Chapter 444: Killing A Way Out

    Chapter 444: Killing A Way Out

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    Mo Wuji did not leave immediately. He believed that if the Immortal-Traversing Ship could leave through this gap, then this gap would open once again.

    After half an incense's time, Mo Wuji knew that his guess was right. This was because boundless demonic beasts of all kinds came buzzing over. He wasn't even able to recognise many of them; he could only see large black hordes. Gui Water Spiders of different sizes came over in the ten thousands; the Yin Fire Centipedes that flew over were as small as a finger nail to as long as 100 meters.

    Except these, there were even more demonic beasts that he didn't recognise.

    These demonic beasts were crowding around the area that the Immortal-Traversing Ship had entered previously, seemingly waiting for the next opening.

    Mo Wuji activated his heavenly fire defenses as he tried to approach these demonic beasts. Fortunately, there were demonic beasts of all kinds, and all of them wanted to rush into Immortal Domain. Thus, they didn't really care about an odd Mo Wuji. Occasionally, there were some demonic beasts that tried to attack him, but they were easily destroyed by Mo Wuji.

    After a day's time, Mo Wuji could feel the entire space trembling. That grand and vast barrier seemed to be emitting a roar as a small gap appeared within the barrier.

    Seeing the demonic beasts and bugs surge in, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to charge forward as well. Even though he would be surrounded by demonic beasts, this was his only chance of survival. The longer he stayed outside, the more likely he was to die.

    Unfathomable waves of immortal spiritual energy swept by. Mo Wuji's heart tightened; he had a rough understanding as to why this place opened once everyday. It was possibly done by a person; the purpose of this action was to allow the spiritual energy to enter the Immortal Chasm.

    Such a grand scheme; it was unknown what grand power would be able to think of this.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked but he did not stop; he even used all his 107 meridians to activate the reverse circulation technique. He also pushed his Wind Escape Technique to the max.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji was already at the peak of Earthly Immortal Stage Level 10. Now that he was flushed by this rich immortal spiritual energy, he directly broke through the shackles and advanced into Earthly Immortal Stage Level 11.

    After advancing into Earthly Immortal Stage Level 11, Mo Wuji was brimming with elemental energy; his speed went even faster.

    His defense of fire burnt forth and turned those bugs around him to ash. Even so, Mo Wuji was left with no where to go.

    In front of him, were dense swarms of Gui Water Spiders and Yin Fire Centipedes; there were even some demonic bugs that he did not recognise. He was simply surrounded by bugs and he wasn't even able to use his teleportation. If not for the fact that the bugs were furiously trying to head towards Immortal Domain, and couldn't care about him, Mo Wuji might not even survive within these dense amounts of demonic bugs.

    The roar from the barrier could still be heard. Mo Wuji was incomparably anxious. He knew that this gap wouldn't be open for long; it would probably close within 10 breaths of time.

    One could only imagine. If this gap closes from both sides, he would end up crushed within the barrier, together with the rest of these demonic beasts.

    The demonic beasts squeezing towards the gap also knew of this danger, but they continued to charge in furiously.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had noticed that the gap was already starting to close. At this instant, he couldn't retreat even if he wanted to. The opening behind him was also blocked by boundless amounts of bugs.

    Mo Wuji whipped out his Tian Ji Pole, and at the same time, he ignited his vital blood. Almost all his potential was being exerted as he struck out with his pole.

    "Bang!" His Tian Ji Pole ripped out a gap. Countless of Gui Water Spiders were killed by his pole. However, at the very next instant, that gap was filled with more Gui Water Spiders and Yin Fire Centipedes.

    Mo Wuji's 107 meridians went into a fury. At this instant, his entire body was covered in green flames.

    If he did not push his way through, he would be crushed within this closing gap. As Mo Wuji furiously swung his Tian Ji Pole, his brain was in full action, thinking of a way to get through. Even though those Gui Water Spiders and demonic bugs were disgusting, these thoughts were disregarded.

    "Crack!" It was as though something had cracked. Mo Wuji suddenly gained an enlightenment from his 106th meridian - the dao revelation meridian.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to punch out. The flames from the Scholar's Heart were punched straight into the dense amounts of demonic bugs. A path of fire formed instantly. Mo Wuji knew that he had gained insights on a new sacred art. If he had time to develop it, he was even able to use the Scholar's Heart to display his Nirvana Pole Shadow.

    The moment the path of fire formed, the space around Mo Wuji eased slightly. He did not hesitate to use his spatial teleportation.

