Chapter 422: The Disappointing New Meridian

    Chapter 422: The Disappointing New Meridian

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    "Brother, there's actually someone cultivating here, and with such an insane aura?" Outside Mo Wuji's defensive array, two men suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

    Both men were like Mo Wuji previously, with a circle of fire around them. They had a tall physique, and had similar appearances. With a single look, you could see that they were brothers related by blood. The only distinguishing feature was that the guy that spoke was a little plump, while the person referred to as 'brother' was rather skinny.

    "This is definitely a top notch genius. If he's also at the Great Circle of Earthly Immortal Stage, by my estimates he'll undergo heavenly tribulation to advance to Heavenly Immortal Stage soon." The 'brother' responded.

    "I'm quite curious how this guy came here? Even if he could set up an array, it shouldn't be suddenly in such a location right? This is the deepest region of the Mining Area of Death." The plump cultivator frowned.

    To that, the elder brother chided back, "How many times have I told you, don't think that we're that impressive. Yes, we were able to get the seed of heart fire by a good stroke of luck. However, the universe is so vast, and us brothers are not the only people who encounter good opportunities. Are you sure that those that can come to this point do not have their own flame or tricks? Moreover, this guy's skill with arrays is many times greater than ours. At the very least i can't set up this sort of array."

    The younger brother seemed to be used to such a scolding, and replied nonchalantly, "Brother, do you think we should greet this guy? This person definitely does not dare to go to the Half Immortal Domain if he's hiding to cultivate here. We'll have strength in numbers. We've dug quite a lot of blackstone, but what can we do if we simply pile them up here?"

    After thinking for a while, the elder brother nodded his head, "You're right, but let's not disturb other people's cultivation. We'll set up a simple defensive array out here, and also a cave for cultivation. There's not many Colourless Leeches here, so this is a good place to wait for this guy to come out of closed door cultivation. If we can get on good terms with him, them let's form a group together. Otherwise, we'll leave."


    As time passed by, the spirit stone slags around Mo Wuji crumbled to dust one by one.

    Worldly Immortal Stage Level 10...

    Worldly Immortal Stage Level 11...

    When the thousand spirit stone slags that Mo Wuji threw out turned to dust as the previous ones did, his cultivation level charged into a Worldly Immortal Stage Level 12 without any obstructions.

    Without any hesitation, Mo Wuji took out all the remaining spirit stone slags. At this point, the 106 meridians in his body had already formed a much larger scale major circulation pathway.

    Originally, one spirit stone slag took a period of time before it shattered, but as Mo Wuji's reverse major circulation route formed, the surrounding spirit stone slags began popping one after another like bubbles.

    Intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage Level 12, advanced Worldly Immortal Stage Level 12...

    "Boom!" It seemed like something had burst open, and Mo Wuji felt as though as there were no obstructions in his body. His rate of absorbing spiritual energy rose by multiple times too.

    The Great Circle of Worldly Immortal Stage Level 12, and his 107th meridian had been forced open.

    "Crack crack crack crack!" At this instant, all of the spirit stone slags around him shattered together into a cloud of dust.

    Mo Wuji suddenly charged out of the cave, and left the defensive array.

    The next moment, rumbling noises appeared in the sky above the Mining Area of Death.

    "Boom! Crack crack crack!" Tens of lightning bolts rapidly shot down from the sky, aimed directly at Mo Wuji who had just exited the defensive array.


    "Brother, this guy is actually undergoing the Heavenly Immortal heavenly tribulation here? Does he not fear the people of the Immortal Domain?" The two cultivators by the side of Mo Wuji;s defensive array stared at Mo Wuji in the midst of the lightning storm.

    Shaking his head, the skinny brother replied, "Perhaps he hopes to enter the Immortal Domain though such a method. Isn't it rumored that those who advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage after the heavenly tribulation get the chance to enter the Immortal Domain?"

    "Brother Po Qin told us that the cultivators that successfully pass through the Heavenly Immortal heavenly tribulation are taken away by those from the Immortal Domain with bad intentions."

    "Who knows if they really have bad intentions? If brother Po Qin didn't say anything, we wouldn't know either." the skinny cultivator shook his head once more.

    "Then should we pass on this piece of news to him?" The younger brother looked at the lightning bolts in the sky and felt rather fearful. The strength of this lightning tribulation was a little to frightening.

    "Wait, why doesn't this look like a Heavenly Immortal's heavenly tribulation? Could this guy be undergoing the Earthly Immortal heavenly tribulation? That's a little too far fetched right?" The elder brother could sense that something was weird about Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation.

    The plump younger brother could feel the difference too, and continued after observing a while longer, "Brother, if this is his Earthly Immortal lightning tribulation...How could our own Earthly Immortal lightning tribulation even compare to this?"

    Both brothers had the seed of the heart fire, hence their Earthly Immortal lightning tribulation was already much stronger than ordinary cultivators. But now they found that Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation was many times stronger than theirs.

    "We should wait here until after he has completed the heavenly tribulation, then we'll go to greet him. This guy is not simple. No matter what, we'll pass on brother Po Qin's message to him." As the lightning bolts that enveloped Mo Wuji became thicker, the elder brother's expression turned more stern.


    Such a oppressive aura for heavenly tribulation even startled Master Pu Zi who was within the battleship, much less Jia Qi and Lou Chuanhe who were mining for blackstone outside.

