Chapter 419: Entering the Mining Area of Death

    Chapter 419: Entering the Mining Area of Death

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    "Yes, what we call the Immortal World is on that side. Whether it's real, no one has really seen it to make that judgement." Master Pu Zi replied.

    "Master Pu Zi, it should have been a snitch that leaked the news of Dao Lord Wu You forging a battleship in preparation to cross the Immortal Chasm to the people from the Immortal World right? Also, is the Half Immortal Domain selling the blackstone that they purchase to the people from the Immortal World? Are those stone slags from the Immortal World? If it's true, then I'm very confused. Why don't those men from the Immortal World come to mine themselves?" Mo Wuji shot out many questions, finally linking all of the ideas together.

    Looking in the direction of the Half Immortal Domain, Master Pu Zi sighed, "My thoughts are exactly the same as yours. There's probably a snitch. I suspect that the person that leaked the information is the current Dao Lord, Guang Quan, and the Immortal Seeking Union's Union Head, Meng Tianyu."

    "Why? Do they not want to go to the Immortal World?" Jia Qi frowned as he asked.

    Master Pu Zi chuckled coldly, "How can we understand what's going through the minds of these slaves. But I do know that there's enmity between Guang Quan and Dao Lord Wu. This is because his dao companion was snatched away by and even died in the room of Dao Lord Wu."

    Mo Wuji was a little doubtful. Dao Lord Wu was the leader of Half Immortal Domain, and it seemed like he had a decent reputation. So how could such a person have ruined himself just for a woman?

    "Could this just be a rumor?" Mo Wuji asked. Master Pu Zi shook his head, "No, Dao Lord Wu did indeed forcibly take Guang Quan's dao companion by force in front of many people. Subsequently, everyone was aware that Guang Quan's dao companion died in Dao Lord Wu's room.. Hence, this is not just a rumor."

    However, this did not dispel all of the suspicion in Mo Wuji's heart, as he felt that this incident did not make logical sense.

    Continuing on, Master Pu Zi spoke, "The origins of these stone slags are indeed the Immortal World, and the blackstone is also bought by the Immortal World too. As for why people from the Immortal World don't come to mine for blackstone on their own, it's because even experts of Heavenly Immortal Stage and above will still have their spirit channels woodified by the acute wood energy when they come to dig for blackstone."

    "Aren't there Wood Dissolving Pills?" Jia Qi asked curiously.

    But Master Pu Zi responded with cold laughter once more, "Wood Dissolving Pills can indeed negate acute wood energy, but it cannot completely remove all of the energy. The longer one stays in the Half Immortal Domain, the more obvious it is."

    Jia Qi's expression changed for the worse, as she began to think about whether she had already been corrupted by the acute wood energy.

    By reading his face, Master Pu Zi could infer what Jia Qi was thinking, and he added on, "Jia Qi, you don't have to worry. The most complex part of the battleship has already been completed. Once we are able to completely forge the battleship, we will have a chance to cross the Immortal Chasm and enter the Immortal World. The Immortal World is wide beyond measure, so who would find us if we hide in one corner? When we arrive there, I believe that there's some way to remove the remaining acute wood energy. Moreover, now that we have Dao Friend Mo, there's even less to worry about."

    The reason that Master Pu Zi only mentioned Mo Wuji after saying so much, was because he was worried that Mo Wuji would not help them. After all, they only had a working relationship with Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Acute wood energy is nothing to me. Since we're all partners now, there's no need for everyone to worry about it. Let's go to the Mining Area of Death and complete the battleship first."

    After listening to Master Pu Zi's explanation, Mo Wuji felt that the path ahead was complex and dangerous. One moment of carelessness could cause him to be crushed to smithereens. No matter whether the other side was the Immortal World or a fake Immortal World, he would go to take a look first.

    "So we're still going to the Mining Area of Death?" Jia Qi asked inquisitively.

    The answer from Mo Wuji was yes, "If the Immortal Chasm is as what Master Pu Zi just described, we must all the more go to the Mining Area of Death. If we can't even deal with the Colourless Leeches there, how would we face up against the Five Elemental Immortal Beasts in the Immortal Chasm?"

    "I agree with Dao Friend Mo." Master Pu Zi immediately replied.

    "Master Pu Zi, I would like to find out about someone from you. His name is Lai Wanxing, and he's a pill refiner." Mo Wuji was 60% sure that the metal affinity pill refiners that Lai Wanxing brought along were used for concocting Wood Dissolving Pills. Where could Wood Dissolving Pills be used? Wasn't it only in the Half Immortal Domain?

    Frowning, Master Pu Zi fell into deep thought, before finally shaking his head, "I've never heard of this person."

    Mo Wuji sighed to himself. Without any news about Lai Wanxing, he probably would not be able to find anything about Mo Tiancheng for some time. But still, completing his battleship was of the highest priority at the moment, and these issues could wait till after he advanced to Earthly Immortal Stage.

    "Have you heard of a cultivator named Ye Li then?"

