Chapter 424: Returning to The Half Immortal Domain

    Chapter 424: Returning to The Half Immortal Domain

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    Mo Wuji smiled, "These two dao friends are like me. I have also offended Hong Fuji, which is why I'm here."

    "Then let's team up with one another, we have six people here, I believe that we have a chance of survival if we leave the Mining Area of Death," Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Tong Ye said excitedly. There was one sentence he did not say however. Even if they didn't leave the Mining Area of Death, they would still be able to survive in this huge array of Mo Wuji's.

    Jia Qi looked at Tong Ye, thinking: This fella sure is straightforward.

    Mo Wuji agreed, "I think the same. Strength come from numbers. I don't intend to continue staying in the Mining Area of Death, I'm prepared to excavate these blackstones and return to Half Immortal Domain. Do you two dare to follow me back?"

    Tong Cheng and Tong Ye glanced at each other; Tong Cheng was hesitating slightly. He was very clear of Hong Fuji's power. Not only that, Hong Fuji had ties with Guang Quan. The moment they entered Half Immortal Domain, they might get trapped and it would be hard for them to escape again.

    "Big brother, if we must die, we must die with glory. We've stayed in the Mining Area of Death for so long. Every time, we must sneakily find people to exchange for some Wood Dissolving Pills. Continuing any further is just dragging out an ignoble existence. I agree with Dao Friend Mo, to go back to Half Immortal Domain. What can that Hong Fuji do to us? We've also not wasted the past few years doing nothing," Tong Ye saw his bigger brother hesitating and immediately said loudly.

    Tong Cheng understood the meaning behind Tong Ye's words; over these few years, the two brothers had learnt several strong fire-type skills while they were in the Mining Area of Death. These were also their hidden cards. And Tong Ye was right; the Colourless Leeches in the Mining Area of Death couldn't do anything to them, but the acute wood energy was still unbearable. Even if they didn't cultivate, the acute wood energy would still seep deeper and deeper into their spirit channels.

    "Alright, us brothers will follow Brother Mo back to Half Immortal Domain. Since we've decided to go on this path, why would we need to hesitate. Those years ago, Dao Lord Wu had killed the Heavenly Immortal Feng Cai but he's still alive. Even though we can't compare to Dao Lord Wu, it doesn't mean that we don't dare to even return back to Half Immortal Domain." Tong Cheng firmed his decision and said resolutely.

    "Alright, I believe that the two of you won't be disappointed." Mo Wuji was also very happy, he had won himself two strong comrades.

    By comrades, Mo Wuji wasn't referring to comrades for a battle in Half Immortal Domain. Honestly, he really didn't put Hong Fuji in his eyes at all. Now that he was in Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1, killing Hong Fuji wasn't very difficult. His skills and sacred arts were very different, as long as he reached a certain level, he wouldn't be killed simply because he was surrounded. Back when he was surrounded by billions of space beasts, didn't he still turn out fine?

    When the time comes, even if Hong Fuji gathers more Earthly Immortal experts, he would still kill without mercy. To survive in Half Immortal Domain, wasn't it just a simple display of power. If Hong Fuji wanted to deal with Mo Wuji, then he can send his forces over, Mo Wuji won't retreat a single step.

    Actually, the comrades that Mo Wuji was thinking of were the comrades for the Immortal-Traversing Ship. With him controlling the Immortal-Traversing Ship, he would still need some people to assist him. With the Tong brothers, he would have an additional layer of force. However, if the two Tong brothers did not even dare to return to Half Immortal Domain, then Mo Wuji wouldn't even have considered them. Even if they worked together, Mo Wuji would not bring them on board his Immortal-Traversing Ship.

    "It's unfortunate about the blackstone here. If Dao Lord Wu is still around, he would definitely have been able to dig them all out." Tong Ye thought that Mo Wuji was going to leave immediately, hence, he looked at the blackstone mine reluctantly.

    Master Pu Zi explained by the side, "Those years ago, Dao Lord Wu had killed a Heavenly Immortal expert. From that expert, he managed to obtain a storage ring which could also store blackstone."

    Lou Chuanhe chuckled, "The two of you don't have to be worried, we also have rings which can store blackstone. These two rings were forged by Master Pu Zi."

    When Tong Cheng heard these words, he was instantly enlivened, "Master Bo Qin was right. Master Pu Zi is indeed able of forging rings which can store blackstones. This sort of forging techniques, is no lesser than immortal smiths. We brothers have also managed to dig some blackstones over the years, we want to borrow the master's ring to store those blackstones..."

    After spending so many years in the Mining Area of Death, coupled with their ability to scan up to 9 meters into the black soil, the Tong brothers have accumulated more than 10,000 blackstones.

    These blackstones had been hidden within the black soil. Even though the Tong brothers had installed an array, after some time, some of the blackstones would still escape.

    Master Pu Zi did not answer, but turned to face Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji did not even think as he said, "Dao Friend Jia Qi, pass one of the rings to Dao Friend Tong Cheng. Let them store his blackstones. We will excavate all the blackstone here, then head back to Half Immortal Domain."

    When they heard Mo Wuji's words, the two brothers were filled with admiration. This was indeed a forthright man. A ring that could store blackstone was casually lent to them. He didn't even ask them when they would return, nor did he send anyone to follow them.

    Since Mo Wuji was so magnanimous, Tong Cheng naturally wouldn't be petty. He did not get Tong Ye to follow him, but instructed Tong Ye to help excavate the blackstone. Thereafter, he left the array alone to get his blackstones.


