Chapter 417: Mining Area of Death

    Chapter 417: Mining Area of Death

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    "Dao Friend Mo, are we going back to Mining Area 6A?" Jia Qi immediately asked.

    "We can't go there anymore. Do you know any mining areas that have a large quantity of blackstone and are situated far away from the Half Immortal Domain?" Mo Wuji replied. Mining Area 6A might have been a good location, but it was too close to the Half Immortal Domain. He had offended Lord Axe, and was capable of digging up loads of blackstones, so it was simply too dangerous there.

    Master Pu Zi, who was standing at the side, suddenly spoke, "If there's serious enmity between Lord Axe and you, then the only place you can go is the Mining Area of Death."

    Jia Qi's expression immediately changed, and he shook his head, "Master Pu Zi, going there almost means certain death."

    Yet Master Pu Zi did not speak, and only looked at Mo Wuji, waiting for his reply. In reality, he had better locations in mind, but he had to find out the extent of Mo Wuji's courage and abilities. In terms of strength, he had some idea of Mo Wuji's level, and he would not have lost out to Mo Wuji. However, for the battleship, just being strong was insufficient. If Mo Wuji did not have what it took to drive the battleship, he would eliminate Mo Wuji without hesitation, and take the battleship away. This thought never left his mind ever since the battleship came into the picture.

    Mo Wuji's gaze swept across Master Pu Zi. The killing intent that Master Pu Zi had been hiding had already been noticed by him long ago. As someone who was in the Extreme Mortal and Earth Stages, created his own meridian cultivation technique, and opened 106 meridians, he was extremely sensitive to everything in his surroundings, which included the killing intent of others.

    Since Mo Wuji needed Master Pu Zi's help, he would be allowed to live for now. Once the battleship was completed, if this guy still exuded killing intent towards him, then Mo Wuji would eliminate Master Pu Zi without hesitation.

    "Oh, what's the Mining Area of Death like? Are there many demonic beasts?" Mo Wuji asked calmly.

    He similarly had some killing intent directed towards Master Pu Zi, and while he had concealed it rather carefully, Master Pu Zi could still feel its chilling aura after these questions left his mouth.

    This gave Master Pu Zi the chills. He felt that Mo Wuji was not one to be angered, hence it would be better to keep his guard up against him.

    After calming himself down, Master Pu Zi broke the silence with his low voice, "If it's just demonic beasts then it won't be called the Mining Area of Death. Which cultivator in the Half Immortal Domain would actually be afraid of demonic beasts? The amount of blackstone in the Mining Area of Death will definitely be no less than that in Mining Area A. Even though it had been dug through many times before, when people take the risk there again, there's still more to be found. The reason it's called the Mining Area of Death is because the area is full of Colourless Leeches.

    Those Colourless Leeches are extremely frightening. They are only half a finger long, and while the word 'colourless' is in its name, there's actually spots all over its body. It is also difficult to detect with spiritual will, and exists in the void. Without any notice, it can dig into your skin, and you won't even feel it. This type of Colourless Leech likes to consume acute wood energy the most. Once it enters a human body, it will feed on the blood marrow, then release acute wood energy, causing the person to be woodified from his blood to his spiritual channels. By the time you realise that one has entered your body, it is already too late."

    Jia Qi shuddered. The mere thought of the Colourless Leech was already enough to make people piss their pants.

    However, Mo Wuji still maintained his calm disposition. His battleship was of paramount importance. Only with a mobile battleship, on top of his strength, would he be able to stand his ground in the Half Immortal Domain. Who knew when he would be able to leave this place?

    "We'll leave for the Mining Area of Death immediately. Master Pu Zi, you'll steer the flying ship, and I'll take a look at Dao Friend Lou's condition." As he finished speaking, Mo Wuji did not wait for Master Pu Zi's reply, and he immediately went into the cabin. Since Master Pu Zi tagged along, he would have to cooperate.

    As for the Mining Area of Death, Mo Wuji decided that he would make an assessment after he arrived there. From what Master Pu Zi had said, he knew that this location was extremely suitable to perform smithing works on his battleship. If his spiritual eye was still unable to see the Colourless Leeches, then he would change to a different location. While the battleship was important, his life was even more important.

    Master Pu Zi nodded his head. He was very impressed with Mo Wuji's way of handling the situation. If Mo Wuji did not even dare to go to the Mining Area of Death, then it would be unclear if he could really put the battleship to good use.

    "Master Pu Zi, we're really going to the Mining Area of Death?" Seeing Mo Wuji enter the cabin, Jia Qi continued asking worriedly.

    "If we don't go, I would be very disappointed. It seems like Dao Friend Mo is not an ordinary person." Master Pu Zi replied with words of praise.

    As for Mo Wuji going to take a look at Lou Chuanhe's condition, he did not really care about it. If Mo Wuji were really able to save a person whose body and spirit channels were woodified, he would really be an immortal.


