Chapter 428: Collecting Another IOU

    Chapter 428: Collecting Another IOU

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    "Boom!" A blinding white light exploded in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji'a action faltered slightly. In that momentary pause, Meng Tianyu had already escaped from the frontlines of death and had landed tens of meters away.

    Mo Wuji cursed in his heart. All these fellas had their own hidden cards; this guy actually managed to escape under those circumstances. Now that Meng Tianyu had escaped from his palms, it would be difficult for him to kill this b*stard.

    Mo Wuji was bent on eliminating Meng Tianyu, so he naturally wouldn't give up. At almost the same instant that he moved, Guang Quan stood in front of Meng Tianyu, clasped his fists to Mo Wuji as he said, "We have much to learn from Dao Friend Mo."

    "Dao Lord Guang, could it be that you're taking sides?" The killing intent around Mo Wuji had started to take shape; his tone had also gotten hostile. If not for his plans, he would have already thrown a lightning sword towards Guang Quan.

    Even though his mouth was talking to Guang Quan, Mo Wuji's hands did not stop. He opened his hand, sweeping up Meng Tianyu's discarded Heavenly Wood Cane. At the same time, he sealed the Heavenly Wood Cane with his spiritual will, throwing it into his ring.

    Guang Quan acted as though he did not see Mo Wuji keep Meng Tianyu's Heavenly Wood Cane. He continued smiling as he said, "My Half Immortal Domain has always been fair. Naturally, I wouldn't take sides. Because Union Head Meng had injured Dao Friend Lou, Dao Friend Mo had to spend several herbs and pills. Let me be the mediator for this issue. How about Union Head Meng take out some suitable items as compensation in order to earn Dao Friend Mo's forgiveness. Union Head Meng, Dao Friend Mo, what do you think? Of course, if the two of you disagree, then take it that I have been too nosy."

    When Meng Tianyu saw Mo Wuji keep his supreme treasure, the Heavenly Wood Cane, his heart started bleeding. He grabbed a few pills and placed it in his mouth, rapidly recovering from the damage Mo Wuji did to his neck. To an expert like him, even if his internal organs were spewed and his limbs fractured, it did not mean much. What more these neck bones shattered by Mo Wuji?

    He knew that the reason why he lost so quickly, wasn't because he was much weaker than Mo Wuji, but because he had overestimated the effects of his woodified space on Mo Wuji. He never expected that within his woodified space, Mo Wuji would still be able to teleport to his side. That was simply terrifying. The reason why Guang Quan had helped him, was also because Guang Quan had seen Mo Wuji's power, and Guang Quan didn't want to see Mo Wuji destroy his allies one after another.

    "Dao Friend Mo, just now, I was itching to test my skills. If you felt that it was improper, then I would have to seek Dao Friend Mo's forgiveness. As for the expenses for Dao Friend Lou's treatment, I naturally wouldn't renege on it. I still have to invite Dao Friend Mo to calculate it," Meng Tianyu clasped his fists, immediately taking the appearance as a scholar. Mo Wuji's power was more than he imagined. If he were to continue to fight against Mo Wuji, Guang Quan definitely wouldn't intervene. Even though he know that Mo Wuji would demand an exorbitant price, he still had to grit his teeth and accept it.

    Mo Wuji was speechless. Some people really had really thick skin. Perhaps he should learn from them; it was not a bad thing to have thick skin sometimes. However, he still did not want to act against Guang Quan now. It was not the right time as he still wanted to trade blackstones with Guang Quan. Moreover, if he defeated Guang Quan, he might possibly alert the experts from the Immortal Domain.

    "A total of 6,378,000 spirit stone slags. But on the account of Dao Lord Guang, I will forget the small change. Just 6,000,000 spirit stone slags is enough."

    Mo Wuji's words instantly dumbfounded everyone there; this was too brutal, right? Even Meng Tianyu wouldn't be able to take out so many spirit stone slags. There's no need to talk about 6,000,000 spirit stone slags; Meng Tianyu might not even be able to take out a tenth, no a hundredth of that amount.

    Guang Quan frowned; he never expected Mo Wuji to demand such a high price. Probably no one in the entire Half Immortal Domain would be able to take out such a large number of spirit stone slags.

    As expected, the colour on Meng Tianyu's face changed. He never expected that Mo Wuji would be so crazy, to ask for 6,000,000 spirit stone slags from the onstart."

    "Dao Friend Mo, you should know that I'm not able to take out so many spirit stone slags," Meng Tianyu's face was incomparably cold.

    Mo Wuji raged instantly, "Without spirit stone slags, you still dare to hurt others? Is that not bullying?"

    Meng Tianyu really wanted to say: Even this old man here had been beaten by you, but I didn't say that you were bullying me? Unfortunately, he really didn't dare to say that.

    "I only have 310,000 spirit stone slags on me. If Dao Friend Mo is willing, I can hand all of these spirit stone slags over." As Meng Tianyu spoke, he sent out several lights of messages.

    Soon, ten figures gathered by his side. From a distance, there were still over ten people approaching rapidly.

    In less than half an incense's time, there were already over 30 people gathered by Meng Tianyu's side.

    At the same time, there were even more cultivators gathering by Guang Quan's side. Clearly, Guang Quan's control over Half Immortal Domain was not for nothing. Guang Quan's current actions were clearly trying to pressure Mo Wuji; he did not want Mo Wuji to kill Meng Tianyu.

    "Meng Tianyu, you want to be like Hong Fuji, to surround and attack me? Today, I will let it be as you wish. I accept your challenge." Mo Wuji took a few steps forward, approaching Meng Tianyu.

