Chapter 445: First Interaction in the Immortal Domain

    Chapter 445: First Interaction in the Immortal Domain

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    "Young man, how do I go to the Yong Ying Thrush Mountain?" A voice suddenly interrupted Mo Wuji's train of thoughts as he sat by the side of the road.

    Mo Wuji lifted his head and saw a middle-aged man staring at him with a flying ship parked even further away.

    Mo Wuji hurried to stand up to greet him. Now that Mo Wuji's meridians were broken, his ability to sense his surroundings had fallen to the lowest point as he kept thinking what his next course of action should be. It was so extreme that Mo Wuji didn't even notice someone had came so close to him before that man sounded out.

    "Mo Wuji greets senior," Mo Wuji hurried to bow and even though he couldn't tell this middle-aged man's cultivation level, Mo Wuji had a faint sensing that this person was very much stronger than him.

    "Qian Shan, bring him here," A sweet voice could be heard from the flying ship's direction.

    "Roger that," The man asking Mo Wuji for directions lifted his hand and Mo Wuji could feel an extremely strong energy sweeping him off the ground.

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk because Mo Wuji realised how he was definitely not this man's match. When Mo Wuji's legs finally touched solid ground, he was already inside the flying ship.

    Despite not using his spiritual will to scan the flying ship, Mo Wuji was able to tell that this wasn't a flying ship any ordinary person could control. The immortal energy on the ship was even denser than the immortal energy from the immortal crystals he used to cultivate previously. The grade of this flying ship had far exceeded the grade of the flying car that Master Pu Zi forged for Mo Wuji.

    This even got Mo Wuji thinking that if he were to cultivate here, the rate of recovery of his four meridians using his vitality meridian could increase tremendously.

    "Little miss, this person is called Mo Wuji and there were no other signs of people around him. I have no idea how a mortal like himself would end up here," The man called Qian Shan said respectfully after bringing Mo Wuji up onto the ship.

    The girl who called him in seemed to be a very young woman. Her face was covered with a chiffon which revealed a little of her white and tender skin and from this alone, Mo Wuji was able to tell that she was an extremely gorgeous woman. In addition, her light green lotus dress gave her a very refreshing look.

    Even the faint scent from her body lifted Mo Wuji's spirit tremendously.

    "He shouldn't be a mortal because he had a storage bag hung around his waist," The one speaking was another woman beside the young woman. She was slightly taller, had a melon-shaped face and looked extremely delicate. She was also wearing a green dress with a pair of eyes full of energy which made him want to look at it once more.

    Because of his weakened cultivation, Mo Wuji kept his storage ring within his clothes and simply hung an ordinary storage bag on his body.

    Even without using his spiritual will to check, he knew that the taller woman had already used her spiritual will to scanned through his storage bag. This lowered Mo Wuji's impression of her because it showed that she clearly had no respect for him.

    Even though there was only a few spiritual herbs inside the storage bag, looking through the things in his storage bag without his permission proved that she was disregarding him. Even Qian Shan, the man who was speaking earlier, didn't do so because no matter what her intentions were, an act like this was simply too disrespectful.

    Mo Wuji said helplessly, "I am indeed a mortal and because a pill refiner once thought that I had the talent for cultivation, he brought me out to take care of his pet and even taught me some pill refinement techniques as well as imparting his cultivation technique.

    Afterwards, because I improved very quickly, that pill refiner took me in as his official disciple. Not too long ago, my mentor and his friends went out to search for a magic treasure and asked me to wait for him here. Because I've waited for a while now and he hadn't appear, I decided to look for him. Eventually, I lost my way, met with a demonic beast and had some of my spirit channels destroyed even though I didn't lose my life."

    "What, you know the Pill Dao..." Qian Shan exclaimed surprisingly. He didn't even bother about the part where Mo Wuji mentioned about his destroyed spirit channels.

    Mo Wuji hurried to say, "I wouldn't say I am proficient in it because I could only concoct a few extremely normal pills."

    The young woman nodded his head, "Then do you know about the Yong Ying Thrush Mountain?"

    Presently, Mo Wuji already had some impression as he remembered something about the Half Moon Prison being one of the ten prisons in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain. It seemed like this Yong Ying Thrush Mountain should be located in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    This was in fact, Mo Wuji's first time hearing about the Yong Ying Thrush Mountain but he knew that he must not admit that he didn't know about it. This place was vast and boundless so staying here would mean risking his own life. This young lady looked like a pretty amiable person with good character so he was wondering if he would have the chance to make use of her flying ship to get out of this place.

    However, if he were to misjudge her, she could finish him off with a simple fireball. Regardless, Mo Wuji decided to gamble on this.

    Just as Mo Wuji was preparing to stake everything on one throw and mentioned that he knew about this mountain, the woman suddenly asked, "What is the highest tier of pills you can concoct?"

    Mo Wuji had no idea how to answer this question but he hurried to answer anyway, "Before my spirit channels were destroyed, I could refine Tier 5 Earth pills but I can only refine Tier 3 Mortal pills now."

    "You can actually concoct Tier 5 Earth pills?" Qian Shan stared shockingly at Mo Wuji because he simply couldn't believe Mo Wuji could be a Tier 5 pill refiner after casually following a random mentor. If this was the case for everyone, there would be too many spirit pills refiners in this world.