    He punched out once more; a hole of fire directly burned through the demonic bugs. Mo Wuji teleported again...

    Mo Wuji continued to teleport consecutively. Before he could react, the loom of death suddenly shrouded his subconscious.

    Not good. Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. At this moment, he didn't even have a place to retreat to. As the sense of impending doom surged towards him, Mo Wuji could only choose to continue teleporting. At the same time, he wielded his Tian Ji Pole and used it to block his forehead.

    "Swish! Pui!" Ten consecutive radiant blades sailed past Mo Wuji's body. A painful sensation which was enough to cause one to spasm spread throughout his body; Mo Wuji directly plummeted from the air and landed heavily on the ground.

    "Kacha!" Mo Wuji seemed to feel the gap in the Immortal Chasm's barrier close. However, he was not excited nor happy. He only felt the gloom of death.

    All his limbs had been sliced off by the radiant blade; there was only a bit of skin left of his left arm. And these weren't the fatal ones; four radiant blades had ripped four of his meridians, two radiant blades had ruptured his central dantian, and one radiant blade even pierced through his heart....

    These radiant blades seemed to have direction and motive; they dealt the most fatal injuries. The only thing that remained intact was his Mind Palace, because he had protected this area using his Tian Ji Pole.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with sorrow. He turned his head and saw heaps of corpses. These corpses seemed to be cut away by a sort of energy. So this was also a place of death; even after these bugs charged past the barrier into the Immortal Domain, they would still end up dead under these radiant blades.

    By this time, Mo Wuji was already clear of the situation. These radiant blades were spatial radiant blades. To install a domain of spatial radiant blades here, how many lives were killed? If he did not teleport out of this domain at the very last instant, he might have been left without a corpse.

    That's not right, why didn't he see the Immortal-Traversing Ship being attacked? Didn't the Immortal-Traversing Ship aslo enter through here? Soon, Mo Wuji came to an understanding. The Immortal-Traversing Ship wasn't a magic treasure. Although it was powered by immortal crystals, it did not exude any waves of spirituality. This spatial radiant blade domain was clearly an array installed by a person; this array could target cultivators or demonic beasts that exude waves of spirituality, then kill them.

    It was because of this, that the Immortal-Traversing Ship could end up safe.

    From the looks of it, that Wu You might not have come to Immortal Domain, but he had a deep understanding of it.

    Mo Wuji wanted to administer some healing pills. Unfortunately, he did not have any spiritual will, nor any elemental energy.

    Mo Wuji lifted his head and faced the blue sky, and that blinding sunlight. His heart was empty.

    He slowly closed his eyes. The first person that came to his mind was Cen Shuyin. Perhaps, he would be able to see Cen Shuyin soon. But was there really an afterworld?

    He wondered whether Yan'Er was able to recover her memories and remember of this young master of hers. And there was that woman. Until now, he still didn't understand, why did she have to kill him?

    At this instant, Mo Wuji suddenly felt one of his meridians circulating.

    Vitality channel? It was his 107th meridian, the vitality channel...

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded with ecstasy. How could he forget about such an important meridian? With the vitality channel, as long as he had a strand of life, he would be able to survive. Moreover, he had more than a single strand of life.

    Mo Wuji did not even need to control the vitality channel. His heart was rapidly recovered, then his dantian, then his meridians...

    After some time, Mo Wuji suddenly sprouted a strand of spiritual will. He did not hesitate to retrieve a bottle of healing pills from his storage ring and swallowed all of them.

    His broken limbs were reattached and started to heal automatically. All these did not require the vitality channel; his healing pills were enough to finish the job.

    After an entire day, Mo Wuji could finally struggle to stand. He did not even bother changing his clothes as he limped to the distance.

    The joy on his face had already disappeared. The vitality channel was strong, but the recovery of his meridians seemed to stagnate. Even though the rest of his other injuries had already fully recovered, his four meridians remained broken.

    Without his four meridians, it would be hard for him to recover his cultivation. Perhaps one day, he might not need those four meridians to join the rest of his 103 meridians. However, his cultivation would only return back to Earthly Immortal Stage Level 11. It definitely wouldn't progress any further.

    The most important thing was, this was the Immortal Domain. Without power, he would only be waiting for death. Even though this place was filled with rich immortal spiritual energy, it was no longer related to him.

    Two days later, Mo Wuji changed into a new set of clothes. At this instant, he had become an ordinary mortal. Besides that bit of spiritual will, he was no different from a mortal.
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