    Just two days later, Tong Cheng returned back to the array. He even took the initiative to pass the ring to Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji scanned the ring briefly with his spiritual will; Tong Cheng had brought over more than 10,000 blackstones. In Half Immortal Domain, this would be an astronomical number.


    The six continued to dig with all their efforts. The effect wasn't a simple addition of numbers. The most difficult part about digging blackstone was the restorative powers of the soil. Sometimes, they would dig 30 centimeters down, but before they could dig a second time, 2 inches would have already been recovered.

    Now that there were six people digging, this blackstone mine was soon broken down. In merely half a month, the entire blackstone mine had disappeared.

    Including the blackstones that Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi dug previously, they managed to obtain over 1,300,000 blackstones. The Tong brothers indicated that they were not interested in it. After all, before they came, already 1,000,000 blackstones had been excavated. To them, as long as Mo Wuji could help them bring their own blackstones away, it would be enough.

    "We can return back to Half Immortal Domain." Mo Wuji waved his hand and sent back the piles of black soil back to fill the holes.

    In this half a month, his cultivation at Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1 had fully stabilised.


    Multiple days later.

    An ordinary flying ship stopped outside of Half Immortal Domain. No one cared about this flying ship; there were too many of such flying ships.

    Many of the cultivators that go to the allocated mining areas would not board the Half Immortal Domain's flying ship, but ride their own flying treasures.

    However, the person who alighted from the flying ship was quickly recognised.

    "Isn't that the newbie Mo Wuji from those years ago?" One of the cultivators that just walked out of Half Immortal Domain uttered in shock.

    Mo Wuji was not famous, but the things that he did were too notorious. It's said that he was adept with arrays, and he actually destroyed the immortal estate of a person within Half Immortal Domain, heavily injuring this cultivator, then stealing all his things.

    This matter had enraged the Half Immortal Domain's Lord Axe. As a result, Lord Axe issued a wanted poster throughout Half Immortal Domain, all for Mo Wuji's name.

    It didn't matter who. If they could find traces of Mo Wuji, they would be rewarded with 300 spirit stone slags.

    300 spirit stone slags ah, how many blackstones were required to exchange for this? Even in the underground exchange, it would require at least 20 blackstones.

    Clearly, it wasn't just this one cultivator that recognised Mo Wuji. In a short period of time, Mo Wuji and co. were being stared at by many cultivators. However, none of these cultivators acted against them. Even though 300 spirit stone slags were a lot, it would not be enough to selling their lives to Lord Axe.

    If they could enter Half Immortal Domain, which of these cultivators were fools? What destruction of a cultivator's immortal estate? What robbing of that cultivator? These were clearly excuses found by Lord Axe. It all boiled down to the fact that this Mo Wuji had offended Lord Axe.

    A cultivator that could even offend Lord Axe, how could he be a weakling? Who would want to fight with him for that bit of spirit stone slags? Moreover, this person was accompanied by five others. If he dared to return, it meant that he wasn't afraid of Lord Axe.

    "Dao Friend Lang Hao, go back and tell Sect Head Feng that I need his help with something. I will find time to visit Sect Head Feng." Mo Wuji did not mind that he was under the scrutiny of many cultivators, as he clasped his fists and spoke to Lang Hao who was in the crowd.

    He needed too many spirit stone slags. Not only would he visit Sect Head Feng, he would also visit the heads of the other groups.

    Lang Hao shook his head speechlessly, and did not answer Mo Wuji's words. There was no need to talk about a Worldly Immortal like Mo Wuji, even Jia Qi, had been abandoned by the Longevity Sect because of Hong Fuji.

    "I'm afraid you don't have the chance. If I, Hong Fuji, let you go today, I don't deserve to stay in Half Immortal Domain." A cold voice could be heard. The vicious Lord Axe was currently walking out of Half Immortal Domain. Previously, he did not offer any rewards for catching Mo Wuji was because he knew that it would be difficult for these cultivators to catch Mo Wuji. He was afraid of acting rashly and alerting the energy.

    Behind him, were at least ten people. Besides Xi Sha who Mo Wuji had used his Tian Ji Pole against, Mo Wuji also recognised that middle-aged man with an abacus and that pretty and delicate woman. As for the others, Mo Wuji did not even recognise one of them.

    Hong Fuji could actually be considered a handsome man. Unfortunately, his triangle eyes spoiled his appearance.

    "Hong Fuji, big words would only choke you. Today, not only would Dao Friend Mo teach you a lesson, us Tong brothers would want to find you to collect some old debts." Tong Ye stepped forward and said with contempt.

    "Eh..." Hong Fuji's attention had always been on Mo Wuji. The humiliation that Mo Wuji left him, had never been forgotten. So, he couldn't even be bothered to care about the people by Mo Wuji's side. Now that Tong Ye had spoken, he finally got Hong Fuji's attention.

    Instants later, he finally recognised Tong Ye. He chortled, "So it's my lucky day. Ku Ya, go and tell Alliance Head Meng that the two fellas that saved Bo Qin from his hands hadn't died in the Mining Area of Death, but have returned."

    "Yes." The pretty girl beside Hong Fuji responded and left swiftly.

    "Friends, make way. Today, I, Hong Fuji, will collect this blood debt." As Lord Axe spoke, he took a step forward and landed in front of Mo Wuji. At the same time, the ten over Earthly Immortals behind him had surrounded Mo Wuji and co.
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