Chapter 443: The Grand Barrier

    Chapter 443: The Grand Barrier

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    The reason why Mo Wuji dared to do that was because he had already disregarded life and death. Even if he didn't snatch the Earth Elemental Bead away, he would still die in another few days if he didn't find a way out. Since he might die either way, why shouldn't he snatch the Earth Elemental Bead away when it was right in front of him?

    After fleeing for two consecutive days, Mo Wuji stopped. He knew that he was already in the clear. However, he wasn't happy. He didn't even take out the Earth Elemental Bead. This was because he had already finished his low grade immortal crystals.

    Mo Wuji swept outwards with his spiritual will. Immediately, he looked at his front in astonishment.

    "This is the other side of the Immortal Chasm?" Mo Wuji muttered to himself; his face was filled with shock.

    In front of him, was a slippery, grey barrier which was sloped like the bottom of a pot. Mo Wuji was completely unable to discern the material of this grey barrier. He only knew that it sloped downwards, then extended indefinitely.

    Mo Wuji carefully moved over. He lifted his head to see the vast and endless sloping barrier; he felt like a tiny ant staring at the huge sea.

    Mo Wuji's heart instantly turned cold. In front of this barrier, not just him, but the Immortal-Traversing Ship would also be an ant. Like him, it wouldn't be able to cross this grey barrier.

    Would he forever be trapped in the Immortal Chasm?

    The magnificence of the vast and grand; the oppression of the small and minute. These were the feelings in Mo Wuji's heart.

    He blankly headed towards the barrier. He was just like a shrimp trying to climb the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

    Another half a day passed. Mo Wuji was already close to the grey barrier. He extended his hand and touched it; it was ice-cold.

    Mo Wuji really wanted to stop; he knew that there was no point continuing any further. This barrier was vast and interminable, how was he going to find an end? However, he also knew that he couldn't stop. If he were to stop, he would immediately be surrounded by the Colourless Leeches.

    Mo Wuji swept along the barrier with his spiritual will. Even though he knew that there was no way through, he was unwilling to give up.

    After an incense of time, Mo Wuji felt fatigued at the use of his spiritual will. He still wasn't able to find any way to get past this vast and interminable barrier.

    Just as Mo Wuji wanted to retract his spiritual will to rest, a stimulating beam of light flashed past.

    Feeling this beam of light, Mo Wuji's entire body was shocked still. He was too familiar with this beam of light; it was his laser light beam. He had fired the laser cannon multiple times, how could he not be familiar with the laser light beam?

    Since there was the laser cannon, there must be the Immortal-Traversing Ship. Mo Wuji no longer cared about saving elemental energy as he raced towards the light.

    "Boom!" Another intense explosion sounded, it was accompanied by brilliant light.

    "Wait for me..." Mo Wuji could already see the Immortal-Traversing Ship with his spiritual will. Even though he knew that the people on the ship wouldn't be able to hear his voice, he couldn't help but shout.

    "Boom! Boom! BOOM!" Yet another series of explosions sounded. Mo Wuji saw the Immortal-Traversing Ship charge through the barrier.

    Mo Wuji was alarmed, his heart was filled with doubts. The barrier to the Immortal Domain could be blasted open using laser cannons? Soon, Mo Wuji understood what was going on. The Immortal-Traversing Ship had actually entered through a gap in the barrier. That gap was filled with all sorts of life forms such as the Gui Water Spiders. Thus, the Immortal-Traversing Ship had fired those cannons to blast away these life forms, then it got past the barrier.

    By the time he noticed this, that gap was already gradually closing. Mo Wuji's heart sank, he knew that even if he charged over, he wouldn't be able to get on the Immortal-Traversing Ship.


    "Master Pu Zi, just now, my spiritual will seemed to detect someone charging towards us from the edge of the Immortal Chasm. Could it be Dao Friend Mo?" As the Immortal-Traversing Ship was blasting a path of blood from the Gui Water Spiders and Yin Fire Centipedes, Ku Ya suddenly said.

    Lou Chuanhe suddenly stood up and asked urgently, "Ku Ya, is that true?"

    Before Ku Ya could answer, Master Pu Zi said calmly, "That's impossible. There's no need to talk about how Dao Friend Mo only has a cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Stage. Even if he was a Heavenly Immortal, he wouldn't survive one to two months on the Immortal Chasm. He wouldn't even be able to deal with the Colourless Leeches."

    "Junior Mo has his fire defenses, why wouldn't he be able to deal with the Colourless Leeches?" Lou Chuanhe frowned.

    Master Pu Zi sighed, "But are the Colourless Leeches here the same as those in the Mining Area of Death? The penetrating powers of the Colourless Leeches here are much stronger. Moreover, the moment he stops, he would be swarmed by a horde of Colourless Leeches. Even though Dao Friend Mo's fire might be strong, he would only be able to survive for a few days. Furthermore, do you know what's the most terrifying thing about the Immortal Chasm? Not only are there Colourless Leeches, there's the suction force from the depths of the Immortal Chasm. The moment he gets sucked in, he would have no hope of surviving."

    "Master Pu Zi, I still feel that we should go back and take a look. What if it's really Dao Friend Mo?" Ku Ya suddenly said.

    "It's too late. The Immortal Chasm barrier has already closed. It would only open again tomorrow. Moreover, we don't have any more ammunitions. Even if we go back out, it would be useless. And all these aren't the most important considerations, we don't have any more low grade immortal crystals, ah...." Master Pu Zi shook his head.

