Chapter 421: Reforging the Battleship

    Chapter 421: Reforging the Battleship

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    Mo Wuji originally intended for each of the three to take 15%, and brought it up because it would reduce Jia Qi's share. Since they only wanted 10% per person, he would just take the rest graciously. Up till this point, he indeed played a significant part, regardless whether it was arriving here, blocking the Colourless Leeches, or finding blackstone. Without him, the group would have achieved nothing.

    In the world of cultivation, ability and rewards should come hand in hand.


    With Master Pu Zi's help, Mo Wuji's speed of setting up the array went up. Any array flag that he needed would be produced upon request to Master Pu Zi.

    No wonder Master Pu Zi was considered one of the best smiths around. Even though he only helped to make array flags, any request given to him would be met, and there was no difficulty in using the flags produced at all.

    In the short span of six days, Mo Wuji completed the defences for an area 2,000m in radius. While Master Pu Zi was well versed in array dao, he was still shocked by Mo Wuji's work. He could not imagine how Mo Wuji could be so well learned in array dao, even incorporating the flame of the Scholar's Heart into the array. There were trap arrays and garrote arrays in there too. This meant that not only were Colourless Leeches blocked out, but other cultivators too, and Mo Wuji only took six days to set up such an array.

    As a smithing master, Master Pu Zi naturally had delved deep into array dao, but after looking at Mo Wuji's standard, he felt that he still had a long way to go.

    The first thing Mo Wuji did after finishing the defensive array was to take out the battleship.

    Seeing the battleship that gave off a frightening aura, Master Pu Zi leapt forward instantly, caressing its exterior. An expression of pure love and joy appeared on his face soon after.

    Mo Wuji did not speak, and he just waited for Master Pu Zi at one side.

    Indeed, Master Pu Zi turned around after touching the battleship all over, "The most challenging parts of the battleship have already been completed, otherwise even if you gave me 10,000 years, I would still be unable to finish it alone." Mo Wuji already knew that there were certain technologies incorporated into the battleship, and based on his speculation, Master Pu Zi was not from some technologically advanced planet either.

    "Master Pu Zi, most of this battleship seems to be forged from Celestial Sunflower Gold. Where did you obtain so much of it?" Since the day he got the battleship, Mo Wuji wanted to know the answer to this question. The higher Mo Wuji's cultivation became, the more aware he was of the immense value of Celestial Sunflower Gold.

    Master Pu Zi gave out a sigh, "It was provided by Dao Lord Wu, and I don't know where he obtained so much of it from. However, on the battleship, there's materials of even higher quality than Celestial Sunflower Gold, but in very small quantities."

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji responded, "After all, Celestial Sunflower Gold is something of the ordinary cultivation world. It probably isn't that valuable in the Immortal World." However, this incited Master Pu Zi's immediate reply, "You're wrong. Do you really think that there's nothing good in the cultivation world? Let me tell you, many things in the cultivation world are more valuable than those in the Immortal World, and this Celestial Sunflower Gold is one of those things. Even in the Immortal World, Celestial Sunflower Gold is a highly precious item. Moreover, most of the Celestial Sunflower Gold originate from the Immortal World and falls from it."

    When he heard Master Pu Zi's words, Mo Wuji was shocked, "Master Pu Zi, I have a piece of Celestial Sunflower Gold. Can you help me forge a flying ship after completing the battleship?"

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji took out the piece of Celestial Sunflower Gold in his possession.

    "Good stuff." Master Pu Zi praised as he laid eyes on Mo Wuji's Celestial Sunflower Gold, "Dao friend Mo, the rarest part of this piece of Celestial Sunflower Gold is its completeness. Such a large and complete piece of Celestial Sunflower Gold is difficult to obtain even in the Immortal World."

    Pleased, Mo Wuji carried on, "Then I request for Master Pu Zi to forge a flying ship with it."

    From the time he entered Zhen Xing till now, Mo Wuji never had a flying magic treasure of his own. All he had were spoils of war, and while there were a few decent ones, he still desired for one to call his own. Celestial Sunflower Gold was rumored to be able to cross the universe, so who knew if he could use his own flying ship to return to Earth one day?

    "There's no problem with that. Dao friend Mo, what do you want to be forged?" Master Pu Zi replied.

    With a wave of his hand, Mo Wuji took out a flying car, "Master Pu Zi, please take reference from this flying car." Upon seeing the flying car that Mo Wuji took out, Master Pu Zi was a little stunned. The flying car was too run down, and of rather low quality.

    "Dao friend Mo, if it's for travelling through space, I'll suggest going with the shape of the battleship. Although the flying car is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but it's not very suitable for the environment of space." Master Pu Zi couldn't help it. It would be too much of a waste to use such a large piece of Celestial Sunflower Gold on this.

    Yet, Mo Wuji shook his head, "Master Pu Zi, just use the shape of this flying car as reference. I'll take care of the rest." As someone who spent many years in space, how could he not have known that what Master Pu Zi said made sense. But he did not mind, because he could just add various arrays to supplement the shortfalls of the flying car in space.