    "Brother Mo is undergoing his Earthly Immortal lightning tribulation...:" Lou Chuanhe was the first to charge out from him small mine. This patch of blackstone was far too big, and on top of that blackstone was extremely difficult to dig, thus after a year of digging, they were still unable to completely mine out all of the blackstone in the area.

    Other than the initial agitation, mining blackstone soon became a mundane task.

    "Master Pu Zi, you're done forging the battleship?" Jia Qi came charging out as well. No matter how precious something is, once you obtained a certain number of it, its value in your eyes would fall too. What's more, at that point in time, they only knew that blackstone could be used to exchange for spirit stone slags and Wood Dissolving Pills.

    "It's basically complete. Is dao friend Mo undergoing the Heavenly Immortal lightning tribulation? It's a little too strong isn't it?" Master Pu Zi gave a half hearted reply, before turning back to Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation and sighing.

    "Eh, since when did these people appear outside?" Up till this point in time, Master Pu Zi did not notice the two brothers who were observing Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation from the outside.

    Lou Chuanhe chuckled, "Master Pu Zi, these two men have been here for almost a year. I believe that they are waiting for brother Mo to come out from closed door cultivation and do not mean any harm..."

    In Mo Wuji's defensive array, there were concealment arrays too, so people from the outside could not observe what was happening on the inside, while those on the inside could clearly see the former.

    "..." It seemed like Master Pu Zi did not hear Lou Chuanhe's words, and he suddenly rushed to the location where Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi were mining blackstone.

    For a whole year, he had been completely focused on the battleship, without a care for what happened elsewhere. Hence, now that he saw the blackstone mine, why wouldn't he be shocked?

    "Master Pu Zi, the amount of blackstone in here is extremely shocking. Brother Lou and I have dug for over a year, and we're still not done. I'm not sure how many there are in here exactly." Jia Qi explained by Master Pu Zi's side.

    Staring a little longer at the blackstone mine before him, Master Pu Zi finally spoke, "Impressive."

    To this, Jia Qi did not respond, as she understood the meaning behind Master Pu Zi's words. He did not mean that she and Lou Chuanhe were impressive, but that Mo Wuji was impressive.

    "Let's go to watch dao friend Mo undergo his heavenly tribulation first." Master Pu Zi suddenly spoke with sentiment. At this point, he had even more faith in his heart than when he was forging the battleship.

    In a mere year's time, Mo Wuji could charge from Worldly Immortal Stage to Earthly Immortal Stage. Even if he was previously at the peak of Worldly Immortal Stage, it was not a simple feat to ignite the Earthly Immortal lightning tribulation within a year.

    Since Mo Wuji was already that strong of a Worldly Immortal, what Master Pu Zi wanted to know was how much stronger he would get after advancing to Earthly Immrotal Stage.

    "Boom boom boom!" Thick bolts of lightning completely stunned the three of them. If Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation was considered strong before, it was understandable, but the strength of the lightning bolts that Mo Wuji was facing now was just beyond their imagination.

    "Could this be a Heavenly Immortal lightning tribulation?" Lou Chuanhe asked while in shock. He had also undergone the Earthly Immortal lightning tribulation before, but it was the complete opposite of Mo Wuji's.

    With a stern tone, Master Pu Zi replied, "No, dao friend Mo is still undergoing the Earthly Immortal lightning tribulation. I've seen a Heavenly Immortal lightning tribulation before, and it's not like this. It's not that this is not strong enough, but it's lacking the presence of some immortal dao."

    "This is too strong." Jia Qi exclaimed. If she faced such a lightning tribulation, she would probably perish.


    Mo Wuji's lightning tribulation seemed endless, as wave after wave of lightning bolts seemingly engulfed the entirety of his body. But this only caused him bones and muscles to hurt, and did not pose a fatal threat. Moreover, the spiritual energy that came with the lightning tribulation served as a source of constant replenishment for him as he charged at full speed towards the realm of an Earthly Immortal.

    "Crack crack crack!" As another few tens of thick lightning bolts landed on Mo Wuji, the barrier between Worldly and Earthly Immortal shattered, causing his cultivation level to rise rapidly.

    All of the surrounding spiritual energy was sucked into him, and he soon stabilised at the Earthly Immortal Stage . As though as they could sense Mo Wuji's ascension to Earthly Immortal Stage, the lightning bolts began to ease up, and lost the wildness that came with the initial few strikes.

    At the moment, Mo Wuji clenched his fists tightly, even forgetting to continue stabilising his cultivation level, as the function of his 107th meridian made him both agitated and disappointed.

    The 107th meridian was actually a vitality channel which could contain an endless amount of vitality. Even if he fell in battle, as long as his vitality channel was still intact, he would still have the chance to live on. That's right, he indeed did not possess a primordial spirit, so once his body died, he would die for real. However, things were different now, as he had an additional vitality channel, which was much more useful that a primordial spirit.

    The only disappointment was that he did not open this vitality channel earlier, otherwise, would Shuyin still have died? With the vitality channel, he could have saved Shuyin's spirit before it shattered. But now, he could only regret.

    Now, the last lightning bolt disappeared as well. Sensing Mo Wuji's oppressive aura, not a single Colourless Leech would dare to approach him even if he did not have the defensive layer of heavenly fire.
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