remaining of their spirit stone slags for cultivation, Master Pu Zi was still considered to be wealthy compared to the rest.

    "It is not sufficient and I shall go alone. Dao Friend Jia Qi, wait here with Master Pu Zi for me," Mo Wuji had already grabbed his basket and left the room as he wanted to find Lord Axe.

    "Hold on... " Master Pu Zi shouted but Mo Wuji had already left the room.

    "Big brother Pu Zi, do not worry because nothing would happen to Dao Friend Mo," After the two of them were left alone, Jia Qi addressed Master Pu Zi as big brother Pu Zi.

    Pu Zi furrowed his brows, "He should be heading towards Lord Axe right? That Lord Axe fella is way too vicious and it was simply too dangerous for Dao Friend Mo to go alone. If he were to take out too many blackstones at one go, I really do suspect he wouldn't be able to make it back alive."

    If Master Pu Zi didn't know that Mo Wuji had a battleship on him, Master Pu Zi wouldn't be worried even if Mo Wuji went to visit the Dao Lord. However, now that Mo Wuji had a battleship which could affect his own future, how could he not be worried?

    Jia Qi said in a solemn tone, "Big brother Pu Zi, I have spent quite a significant amount of time together already and I believe that he is not a rash person. Since he wanted us to wait for him here, let's just wait here."


    Master Pu Zi's worry wasn't unfounded because everyone knew how vicious Lord Axe of the underground market was. Furthermore, Pu Zi was aware that Mo Wuji had large amount of blackstones on him so if he were to take out too many blackstones in front of Lord Axe, Lord Axe would definitely be tempted by it.


    "Your boss isn't in?" Mo Wuji was obstructed the second time he arrived at the underground house.

    The cultivator recognised Mo Wuji as he nodded at Mo Wuji and the small door by the side opened immediately.

    After Mo Wuji entered the room, the small door closed and Mo Wuji immediately realised that his spiritual will was restrained. Previously, he could still use his spiritual will to scan outside of the room but now, he was unable to do so.

    However, this didn't trouble Mo Wuji because he still had his spirit storage channel and his spiritual eye. It was not convenient for him to open his spiritual eye but the spiritual will of his spirit storage channel had already extended out from his meridian and scanned through the arrays of this house.

    The array base from the previous time had switched place and there was two additional deathtrap arrays and one hidden killing array put in place.

    The usage of the hidden killing array was so that even if there was a battle inside here, the killing intent would not seep out of this house.

    Mo Wuji sneered because these few deathtrap arrays were simply not threatening to him at all.

    "Dao Friend Mo, long time no see," Before Mo Wuji could say anything, Lord Axe, who was sitting down, greeted him first.

    The moment Mo Wuji heard his voice, he knew that Lord Axe had already investigated him. This time round, Mo Wuji noticed that the skinny cultivator who ambushed him using a small knife during his first visit was not here. Mo Wuji was aware that this fella was not completely gone but hidden within an array near the door. Mo Wuji's guess was that he was prepared to show his strength the moment Mo Wuji walked past.

    Mo Wuji was not fearful because he had already found the array bases of this place. The moment someone attacked him, he would immediately blow the array base up and appear outside.

    This was also the reason why he didn't bring Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi along because he was certain there was certainly more than the four of them here at Lord Axe's place. Even if the two of them were to be here, Mo Wuji and the two of them would still be outnumbered. In fact, coming alone would make him more agile and flexible too.

    Mo Wuji said in a stupefied manner, "I have been digging for blackstones during this period of time and I've just returned so I came to exchange some blackstones," Mo Wuji didn't mind even if the other party found out about the fact that he had been through closed doors cultivation.

    "How many do you want to exchange?" Lord Axe said casually as he drank a mouthful of tea.

    Mo Wuji hated this fella's way of doing things. Since it was an exchange that would benefit both parties, everyone should sit down on the same level to discuss slowly. However, this fella kept thinking he was the boss and this was a charity to him. If not for the fact that Mo Wuji needed the spirit stone slags urgently, he really didn't wish to transact with a person like this because he simply didn't know how to run a business.

