Chapter 433: The Fuming Dao Lord Guang

    Chapter 433: The Fuming Dao Lord Guang

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    There were traces of helplessness in Abacus' voice, "Lord Axe had offended too many people including Guang Quan. Guang Quan might look friendly on the surface, however, he was a person who would seek revenge for even the slightest of grievance and was extremely scheming. When Lord Axe was still around, Guang Quan didn't dare to do anything to him because of Gong Hou but now that Lord Axe was dead, Guang Quan was bound to slaughter us.

    Another reason was because we had followed Lord Axe since forever so even if Guang Quan chose not to kill us, we have nowhere to go. No teams in the Half Immortal Domain was willing to accept us and without spirit stone slags, we wouldn't be able to last long too."

    After Abacus finished his piece, Ku Ya added, "Furthermore, Brother Abacus and I have already recognised Brother Mo as the only person who could be capable of walking out of the Half Immortal Domain in the future. Brother Mo was neither too arrogant nor humble and even had your own set of principles which was why we feel that joining you is the best option for us."

    "Alright, since this was the case, the two of you can stay. I need to undergo closed doors cultivation so the two of you can build your own immortal cave near mine and when I'm done, I will inform the two of you," Mo Wuji agreed as he could feel the sincerity of both Abacus and Ku Ya.

    "Many thanks Brother Mo," Abacus and Ku Ya were both pleasantly surprised because Mo Wuji was held in very high regard in the Half Immortal Domain so as long as they were under him, they wouldn't have to worry about others finding troubles with them in the future.

    After sending Abacus and Ku Ya off, Mo Wuji started cultivating instantly.

    After detoxifying the toxin given by Gong Hou using his detoxification meridian, the spiritual energy that resulted from that was on an even higher level than the one produced by the spirit stone slags. After absorbing this newly found spiritual energy, Mo Wuji could feel his cultivation level soaring up immensely. In just two days, Mo Wuji was already at the intermediate stage of the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 5.

    This time round, Mo Wuji didn't use the spirit stone slags but grabbed tens of low grade immortal crystals instead.

    When these tens of immortal crystals were in his hands, the dense immortal spiritual energy and an indescribable dao spirituality could be felt from within the crystals which increased Mo Wuji's rate of cultivation to yet another level.

    Within five days, Mo Wuji advanced past the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 5 and broke into Level 6.

    After half a month, Mo Wuji advanced from the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 6 to Level 7. In just a short period of time, he managed to reach the advanced stage of the Earthly Immortal Stage by exhausting less than 200 immortal crystals.

    Yet another half a month passed and Mo Wuji stepped into the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 8. Towards the end, Mo Wuji had exhausted even more low grade immortal crystals but the thought of being thrifty with the immortal crystals never crossed his mind at all. Mo Wuji took out the remaining hundreds of immortal crystals as he continued to cultivate while absorbing the spiritual energy wildly.

    After Mo Wuji finished absorbing the spiritual energy from all 1000 immortal crystals, his cultivation level stagnated at the advanced stage of the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 9. In summary, Mo Wuji used 1000 low grade immortal crystals to advance from Earthly Immortal Stage Level 5 to Level 9 in three months.

    Mo Wuji stopped cultivating because he knew himself well. He knew that after absorbing higher grade spiritual energy to cultivate, the moment he switched back to absorb lower grade spiritual energy, his rate of cultivation would be reduced by many levels.

    Even though he had over hundred thousands of spirit stone slags left with him, he would need to cultivate for numerous years to advance from Earthly Immortal Stage Level 9 to Level 10 by using these spirit stone slags.

    For the immortal mortal technique that he created, what he needed was continuous supply of dense spiritual energy which grades had to be constantly increasing. At least up till now, he had yet to face any bottleneck while cultivating.

    Mo Wuji lifted the restrictions for his immortal cave as he sent out a message to Master Pu Zi and co. to let them know that he was ready to dig up some blackstones. It would naturally be more beneficial for him if more people joined him in his trip to the Mining Area of Death.

    Master Pu Zi and co. including Abacus and Ku Ya rushed over in the shortest possible time.

    Mo Wuji had already informed Master Pu Zi that he had allowed Abacus and Ku Ya to join his team so his guess was that the remaining members were also informed of the news. Whether it was Lou Chuanhe, the Tong brothers or Jia Qi, none of them were shocked to see the Abacus and Ku Ya standing alongside them.

    "My intention is to unearth more blackstones and after this trip, it remains unclear whether or not we will return to the Half Immortal Domain. Anyone else has anything to add?" Mo Wuji went straight to the point as he was planning to let Tong brothers, Abacus and Ku Ya know about his intention to go to the Immortal Chasm after the deal with Gong Hou.

    Master Pu Zi, Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi were already aware of Mo Wuji's intentions so it would not appear as a surprise to them.

    The Tong brothers had been enjoying life in the Half Immortal Domain recently and was already full of admiration for Mo Wuji's strength and capabilities so they were both agreeable with his plan to unearth more blackstones. When Abacus and Ku Ya made their decision to join Mo Wuji and his team, they were already prepared to leave the Half Immortal Domain anytime. Therefore, everyone came to one common consensus very quickly.

    "Dao Friend Mo, are you going to pay a visit to the Dao Lord Mansion?" Master Pu Zi was not aware of the deal between Mo Wuji and Gong Hou so he always thought that the source of energy for the Immortal-Traversing Ship would be from Guang Quan.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Master Pu Zi do not have to worry as I have already secured a steady source of energy for the ship. Everyone will know what I am talking about the next time someone from the Immortal Domain came over to transact. We will leave the Half Immortal Domain now."

