Chapter 429: You Better Believe Me!

    Chapter 429: You Better Believe Me!

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    As time passed, the incident which happened outside Half Immortal Domain became a mere topic of idle chatter.

    Because Mo Wuji entered closed door cultivation, Master Pu Zi and co. also entered closed doors. Digging blackstone, to them, had become completely unnecessary.

    With Mo Wuji's help, even if they had been severely afflicted with the acute wind energy, they didn't have to worry.

    Even though he had suffered greatly under Mo Wuji's hands, Meng Tianyu didn't go to cause trouble for Mo Wuji. On the other hand, Lord Axe had been continuously making trips out recently, seemingly preparing something.


    In Mo Wuji's room, the spirit stone slag surrounding him shattered continuously. There were at least tens of thousands of spirit stone slags around him; Mo Wuji had long gone past the stage where the had to consider about the use of his spirit stone slags. Including this spiritual energy gathered from his spirit gathering array, Mo Wuji's cultivation went as smoothly as a fish in water.

    "Crack!" Large pieces of spirit stone slags turned to flying dust. In a little over a month, Mo Wuji's cultivation had already stepped into Earthly Immortal Stage Level 2. The amount of energy absorbed at Earthly Immortal Stage Level 2 was not truck-loads, but sea-loads. However, Mo Wuji did not restrain himself, but even took out more spirit stone slags and furiously absorbed the spiritual energy within.

    Because he was wealthy, the piles of spirit stone slags around him already numbered close to 50,000. In Half Immortal Domain, there was definitely two second person that could spend spirit stone slags so extravagantly like Mo Wuji.

    Even though Guang Quan's fortune might be more than Mo Wuji, he would not dare to cultivate like Mo Wuji. Other than the fact that he was already in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage, he also needed to take heed of the acute wood energy.


    It's already the sixth month of Mo Wuji's closed doors; Lord Axe, once again, made another trip out of Half Immortal Domain. Ever since he was taught a lesson by Mo Wuji, he no longer dared to conduct his underground blackstone business. One thing was because he wasn't as wealthy as Meng Tianyu; losing 20,000 spirit stone slags had already caused him a severe headache. The second thing was because of Mo Wuji, no one dared to transact with him anymore.

    He had even dared to cheat a person like Mo Wuji; who would dare to find him? Not everyone could be like Mo Wuji, to return from the outside after a few months to teach him a lesson.

    "What's Hong Fuji that fella doing? Not only is he unwilling to work with me, he's also running here and there." Meng Tianyu frowned as he stared at the huge monitoring screen in the room.

    The person sitting opposite him was exactly the Dao Lord of Half Immortal Domain, Guang Quan. Guang Quan had naturally also seen Hong Fuji take out a flying treasure and leave Half Immortal Domain. However, he was not as agitated as Meng Tianyu as he said calmly, "Let him do what he likes. The Immortal Domain experts that he knows should have something up their sleeves. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to take part whenever the experts from the Immortal Domain cross the Half Immortal Domain to purchase the blackstones.

    You should also know why Hong Fuji dares to conduct the underground blackstone business. His spirit stone slags come from that Immortal Domain fella. I guess that he must be making these trips to invite that guy to teach Mo Wuji a lesson. We don't need to care about him. What we need to do now is to welcome the experts that are coming over from the Immortal Domain this time around."

    "Brother Guang, that Mo Wuji actually doesn't fear the acute wood energy, should we ask for the help of the people from the Immortal Domain?" Meng Tianyu licked his lips, asking Guang Quan with a fawning tone.

    Before he lost his Heavenly Wood Cane, he could be considered an equal with Guang Quan. On the surface, he was the union head of Immortal Seeking Union, but in reality, he had the identity of a manager of Half Immortal Domain.

    Now that his Heavenly Wood Cane had been snatched away by Mo Wuji, his status in front of Guang Quan had directly fallen by half. What he was more worried of was that if Hong Fuji was able to get an Immortal Domain expert to take care of Mo Wuji, then he would never be able to retrieve his Heavenly Wood Cane.

    Guang Quan smiled and said, "Brother Meng, you don't have to be worried. You think a mere Mo Wuji is worth the actions from the experts from the Immortal Domain? Previously, he was lucky enough to trump over you because he wasn't afraid of your acute wood energy. By the time he leaves from his closed doors, he will be sure to find me. Then, I will let him know who is the true owner of Half Immortal Domain."

    Asking the people from Immortal Domain to deal with Mo Wuji? Guang Quan could only say in his heart that Meng Tianyu was overthinking things. Mo Wuji had something on him that was able to resolve acute wood energy. Whether it was a magic treasure or something else, it was extremely important to him, Guang Quan. Moreover, he also wanted the Heavenly Wood Cane. How could he let these important things on Mo Wuji land in the hands of the experts from Immortal Domain? As for Hong Fuji finding help from that Immortal Domain expert, he could also say that Hong Fuji was also overthinking things.

    The deals between that Immortal Domain fella and Hong Fuji had always been secret deals; he definitely wouldn't come to Half Immortal Domain. Now that Mo Wuji was behind closed doors, how was he going to deal with Mo Wuji? At the same time, as long as Mo Wuji wasn't stupid, he wouldn't be fazed by the talks of Hong Fuji making frequent trips out of Half Immortal Domain.

    But was Mo Wuji stupid? At least in his, Guang Quan's eyes, Mo Wuji wasn't.

    Meng Tianyu sighed in his heart. He knew that ever since his Heavenly Wood Cane had been snatched by Mo Wuji, he wouldn't have any bargaining rights in front of Guang Quan.

    Guang Quan casually stood up, "Brother Meng, today is the day that the experts from Immortal Domain come to collect the blackstone. Let's head out early to welcome them."