    "If I were to exchange for 50 blackstones at one go, would the price increase a little?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "It would remain at 25 spirit stone slags for one blackstone," Lord Axe didn't even blink as he said that.

    "And if I exchange for 100?" Mo Wuji asked once more.

    This time round, Lord Axe lifted his head as he looked shockingly at Mo Wuji, "You have 100 blackstones?"

    Mo Wuji didn't answer as he simply stood there waiting in silence.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji was not answering his question, Lord Axe grunted and said, "If you have 100 blackstones, I will give you 28 spirit stone slags for one blackstone exchanged."

    "What about 200?" Mo Wuji asked calmly.

    "Haha..." Lord Axe suddenly started laughing out loud, "Are you here to amuse me? If you can take out 200 blackstones, how about I give you the price of 50 spirit stone slags like I previously mentioned? If you are unable to give me 200 blackstones, don't blame me for being nasty because nobody comes here to joke with me."

    The delicate woman sitting beside Lord Axe couldn't help but sighed when she heard the offer Lord Axe was presenting. She didn't approve of Lord Axe's ways but Lord Axe was insistent to try persuading Mo Wuji to join them whether or not it would be successful. If he really couldn't do so, he would teach this newbie a lesson so that he would forever hold this place in awe.

    Mo Wuji didn't say anything because even he knew that the price of 50 spirit stone slags was not what Lord Axe would truly give. It was already extremely incredible if Lord Axe was truly willing to exchange it for 30 spirit stone slags. The fact that this fella set up more deathtrap arrays and hidden killing array here proved that he was ready to be vicious with him.

    However, now that Lord Axe said out a price like this, whether or not it was true, Mo Wuji would make Lord Axe swallow his words to make it happen.

    Mo Wuji took out the basket on his back and as he lifted the cover on it, it was a basket fully filled with blackstones.

    Lord Axe stood up all of the sudden as both the delicate woman as well as a cultivator with an abacus beside Lord Axe stood up in shock. This basket was completely filled to the brim and was definitely 200 blackstones.

    They had naturally saw 200 blackstones before but this was the first time they witnessed someone bringing in 200 blackstones at one go to exchange.

    "It is truly 200 blackstones," Lord Axe gasped and then recovered his composure.

    "May I know if we could transact now? I have 202 blackstones here and I will forget about the two additional blackstones. All you have to do is to give me 10,000 spirit stone slags," Mo Wuji covered the basket and immediately carried the basket on his back.

    Lord Axe frowned because he understood the intention of Mo Wuji's moves. He was preparing to fight. Was this really a newbie? How could he be so arrogant?

    "Aren't you worried I might steal your blackstones? Lord Axe asked in a calm tone.

    Mo Wuji walked laterally for a few steps before using the same tone to reply, "You wouldn't dare."

    Watching Mo Wuji did this, Lord Axe was astonished. What was going on? He had invited a top notched array master to change the position of his array base and even covered it by installing an array to block off spiritual will so how did Mo Wuji even found out where the array base was in such a short period of time that he was here?

    You wouldn't dare? Lord Axe couldn't believe how arrogant Mo Wuji truly was in front of him.

    "Abacus, let him know if I dare," Lord Axe grunted coldly as he placed the tea cup on the tea table beside him.

    Lord Axe was sure Mo Wuji wouldn't destroy the array base since he was carrying 200 blackstones on him.

    "Roger that," The middle-aged cultivator holding the abacus charged towards Mo Wuji upon Lord Axe's instructions.

    Mo Wuji's heart turned heavy because he realised there was one point he didn't consider. Even though he found the hidden array base of this place, Mo Wuji wouldn't dare to to destroy it now. This was because he was carrying 200 blackstones and the moment he destroyed this array base, given Lord Axe's social network, Lord Axe would at most have his reputation slightly scarred but Mo Wuji could lose his small life here.

    Mo Wuji certainly overlooked this point.
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