Chapter 431: Bargaining

    Chapter 431: Bargaining

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    "I'm called Gong Hou. If it is really as you said, then I won't leave you disappointed. Tell me your price then." When Mo Wuji talked about coming out with 80 to 100 thousand blackstones, Gong Hou immediately changed his mind. He sat back down; his tone went calm.

    In Half Immortal Domain, it was easy to find someone to replace Hong Fuji. But to find someone like Mo Wuji, it was practically impossible.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand, a sizeable rock landed by his side. He also sat down. Since Gong Hou was sitting, he was not accustomed to standing in front of Gong Hou.

    When Gong Hou saw that Mo Wuji took the initiative to sit, his eyes gleamed with that sharp light again, but it soon dimmed down. This time, he did not do anything. He wanted to know how many hidden cards Mo Wuji had for him to act so arrogantly.

    Mo Wuji said unhurriedly, "Before the trade, I have some questions to ask Dao Friend Gong."

    "Say it, as long as it is related to the trade, I will be able to answer you." Gong Hou's previous agitation was long gone; now he had become calm.

    "Alright, the first question I want to ask Dao Friend Gong is, what is the function of blackstone?" After Mo Wuji asked that question, he stared at Gong Hou. He guessed that Gong Hou wouldn't answer this question, but he still carried that bit of hope.

    Gong Hou looked at Mo Wuji with a hint of ridicule in his eyes, "Mo Wuji, you're a clever man. Ask me some questions that I can answer."

    Mo Wuji did not mind, as he continued to ask, "The second question is, what is the spirit stone slag? Is it the waste items from immortal mines?"

    Gong Hou chuckled, "I am able to answer this question. Your guess is not wrong. Immortal crystals are the items used in the Immortal World. Immortal crystals would typically be cut and processed to roughly the same size; they could be used for cultivation, as well as transaction. Immortal crystals of different sizes would be cut into the same size; the bits of waste generated are the half immortal stones, or your spirit stone slags."

    Mo Wuji created the meridian cultivation technique, and was a dignified founder. The moment he listened to Gong Hou's words, he immediately came to an understanding. Even though spirit stone slags contained far more spiritual energy than the stones he had from the cultivator's world, but because it was merely the waste from the processing of immortal crystals, it did not contain any natural dao halos. He could also confirm, a complete immortal crystal and a processed immortal crystal would have a huge difference on his cultivation, perhaps even a whole grade of difference.

    "Many thanks, the third question is, are these spirit stone slags cut from the corners of the lowest grade of immortal crystals? If it is, does that mean that there are immortal crystals of higher grades?" At this instant, Mo Wuji already had a rough plan in his mind.

    Gong Hou looked at Mo Wuji and said calmly, "You're indeed quite smart, to be able to draw such inferences from one example. You're right, spirit stone slags are merely the waste from processed low grade immortal crystals. Besides low grade immortal crystals, there's also intermediate grade immortal crystals, high grade immortal crystals and even top grade immortal crystals."

    It was indeed the case, Mo Wuji clasped his fists to Gong Hou and said, "Dao Friend Gong, are you able to provide me low or intermediate grade immortal crystals, or even high grade ones?"

    When Gong Hou heard Mo Wuji's words, half of his lips started twitching; he had been thoroughly angered by Mo Wuji. To actually ask for intermediate ot high grade immortal crystals, was this fella crazy?

    "Dao Friend Mo, I hope that you can be more rational. Even I haven't seen a high grade immortal crystal, much less you. As for intermediate grade immortal crystals, I have indeed seen them before, and even had some before, but I only had a few of them. I do have some low grade immortal crystals, but I'm also unable to trade them with you. I can only take out the shredded half immortal stones, nothing more than that. At the most, I could give you a bit of low grade immortal crystals." Gong Hou's tone was derisive; he felt that Mo Wuji was really unreasonable.

    Mo Wuji did not even have a single fluctuation of emotions, he only extended his palm and said, "I can give you 5,000 blackstones in a year, how many spirit stone slags is that worth?"

    Gong Hou suddenly stood up and stared coldly at Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, do you think that just because you have the Wind Escape Technique, you can make sport of me, Gong Hou?"

    Mo Wuji sat without moving, "Gong Hou, tell me, when have I made sport of you?"

    "Just now, you said 10 to 20 thousand, maybe even 80 to 100 thousand blackstones. But now, you're only giving me 5,000 blackstones a year, you really have guys," As Gong Hou spoke, he surged with killing intent, causing the surroundings to tremble.

    Mo Wuji said derisively, "Gong Hou, could it be that you want to snatch my blackstones with your higher cultivation? Otherwise, how could you be so shameless, to use spirit stone slags to exchange for my tens of thousands of blackstones? Even though I may only be an Earthly Immortal, I'm not so easily scammed? You know how I got my blackstones? I got it at the expense of woodifying my spirit channels."

    When he heard Mo Wuji say that using shredded immortal crystals to exchange for blackstones was a scam, Gong Hou was instantly enraged. If not for the fact that Mo Wuji said that he could provide tens of thousands of blackstones, Gong Hou would have already attacked.

    "Mo Wuji, you need to be clear of one thing. There's no need to talk about the trade between us, even the trade between Guang Quan and the Immortal Domain also uses shredded immortal crystals." Gong Hou was forcefully suppressing his anger, saying his words one at a time.

