Chapter 423: Immortal-Traversing Ship

    Chapter 423: Immortal-Traversing Ship

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    "Big brother, that person actually managed to pass such a strong lightning calamity. And that crazy absorption of spiritual energy, is he not afraid of the acute wood energy here? Doesn't he know that Wood Dissolving Pills could only hold back, but not completely stop the woodification of spirit channels?" This slightly fat cultivator had been observing Mo Wuji's tribulation anxiously, and now that Mo Wuji had passed the lightning calamity, this cultivator was rather confused.

    The other cultivator shook his head, "I don't know what's the case either. Perhaps he has some way to resolve the acute wood energy. In the history of Half Immortal Domain, have any of the people that could undergo tribulation been simple? Moreover, this person is even undergoing his tribulation in the Mining Area of Death, but did you see him being affected by the Colourless Leeches?

    The lightning clouds above the Mining Area of Death had already dispersed, Mo Wuji had also already changed into a new set of clothes and landed in front of these two cultivators. With 5,000 spirit stone slags, coupled with the spiritual energy from the Mining Area of Death, Mo Wuji was able to break through from Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7 to Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1; Mo Wuji was already very satisfied.

    "Is there any reason why you're looking for me?" Mo Wuji only needed a single gaze at the defensive array around these two people to know that they have already been here for a long time.

    "Tong Cheng greets this dao friend. This is my younger brother, Tong Ye. Because we've always been here in the Mining Area of Death, we are filled with admiration for this dao friend to be able to cultivate here. We wanted to get acquainted with you," The slightly thinner cultivator hurriedly clasped his fists and said to Mo Wuji.

    Inside, he was actually filled with shock; Mo Wuji's speed was so fast. The tribulation seemed like it had just ended but Mo Wuji had already appeared in front of him, and had even changed into a new set of clothes.

    "Tong Ye greets this dao friend." The slightly fatter younger brother was filled with admiration towards Mo Wuji. To be able to install such a huge array here, and to even undergo tribulation, Mo Wuji was simply a god-like existence.

    Mo Wuji nodded. He could also guess that these two people did not have any evil intentions, otherwise, they wouldn't publicly install their array right outside of his. Just to befriend him, they had stayed and waited here for an entire year; this was the first time that Mo Wuji had seen such a thing.

    "I'm called Mo Wuji. Your flames are rather special." After Mo Wuji returned the greetings, his gaze landed on the two's defenses.

    Mo Wuji had interacted with heavenly fire before, but these two brother's flames seemed to be a different kind of flame from heavenly fire. If not for his sensitivity to flames, he would not have noticed this.

    With a simple will from Tong Cheng, the flames suddenly got more intense. From its dark red surface, its temperature could not be seen. But from its terrifying aura, Mo Wuji could still feel it.

    "Dao Friend Mo, it was by chance that us brothers managed to obtain a heart fire seed. After milleniums of nurturing, we finally have today's results. Compared to dao friend's heavenly fire, our heart fire is still far away," After stimulating his flames, Tong Cheng said humbly.

    "These flames are indeed very strong. The two of you, please wait for awhile. I still have some friends in my array, after I discuss with them, I would invite the two of you into my array." Mo Wuji was very clear of the purpose behind why Tong Cheng demonstrated the power of his fire: these two brothers must also have offended someone in Half Immortal Domain. Thus, they were unable to go back. Showing his flames was also a demonstration of his strength, indicating that the two of them had sufficient abilities to become Mo Wuji's comrades."

    "Dao Friend Mo, please." Tong Cheng clasped his fists once more.

    Mo Wuji turned and entered his own array. Within his array, Master Pu Zi was still completing his battleship. Whether it was completed or not, he couldn't casually let it be seen by other people.

    "Dao Friend Mo, your lightning calamity was too ferocious." The moment Mo Wuji entered the array, Master Pu Zi chortled and welcomed him.

    To him, the stronger Mo Wuji was, the better.

    "Congratulations Junior Mo." Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi also came to congratulate Mo Wuji's ascension to an Earthly Immortal.

    Mo Wuji smiled and was about to speak, however, his spiritual will suddenly noticed the blackstone mine not faraway. He immediately said in shock, "This blackstone mine is actually so amazing?"

    "Right, Junior Jia Qi and I have already dug up close to 1,000,000 blackstones, and there's still many more. This could really be the biggest blackstone mine in Half Immortal Domain," Lou Chuanhe said excitedly.

    Mo Wuji knew that this blackstone mine was filled, but he never expected it to reach such a degree. From the looks of it, they did not need to go elsewhere to excavate for blackstone. Previously, inviting Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi was indeed the right choice. Otherwise, he wouldn't have so much time to excavate blackstone.

    "Master Pu Zi..." However, Mo Wuji did not care too much about the blackstone, it was something that he could easily find. What he cared about was his battleship. He only said the three words "Master Pu Zi" before being drawn away by a glorious battleship by the side.

    Before Master Pu Zi even said anything, Mo Wuji had already lifted his feet and jumped onto the battleship, extending his hand to caress the cold surface of the cannon fort.

    The exterior of the battleship exuded a faint cold energy; multiple runes joined together to form various kinds of magical arrays.

    "Dao Friend Mo, the battleship has already been completed. It's only waiting for you to install the various cannons," Master Pu Zi said contentedly by the side.

    Even though the majority of the battleship was already done, he had still spent an entire year to fully complete it.

    Mo Wuji walked to the control panel of the battleship; there were at least ten handles here. He extended his hand and pulled on the "Cut" handle, but there did not seem to be any reaction.