    Mo Wuji's heart sank because he initially still thought that saying he was a Tier 5 pill refiner might not shock them too much. In actual fact, given the quality of his Pill Dao now, he should be able to refine Tier 7 pills with the suitable ingredients and opportunities to experiment. As for Tier 6 pills, he could refine them even with his eyes shut. Furthermore, this was the Immortal Domain so he thought that saying he was a Tier 5 pill refiner would not be too ridiculous. However, the reality proved that it might just be a little too ridiculous, especially in here.

    "That was what I could achieve previously. Presently, I could barely manage to refine Tier 3 Mortal pills," Mo Wuji hurried to explain.

    At this moment, a flying messenger sword flew over and the manager named Qian Shan caught it and his face turned bad, "Little miss, the Half Immortal Domain is starting to collapse and it has signs of becoming part of the Immortal Chasm. There are many cultivators from the Half Immortal Domain who are crazily trying to traverse the Immortal Chasm and some of them had even reach the Immortal Domain via a battleship..."

    The little miss took over the flying messenger sword and took a look before nodding her head, "I got it, let's turn this flying ship around for the moment and you send out a message to ask the Ying Bian City about the location of the Yong Ying Thrush Mountain."

    "Roger that," Qian Shan hurried to step down.

    Mo Wuji heard the little miss' orders and knew that he was no longer of use to them. Just as he was about to clasp his fist and leave the flying ship, he heard the little miss telling him, "You follow me."

    After she said this, she turned and entered one of the cabin in the flying ship. Mo Wuji knew that there was nothing he could do except to follow her. As he entered the cabin, the flying ship trembled slightly and took off.

    Mo Wuji kept following this little miss as they walked into one of the room which was located the furthest inside the rows of cabins and he could smell a scent. At that instant, Mo Wuji knew that it was her own personal room.

    Even though he had no clue what was the meaning in asking him over, Mo Wuji lowered his head and kept quiet.

    "Do you know that whatever you said earlier had a lot of loopholes in it?" This woman said suddenly.

    Mo Wuji's heart turned cold, but he understood what she meant. The problem was the fact that it seemed too idealistic for a random pill refiner to find a mortal to teach for a while and ended up having disciple which was a Tier 5 pill refiner. Even if it happened in the Immortal Domain, it was still not realistic.

    Even though this sentence had its loophole, the loophole wasn't that big. The problem was that Mo Wuji only became an official disciple only after he became a Tier 5 pill refiner. However, he didn't look old at all so even if he were to start concocting pills the moment he was born, it was merely tens of years only. How could someone like that become an official pill refiner so it was either he was boasting about himself or he was lying.

    The more important point was the fact that he had a few spirit channels broken. How strong must the other party be to destroy his spirit channels? And how could he survive after having his spirit channels broken?

    Mo Wuji sighed because he kept wondering what he should do in the future. In fact, ever since he was brought onto the flying ship, he had been thinking about this. Moreover, he regarded the Immortal Domain too highly which caused oversight in his explanation. Currently, Mo Wuji realised that even in the Immortal Domain, Tier 5 Earth pill refiner wasn't something very easily achievable.

    "If my guess is not wrong, you should have sneaked over from the Half Immortal Domain right?" This woman with her face covered with a chiffon asked.

    Mo Wuji felt very offended because what did she mean by sneaked in? Could it be that other people were not allowed to enter the Immortal Domain? And that if they did, they must have sneaked in? He realised in his heart that he was not any more significant than an ant here and people could do and say whatever they wanted of him.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to answer, the woman said once more, "To traverse the Immortal Chasm, even a Xuan Immortal might not be able to do so and you dare say you managed to do so even when you are merely an Earthly Immortal? Not only this, you are also a pill refiner. Could it be that I have been in closed doors for too long and that I haven't met people like you before?"

    "I am only very fortunate and it didn't matter any more whether I did traverse the Immortal Chasm or not. Now that my spirit channels were destroyed, I am nothing more than an ordinary mortal," Since the other party already guessed so much, there was no longer a need to waste his time trying to lie.

    The woman said faintly, "Even if your spirit channels were not destroyed, you would be executed sooner or later for sneaking across the Immortal Chasm."

    Mo Wuji didn't say anything as he was wondering what type of expert was a Xuan Immortal expert. As for the woman's claim that he sneaked across the Immortal Chasm, he was still feeling extremely disdainful about it. If only he was strong enough, he would not hesitate to blast the Immortal Chasm barrier apart and set up a transfer array from the Half Immortal Domain to the Immortal Domain.

    Who set the rules that one couldn't traverse into the Immortal Domain? No matter the reasonings or argument, as long as one was strong enough, there was nothing one couldn't do.

    "I can save your life but even with my status, we have to do it discreetly..."

    Before waiting for her to finish saying, Mo Wuji took the initiative to bow and said, "Many thanks senior and if senior could put me down, I would forever be grateful for you."

    The young woman's tone was even more faint as she said, "I know you're not a simple man but no matter how extraordinary you are, letting you go from here would be equivalent to letting you die. Let's make a deal. I will save your life and even recover your spirit channels but you have to help me with something."
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