Chapter 416: Spitting Out Blood

    Chapter 416: Spitting Out Blood

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    The huge abacus was like a grid cage as it charged towards Mo Wuji as it trapped the entire space above Mo Wuji's head and that was when Mo Wuji realised that there was not a single bead in the abacus.

    Following which tens of beads formed a wavy line as it blocked off Mo Wuji's retreat route.

    Mo Wuji swung out his Tian Ji Pole and raised his leg as he was prepared to charge at this cultivator.

    Lord Axe, who was initially prepared to attack, saw Mo Wuji's moves and shook his head as he felt that Ku Ya overestimated Mo Wuji.

    This place restrained everyone's spiritual will and even if Mo Wuji was very capable, charging towards the abacus would simply be throwing himself into the Abacus Beads Net.

    Even Lord Axe himself would not be able to escape the Abacus Beads Net for a short period of time if he were to be trapped in it so how could Mo Wuji do anything about it? The moment Mo Wuji was trapped in his place, Lord Axe would be able to do anything and everything to Mo Wuji.

    The cultivator with the abacus was also staring at Mo Wuji blankly because he never expected Mo Wuji to charge straight towards it. He thought that Mo Wuji would dodge his grid cage and then retaliate.

    As long as Mo Wuji tried to dodge his grid cage, his beads would be able to restrain him instantly. Of course, he couldn't eliminate the possibility of Mo Wuji being so incredibly strong that he could dodge the grid cage and then dodge the deathtrap of the beads.

    However, even if Mo Wuji was able to do both, he only had one way to retreat and Xi Sha was already waiting for him there.

    With restrictions of spiritual will put in place, there was nothing Mo Wuji could do even if he was extremely talented and capable. Spatial teleportation would only be a tasteless move which could cause no harm to them. Furthermore, Ku Ya and Lord Axe himself were also waiting by the side.

    "Boom!" Elemental energy exploded as Mo Wuji didn't use his Tian Ji Pole against the abacus. He threw out a fist instead and his spatial fist clashed against the abacus which caused elemental energy to explode within the house.

    Other than Mo Wuji's vast amount of elemental energy, there was another feeling that made the cultivator with the abacus felt uneasy.

    Immediately after that, Mo Wuji disappeared and Abacus realised that it had to be spatial teleportation which helped him got away from both the abacus and the deathtrap of the beads.

    How was Mo Wuji able to execute his spatial teleportation when his spiritual will had already been restrained in this place?

    Mo Wuji really didn't regard this abacus highly initially but to be able to execute the attack using his Abacus Beads Net was extremely impressive because of the restraint on spiritual will here. This was given the fact that the opponent knew where the spiritual will restraint was put in place otherwise, Mo Wuji was confident to kill this abacus before teleporting out.

    Spiritual will restrainment could be a lethal weapon to other cultivators but it was nothing more than a decorated weapon to him.

    Since the cultivator with the abacus was highly regarded by Lord Axe, he naturally wasn't an idiot. He immediately thought of the Tian Ji Pole that Mo Wuji drew out and since he drew out the Tian Ji Pole but didn't attack him with it, he realised that Mo Wuji was clearly intending to attack Xi Sha with it.

    Since Mo Wuji was able to execute his spatial teleportation in this place successfully, it would mean that the spiritual will restrainment wasn't too much of a restraint to him. And since it wasn't a restraint, it would imply that Mo Wuji would naturally be able to spot Xi Sha.

    The cultivator would obviously understand the situation first hand because he was the one who exchanged blows head on with Mo Wuji so by the time Lord Axe noticed Mo Wuji had managed to escape the Abacus Beads Net, a devastating cry was heard.

    After the devastating cry, there was an end to the exploding elemental energy as the whole place fell silent.

    The cultivator with the abacus fell to the ground as Lord Axe and Ku Ya both stood forward while Mo Wuji stopped beside the door. He was holding one end of the Tian Ji Pole while the other end was a skinny cultivator hanging with blood flowing out from his body.

    Even though the skinny cultivator stopped crying out in desperation, his struggling expression showed everyone that he was completely restrained by Mo Wuji. The knife that had never left his hand fell like a useless piece of metal on the pile of blood underneath himself.

    "Let go of Xi Sha or you shall die," Lord Axe's killing intent filled the room and even the tea cup by his side broke under his immense pressure.

    Mo Wuji acted as though he didn't hear Lord Axe's threat as he gave his Tian Ji Pole a twist and Xi Sha let out yet another devastating cry.

    "You..." Lord Axe's hand was trembling as he was certain Mo Wuji would kill Xi Sha before Lord Axe could reach them and he was even more certain that Mo Wuji dared to do so.

    "Triangular eyes, it seemed as if you were wrong about something. Threaten me one more time and I will kill him immediately. Try me if you don't believe? I am, unfortunately, not someone who likes to be threaten," Mo Wuji said coolly.

    If it was any other person doing this, Lord Axe would never hesitate to attack but he was simply too uncertain when facing Mo Wuji.

    There was clearly a restraint on spiritual will here yet Mo Wuji was able to find the location of the array foundation and even used spatial teleportation. This also meant that he might not be capable enough to finish Mo Wuji off.

    His plan backfired this time round, even though he regarded Mo Wuji highly, he still underestimated him. However, to be so arrogant in his turf, he had already treated Mo Wuji as a dead man and even if Mo Wuji was able to escape today, he would definitely find ways to kill him in the future.