    Inside the cabin, Mo Wuji could see that Lou Chuanhe's woodification had progressed further. He held Lou Chuanhe's wrist, and within a breath's time, the acute wood energy in Lou Chuanhe's body streamed out to Mo Wuji, drawn away by his detoxification meridian.

    Lou Chuanhe's woodified body began showing visible signs of recovery. Half an incense's time later, Mo Wuji loosened his grip and threw a pill into Lou Chuanhe's mouth. The efficacy of the pill was incredible. A minute later, Lou Chuanhe opened his eyes and sat up.

    "Junior Mo..." Lou Chuanhe's gaze fell on Mo Wuji, and immediately he knew what was going on. "Junior Mo, you saved me?"

    After realising that it was indeed Mo Wuji that saved his life, Lou Chuanhe was shocked. While he had not been in the domain for long, he at least knew that having spirit channels woodified was equivalent to death. Otherwise, why wouldn't that Meng Tianyu have killed him?

    To that Mo Wuji simply laughed it off, "You're a lucky man. It just so happens that I know a method of neutralising the acute wood energy."

    "Then I'm afraid that Meng Tianyu won't let us go." Lou Chuanhe got the full picture. Since Mo Wuji could neutralise the acute wood energy to save him, Meng Tianyu would not let either of them go. Even a fool knew what someone with the means to neutralise acute wood energy was worth in the Half Immortal Domain.

    All this while he was not surprised at Mo Wuji's ability to dissipate acute wood energy. Since Mo Wuji could emerge from the space canyon, it didn't seem impossible for him to do this.

    With a snicker, Mo Wuji replied, "It's not that he won't let us go. Instead, I'll be the one that won't let him go. We'll spend some time in the Mining Area of Death to do some mining, and once our cultivation levels have improved, we'll return to the Half Immortal Domain."

    "Dao Friend Lou..." Jia Qi, who had just entered the cabin, saw Lou Chuanhe alive and well, and was stunned. A short while later, he regained his senses, and continued, "Dao Friend Mo, you really saved Dao Friend Lou..."

    It was pretty much guaranteed death as Lou Chuanhe had been wounded by Meng Tianyu's woodification skill, but who knew that Mo Wuji could use barely an incense's worth of time to restore Lou Chuanhe to his former state, this...

    Master Pu Zi also rushed over, and even his jaw dropped. Lou Chuanhe's spirit channels had been woodified, but now the Lou Chuanhe standing before him had completely recovered.

    Previously, Master Pu Zi thought that it was rather naive for Mo Wuji to bring Lou Chuanhe away, but he just realised who the naive person was. If Mo Wuji could neutralise acute wood energy, then he would be the best candidate for controlling the battleship.

    At this point, Master Pu Zi's killing intent totally vanished, and he bowed respectfully at Mo Wuji after taking in a deep breath, "Dao Friend Mo, from now on we are teammates. To be honest, when I first found out that you were in possession of this battleship, I wanted to kill you. Thankfully, I did not do so. If you really died, I believe that there would not be a second person in the Half Immortal Domain that can neutralise acute wood energy. Even Meng Tianyu can only manipulate it."

    "Ah..." Jia Qi stared at Master Pu Zi with a shocked expression on his face. She never knew that Master Pu Zi would ever have the thought of killing Mo Wuji. Was Mo Wuji a person you wanted to offend? Master Pu Zi must have been a little too ballsy.

    Upon hearing that, Mo Wuji grinned. It was very respectable for Master Pu Zi to speak his mind.

    "Dao Friend Mo, Master Pu Zi is a direct person. Since he spoke of these sentiments, it means that they are already in the past." Jia Qi quickly explained. Now everyone were like grasshoppers on a string, and any internal strife would be asking to die.

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji responded, "Master Pu Zi is right. Luckily he did not make any moves, otherwise I would have to find a new smithing master."

    These words hit Master Pu Zi like a truck, before he finally replied, "So you knew of my killing intent all this while?"

    Mo Wuji casually brushed it off, "If I didn't know, I wouldn't have survived till this day."

    After this, Jia Qi did not open her mouth anymore. Inside, she was secretly celebrating the fact that Master Pu Zi did not make any move on Mo Wuji. Once Master Pu Zi did something like that and got killed by Mo Wuji, even if he did not kill her too, there would be a certain distance created between them.

    As for why she did not think that Mo Wuji could get killed by Master Pu Zi, it was already an ordinary line of thought.

    "Dao Friend Mo, we're still two days away from the Mining Area of Death. I'd like to discuss about my compensation for completing this battleship." Master Pu Zi never mentioned anything about being compensated firstly because it was not a good time, and secondly because he was also eyeing the battleship.

    Now that Mo Wuji could even neutralise the acute wood energy, there would be no person more suitable to take control of the battleship than him.

    "Sure, let's go to the outer deck." Mo Wuji agreed.

    If Master Pu Zi was willing to work with him, he would naturally be agreeable. Not only was Master Pu Zi strong, but his smithing skills were top notch. This was just the companion Mo Wuji was looking for.
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