Chapter 434: Heavenly Immortals Lightning Tribulation

    Chapter 434: Heavenly Immortal's Lightning Tribulation

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    The moment he stepped into the Mining Area of Death, the sound of colourless leeches being burnt could constantly be heard from outside of his Scholar's Heart shield. Abacus and Ku Ya exchanged glances and could see the shock in each other's eyes the moment they understood what was going on.

    In the next moment, the two of them started celebrating in their heart that they made the decision to join Mo Wuji and his team. Since Mo Wuji could casually walk into the Mining Area of Death unharmed, there should be no place that he couldn't visit in the future and perhaps one day, he could even enter the Immortal Domain.

    Even though there were a lot of Earthly Immortal Stage cultivators in the Half Immortal Domain, most of them were simply digging for blackstones everyday of their life so they could exchange for spirit stone slags to survive. Everyone here knew that there wouldn't be any future staying in the Half Immortal Domain and they all wished that one day, they would be able to enter the Immortal Domain.

    "I found a place with three blackstones," After walking for over a couple of hours, Abacus finally sounded out excitedly.

    He knew that they were many blackstones in the Mining Area of Death but he didn't expect this extent of blackstones available for they had only been in here for a while. In this short period of time, he found three blackstones and they were only less than two metres deep underneath the ground.

    Tong Ye heard what Abacus said and laughed out loud, "Brother Abacus, if we were to stop and dig for three blackstones, I am afraid our Brother Mo would rather use this time to cultivate."

    "Ah..." Ku Ya and Abacus looked curiously at Mo Wuji because one shouldn't miss out on even one blackstone available right? They really didn't understand the meaning behind Tong Ye's words.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "Dao Friend Tong Ye is right because even though we have a lot of manpower, we shouldn't waste our time digging up three blackstones."

    Noticing how Mo Wuji was really not interested in digging up the three blackstones, Abacus sighed and didn't continue saying anything. As he recalled how Mo Wuji was able to take out 200 blackstones in one shot previously, he guessed that Mo Wuji should have the ability to find large amount of blackstones.

    Following which, he found a few more blackstones and there was a time when he found six blackstones in one area but even so, he kept his thoughts to himself and didn't choose to say anything. Since Mo Wuji had the ability to find blackstones, he must have seen what Abacus saw and since Mo Wuji chose not to act, it would mean that the numbers were still not attractive enough for Mo Wuji.

    The truth that Abacus didn't know was that, without mentioning about the six blackstones, Mo Wuji had already found a few areas with over hundreds of blackstones within five metres of the ground but these were simply not lucrative enough for Mo Wuji to break a sweat for. In Mo Wuji's eyes, since eight of them were going to dig simultaneously, he had to find a mine with over hundred thousand blackstones. The best scenario would be a mine with over a million blackstones, just like before.

    After a day of walking, just as Ku Ya and Abacus were wondering if Mo Wuji was even interested in digging, Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks.

    "Dao Friend Mo, found it?" Master Pu Zi was the first to ask.

    Mo Wuji nodded, " I will set up an array here and I predict we would be digging for about half a month because the amount of blackstones here was definitely not lesser than the previous time."

    Previously, they took over a year to dig up the blackstones because there were only Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi helping out. Presently, Mo Wuji had eight people in total including a top notched mining expert, the Tong brothers.

    "But there are no blackstones here? Unless they are below the three metres depth?" Ku Ya asked suspiciously because she was slightly stronger than Abacus in finding blackstones. She could even reach a distance of slightly more than three metres which was why she grew suspicious when Mo Wuji decided to stop here.

    Just as Mo Wuji started installing the array flags, he heard Ku Ya's question and answered, "Yes, the blackstones here are indeed a little deeper about five metres deep."

    As Mo Wuji's cultivation level increased, his spiritual will was capable of penetrating till about nine metres beneath the black soil. The blackstones were located in slightly more shallow soil as compared to previously. Because of Mo Wuji's stronger spiritual will, the width of the area which he could sense increased which made him more confident that he could dig up even more than the previous time.

    Half a day later, Mo Wuji had already finished setting up a massive array.

    Under the guidance of Mo Wuji, the eight of them started digging blackstones and the result of their work was definitely not something one person could achieve in eight days.

    In just half a day, the five metres deep mine was completely dug out.

    Ku Ya and Abacus were completely dumbfounded at the sight of these closely packed blackstones. The number of blackstones in front of them was even more than a year worth of output from the Half Immortal Domain.

    Abacus glanced at Mo Wuji respectfully as he finally understood why Mo Wuji was not interested in the few scattered blackstones. If he was Mo Wuji, he wouldn't waste time on the few blackstones that he found earlier on as well.

    More and more blackstones emerged from the ground as their speed of digging was getting increasingly greater. In just a few days time, the eight of them had already dug out almost 1,000,000 blackstones.


    In a place which was about a thousand metres away from the Mining Area of Death, a flying ship came to a halt and a few people descended from it. The one leading them was the Dao Lord of the Half Immortal Domain, Guang Quan. The person beside him was not Meng Tianyu but the alliance head of the Vast Desert Alliance, Qian Yue.

