Chapter 442: Obtaining Fortune From Disaster

    Chapter 442: Obtaining Fortune From Disaster

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    Mo Wuji pushed his Wind Escape Technique to the max. However, because of his layer of defense made from fire, his max could not be compared to when he was back in space.

    Fortunately, the two battling dragons did not notice an ant-like creature like Mo Wuji. After two hours of fleeing, the sounds of the two battling dragons disappeared behind him, and Mo Wuji could finally heave a sigh of relief. From Mo Wuji's observations, he guessed that those two huge dragons were the metal-type Sword Dragons which existed in the Immortal Chasm.

    In the Immortal Chasm, various sorts of dangers exist. Just the Colourless Leeches alone were able to kill most cultivators, much less the Gui Water Spider and the Yin Fire Centipede.

    Along the way, Mo Wuji encountered many Gui Water Spiders. However, what made Mo Wuji relieved was that he didn't meet any Yin Fire Centipede.

    Mo Wuji had battled with an Yin Fire Centipede before; he knew how terrifyingly strong an Yin Fire Centipede was.

    In his journey, when he met small groups of Gui Water Spiders, Mo Wuji would directly avoid them. But when he encountered huge hordes, he was truly unable to avoid them. Mo Wuji would carve out a path using his lightning swords, then instantly teleport away. Mo Wuji knew that he definitely couldn't tangle himself in a battle for a long period of time if he wanted to survive in the Immortal Chasm.

    The reasons why he could survive for so many days in the Immortal Chasm were his defenses formed from his Scholar's Heart, his reverse circulation technique, as well as his large stores of immortal crystals. He could not lack a single one of these things.

    Nothing would happen to his cultivation technique, and as long as he had immortal crystals, he would be able to sustain his Scholar's Heart defenses. Thus, Mo Wuji's primary worry was his amount of immortal crystals.

    The moment he ran out of immortal crystals, he was sure that he wouldn't be able to last long. At the most, he could push himself for two to three days.

    He really didn't have a lot of immortal crystals; he only had a few hundred thousands. After half a month of constant running, he had already used over 100,000 of them. He only had around 300,000 to 400,000 low grade immortal crystals left.

    With his current rate of use, these immortal crystals would only be able to sustain him for one month at the most.

    Of course, if Mo Wuji did not use the immortal crystals to cultivate, he might be able to squeeze out another month. However, Mo Wuji wouldn't do that.

    As he cultivated here, Mo Wuji felt that his progress had become faster. Perhaps it was caused by the constant loom of death. Thus, he didn't really consider to reduce his use of immortal crystals. There really wasn't much point in being any more frugal; if he were to encounter a powerful beast, he would still end up dead. In fact, if he were to get killed with his immortal crystals unused, he would moan vehemently.

    Hence, he would rather use the immortal crystals to cultivate. This would be able to continuously raise his power. If he were to meet a demonic beast and die without the power to even resist, then he would be filled with regrets.

    Time passed in a flash. Mo Wuji could only push forward.

    In this month, Mo Wuji had killed over 10 Yin Fire Centipedes. The reason why he could kill so many Yin Fire Centipedes was because most of the Yin Fire Centipedes were by themselves.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation had also reached the peak of Earthly Immortal Stage Level 10. Perhaps he only needed a single step to reach Earthly Immortal Stage Level 11.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't a half bit happy. He only had 30,000 immortal crystals. In another few days, he would completely deplete all these 30,000 crystals.

    Mo Wuji stopped cultivating. Even if he used all 30,000 immortal crystals, he might not be able to reach Earthly Immortal Stage Level 11.

    "Gua!" A hoarse croak reverberated through the air, even causing Mo Wuji's eardrums to tremor and ache. Mo Wuji subconsciously stopped, forgetting about the problem with his immortal crystals.

    Two huge lanterns appeared in front of him. Mo Wuji's heart tightened as he finally understood what was in front of him.

    Void Toad. This was definitely a Void Toad. Those two lanterns were the eyes of the toad. This toad's body was transparent like an empty void, it couldn't be seen. Only after Mo Wuji opened his spiritual eye, did he manage to see the faint outline of the toad's huge body. This toad was tens of meters wide. Such a huge body was actually invisible. Mo Wuji was sure that if this toad hadn't opened its eyes, he would have collided straight at it.

    Mo Wuji subconsciously took a step back. That toad was slowly opening its mouth. Even though Mo Wuji was unable to see clearly with his spiritual will, his spiritual eye was able to see things crystal clear. Within that toad's mouth, was a huge grey tongue. That tongue seemed like it was going to extend outwards and sweep him away.

    All of Mo Wuji's hair stood on its ends. Even though they haven't battled, Mo Wuji knew that this toad was much stronger than him.

    Void Toad. This was the first time Mo Wuji encountered such a life form since he entered the Immortal Chasm.

    He couldn't fight it. At that instant, Mo Wuji made his decision; he was going to teleport and flee.

    Just at that moment, a cold Yin energy surrounded his body. Mo Wuji didn't even think twice; he immediately escaped.

    Mo Wuji had experienced that sort of Yin energy many times; it belonged to the Yin Fire Centipede. He cursed his bad luck inwardly. As if he wasn't unlucky enough that he had to encounter a Void Toad, he had to meet another Yin Fire Centipede.

    A dim grey energy blade sliced past Mo Wuji's previous position; even the space around that position seemed to tremble. This was the longest Yin Fire Centipede he encountered since he came to the Immortal Chasm; it was close to 60 meters long.

