Chapter 432: Abacus and Ku Ya

    Chapter 432: Abacus and Ku Ya

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    "The next time you visit, we will hold the transaction here. A handful of blackstones for a handful of immortal crystals. Of course, before you leave, you have to lend me a storage ring, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to bring so many blackstones over," Mo Wuji answered.

    "How can I trust you?" Gong Hou stared at Mo Wuji as he asked.

    "You can give me a poison pill and you can hand me the antidote only after we complete this transaction the next time we meet, how about this?" Mo Wuji answered with any second thoughts.

    From the start, Mo Wuji had already wanted to have a storage ring from Gong Hou. The storage ring that Master Pu Zi forged was still slightly small and if he was preparing to bring large amount of blackstones to make a fortune at the Immortal Domain, he definitely needed a storage ring with a bigger storage space.

    Gong Hou stared at Mo Wuji for a long while before sighing, "There are actually cultivators like you in this world, alright, I trust you."

    Ever since he started cultivating, this was indeed his first time seeing someone who wanted money more than his own life. He wouldn't believe it if someone were to tell him that Mo Wuji was able to detoxify his toxin because there was no detoxification herbs in the entire Half Immortal Domain and the lower class cultivation world.

    "This is a storage ring and there is a communication bead inside which I will make use of to inform you of my next visit," Gong Hou let out a long sigh as he took out a storage ring for Mo Wuji. He couldn't believe how a rapacious cultivator like Mo Wuji was able to advance into the Earthly Immortal Stage and even arrived here at the Half Immortal Domain.

    Mo Wuji took over the storage ring and used his spiritual will to scan through it to find out that the space within the storage ring was definitely more than 10 times bigger than the storage ring which Master Pu Zi forged. This storage ring would allow him to store even more blackstones and even bring these to the Half Immortal Domain.

    After watching Mo Wuji took over the storage ring, he retrieved a dark green pill and threw it to Mo Wuji, "Swallow this pill now and I will give you the antidote the next time I see you."

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he swallowed the dark green pill immediately and a fishy smell permeated through his entire body.

    At the instant Mo Wuji swallowed the pill, Mo Wuji's detoxification meridian started to undergo spiritual circulation and in no time, the detoxification meridian managed to detoxify the toxin which permeated through his entire body. If Mo Wuji didn't control the toxin forcefully, he almost spat the toxin out immediately. The detoxified toxin turned into a greater spiritual energy and even though he didn't start to cultivate, Mo Wuji could feel his strength increasing.

    Mo Wuji even suspected that the moment he absorbed this spiritual energy, there was a high possibility of him breaking through into the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 6.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji really wanted to say, "Dao Friend Gong, do you have more of this pill? Could you spare me more of it?"

    However, Mo Wuji knew that the moment he said such things, Gong Hou would start to suspect something.

    "Not bad, you can go now," Noticing that Mo Wuji had already swallowed the pill, Gong Hou nodded satisfyingly as he could feel the poisonous aura surrounding Mo Wuji which was natural because of the toxin.

    Mo Wuji didn't leave immediately as he clasped his fists and said, "Dao Friend Gong, since we are considered close friends now, may I ask if you travelled to the Half Immortal Domain via a flying ship?"

    He was really curious to know if they came via a flying ship, otherwise, how did they deal with the dangers of the Immortal Chasm?

    Gong Hou's face turned solemn, "You don't have the rights to know all these because the more you ask, the shorter your life would be. Also, let me warn you first, even if our future deals would include you receiving the low grade immortal crystals, you must not let it leak out. The Immortal Domain didn't allow any low grade immortal crystals to appear in the Half Immortal Domain, otherwise, one would only await his death."

    Mo Wuji asked in a serious tone, "Do not worry, Dao Friend Gong, as I will definitely not reveal the immortal crystals. Oh yes, does Dao Friend Gong has any low grade immortal crystals with you now? Could you lend me a few thousands first for me to enjoy it?

    Gong Hou almost spat out blood when he heard this because how could this fella be this despicable? This made him miss Hong Fuji because that fella was just a kowtow insect which was much easier to control than this fella in front of him.

    Noticing how Gong Hou's expression was turning ugly, Mo Wuji guessed that his attempt to loan the immortal crystals was at risk so he hurried to say, "Dao Friend Gong, back at my hometown, we call this paying deposit. Deposit would make progress and relationship smoother, otherwise, I wouldn't really be interested in this immortal crystals. Even though I know these small amount of immortal crystals may not mean much to you, it would provide me with the motivation and energy in my life."

    Mo Wuji still had large amount of spirit stone slags with him but as his cultivation level increased, the time needed to advance to the next stage increased too. If he really wanted to cultivate faster, he needed spiritual energy which was one grade higher than the ones he was absorbing now.

    Even though he knew that Mo Wuji was blabbering rubbish, Gong Hou still took out a pile of immortal crystals at the thought of how Mo Wuji was willing to sacrifice his life for the immortal crystals, "There are one thousand immortal crystals here which you can use first. Do not disappoint me because if you don't show me enough blackstones, you will suffer the consequences of it."

    "Dao Friend Gong, do not worry about this," Mo Wuji muttered as his attention was already on the pile of immortal crystals. The dense and pure aura of the immortal spiritual energy ignited a fire in Mo Wuji's heart.

    He took a step forward and kept the 1000 immortal crystals into his storage ring and he knew from that moment that there wouldn't be any problem advancing into the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage now.

    "I want to warn you that unless there are unique circumstances and you have no choice, do not visit Dao Lord Guang Quan's Mansion," Gong Hou suddenly mentioned this as he waited for Mo Wuji to keep the immortal crystals.

    Mo Wuji asked inquisitively, "Why not?"

