Chapter 425: The Strong Newbie

    Chapter 425: The Strong Newbie

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    Lord Axe swung out the giant axe from his back and stared coldly at Mo Wuji; he was waiting for Mo Wuji to beg for his life. When Mo Wuji was begging or finding an excuse, he would attack. This would send pleasure throughout his body; a glee that seemed to expel all the unhappiness inside him. Of course, no matter what flowery words Mo Wuji would say, he would treat it as dogs farts.

    What was out of Lord Axe's expectation was, Mo Wuji did not even utter half a word of nonsense. His Tian Ji Pole formed boundless pole shadows, and he even formed dense numbers of lightning swords.

    The moment Mo Wuji acted, the Tong brothers and Lou Chuanhe immediately attacked. The Tong brothers each raised a dark red fire dragon, sending the two dragons towards two of the experts surrounding them. Lou Chuanhe's sword qi swept towards that middle-aged man holding the abacus. Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi did not move, but each took one of Mo Wuji's side, staring at Lord Axe.

    Before the six came here, they had already decided on this battle formation. Mo Wuji did not hide anything as he told everyone that he had a boundless lightning sword skill. The Tong brothers' heart fire was very strong, so they could each engage in battle, while Lou Chuanhe only needed to hold back that middle-aged man with the abacus.

    From Mo Wuji's perspective, this middle-aged man was following closely behind Lord Axe, he would definitely have some hidden methods. Thus, Mo Wuji needed Lou Chuanhe to tie him down. As for Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi, except for helping Mo Wuji block off some attacks, they had to pay attention for any sneak attacks from Lord Axe. The two of them didn't need to attack.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The boundless lightning rain, no, it should be the boundless lightning swords descended.

    Mo Wuji managed to merge the Boundless Lightning Rain skill with his Lightning Sword skill. The lightning descending downwards, was no longer lightning bolts, but lightning swords.

    The damage of his lightning bolts were already as powerful as heavenly tribulation. It could be said that except for cultivators with lightning-type spiritual roots, most cultivators were the most afraid of lightning attacks. To cultivate was indeed to seek the heavenly daos. However, to cultivate the dao was diametrically opposing the heavenly daos; to violate the heavenly daos would naturally incur the wrath of lightning from the Heavens. It was also because of this, that many cultivators would get turned to ash during their tribulations.

    The damage of his lightning bolts were already very huge. But now that he changed it to lightning swords, the damage had increased by multiple folds.

    Mo Wuji did not merely create his own unique cultivation technique, he also opened up other paths to cultivation. Right from the start, his opening of meridians was inseparable from lightning. Even before he properly started to cultivate, he had already suffered from countless lightning attacks.

    Following his growth in cultivation, his lightning attacks also got stronger. At this moment, with his boundless lightning rain changed to boundless lightning swords, he was actually able to trap 10 people by himself.

    The lightning continued to roar. The cultivators surrounding Mo Wuji continuously whipped out their magic treasures to defend against these treacherous lightning. Except for the extreme few that still had the ability to occasionally attack Mo Wuji, most of the cultivators surrounding Mo Wuji could only preserve themselves.

    "Boom! Ka!"

    The sounds of explosions of during the clash of various elemental energy and magic treasures reverberated outside Half Immortal Domain. The cultivators that were spectating the battle hurriedly made their retreat. In this sort of battle, if they were careless, they might be swept in.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji was too lazy to even utter a single word as he attacked immediately, Lord Axe was angered to the point where smoke seemed to be billowing out his nostrils. His giant axe formed a huge 30 meter long axe light, which he swung towards Mo Wuji.

    "Pui! Pui!" Most of the lightning swords had been blocked, but there were still ten of them which pierced through the bodies of the cultivators. A few cultivators that were not experienced with battles had directly been pinned to the ground by the lightning sword.

    At the same time, the Tong brothers' huge fire dragons had enveloped and dragged the two nearest cultivators into their spatial domain.

    The thin Xi Sha had been waiting for Lord Axe to give the orders. He also never expected that Mo Wuji would be the first to attack. Immediately, he discovered that Mo Wuji's boundless pole shadows were not targeted at other people, but him alone. Towards the other people, Mo Wuji had merely used his lightning sword skill.

    "Boom bam boom boom!" The thin knife in Xi Sha's hand suddenly expanded, directly forming countless knife shadows. These knife shadows were indeed able to block Mo Wuji's boundless pole shadows, but those pole shadows were fake. Just like the previous time, the Tian Ji Pole pierced through his back, pinning him to the ground.

    At this instant, he felt like his heart had turned to dust. Previously, he thought that Mo Wuji had ambushed him. If it was in a straight up battle, even if he couldn't compare to Mo Wuji, he wouldn't be much worse off.

    Now, he finally understood. When compared to Mo Wuji, he wasn't even worth a single fingernail. Moreover, this person had even overestimated him, specially using the Tian Ji Pole to deal with him alone.

    In actuality, Xi Sha was right; Mo Wuji had indeed overestimated Xi Sha. He thought that a fella that stayed beside Lord Axe must have his own special skills. For example, that middle-aged man with the abacus, Xi Sha with his thin knife, as well as that pretty woman that did not talk much. According to his original plan, Mo Wuji wanted to use his Tian Ji Pole to deal with both Xi Sha and that woman. But now that the woman had left, his Tian Ji Pole attacked Xi Sha alone; Xi Sha was defeated in seconds.

    Mo Wuji didn't even bother about the huge axe light booming towards him; he believed that Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi would help him resolve it. Indeed, it was just as Mo Wuji expected; Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi had helped Mo Wuji block Lord Axe's attack.