    Walking to Mo Wuji's side, Master Pu Zi explained, "Dao Friend Mo, this "Cut" is one of the close ranged attacks of the battleship. It's just that we don't have a power source, so we can't display its power."

    "Not only does this battleship have far-ranged attacks, it even has closed-ranged attacks?" Mo Wuji uttered in pleasant surprise; his satisfaction towards this battleship raised by a few points.

    Master Pu Zi said proudly, "That's of course. Otherwise, what do we do in a close-ranged battle? The moment we have a power source, when we pull the "Cut" handle, two huge cross knives will come out from the two wings of the battleship. The battleship then can easily use the cross knives to cut other battleships in half.

    Besides the cross knives, the battleship's closed-ranged capabilities still include the "Laser" handle, "Lightning" handle..."

    "What's the power source of this battleship?" Mo Wuji's tone was urgent.

    When Master Pu Zi heard Mo Wuji's question, his expression dimmed as he said, "It uses spirit stone slags, and it's no small amount. I estimate that for us to traverse the Immortal Chasm, we would need tens of millions of spirit stone slags, and that's still a conservative estimate."

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk, even though Master Pu Zi didn't say it, he could also guess that spirit stone slags weren't the most optimal power source for the battleship. It was just that the best power source they could find currently was the spirit stone slag.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's silence, Master Pu Zi was also very helpless. The spirit stone slags were from the Immortal Realm, and this was not a problem that they could solve. To reach the Immortal Realm, they would need to traverse the Immortal Chasm. But to traverse the Immortal Chasm, they needed spirit stone slags. Thus, the vicious cycle.

    "Dao Friend Mo, I've helped you forge your flying car." Master Pu Zi brought out a flying car the size of a palm and handed it to Mo Wuji. He did not wish for Mo Wuji to be dispirited over the problem of the power source. After all, this also affected his own fate.

    This was a true peak grade flying treasure. Master Pu Zi had stayed in Half Immortal Domain for a long time; he had participated in the completion of the battleship, and had also developed the storage ring that could store blackstone. Even though he had never interacted with immortal equipments, the flying treasure that he forged was already much better than a top grade spiritual equipment.

    Holding the flying car in his hand, Mo Wuji was once again reminded on Shuyin. The flying car was incomparably exquisite, almost exactly the same as the one that Shuyin gave him.

    Mo Wuji silently kept the flying car. After some time, he finally said, "Master Pu Zi, wait till we collect enough spirit stone slags before we install the cannons."

    Installing the cannons was very simple. However, since they didn't have any spirit stone slags, even if they installed the cannons, they wouldn't get the battleship to move.

    "Junior Mo, since the battleship has been completed, why don't you name it." Lou Chuanhe's words pulled Mo Wuji back from his emotions.

    "Right, since this battleship will help us to traverse across the Immortal Chasm, I must come up with a name for it. Let me think..." Mo Wuji pondered for a brief moment before continuing, "This battleship will be called the Immortal-Traversing Ship."

    "This name is not bad, expressing our determination to traverse the Immortal Chasm," Master Pu Zi said promptly.

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and kept the battleship. At the same time, he pulled out an array flag, opening the array. He shouted to the Tong brothers, "Two dao friends, please come in."

    Even though they had to wait for quite a long time, Tong Cheng and Tong Ye did not mind. After spending years in the Mining Area of Death, their patience had far exceeded an average person. Otherwise, the two of them wouldn't have simply stayed outside Mo Wuji's array for a year.

    "Eh, you're Master Pu Zi?" The moment Tong Cheng entered, he noticed Master Pu Zi and uttered in shock.

    Master Pu Zi felt that Tong Cheng and Tong Ye were rather familiar. However, he did not know the two's name. Seeing that the two people recognised him, he hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "I'm Pu Zi, may I know the two of you are?"

    Tong Cheng hurriedly replied,"We've once accepted the pointers of Master Bo Qin. Master Bo Qin talks a lot about you."

    "Bo Qin? He's still around?" Glee emerged in Master Pu Zi's eyes as he continued to ask urgently.

    Tong Cheng's expression dimmed, "Master Bo Qin has been forced by Meng Tianyu into this Mining Area of Death. When we first met Master Bo Qin, his spirit channels have already been completed woodified by the Colourless Leech."

    Master Pu Zi sighed. After some time, he said to Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Mo, this Dao Friend Bo Qin was with me when I first started to complete the Immortal-Traversing Ship. Since he was pursued by Meng Tianyu, if I'm not wrong, Meng Tianyu must have had informants."

    Originally, when Tong Cheng and Tong Ye saw that Master Pu Zi was also in the array, they thought that Master Pu Zi was the leader of this group of people. But now when they heard Master Pu Zi explain to Mo Wuji, the two knew that Mo Wuji was actually the leader.

    "Ah... So many blackstones..." Tong Ye's spiritual will had already seen the blackstone ores, and he cried out in exclamation. At the same time, Tong Cheng had also seen the blackstone ores and he was incomparably shocked. Even though they knew that so many blackstones could not be taken away, they were still surprised.

    "If the two of you are hiding here, you should have offended someone in Half Immortal Domain?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    Fortunately, Tong Cheng and Tong Ye had been in the Mining Area of Death for many years, and they had seen several huge blackstone mines. After a brief moment of shock, they recovered their calm. Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Tong Cheng sighed, "Yes, we brothers have offended Hong Fuji. This fella also has a nickname, called Lord Axe..."
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