    The flying car that he took out was Cen Shuyin's. Now that Shuyin was no longer with him, having a flying car replica of hers was a form his memories of her.

    "Ok, since dao friend Mo is so sure, I'll forge a perfect flying car for you." Master Pu Zi replied. After agreeing to Mo Wuji's request, he dove straight into working on the battleship, as though as he did not want to waste more time on Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji did not continue to disturb Master Pu Zi or the other two either. As Mo Wuji said that there was a large patch of blackstone here, Jia Qi and Lou Chuanhe expanded their digging area, hence they only hit a few metres deep after many days.

    Everyone delved into their tasks, and Mo Wuji began to set up his own cave for cultivation.


    It had been over a month since Mo Wuji and co. left the Half Immortal Domain, and other than the enraged Lord Axe, no one in the Half Immortal Domain really bothered with these minor characters.

    What made Lord Axe infuriated was that he had spent so much, but only got the support of Half Immortal Domain's Dao Lord, Guang Quan, to allow him to kill Mo Wuji for any reason at all, yet Mo Wuji disappeared completely.

    This guy broke the defensive array of his hideout, and took away 5,000 spirit stone slags. If he, Hong Fuji, could not strangle Mo Wuji to death with his two bare hands, he would not be able to take it. As for the blackstone that Mo Wuji used to exchange for the spirit stone slags, he ignored them totally.


    At the same time, inside Mo Wuji's defensive array, everything was as peaceful as it could be. Mo Wuji's heavenly fire defensive array had been standing strong for over a month, and all Colourless Leeches knew how frightening it was. Initially, countless Colourless Leeches would continue to approach it, but now, other than a rare few, most of them would avoid this area.

    Within the defensive array, the gigantic battleship gradually became more complete. As for Master Pu Zi, he never looked up from the battleship a single time.

    If there were any commotion made, it would be the sound of Jia Qi and Lou Chuanhe mining for blackstone.

    "Brother Lou, we're almost at 20m, but there's no blackstone." Jia Qi and Lou Chuanhe was already familiar with each other after spending a month digging through the black soil together. Even the original title of 'dao friend Lou' changed to 'brother Lou'.

    At first, she did not really speak much other than with Master Pu Zi. After getting to know Mo Wuji, she started to open up a little more. Now that she had interacted with Lou Chuanhe, she found that Lou Chuanhe was similar to Mo Wuji, and soon developed a sense of kinship towards him.

    Lou Chuanhe chuckled, "Sister Jia, brother Mo is not an ordinary person. I believe that he did not make a mistake. In the Universal Canyon, we were trapped for so long, and only brother Mo found the way out. Otherwise, we'll still be stuck inside there. While there's acute wood energy here, but it's much more comfortable than that constricted canyon.

    Laughing, Jia Qi replied, "I naturally trust brother Mo, but blackstone can move...ah..."

    Jia Qi abruptly stopped mid sentence. It wasn't that she didn't want to continue, but she was completely stunned by the scene before her. Not only did it stun Jia Qi, but also Lou Chuanhe.

    In the location that they ust dug, row after row of blackstone lined up neatly, most of them in the shape of a snowflake. With a quick count, there were hundreds present.

    A few breaths later, Lou Chuanhe took in a deep breath, "This blackstone..."

    "There's not only a thousand here, it probably exceeds 10,000..." Jia Qi was excited to the point that her hands began shaking. At this point, even though her spiritual will could not penetrate much deeper, she knew that it was all blackstone below this.

    Finding one of such a blackstone mine would be enough.

    Lou Chuanhe shook his head, "No, not only 10,000, there could be even more than 100,000. I suspect that this is the true source of all blackstone in the Half Immortal Domain, and all other blackstone escapes from here."

    "That may not be true, after all this is over 20m below ground level. Perhaps there's much more blackstone more than 20m below the surface in the Half Immortal Domain and everyone hasn't found it yet."

    Jia Qi's spiritual will quickly swept past the areas that Mo Wuji was cultivating and Master Pu Zi was forging the battleship before carrying on, "Brother Lou, let's dig all of this blackstone up quickly. Once Master Pu Zi's battleship is complete we might have to get ready to cross the Immortal Chasm."

    "Ok." Lou Chuanhe replied, and thus they began to dig up blackstone wildly.


    On the outside of Mo Wuji's defensive array, an endless stream of spiritual energy was swept over, forming a raging river of energy. This spiritual energy flowed straight to the area that Mo Wuji was undergoing closed door cultivation at. There was no holding back at this place.

    As over a hundred spirit stone slags turned to dust and were swept to one side, Mo Wuji's cultivation level advanced into Worldly Immortal Stage Level 8. This was only the beginning, and hundreds of spirit stone slags were taken out once again. At this moment, all grades of spiritual energy surrounding him merged together and enveloped him completely, bringing his cultivation level ever closer to Worldly Immortal Stage Level 9 at a frightening pace.
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