    After listening to Mo Wuji's speech, Master Pu Zi and co.'s spirits were suddenly lifted. Mo Wuji didn't mention it specifically but everyone could tell that Mo Wuji had hooked up with people from the Immortal Domain for the source of energy for their Immortal-Traversing Ship.

    Mo Wuji stood up and just as he was preparing to leave the Half Immortal Domain, another voice could be heard from outside of his immortal cave, "Dao Friend Mo, I wonder if you have time to spare now? Dao Lord Guang Quan held a banquet and had specially invited you to join him as a guest."

    If Gong Hou hadn't warn him about Guang Quan, Mo Wuji would have agreed to pay a visit. However, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't want to visit the Dao Lord Mansion now because he had not even heard of the partial killing array which was installed at the Dao Lord Mansion. Even though Mo Wuji was confident in the quality of his array dao and cultivation, the partial killing array was something that originated from the Immortal Domain. This was why he certainly didn't want to risk his life entering something that even Gong Hou was fearful of.

    "I am no time to spare now. Oh yes, if Dao Lord Guang Quan has some time to spare, we could meet for a short while at the entrance of the Half Immortal Domain. Do let him know that I will be waiting for him at the entrance of the Half Immortal Domain for half an incense time," Mo Wuji answered directly.


    In less than two minutes after Mo Wuji and co. arrived at the entrance of the Half Immortal Domain, Guang Quan's laughter could be heard, "Dao Friend Mo, because you have been cultivating behind closed doors and finally came out, old brother here wishes to invite you over to reminisce about the good old days. After all, we would still have to live together in the Half Immortal Domain for some time so it is better if we know each other better. I can give you some decent mining areas for you to set up your own team."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists as he saw the smiling Guang Quan, "Dao Lord Guang is indeed very hospitable but I have to go somewhere now. When I am back, I will definitely visit Dao Lord again."

    "Alright, alright, I shall pray for Dao Friend Mo to have a smooth journey then. Oh yes, Alliance Head Meng was extremely guilty for what had happened previously so he had prepared a half immortal rock and was willing to return to Brother Mo first..." Guang Quan said with a smiling face.

    The raging fire in his heart couldn't wait to swallow Mo Wuji because he didn't even bother visiting the Dao Lord Mansion over the couple of years he had been behind closed doors. Guang Quan was frustrated because how was he supposed to take down Mo Wuji if Mo Wuji chose not to visit his Dao Lord Mansion?

    If he couldn't take down Mo Wuji, how was he supposed to retrieve Meng Tianyu's Heavenly Wooden Cane and Mo Wuji's method to repel the acute wood energy?

    How could Mo Wuji not know what Guang Quan was trying to do? He was clearly trying to get Mo Wuji to meet Meng Tianyu. If Mo Wuji hadn't met Gong Hou, Meng Tianyu's spirit stone slags would be the sole reason why Mo Wuji would pay a visit. However, Meng Tianyu's measly spirit stone slags really didn't mean much to Mo Wuji now. He would never let Meng Tianyu off easily but he really had more important things to do right now instead of meddling with Meng Tianyu and Guang Quan.

    "Then I will have to trouble Dao Lord Guang to help me relay this message. Help me tell him that I will come asking for my debt very soon so please start preparing the spirit stone slags," Mo Wuji finished what he wanted to say and without saying anything else to Guang Quan, he drew out his flying ship and left.

    Now that Mo Wuji left, Master Pu Zi and co. would naturally not stay any longer as they drew out their individual flying treasures to follow behind Mo Wuji.

    Guang Quan's face was so gloomy that water was about to drip from his eyes as he was contemplating if he should bring people out to stop Mo Wuji and kill him outside of the Half Immortal Domain. Guang Quan controlled himself from finding troubles with Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji was acting so wildly with no respect for him. If Guang Quan didn't want what Mo Wuji had on him, he would have already sent people to chase after him.

    He couldn't wait anymore. Guang Quan was resolute in his decision to kill Mo Wuji outside of the Half Immortal Domain and take what he yearned for.


    A day later, Mo Wuji stopped in the periphery of the Mining Area of Death. Master Pu Zi and co.'s flying ships came to a halt too as they walked out of their individual flying ship.

    "This is the Mining Area of Death?" Abacus and Ku Ya shouted shockingly.

    Mining Area of Death would represent imminent death the moment one entered it. Up till today, they had not heard of anyone who entered and came out alive.

    Mo Wuji answered, "That's right, this is indeed the Mining Area of Death and I've decided to stay here for a few months to dig up blackstones. We will leave this place when it is time to transact with the Immortal Domain. Even though I have my ways to dig up blackstones, I understand that entering the Mining Area of Death is a dangerous thing to do so I wouldn't force the two of you if you are unwilling to come with us."

    "No, we are willing. Since we decided to join your team, we will not hesitate to follow you wherever you go," Abacus and Ku Ya said almost simultaneously.

    Mo Wuji nodded because he was extremely satisfied with this answer. He turned to the Tong brothers and said, "The two of you follow behind me and the rest of you walk by my side."

    Mo Wuji used his Scholar's Heart to form a shield as he walked endlessly into the depths of the Mining Area of Death. The Tong brothers have their own heart fire so it was definitely foolproof to have them behind.
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