    Everyone went silent. The Immortal-Traversing Ship was Mo Wuji's. The low grade immortal crystals on the ship were also Mo Wuji's. Even though they helped, everything was largely due to Mo Wuji's effort.

    Now, they had entered the Immortal Domain using the Immortal-Traversing Ship. However, Mo Wuji was left behind in the Immortal Chasm; it was still unknown whether he was dead or alive.

    A blinding light shot down towards them. They lifted their heads and saw refreshing sunlight and a patch of verdant greenery.

    Jia Qi's face was filled with tears. Ever since she entered Half Immortal Domain, she had never seen such a scene.

    Master Pu Zi parked the battleship in a mountain ravine. At the same time, he opened the doors of the battleship.

    Rich immortal energy seeped in. Everyone couldn't help but moan in pleasure. They had finally entered the Immortal Domain. From today onwards, they were no longer fish, but dragons. They would go wherever they wanted.

    "Everyone, this should be Immortal Domain. However, it is not without reason when the Immortal Domain tries to control the cultivators from Half Immortal Domain. Even though I don't know what that reason is, I believe that it's best if we all do not reveal that we're from Half Immortal Domain," After Master Pu Zi alighted, he spoke to everyone while clasping his fists.

    "What do we do next?" Kou Yuan asked.

    "Didn't Brother Mo establish the Tian Ji Sect? We should all be considered as members of Tian Ji Sect. Why don't we first find a place to hide ourselves as we wait for news from Dao Friend Mo?" Tong Ye had a straightforward personality; his words were also very frank and direct.

    Master Pu Zi waved his hand, "Even though I'm filled with grief, I must still acknowledge that Dao Friend Mo has likely perished. Tian Ji Sect was also established just to cross the Immortal Chasm. Now that Dao Friend Mo is not around, I think it's better if we each go our separate ways."

    Lou Chuanhe stood up, clasping his fists towards Master Pu Zi as he said, "Master Pu Zi, Junior Mo might not be here, but we promised him that we would establish Tian Ji Sect. Those that remember Dao Friend Mo's words and are willing to stay in Tian Ji Sect, please stand up."

    Before anyone else could speak, Ku Ya stood up and said, "Dao Friend Lou, Master Pu Zi, and everyone else, let me say a few words. Tian Ji Sect was established by Dao Friend Mo. Now, it's still unknown whether Dao Friend Mo is still alive, but I believe that Tian Ji Sect should carry on. At the same time, Master Pu Zi's words are also reasonable. We are currently lacking a leader, there wouldn't be much use in staying together."

    "Ku Ya, you're saying?" It could be said that Kou Yuan's life had been saved by Mo Wuji. Now that Mo Wuji's survival in the Immortal Chasm was still unknown, he was feeling pain in his heart. That's why he had largely remained silent. However, he did not oppose to Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Sect.

    Seeing the crowd turn to her, Ku Ya continued, "What I'm saying is, we can go according to Dao Friend Lou's words, we would all remain as members of Tian Ji Sect, and Tian Ji Sect did not need to be disbanded. We would also do as Master Pu Zi said, everyone would separate to find their own paths. With our current abilities, there's no value on staying together."

    Everyone soon understood the meaning behind Ku Ya's words. Tian Ji Sect would remain as Tian Ji Sect, and the sect head would still be Mo Wuji. It was just that everyone's abilities were too weak, and they had all came from Half Immortal Domain. Thus, they could not stay together but go on their separate ways. When they had sufficient power, they would gather back again.

    "I agree." Lou Chuanhe did not hesitate to say. He also knew that they would be courting death if they were to establish Tian Ji Sect in Immortal Domain with their current levels of power.

    "I also agree..." Tong Cheng said immediately.

    The rest also expressed their agreement.

    Seeing that all the others had agreed, Master Pu Zi nodded, "Since that's the case, then I also agree. Then, where would the Immortal-Traversing Ship be placed? If everyone doesn't mind, I hope to keep the Immortal-Traversing Ship. I wish to research on the methods used to forge the battleship."

    Ku Ya said, "Master Pu Zi, our main goal now is to raise our cultivation. I would suggest that we leave this battleship with Senior Lou."

    No one spoke; everyone else agreed with Ku Ya's words. Mo Wuji trusted Lou Chuanhe the most. It should be because of this that Ku Ya suggested that the battleship be passed to Lou Chuanhe. Even though Master Pu Zi admired Mo Wuji, he wasn't loyal like Lou Chuanhe.

    Since Ku Ya had already said it, there was nothing much for Master Pu Zi to say. He passed the battleship to Lou Chuanhe.

    After exchanging communication beads, everyone left in their separate ways.


    Mo Wuji had yet to reach that gap in the barrier but he had already came to a rough understanding of the situation.

    It definitely wasn't a coincidence that the Immortal-Traversing Ship was able to accurately find this gap. That meant to say, that on one of the eight people on the Immortal-Traversing Ship, there was a map of the Immortal Chasm, and that map even contained details on this gap. However, no one told him of this matter. This meant that the person with this information did not share all his secrets regarding the Immortal Chasm.

    Even though he didn't know who had this map, Mo Wuji could guess that it was probably Master Pu Zi or the Tong brothers.
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