    Meng Tianyu's face got increasingly ugly. He knew that Mo Wuji had that boundless lightning sword skill. In a joint attack, he might not necessarily gain the upper hand. Moreover, Mo Wuji wasn't his only enemy in Half Immortal Domain.

    "Dao Friend Mo, if you want spirit stone slags, you can discuss with me." Guang Quan took a few steps forward, maintaining a face full of smiles. However, the cultivators around him had subtly dispersed, surrounding Mo Wuji and his comrades.

    Guang Quan could faintly guess that Mo Wuji needed a large amount of spirit stone slags. Even though he didn't know what Mo Wuji wanted to do, it was already manageable now that he knew Mo Wuji's goal.

    Mo Wuji roughly scanned around with his spiritual will. There were at least a hundred people, and there might even be more hiding in the shadows.

    Mo Wuji secretly clenched his fists. He really wanted to engage in an all out battle here, but he knew he had to endure it. Not only was his cultivation not enough, he still needed Guang Quan's help. Even though Guang Quan might not be able to come up with 10 million spirit stone slags, he had the means of trading with Immortal Domain.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji forcefully suppressed his impulse. He said calmly, "Since Dao Lord Guang has said this, then I naturally have to make considerations for Half Immortal Domain. Union Head Meng, pass the 310,000 spirit stone slags to me. Then write me an IOU jade letter for the remainder 5,700,000 spirit stone slags. There's an interest of 10,000 every month."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji glanced towards Master Pu Zi and co.

    Meng Tianyu finally experienced Lord Axe's feelings; his face instantly turned green. However, he also knew that if he did not agree with Mo Wuji's words, then a huge battle will ensue. In this battle, it would be hard for Guang Quan to act. With the current situation, it would be inevitable for the other cultivators to not be angered. If Mo Wuji plays on this rancour to cause a rebellion in Half Immortal Domain, then things would be screwed.

    Guang Quan's transmitted voice sounded in Meng Tianyu's ear, "Brother Meng, accept it. He wouldn't be able to get those spirit stone slags. This guy is a mad man. Let's stabilise the situation first. Under this sort of circumstances, it is not suitable to attack him."

    "I accept." When Meng Tianyu heard these words, he did not hesitate to throw a storage ring to Mo Wuji. At the same time, he took out a jade letter and inscribed an IOU on it. After imprinting it, he threw it to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji scanned the jade letter imprint and the storage ring with his spiritual will, then he kept them. Including the over 20 thousand spirit stone slags that he collected previously, he now had 332,000 spirit stone slags on him. This amount of spirit stone slags was enough for him to advance to the advanced Earthly Immortal Stage.

    By the time he reached the advanced Earthly Immortal Stage, even if he was encircled by even more people, he would still be able to kill them with his lightning sword. Thus, he was not in a hurry. Now, he only needed to work hard to improve his cultivation.

    "Dao Friend Mo, shouldn't you return me my magic treasure?"" Seeing Mo Wuji keep the spirit stone slags, Meng Tianyu calmed his tone and said.

    Mo Wuji asked quizzically, "Your magic treasure? What's that? Could it be that random wooden cane that I just picked up?"

    "That's right, it's the wooden cane that you just picked up." Meng Tianyu's heart rate seemed to rise like smoke in a chimney.

    Mo Wuji looked at Meng Tianyu in disdain, "Union Head Meng, is there something wrong with your head? Since you know that it's something I picked up, why must I give it to you?"

    "What do you want? I will trade for it." Meng Tianyu's fists were clenched so tightly that he knuckles almost shattered. The Heavenly Wood Cane was his dearest belonging. Not only did it involve his combat power, it also affected his ability to condense acute wood energy.

    Mo Wuji looked at Meng Tianyu as though he was looking at an idiot, "Union Head Meng, could you clear your debts first before discussing another trade with me?"

    With that, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to care about Meng Tianyu. He clasped his fists towards Guang Quan and said, "Dao Lord Guang, I was heavily injured by Union Head Meng just now. My body is riddled with injuries and I need to go back and recover now. When I come out, I will pay a visit to Dao Lord Guang, and at the same time, I would bring Dao Lord Guang a huge business deal."

    "Sounds good, sounds good." Guang Quan also clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

    "Let's go." Mo Wuji gestured to Master Pu Zi and co. and walked into Half Immortal Domain.

    Following Mo Wuji's departure, the surrounding cultivators also started to disperse. Everyone was now clear, from now on, there was another important figure in Half Immortal Domain. That figure was Mo Wuji.

    A person that could oppress Lord Axe and teach Immortal Seeking Union Head Meng Tianyu a lesson; who would dare find trouble with him? Some of them even wanted to enter Mo Wuji's team.


    "Dao Friend Mo, not only did you offend Meng Tianyu this time, you also offended Guang Quan. Will our stay in Half Immortal Domain be too dangerous?" After they returned to Mo Wuji's immortal estate, Master Pu Zi was the first to speak up.

    Before Mo Wuji could reply, Tong Ye said loudly, "What danger? At the most, we'll just fight another battle. I'm still very grateful to Brother Mo, for allowing us brothers to come back to Half Immortal Domain, and even kicking the ass of that b*stard Hong Fuji."

    Mo Wuji was no longer as carefree as he was when he ridiculed Meng Tianyu, his tone was solemn as he said, "I was forced to come back here. It's not just because my cultivation is too low, but also because I need to strike a deal with Guang Quan to obtain a huge amount of spirit stone slags. By the time I come out of my cultivation, I wouldn't be afraid of Guang Quan and Meng Tianyu. I'm only afraid that they might invite experts from Immortal Domain to help."
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