    "What do you want?" Lord Axe calmed himself down because he couldn't afford to let Xi Sha die as he was one of Lord Axe's most important subordinates he had.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "I really don't know how your business could last till today? Are you mentally handicapped? I carried a basket full of blackstones here so I am obviously here for a transaction, what else could I be here for?"

    Lord Axe took in a deep breath and said slowly, "I only have 5000 spirit stone slags here, so I can only purchase 100 blackstones of yours today."

    To him, saving Xi Sha was the priority. After this was done, even if he were to cause a commotion, he would definitely kill Mo Wuji at the Half Immortal Domain. One should not think that the Dao Lord didn't know anything about his underground market. Right now, he really wanted to see this newbie's spiritual roots being destroyed and the scene where this newbie kneeled in front of him. It must be a really good feeling to witness this scene.

    Mo Wuji frowned and said in a disdainful tone, "You can't even take out 10,000 spirit stone slags and you dare open an underground market. You are really shameless aren't you?"

    A strong energy surged towards Lord Axe's throat as Mo Wuji's words almost made him spat out blood.

    Was 5000 spirit stone slags very little? What did he meant by not being able to take out 10,000 spirit stones being shameless? How dare this rascal mock him, Hong Fuji.

    At the thought that Xi Sha's life was still in Mo Wuji's hands, Lord Axe swallowed his thoughts and did his best to control his anger as he said, "If you trust me, I can accept your 200 blackstones but I can only pay you 5000 spirit stone slags first and for the remaining spirit stone slags, I will owe you first."

    Mo Wuji laughed in his heart but nodded on the surface, "That's right, you are indeed trustworthy and I can indeed trust you."

    Lord Axe heard this and face turned ugly because he believed that Mo Wuji was saying the opposite of what he truly meant.

    "According to your words, you will owe me 5000 spirit stone slags. Naturally, I have one condition of my own too. My spirit stone slags that is placed with you would accumulate interests too. The interest would be 500 spirit stone slags for one month and if you're agreeable, we will transact and if you're not, forget it," Mo Wuji's words definitely caught everyone by surprise.

    Even though they knew that Mo Wuji would be doomed, but a deal like this was never necessary because Mo Wuji could have just brought the remaining 102 blackstones after exchanging for the 5000 spirit stone slags.

    Lord Axe, Abacus and Ku Ya exchanged glances with each other as they nodded in secret. This time round, even Ku Ya didn't comment much because now that Lord Axe was determined to kill Mo Wuji, he would definitely be dead. There was no reason to hesitate in the face of a deadman.

    "Alright, we shall transact now so here is 5000 spirit stone slags," Lord Axe immediately threw out a storage ring to Mo Wuji.

    "I need you to write a marked IOU," Mo Wuji accepted the storage ring and used his spiritual will to scan through it before nodding his head.

    "For you," Lord Axe had no hesitation as he stamped on a jade letter before throwing to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji grabbed the jaded letter and used his spiritual will to scan through it. After noticing that the interest was stated clearly, he threw this jade letter into his own storage ring and then passed the basket to Lord Axe as he kept his Tian Ji Pole.

    Just at the moment Mo Wuji kept his Tian Ji Pole, Lord Axe charged towards Mo Wuji.

    "Boom!" Yet another series of explosion could be heard as what Lord Axe slashed apart was only a shadow.

    A humongous hole appeared at the corner of the house and Mo Wuji had already disappeared without a trace. Very evidently, Mo Wuji destroyed the house's array foundation before leaving.

    Since the blackstones were already exchanged, even if he destroyed the array foundation here, his storage ring would not be exposed. Otherwise, if Lord Axe told others than he had 200 blackstones with him or talked about how he had a storage ring which could store blackstones, he would definitely be doomed.

    "I will find the Dao Lord now because if I don't kill Mo Wuji, I would have wasted my time in the Half Immortal Domain," Lord Axe's killing intent could be felt once more because he had never felt this aggrieved ever since he entered the Half Immortal Domain.

    "Lord Axe, I was thinking why he could have left with 100 blackstones after collecting the 5000 spirit stone slags but chose to ask you to write an IOU and give you another 100 blackstones?" Ku Ya inquired.

    "Unless he was really capable of forcing us to return the spirit stone slags that we owed him," The usually quiet abacus cultivator revealed a worrying expression because after exchanging blows with Mo Wuji, even though he didn't execute one tenth of his strength, he could tell that Mo Wuji was not someone to offend.

    "He didn't dare to bring the 100 blackstones away because how do you think the Dao Lord would do to him if he were to find out that he had over 100 blackstones on him?" Lord Axe laughed because he had never been this desperate to kill someone.

    Ku Ya furrowed her brows because she still didn't think that Mo Wuji was such a simple fella. However, she didn't have any objections for Lord Axe to find the Dao Lord because one had to seek the approval from the Dao Lord to kill someone in the Half Immortal Domain. Lord Axe was not that close to the Dao Lord to act first before asking for permission.


    "Hurry, we have go now," While Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi were still waiting anxiously for Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji's voice could be heard.

    After saying this, Mo Wuji had already carried Lou Chuanhe and charged out first.

    Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi were experienced people so they didn't even question Mo Wuji's instructions as they hurried to follow closely behind Mo Wuji.

    Lord Axe was after all only a lord of the underground market and even though his strength was not any weaker than any of the teams in the Half Immortal Domain, his reaction was still evidently not as fast as he wasn't capable of obstructing the exit of the Half Immortal Domain in time. Lord Axe only met with the Dao Lord after Mo Wuji and the three of them had left the Half Immortal Domain.
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