    He was indeed preparing to visit Guang Quan's Dao Lord Mansion and despite the fact that he no longer wanted to trade with Guang Quan for the spirit stone slags, he wanted to see what valuables Guang Quan could offer him.

    "There is a deathtrap array in his Dao Lord Mansion called the partial killing array. This was a deathtrap array used in the Immortal Domain and even I might not be able to escape that. In other words, your life wouldn't be in your own hands the moment you enter his mansion and because of the extraordinary relationship between Guang Quan and the Immortal Domain, killing you was as significant as killing an ant.

    Mo Wuji's face turned ugly as he didn't expect Guang Quan to welcome him with a deathtrap array of such quality as it seemed like this fella was extremely cautious of Mo Wuji's strength.

    "I've got it, many thanks Dao Friend Gong," Mo Wuji cupped his fist as he thanked Gong Hou sincerely.

    Gong Hou was in fact very pleased with Mo Wuji's attitude as he turned and left straightaway. He needed to accumulate spirit stones when he returned this time round because it would simply be impossible for him to find over a few hundred immortal crystals on his own.


    Mo Wuji just returned to the Half Immortal Domain and he witnessed a flying ship disappearing without a trace from the entrance of the Half Immortal Domain.

    The speed of this flying ship was definitely greater than his flying car and Mo Wuji was able to guess at the first moment that these flying ships should belonged to the immortals who came to exchange for blackstones.

    "Mo Wuji is out from his closed doors cultivation and had even made a trip out," In Guang Quan's Dao Lord Mansion, Guang Quan sounded off after watching the massive monitoring array in front of him.

    Meng Tianyu didn't say anything because after he lost his Heavenly Wood Cane, he was nothing more than a subordinate to Gong Hou.

    "Brother Meng, the first thing Mo Wuji did after coming out was to make a trip out so what do you think he went to do? Do you think he would find me afterwards?" Guang Quan turned and asked Meng Tianyu out of the sudden.

    Previously when experts from the Immortal Domain came over to exchange for blackstones, Guang Quan didn't bother observing the monitoring screen and he didn't know that Mo Wuji and Lord Axe had left the Half Immortal Domain too.

    Meng Tianyu sneered and said, "I believe you would definitely come back here."

    Guang Quan laughed out loud as he agreed with Meng Tianyu. This was because even if Mo Wuji didn't come back to find him, he would definitely be looking for Meng Tianyu. As long as he was searching for Meng Tianyu, news would reach Mo Wuji that he was in the Dao Lord Mansion now.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't go and find Meng Tianyu or Guang Quan because after sending a few messages to Master Pu Zi, he was preparing to come back behind closed doors of his cultivation.

    Given the fortune he had with him now, he really didn't fancy having anymore spirit stone slags. He had long planned to first break into the advanced Earthly Immortal Stage before bringing Master Pu Zi and co. to the Mining Area of Death to dig for more blackstones. The time to transact with Gong Hou would be the time the few of them left the Half Immortal Domain for the Immortal Chasm.

    The moment Mo Wuji entered his own immortal cave, he noticed that someone had messed with the restrictions put in place on his immortal cave. He knew that it was definitely not Master Pu Zi and co. because he was aware that they were all out so it was impossible for them to do so.

    Just as Mo Wuji was wondering if Guang Quan had come look for him, he could sense that someone was messing with the restrictions on his immortal cave again.

    Mo Wuji lifted the restrictions and there were two people standing outside his immortal cave. Mo Wuji recognised the both of them and even had serious enmity with them.

    One of them was Lord Axe's Abacus and the other one was the delicate and quiet Ku Ya.

    "Greetings Dao Friend Mo," Just as Mo Wuji lifted his restrictions, Abacus and Ku Ya greeted Mo Wuji with a bow.

    Mo Wuji hurried to respond, "Please come on in to speak."

    It was evident that the two of them had been waiting for him for a while now because Mo Wuji didn't believe it was so coincidental that they appeared just as he returned.

    The duo didn't hesitate as they immediately entered Mo Wuji's immortal cave.

    "I believe that both of you had came to see me more than once right? What did you come find me for?" Mo Wuji closed his immortal cave before speaking.

    Abacus answered respectfully, "Can we first ask Dao Friend Mo if Lord Axe had been killed?"

    Mo Wuji answered, "That's right, Hong Fuji had been killed but I wasn't the one who killed him."

    Mo Wuji didn't feel the need to hide anything from the two of them because he didn't fear them at all. Even if they started to act against him, it wouldn't be too difficult to finish the two of them off within minutes.

    "Gong Hou did it?" Ku Ya asked instantaneously.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes."

    Since the two of them knew who Gong Hou was, they should probably have seen it coming.

    Both Abacus and Ku Ya fell silent the moment they heard Mo Wuji confirming this fact.

    After a short moment of silence, Abacus and Ku Ya clasped their fists and said, "The two of us want to join Brother Mo's team and we please Brother Mo to accept us."

    Mo Wuji would never have expected the two of them to make such a request and he had never thought of accepting them before. Mo Wuji was so astonished when he heard this that he didn't answer them immediately.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji didn't reply, Abacus sighed and said, "Since Brother Mo has his concerns, we shall take our leave first."

    Mo Wuji sounded out, "Why would you make such a decision out of the blue? If your explanation makes sense, I will let you join my team."

    He had an Immortal-Traversing Ship with him so it would naturally be better if he had more people as he travel to the Immortal Chasm. Mo Wuji had never personally witnessed Ku Ya's ability but he was clearly aware of the strength of Abacus. To Mo Wuji, Abacus was even stronger than Lou Chuanhe. Mo Wuji even suspected if Lord Axe could handle Abacus and in a solo battle, the Tong brothers might not even be able to contain Abacus too.
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