    Mo Wuji remained calm and expressionless, "Even Guang Quan would not be able to take out the same amount of blackstones as me. Also, if you aren't able to provide better conditions, then why do I have to trade with you? Can't I just trade with the Immortal Domain? If Guang Quan can do it, then so could I. As for the 5,000 blackstones every year, I believe that Hong Fuji wouldn't even be able to provide that amount."

    Mo Wuji's words caused Gong Hou to instantly calm down; Mo Wuji's words were the truth ah. If he wasn't able to come out with better conditions, why would Mo Wuji want to trade with him? When he was trading with Hong Fuji, he was the boss, while Hong Fuji was an ant. Why was it that when he was discussing business with Mo Wuji, it felt like Mo Wuji was the boss, while he was simply a pawn.

    "If I want 20,000 blackstones a year, what do you need from me?" Gong Hou placed his dissatisfaction to the side; blackstone was the most important thing.

    "1,000,000 low grade immortal crystals." Mo Wuji demanded an exorbitant price.

    Gong Hou was angered to the point of laughter, "Mo Wuji, you think that I will use 1,000,000 low grade immortal crystals to exchange for 20,000 of your blackstones?"

    Mo Wuji guessed that Gong Hou was speaking the truth. He was also rather helpless; although he knew that the value of 20,000 spirit stones was definitely more than 1,000,000 low grade immortal crystals, what could he do? Unless, he could sell the blackstones at Immortal Domain...

    The moment this idea sprouted, Mo Wuji was unable to suppress it. Even though he had more than 1,000,000 blackstones, this amount of blackstones was far from enough. He still needed to get more blackstones, then bring the blackstones over to Immortal Domain and slowly earn a fortune.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji felt that it was okay to be disadvantaged for now.

    "For 20,000 blackstones, I will give you 1,000,000 shredded immortal crystals, as well as 10,000 low grade immortal crystals. This price is already much higher than what I offered Hong Fuji," Gong Hou said resolutely. Even though he would be able to make a fortune at Mo Wuji's price, this private deal was involved with many other factors; he wouldn't be keeping all the profits alone.

    "Then Dao Friend Gong only wants 20,000 blackstones?" Mo Wuji did not accept, not reject anything. A deal of merely 20,000 blackstones truly didn't catch his eye. However, his mood did change when Gong Hou promised the 10,000 low grade immortal crystals. Since Gong Hou could willingly offer 10,000 low grade immortal crystals, then he could also take out 100,000. If he could take out 100,000, then he could also take out 1,000,000. All this was just a process.

    It's just like a drug abuser. For his very first time, he was probably trying it out. But when there's a first time, there would be a second time. Soon, he would be addicted.

    "I definitely want more blackstones. If you have 100,000 blackstones, I can give you 10,000,000 shredded immortal crystals and 100,000 low grade immortal crystals," Gong Hou did not hesitate to say. This price was much better than the price he previously quoted.

    "I don't want shredded immortal crystals. For 100,000 blackstones, give me 3,000,000 low grade immortal crystals. There's no need for any further negotiations." Mo Wuji stood up. He was sure that blackstones would be able to earn a huge windfall of profits. His price was already much lesser than what he first said. He did not believe that Gong Hou was willing to give up on this sort of profits.

    Master Pu Zi said that 10,000,000 spirit stone slags was enough for them to cross the Immortal Chasm. If he was able to obtain 3,000,000 low grade immortal crystals, then he would definitely be better able to power the Immortal-Traversing Ship. The value of 3,000,000 low grade immortal crystals should definitely be more than a billion spirit stone slags.

    Gong Hou clenched his fists tightly. He wasn't angry, but was currently weighing his profits. For something like blackstone, the more he had, the more valuable it becomes. If Mo Wuji was able to hand over 100,000 blackstones, then he would be able to compete with Immortal Domain itself. He definitely couldn't let those higher ups know of this deal. The reason he was able to follow those from the Immortal Domain over, was primarily because he wasn't able to obtain many blackstones in his private deals. To the Immortal Domain, it was merely scraps.

    But if he could purchase 100,000 blackstones every time, then things would no longer be the same.

    "Dao Friend Mo, 3,000,000 low grade immortal crystals is truly too much. It's more than 10 times the price I offered to Hong Fuji." Gong Hou calmed down. He must definitely make this deal with Mo Wuji. If he could get 100,000 blackstones every year, then what would he have after 10 years? He didn't know that Mo Wuji would only be trading with him for this year.

    This was his first time calling Mo Wuji a 'dao friend'.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "The amount of blackstones I'm offering is more than 10 times what Hong Fuji offered."

    Gong Hou said in his heart: If you really can offer 100,000 blackstones, then it's definitely more than 10 times, it's already 100 times.

    "Alright, 3,000,000 it is. Where do you keep your blackstones?" Gong Hou gritted his teeth and directly accepted Mo Wuji's price.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "Dao Friend Gong, you should know that I wouldn't bring my blackstones around with me. Actually, I only have over 20,000 blackstones on me. There's still tens of thousands left to dig up. I also believe that you wouldn't carry 3,000,000 low grade immortal crystals around with you."
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