Chapter 426: I Dont Even Know How To Read Books

    Chapter 426: I Don't Even Know How To Read Books

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    "Who are you?" Mo Wuji's tone was icy cold. Even though he knew that the other party was the Dao Lord of Half Immortal Domain, he still remained dauntless.

    This fella's cultivation was higher than his, but even if it was higher, they were both in the same stage - Earthly Immortal Stage. As the founder of the of meridian cultivation without spiritual roots, if he were to fear a cultivator at the same stage, then wouldn't he be disgracing himself as a founder? If he had to fear a cultivator at the same stage, then he should not bother passing on his meridian cultivation.

    "I am Guang Quan, the Dao Lord of Half Immortal Domain. These two are the Immortal Seeking Union Head Meng Tianyu and the Vast Desert Alliance Head Qian Yue..." Guang Quan's voice was calm and cordial; he did not immediately question Mo Wuji for killing people, but introduced Mo Wuji to the two people beside him.

    Mo Wuji's gaze landed on Meng Tianyu. The reason why the Tong brothers did not dare come to Half Immortal Domain, wasn't only because of Lord Axe, but also because they had offended this fella. Moreover, Senior Lou Chuanhe's spiritual roots had been woodified by this fella. If not for him, Senior Lou Chuanhe would have perished in Half Immortal Domain.

    This fella could make use of acute wood energy, and even made it one of his sacred arts; he's an impressive person.

    Meng Tianyu's face was blank, but his eyes were flashing with light, occasionally sweeping across Lou Chuanhe and the Tong brothers.

    "So it's Dao Lord Guang. That's right, I am Mo Wuji." Mo Wuji also clasped his fists and said.

    Even though he was merely in Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1 and could kill others in the same stage in seconds, he was still a bit lacking if he wanted to oppress this Dao Lord. Of course, Mo Wuji also dared to believe that the Dao Lord wouldn't be able to oppress him.

    "Dao Friend Mo's abilities are startling. I have also investigated on this matter before; Dao Friend Hong had been cornering Dao Friend Mo, this is indeed improper. My Half Immortal Domain treats everyone equally, and it's not without cause that Dao Friend Hong's actions had incited Dao Friend Mo to take action. On my account, and also for the fairness of Half Immortal Domain, could Dao Friend Mo forsake this issue?" Guang Quan's voice was very genial.

    Mo Wuji had a new impression of Guang Quan. He thought that when Guang Quan had come together with Meng Tianyu, they would force him to apologize to Lord Axe, then find an excuse to get rid of him. Actually, he had already planned for that to happen. The moment Guang Quan and Meng Tianyu attacked, he would unleash his boundless lightning swords in full force, killing an entire river full of blood, before finding a chance to eliminate Meng Tianyu.

    He never expected that Guang Quan would come with a compromising attitude, preventing his plan from happening. He really didn't know what this fella was thinking; if they said that Guang Quan was afraid of him, Mo Wuji would never believe it. As the Dao Lord of Half Immortal Domain, even if Lord Axe had been killed, Guang Quan still wouldn't need to fear him. One must know that this fella had previously battled Dao Lord Wu You, and even defeated Wu You.

    The only possibility was, Guang Quan wanted to make use of him to get rid of Lord Axe, demonstrating his existence as a Dao Lord in front of all the cultivators here.

    Lord Axe's heart sunk, he knew that he had been casted away by Guang Quan. He no longer had any value; he, Hong Fuji, was now useless.

    Guang Quan was asking for Mo Wuji to forsake the matter, naturally wasn't because Guang Quan wanted to save his life, but because Guang Quan wanted to establish his might within Half Immortal Domain.

    Anyway, even his side had suffered a lot of casualties, it didn't even matter to Guang Quan.

    "Since Dao Lord Guang Quan has asked me to forsake the matter, then I naturally have no other opinion," Mo Wuji did not hesitate to asay.

    With such words by Guang Quan, Mo Wuji knew that if he were to persist on this issue, he would face the combined attack of multiple experts. He still wanted to kill Lord Axe, but now was not the right time. In this battle, Lord Axe would definitely have suffered damages to his elemental energy, to the point where he probably couldn't even dig up blackstones from the soil. He could kill Lord Axe at any time, and by then, Guang Quan definitely wouldn't say anything.

    As for Meng Tianyu, Mo Wuji was still thinking if he should attack. If he attacked, what would Guang Quan's reaction be?

    Mo Wuji didn't really care about the members of the Immortal Seeking Union. These members in the union were merely trying to survive, they wouldn't have much loyalty to the union. If even one out of ten union members were willing to help Meng Tianyu, it would already be pretty impressive.

    Of course, there was one more important thing, Mo Wuji still wanted to exchange spirit stone slags with Guang Quan and the other alliance heads. If he went on a rampage here, it would be hard for him to exchange for spirit stone slags, and he might even offend an expert from across the Immortal Chasm.

    "Pick Xi Sha up, we're leaving," Lord Axe swallowed down his anger and said.

    Mo Wuji sneered, you still want to bring Xi Sha away? He extended his hand and Tian Ji Pole flew out from Xi Sha, landing into his palms. The moment Tian Ji Pole flew out, Xi Sha had lost his final breath.

    Looking at the dead Xi Sha, Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Last time when I let you go, I told you that there won't be a second time."

    Lord Axe clenched both his fist, a crazed fire was burning in his heart. Unfortunately, he did not dare attack, he knew that Mo Wuji was inciting him to attack.

    No one else spoke as they all stared at Lord Axe, waiting to see what Lord Axe would do.

    "Lord Axe, let's go." Ku Ya, who had just arrived, also knew that she had underestimated Mo Wuji.

    Inhaling deeply, Lord Axe turned and left. He suppressed the flames of anger in his heart.