    The reason that Mo Wuji asked about Ye Li was due to Ye Li's background. This was the information he obtained in the Half Moon Immortal Palace: Ye Li, wood affinity cultivator and a four star genius. On Yong Ying 844 Calendar, Year 7690, 3rd day of the 4th month, advanced to the Heavenly Immortal Stage, and entered the Yong Ying's 11th Prison. Stubborn...

    The most important part was that planet, which Mo Wuji suspected could be Earth.

    This time, Master Pu Zi replied confidently, "I've heard of Ye Li before. He's an extraordinary genius. While his aptitude for cultivation could not compare to others, but he could somehow find a unique method if cultivation, even undergoing the Heavenly Immortal lightning tribulation here. You must know that there are similar geniuses in the Half Immortal Domain, but not everyone can undergo the Heavenly Immortal lightning tribulation in this domain."

    "Where is Ye Li from then?"

    Master Pu Zi replied by shaking his head, "This I do not know. I'm not actually acquainted with him. I simply heard of these stories on the grapevine."


    Two days later, Master Pu Zi stopped the flying ship.

    A grey and hazy scene emerged before the four of them. Both the sky and the ground had some sort of grey mist hanging over them. But since the day that Mo Wuji set foot in the Half Immortal Domain, this was the first time he had arrived at an area with a ground that was not completely black.

    "This is the Mining Area of Death?" Mo Wuji asked as he laid his eyes on the grey and misty area in front of him.

    "Yes. Perhaps you can't see anything when you scan the area with your spiritual will, but as long as you do it a few more times, you'll be able to barely see the spotty Colourless Leeches. Many cultivators stay at the outer borders of this area when stealing blackstone, and only dare to venture further inside after inspecting the surroundings repeatedly." Master Pu Zi explained.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had spread through this space, and it was as Master Pu Zi described. There were some spotted bugs that he could barely detect. These bugs were rather similar to regular leeches, and their soft bodies made one quite uncomfortable when looking at them."

    "Master Pu Zi added on, "Your spiritual will might be able to see part of them, but that's definitely not all of the leeches present. When you continue to inspect the are further, you'll definitely find more. The cultivators that come here to steal blackstone often get their bodies invaded by Colourless Leeches, hence no one dares to enter this area any further."

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji took a step forward, at the same time forming his spiritual eye. In order to work with Master Pu Zi, he could hide it no longer.

    The grey scene before him suddenly cleared up, and indeed there were tens of Colourless Leeches in the vicinity that his spiritual will did not sense.

    "This...Eye of Spirituality..." Master Pu Zi took in a deep breath. He never imagined that Mo Wuji would possess an Eye of Spirituality.

    "Master Pu Zi, what's an eye of spirituality?" Jia Qi asked out of curiosity.

    At this point Master Pu Zi knew that Mo Wuji considered him as trustworthy, thus revealing the Eye of Spirituality. As such, there should be no more guarding against each other. This was the first time he felt some level of respect towards Mo Wuji.

    "The Eye of Spirituality is a kind of skill that is developed naturally. It is rumored that less than one in 10 million will possess this skill. This sort of spiritual eye is also called the Natural Dao Eye. It can see everything, even those hiding in the void. While the Colourless Leeches are adept in camouflaging themselves, under the Eye of Spirituality, there's nowhere for them to hide. However, it's a pity that the Eye of Spirituality can only sense the Colourless Leeches, and cannot eliminate them..."

    Master Pu Zi's stopped in the middle of his sentence, as he stared at Mo Wuji in disbelief once again. At this moment, Mo Wuji extended circle after circle of a pale green flame. Even though his spiritual will could only detect a few Colourless Leeches, they were turned to dust in an instant upon contact with the flame.

    "This is the Scholar's Heart..." Not only did Master Pu Zi recognise Mo Wuji's flame, but Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi did so as well.

    With both the Eye of Spirituality and Scholar's Heart, the Mining Area of Death was just a joke to Mo Wuji. The Colourless Leeches here were simply a type of wood affinity demonic bug, and the Scholar's Heart was the mortal enemy of such demonic bugs.

    Clenching his fist tightly, Master Pu Zi became agitated to the point that he began shaking. He had dreamt of this moment much longer than Jia Qi and Lou Chuanhe. With such abilities, on top of the soon to be completed battleship, what was there to fear about crossing the Immortal Chasm?

    The light at the end of the tunnel finally shone through after staying in the Half Immortal Domain for such a long time.

    The radius of Mo Wuji's flame gradually increased, and through his spiritual eye, he could observe the countless Colourless Leeches in the void being reduced to nothingness.

    Once it was safe, he signalled to the rest of the group behind him, and they immediately understood what he meant, charging straight into the area demarcated by Mo Wuji's flame.

    "Master Pu Zi, don't you feel like we're not the only ones here?" Mo Wuji spoke with a serious tone. He had noticed the traces of array flags in the vicinity, which indicated that he was not the only one with means to enter the Mining Area of Death.
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