    Even though he was discontented in his heart, Meng Tianyu could only stand up and follow Guang Quan out of this Dao Lord Mansion.


    At the same time, Lord Axe was kneeling in front of a huge piece of blackstone, there was a man sitting on top of that blackstone. That man's eyes were thin and long, but his nose bridge was extremely short; he looked incredibly weird.

    "Why did you come empty-handed? Where's the blackstone?" The man's tone was cold and harsh.

    Lord Axe subconsciously started quivering, before he hurriedly faced his head to the ground and said, "Lord Gong, please help me."

    If it was a person familiar with Lord Axe, he would never have thought that such a vicious and ferocious person would be kneeling and crying as he complained about his grievances.

    "What's the matter?" The man with the surname Gong started frowning. He chose Hong Fuji to help him get blackstone because he thought that this fella was fierce. Lord Axe's current appearance had clearly disappointed him; he really wanted to use a single kick and turn this fella into meat juice.

    Lord Axe hurriedly said, "Answering Lord Gong, I had already gathered over 1000 blackstones, but they had been snatched by someone. Not only did he snatch my blackstones, he even killed more than 10 of my underlings, and even robbed all of my half immortal rocks."

    The thin eyed man sent Lord Axe flying with a single kick. A hint of sharp and enraged light could be seen from his pair of thin eyes. He chose Hong Fuji as his partner here wasn't because he wanted to help this fella rise to power. If this fella could be bullied even in Half Immortal Domain, then what's the point of him?

    How could Lord Axe show any dissatisfaction? After he recovered, he immediately continued to kneel in front of this thin eyed man.

    The thin eyed man inhaled a deep breath, then said solemnly, "Is it Guang Quan?"

    From his perspective, the only person who would dare act against Hong Fuji in Half Immortal Domain could only be Guang Quan; there was really no one else. But it was not possible for it to be Guang Quan ah, Guang Quan knew of his existence. If Guang Quan acted against Hong Fuji, it would be equivalent to slapping his, Gong Hou's face.

    "No, it's a new guy called Mo Wuji. He just came to Half Immortal Domain for a few years but he's already so arrogant," Hong Fuji said arrogantly.

    "Very good. Go and bring this man out of Half Immortal Domain. Let me see exactly how bold he is."

    "Ah..." Lord Axe was momentarily stunned. Call Mo Wuji out of Half Immortal Domain? Wasn't that finding his own death?

    "What? You don't even dare to call him out, your life is really a waste of spirit stones ah..." Gong Hou's voice had turned slightly cold.

    When Lord Axe heard this voice, his entire body started shivering. He didn't dare to say anything else as he replied respectfully, "Rest assured lord, I will definitely call that Mo Wuji out."

    Gong Hou's voice immediately turned warm as he nodded his head and said, "Not bad. If you do this well, I will give you some compensations."

    "Yes, yes! I will do it right away." As Lord Axe retreated, he responded respectfully.


    "Kacha!" The spirit stone slags around Mo Wuji seemed to have planned for it, they all shattered simultaneously. And at the same time, Mo Wuji had broke through the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 4 and had reached Level 5. This was already the tenth month he spent behind closed doors.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan his spirit stone slags; out of his 300,000 spirit stone slags, he was left with roughly half of them. From the looks of it, he still had the chance to step into the Extreme Heaven Stage with these spirit stone slags.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to pour out another pile of spirit stone slags to cultivate, the restrictions around his immortal estate suddenly trembled.

    Mo Wuji was curious as to who was disturbing his cultivation because before he entered closed doors, he had already instructed Master Pu Zi and co. not to disturb him unless something special happened.

    Just as Mo Wuji swept outwards with his spiritual will, the person standing outside his immortal estate was unexpectedly Lord Axe. This guy should thank his lucky stars that Mo Wuji wasn't able to kill him previously. Mo Wuji never expected that this fella would come knocking on his door.

    Mo Wuji waved his hands, opening his restrictions. Immediately, he said coldly, "Hong Fuji, you're quite daring, to come and disturb my cultivation."

    The moment Lord Axe decided to trigger Mo Wuji's restrictions, he had already cast life and death aside. He knew that if he was unable to bring Mo Wuji in front of that lord, he, Hong Fuji, would also meet a bad ending.

    Now that he saw Mo Wuji open the restrictions, he directly gritted his teeth and entered Mo Wuji's immortal estate. He clasped his fists to Mo Wuji and said, "Mo Wuji, I want to challenge you. However, it won't be in Half Immortal Domain, but outside Half Immortal Domain. If you have the balls, then follow me out."

    Mo Wuji stared coldly at Lord Axe and said calmly, "Hong Fuji, even before I learnt to wear pants, I already know of such tricks. You are, at the end of a day, an Earthly Immortal cultivator. But why are your tricks of such low standards? With your terrified appearance, do you look like you dare to challenge me? Come tell me the truth, why do you want to get me out. Remember, you only have one chance. If you say the wrong things, I will immediately turn you to dust, then continue with my cultivation. Moreover, I can dare confirm that Guang Quan wouldn't say a single thing. You better believe me!"

    Lord Axe suddenly felt that there was a line of cold sweat on his back. He suddenly felt how laughable he was when he acted arrogantly in front of those other cultivators back in his underground business. Not only was he a kowtowing bug in front of Gong Hou, he couldn't even keep a shred of self-esteem in front of a newbie like Mo Wuji.

    What underground boss? In front of experts, he was just an ant. No, he might not even be an ant. Just now, he was also treated like sh*t by Gong Hou, now, he was treated like crap by Mo Wuji.

    "Remember, you only have one chance to say the truth." Mo Wuji's blunt words directly shattered the last bits of Lord Axe's self-esteem.
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