    Mo Wuji stood in the distance unmoving. He knew he couldn't move; both the pressures from the Yin Fire Centipede and the Void Toad were pushing down on him.

    Mo Wuji didn't move. Similarly, the Void Toad and the Yin Fire Centipede didn't move. The three parties seemed to be glancing towards one another. Mo Wuji was very clear, if he were to move, the two demonic beasts would immediately attack him together.

    Just like that, time passed slowly. Mo Wuji could feel more Colourless Leeches gathering nearby; his heart was filled with anxiety.

    He had been in the Immortal Chasm for one and a half months. Even though he had the defenses from his Scholar's Heart, he knew that the Colourless Leeches were very terrifying. The Colourless Leeches here were different from the ones in the Mining Area of Death. These Colourless Leeches didn't even fear death; as long as there was a human being, they would swarm over in large amounts.

    His fire defenses required large amounts of elemental energy; this was inextricably tied to the use of his immortal crystals. If there were too many Colourless Leeches, his defenses might not be able to take it. Even if his defenses could take it, it would be at the expense of copious amounts of immortal crystals, and he did not have many of those.

    Another half a day passed. The Colourless Leeches swarmed towards Mo Wuji like moths to a fire. The pressure Mo Wuji felt got heavier and heavier. Just as Mo Wuji decided to risk his life to escape, the Yin Fire Centipede and the Void Toad moved simultaneously.

    What infuriated Mo Wuji was that the Yin Fire Centipede and the Void Toad actually decided to join hands to deal with him.

    Ten huge boulders were spat out from the Void Toad's mouth, whizzing towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji felt as though the space he was in had been pressed down by these ten boulders. He was actually unable to teleport away.

    At almost the same instant the Void Toad spat out the ten boulders, it extended its long grey tongue. Mo Wuji knew what this toad was thinking; it wanted to pull him into his mouth.

    The fire around Mo Wuji exploded forth with greater intensity; directly turning all the Colourless Leeches around him into ash. At the same time, he formed over ten lightning swords and his Tian Ji Pole slammed against one of the boulders. He was going to destroy himself a path of retreat.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole directly smashed one of the huge boulders into smithereens. The pressure on space finally eased down by a bit. Before Mo Wuji could escape, ten blades of fire raced towards him.

    Against expectations, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. Even though he was trying to find a way out, he had always been worrying about the Yin Fire Centipede. He wasn't a match for the Void Toad, nor was he a match for the Yin Fire Centipede. He thought that the Yin Fire Centipede work together with the Void Toad and attack him simultaneously. Unexpectedly, the Yin Fire Centipede's attack was late by a few breath's of time. Regardless of the reason, this gave him a bit of breathing space, as well as the chance to escape.

    Mo Wuji surged with energy. Once again, he swung his pole out. While he was trying to break through the space pressure, he also kept his guards up for the Yin Fire Centipede's Yin body.

    He had suffered under that thing once before. Naturally, he wouldn't be careless.

    Indeed, as Mo Wuji's Tian Ji pole descended, he felt the chill from the Yin energy.

    The Yin Centipede was going to attack him. Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole descended, breaking the space pressure from the Void Toad's boulder. At the same time, he had already prepared his ten over lightning swords, he was not going to let the Yin Centipede stop him from escaping.

    "Gua..." The Void Toad uttered another hoarse croak. With his spiritual eye, Mo Wuji discovered that the Yin Fire Centipede's Yin Centipede wasn't actually targeting him, but the Void Toad.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji finally understood what was going on. No wonder why the Yin Fire Centipede's first attack had been delayed for a few breaths of time. It was because the Yin Fire Centipede wanted him to stall the Void Toad. From the looks of it, this Yin Fire Centipede's true target was the Void Toad.

    Indeed, a huge hole of blood was torn through the Void Toad's abdomen by the Yin Centipede.

    The Void Toad seemed angered by the betrayal of the Yin Fire Centipede. After another load croak, it suddenly spat out a yellow bead. This yellow bead was around the size of a volleyball.

    The bead shot towards the Yin Fire Centipede with intense energy; it was as though the heavens were crumbling and the earths were tearing.

    This was the Earth Elemental Bead? Mo Wuji's heart was filled with shock. The Earth Elemental Bead had actually been refined by this Void Toad and had become its magic treasure.

    This was a price magic treasure. Even though Mo Wuji had already gotten rid of the spatial pressure from the Void Toad and could teleport away, he did not move. Mo Wuji's eyes had already turned red from the Earth Elemental bead. He was also sure that the Yin Fire Centipede was here to snatch the Earth Elemental Bead.

    Only a spiritual beast like the Void Toad could find a unique treasure like the Earth Elemental Bead.

    "Boom!" The Earth Elemental Bead clashed against the Yin Fre Centipede's fireballs. Flowers of fire exploded within the Immortal Chasm.

    At the instant the Earth Elemental Bead struck the fireballs, Mo Wuji activated his Wind Escape Technique to the max, whistling by like breeze.

    The force from the explosion swept outwards. Mo Wuji seemed to be sending himself to get struck; he immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood. Because of the clash with the fireballs, the Earth Elemental Bead was delayed for an instant of time.

    That instant was enough for Mo Wuji. The reason why he risked his life was just for this instant. He immediately swept the sluggish Earth Elemental Bead into his storage ring, then he furiously teleported away. At this moment, he had even withdrawn his defenses of fire. He only had a layer of Scholar's Heart around him as he rapidly teleported away without restraint.
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