    Mo Wuji continuously formed complex hand signs; the boundless lightning sword rain continued to descend, taking the lives of cultivators.

    Just as Mo Wuji intended to pull that Abacus into his lightning sword domain, he saw Lou Chuanhe's figure flash. His body which was originally standing in mid-air suddenly plummeted down.

    Mo Wuji received a huge shock; multiple abacus beads formed a grey bead sword in mid-air, whizzing towards Lou Chuanhe's forehead. Mo Wuji no longer cared about raining down his lightning swords, he did not even use his Tian Ji Pole, as he waved his hand and performed his spatial imprisonment.

    The spatial imprisonment was only able to slow the bead sword by a bit, but this bit was enough for Mo Wuji. He lifted his hand and pulled Lou Chuanhe to the side, then he took one step into mid air and punched downwards.

    He knew this fella called Abacus was very impressive, which was why he had Lou Chuanhe deal with him. However, Mo Wuji never expected this fella to be strong to such a degree. Lou Chuanhe had merely engaged in a short exchange with him, but with already almost heavily injured.

    Abacus saw that his bead sword had turned slightly sluggish and he immediately knew that something wasn't good. At this time, his skill had already taken effect, he would not be able to change anything in that instant. When he saw Mo Wuji take a step forward, he was even more sure that things would not go well.

    He was not extremely clear about Mo Wuji's abilities, but he understood one thing, Mo Wuji could teleport space. Now that Mo Wuji had taken a step forward, what did it mean?

    Abacus was experienced with battles; he did not think any further as he frantically retreated.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji landed at Abacus's former location; with his one punch, he destroyed Abacus's silhouette.

    As he observed this scene from afar, Abacus still had lingering fears. If he was just a bit later, this punch of Mo Wuji would have crushed his body into meat juice. He sighed in his heart, even though Lord Axe had several people by his side, the number of experts were truly too little.

    "Boom boom boom!" Mo Wuji did not even chase after him, but continued to form his lightning sword rain.

    "Stop!" A voice resounded. Thereafter, a sharp light shot towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji twisted his hand, and that sharp light simply vanished into mid air.

    Mo Wuji knew that an expert had arrived, but he had yet to achieve his goals. His figure flashed as he prepared to continue attacking Lord Axe.

    Even though Lord Axe was dealing with Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi by himself, he still had the upper hand. However, he was only able to oppress Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi. If he wanted to kill them, it would be impossible in a short period of time.

    When Mo Wuji's figure flashed over, he did not even think as he urgently retreated.

    Just now, he had been blocked by Master Pu Zi and Jia Qi, which caused his attack to be blocked. However, his eyes were not blind; he had seen Mo Wuji's prowess clearly, and Mo Wuji was not even afraid of fighting with groups.

    The short battle had stopped and there were also more cultivators spectating. However, at this instant, the whole area was in silence. Mo Wuji's ferociously combat abilities had left shock in all of their hearts.

    Including himself, Lord Axe had brought a total of 17 people, just to surround six people on Mo Wuji's side.

    Now, the short battle had ended. Excluding Lord Axe and Abacus, 10 of the other 15 people had died, and an extremely notorious figure had been pinned to the ground by Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole. The other four people all carried heavy injuries, and even though the battle had ended, these four people still had fear lingering in their eyes.

    Everyone had seen the battle clearly, Mo Wuji, alone, had killed eight people, and all these eight people were killed by lightning swords without exception. The heavily injured people were also in their states because of Mo Wuji's lightning sword. That Xi Sha that was pinned on the ground, was also because of Mo Wuji's actions.

    Lord Axe had been blocked by two people on Mo Wuji's side, and was of no threat to Mo Wuji. Those two cultivators that used their flames had killed a cultivator each.

    On Mo Wuji's side, except for one person who got injured, the others were fine. It could be said that if not for the Dao Lord's sudden appearance, Lord Axe's entire force might have been routed.

    None of them could not be shocked; Mo Wuji's lightning sword was a simply a nemesis for cultivators. The moment they were struck heavily, even their primordial spirits would find it hard to escape. Everyone guessed that Mo Wuji should be a lightning-type cultivator, and an extremely strong one at that.

    Lord Axe looked at the survivors on his side, as well as the pinned Xi Sha; his lips started quivering. He knew that Mo Wuji was not bad, but he never thought that Mo Wuji would be this strong. After all, this fella was a newbie that had just come to Half Immortal Domain for a few years.

    At this moment, he was feeling regret. He should have listened to Ku Ya's words, but he couldn't take any pills for regret.

    It wasn't just Lord Axe and the cultivators of Half Immortal Domain that were shocked; even Master Pu Zi and the Tong brothers were stunned. They knew that Mo Wuji's combat powers were strong, but they never thought that Mo Wuji could deal with an advanced Earthly Immortal in seconds.

    The Tong brothers glanced at each other and felt some lingering fears. Previously, the two of them had dared to camp outside of Mo Wuji's array because they believed that even if Mo Wuji didn't want to befriend them, they still wouldn't have a need to worry. But now, they know that it would not have been very difficult if Mo Wuji wanted to kill them.

    "May I ask if this friend is Dao Friend Mo Wuji?" A cultivator dressed as a monk clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji guessed that this fella should be the Half Immortal Domain's Dao Lord Guang Quan. Just now, it was this fella that saved these fish that escaped from the net. If not for him, the only people that would have survived would probably just be Lord Axe and Abacus.
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