    "Hong Fuji, you're going to leave like that?" Mo Wuji's faint voice resounded.

    Lord Axe suddenly turned and shouted, "Mo Wuji, you killed 11 of my men. What else do you want?"

    Mo Wuji grabbed a jade letter and said calmly, "Nothing much. Just that you owe me spirit stone slags, are you going to pay now? You know, last time I passed you the blackstone but I haven't received your spirit stone slags."

    Lord Axe startled; he suddenly recalled that he still owed Mo Wuji 5,000 spirit stone slags. No, there's still interest...

    Lord Axe, who was forcefully suppressing his anger, could do that no further; he coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. Previously, he only came up with that IOU to save Xi Sha. From the start to the end, he, Hong Fuji, had never intended to return those spirit stone slags.

    He never expected that Mo Wuji would really take out the IOU and come asking for spirit stone slags.

    The surrounding spectators finally came to an understanding; no wonder why Lord Axe had an enmity with Mo Wuji. They dared to bet that Lord Axe wanted Mo Wuji's blackstones, but didn't want to pay for it. This was not right ah, for a despicable person like Lord Axe, he would write down an IOU? Eh, as they thought about it, it wasn't impossible. However, even if Lord Axe wrote an IOU for a billion spirit stone slags, who would dare to claim it from him?

    Now, such a person had actually arrived. Moreover, he was claiming for it in the eyes of many people.

    "How much do I owe you?" Lord Axe knew that he could no longer avoid this; Mo Wuji had even taken out the IOU jade letter in front of the crowd. If he dared to renege on this debt, even if Mo Wuji attacked him, Guang Quan wouldn't have an excuse to protect him. Moreover, now that Guang Quan had seen Mo Wuji's prowess, Guang Quan would be less inclined to protect him. The reason why Guang Quan had protected him previously was merely because he wanted to maintain his might.

    "Previously, you owed me 5,000 spirit stone slags. Those compound interest nonsense things are too complex, I don't even know how to read books. No one's to blame for my own stupidity but myself, so I will suffer the loss. I will just just come up with another number. Let's just say you owed me 10,000 spirit stone slags, and after interest, you owe me 22,000 spirit stone slags then," Mo Wuji sighed and said, seeming as though he had suffered a great loss.

    Lord Axe felt a sweetness in his throat as he almost coughed out another mouthful of blood. He had never seen such a shameless person before. Even if there was compound interest, it would still be far from 20,000 spirit stone slags ah.

    "Dao Friend Mo, let's just follow compound interest. I will calculate it for you," Abacus said as he fiddled with his abacus beads.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said coldly, "Are you bullying me because I've never studied? Who knows if your calculations are right? Could it be that you're not willing to pay me? Very good."

    If Abacus knew that Mo Wuji was an expert biologist and pharmacist back on Earth, he would probably be like Lord Axe and coughed out blood.

    Lord Axe waved his hand towards Abacus. He threw a storage ring towards Mo Wuji, there's 22,000 spirit stone slags here. Return the jade letter to me, we don't owe each other anything."

    Previously, even if there were 10,000 of such jade letters in Mo Wuji's hand, he, Hong Fuji, wouldn't have cared about it. But now that he had witnessed Mo Wuji's might, he did not dare leave another IOU jade letter in Mo Wuji's hands. If he didn't take it back, he was sure that Mo Wuji would continue to use this jade letter to get spirit stone slags out of him.

    Mo Wuji grabbed the ring and scanned it quickly with his spiritual will. Thereafter, he threw the jade letter to Lord Axe and said indifferently, "Hong Fuji, if I have business in the future, I will continue to find you."

    Lord Axe's face turned livid with rage. After he received the jade letter, he did not eve look at it as he turned and left.

    "I wonder if Dao Friend Mo is free to pay a visit to my Dao Lord Mansion?" After Lord Axe left, Guang Quan said smilingly towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had already intended to make trades with Guang Quan. Now that Guang Quan took the initiative to invite him, he naturally wouldn't reject it as he smiled and said, "Many thanks Dao Lord Guang for your invitation. I was also thinking of visiting the Dao Lord."

    "Dao Friend Mo sure is amazing. Not only is your lightning skill superior, your ability to resolve acute wood energy is something I could only hope to achieve..." Meng Tianyu said suddenly by the side.

    Meng Tianyu was naturally implying that Guang Quan should be more alert to Mo Wuji. However, he had forgotten what kind of person Mo Wuji was, and the things that Mo Wuji did.

    Before Meng Tianyu could finish, Mo Wuji interrupted his words, "Union Head Meng, I still have some debts which I have yet to settle with you."

    If Meng Tianyu had not spoken, Mo Wuji would still be considering if he should find an excuse to deal with Meng Tianyu. Now that Meng Tianyu was asking for it, he should not blame Mo Wuji for acting.

    After finishing that sentence, Mo Wuji turned and clasped his fist towards the crowd, "Various dao friends, when my senior Lou Chuanhe just entered Half Immortal Domain, he was woodified by this Meng Tianyu for some unknown reason. I believe that all of us are clear what that laughable reason is. Now, I hope that Union Head Meng can explain thing properly to me, and not use a laughable excuse to tarnish the fairness of Half Immortal Domain."

    The people who know of Lou Chuanhe's matter was not a lot. After all, Lou Chuanhe was a newbie, and he wasn't like Mo Wuji, to be listed on wanted posters. Now that Mo Wuji had mentioned it, the surrounding people started asking around, and the reason was quickly spread.

    Meng Tianyu's face sunk; he never expected that Mo Wuji would dare challenge him like this. Hong Fuji might be scared of Mo Wuji, but he, Meng Tianyu, wasn't.
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