    "Alliance Head Qian, if we continue moving forward, we would reach the Mining Area of Death. Could Mo Wuji and co. really be at the Mining Area of Death?" Guang Quan stared at the faraway Mining Area of Death and frowned.

    Qian Yue, who was standing beside him, shook his head, "That is impossible. Not to mention Mo Wuji, even experts from the Mining Area of Death wouldn't dare to casually enter the Mining Area of Death. Taking a step back, even if Mo Wuji has the ability to enter the Mining Area of Death, what about the rest of them?"

    " This person is indeed very tricky. Initially, I thought he would definitely look for me but he didn't even bother to appear at my Dao Lord Mansion. Could he have seen through my traps?" There was a trace of helplessness in Guang Quan's voice.

    "There is still the possibility that he could have hooked up with Gong Hou. Once he is hooked up with Gong Hou, there is no need for him to visit the Dao Lord Mansion at all," Qian Yue said.

    Guang Quan fell silent and said after pondering for a moment, "Brother Qian, what you've said could be true but if Hong Fuji was killed by Mo Wuji, Abacus and Ku Ya wouldn't be beside Mo Wuji. Gong Hou could have killed Hong Fuji and wanted Mo Wuji to replace him. Even so, Mo Wuji would still have came to find me because I am confident that Gong Hou would not offer him too many spirit stone slags for his blackstones. From Mo Wuji's encounter with Meng Tianyu previously, Guang Quan knew that Mo Wuji's appetite would definitely not be satisfied with a few hundred thousand spirit stones. Since he was able to detoxify the acute wood energy to cultivate here, it would only be natural that he yearned for even more spirit stone slags."

    "Brother Guang, there is another breakthrough. Didn't Mo Wuji arrive at the Half Immortal Domain with two other cultivators from Zhen Xing? We could perhaps find out about Mo Wuji's whereabouts via the two of them, Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao," Qian Yue replied.

    Guang Quan nodded, "That's right, Mo Wuji also had huge animosity with Cang Xue which means that Cang Xue could be a clue too. Let's go, instead of waiting down here meaninglessly, we might as well do as you say and find these people. We have already been searching for a few months now, I am afraid we wouldn't find anything substantial here if we continue doing so."

    The moment Guang Quan finished speaking, thunder could be heard and lightnings landed in a faraway place shortly after.

    "Someone is undergoing the heavenly tribulation!" Guang Quan and Qian Yue exchanged glances as they saw each other's fearful eyes.

    How many years had it been? It had been way too many years since someone underwent a heavenly tribulation in the Half Immortal Domain. According to his agreement with the Immortal Domain, other than transacting blackstones, he needed to report the names of cultivators who are capable of undergoing lightning tribulation here to the Immortal Domain.

    "Let's go and take a look," Guang Quan said without any shreds of hesitation and sent out a message while speaking.


    "What, someone is undergoing the heavenly tribulation here?" Mo Wuji and co. witnessed the lightnings descending from the Mining Area of Death as Master Pu Zi exclaimed surprisingly.

    Mo Wuji immediately thought of the Half Moon Prison and wondered if this cultivator, who just underwent the lightning tribulation, would be brought to the Immortal Domain and then imprisoned in the Half Moon Prison.

    "To be able to undergo his lightning tribulation here, that person must be a really talented expert. However, the one I respect the most is still Dao Friend Mo because we have only been here for a few months and yet we managed to dig up tens of millions of blackstones. I would have never believe someone if they tell me this was actually possible," Abacus said as he dug up 100 blackstones at one go.

    Everyone else around him had similar thoughts as him.

    Average cultivators would usually find only one or two blackstones at one go and it was extremely rare for someone to find over a hundred blackstones in one trip, let alone thousands or millions.

    However, Mo Wuji's findings were in millions and there was this instant where he actually found a mine with over 5,000,000 blackstones. The only difference was that the most shallow blackstone which Mo Wuji found was at least five metres deep. It seemed like most blackstones could be found deep underneath the soil and not on the surface.

    Half a day later, just as the faraway lightning tribulation ended, the communication bead that Mo Wuji hung on his waist lighted up.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan through before saying, "It has only been half a year and Gong Hou sent me a message already?"

    "Did he say he is coming over now?" Tong Cheng asked immediately.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes, he said he has reached and told me to prepare the blackstones to meet him now."

    "He should be here for that cultivator who just underwent the lightning tribulation. The people of the Immortal Domain came for that man and exchanging for the blackstones is simply a secondary purpose," Tong Cheng answered.

    "How do they find out about it?" Jia Qi asked subconsciously.

    Tong Cheng smiled coldly and said, "Naturally someone from the Half Immortal Domain must have told them. Everytime someone underwent a lightning tribulation here, people from the Immortal Domain will know of it immediately. I've heard from Master Po Qin that nothing good would happen to those who are brought to the Immortal Domain after advancing into the Heavenly Immortal Stage."

    "Why? Isn't everyone extremely eager to go to the Immortal Domain?" Ku Ya added.

    Tong Cheng shook his head, "I have no clue too but I trust Master Po Qin's words."

    Mo Wuji said in a solemn tone, "Master Po Qin is right, those that were brought to the Immortal Domain were all imprisoned."
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