Chapter 446: Tier 3 Pill Monarch

    Chapter 446: Tier 3 Pill Monarch

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    Mo Wuji clasped his fists, "May I know how can I be of help to you? As long as I am able to help, I would definitely do so."

    With such a great deal, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't reject it unless he lost his mind because he simply couldn't think of any other way to save himself now.

    "My name is Wen Lianxi and you can either call me Dao Friend, my actual name or even senior," The woman nodded her head as she saw that Mo Wuji agreed to her suggestion without any hesitation at all. To be able to traverse the Immortal Chasm and come out alive, Mo Wuji must definitely be an extraordinary person. She wouldn't have much to lose even if she allowed someone like him to address her as senior.

    Mo Wuji was starting to have a good impression of Wen Lianxi because to her, he really didn't have any rights to negotiate in the current state that he was in. Despite so, she didn't discriminate against him and even took the initiative to say out her name. This, to Mo Wuji, was a form of respect.

    "My name is Mo Wuji and I was previously a rogue cultivator," Even though Qian Shan had already mentioned his name previously, Mo Wuji still felt the need to say his name once more out of respect and courtesy.

    "Alright, Dao Friend Mo, let me ask you what is the highest tier of spiritual pills can you concoct now?" Wen Lianxi stared at Mo Wuji with a lot of expectations in her eyes.

    Mo Wuji saw a pair of eyes which were full of expectations and he knew that the standard of his Pill Dao could directly affect the stakes of this deal.

    "Previously, I was able to concoct Tier 9 Heaven grade pills but after my spirit channels were broken, it has been a long time since I concoct any Heaven grade pills. I believe that as long as I have sufficient amount of spiritual herbs and once I found my touch again, I would be able to concoct Tier 9 Heaven grade pills," Mo Wuji said with a lot of conviction.

    To Mo Wuji, the highest tier of pills he could concoct was Tier 7 and he had never even tried to refine any Tier 8 or 9 Heaven grade pills before.

    However, Mo Wuji was very confident in his self made reverse immortal mortal technique in which his pill refinement technique was also derived from it.

    Furthermore, the success rate of his pill refinement was almost 100% and the reason why he hadn't concoct any Tier 8 or 9 Heaven grade pills was not because he didn't want to but because he couldn't find spiritual herbs of such high grade.

    This was the Immortal Domain which was why he believed that finding Tier 8 or 9 spiritual herbs should be an easy task for Wen Lianxi. As long as he had sufficient ingredients, why would he not be able to concoct the pills?

    "Are you really a Tier 9 pill refiner?" Wen Lianxi suddenly stood up as she had already walked up to Mo Wuji, trying to control her excitement.

    Since he had already reached this stage, Mo Wuji really couldn't say he was not so he said while brimming with confidence, "That's right, Senior Wen, I am indeed a Tier 9 pill refiner."

    Wen Lianxi took a long while before calming herself down and said, "Dao Friend Mo, tell me truthfully the total number of years you took since you started learning pill refinement to become a Tier 9 pill refiner?"

    Mo Wuji was stunned by the question. He spent a total of ten years cultivating and he was afraid the total time he took to learn pill refinement and study Array Dao would probably amount to less than one tenth of it. Furthermore, he had dedicated most of the time to study Array Dao instead of pill refinement.

    In actuality, ever since he created his technique of his own, he spent less time trying to concoct pills. Because while using his immortal mortal technique to cultivate, he didn't face many bottlenecks which was why even if he were to concoct pills, he would usually concoct those healing pills or pills to recover elemental energy.

    After pondering for a while, Mo Wuji answered, "Probably about two, three years."

    For this fact, Mo Wuji really didn't boast about it because the total amount of time he spent refining pills would not even add up to one year so he was actually being humble when he said he took about two to three years.

    Wen Lianxi opened her eyes widely as she stared at Mo Wuji, "How can you be this talented? To only take two to three years to improve your Pill Dao to the level of a Tier 9 pill refiner... You are not lying to me so I can help you fix your broken spirit channels right?"

    Mo Wuji replied anxiously, "Certainly not because the two to three years were the total time accumulated. The truth is that I've spent a total of about seven to eight years researching on spiritual herbs and pill formulas."

    Wen Lianxi didn't continue saying anything because whether it was two years or eight years, one must be extremely talented to become a Tier 9 pill refiner from scratch.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji could only keep quiet as he waited for her to state what she needed him to do. Whether he was boasting or actually stating his own strength, he had played his hidden card so it was all dependent on whether she was interested.

    "If I were to give you another ten years, are you able to advance from Tier 9 Heaven grade pill refiner to a Tier 3 Pill Monarch? Even I know this would be a little rush because ten years is simply too short..."

    Mo Wuji interrupted Wen Lianxi's words as he clasped his fist and asked, "Senior Wen, I have no idea what a Tier 3 Pill Monarch is. Could you give me a brief introduction of it?"

    Wen Lianxi nodded. "Before I explain, there is something I want to ask. Even though I am certain you are not older than 500 years old, I do want to ask how old are you?"

    Mo Wuji guessed that this must have something to do with the help she needed but the truth was that he was only 30 over years old. 500 years old? Stop fooling around.

    "I have not crossed the 200 years old mark," Mo Wuji reported his age to be six to seven times older because if he were to be honest and told her that he came over to the Immortal Domain while being in his thirties, Wen Lianxi would definitely become even more suspicious of him.

    "Great, no wonder you're able to cross the Immortal Chasm. You are truly shockingly talented," Wen Lianxi clenched her fist in excitement as she said, "Let me tell you what is a Tier 3 Pill Monarch. In the Immortal Realm, experts of Pill Dao were separated into nine different tiers and those who are able to concoct Tier 1,2,3 immortal pills would be considered as Tier 1,2,3 Pill Monarch respectively. Those able to concoct Tier 4,5,6 immortal pills are called the Tier 4,5,6 Pill King and then Tier 7,8,9 Pill Emperor..."

    Mo Wuji finally understood what was going on and it seemed as though Tier 3 Pill Monarch was equivalent to a Tier 3 pill refiner in the cultivation world. She gave him a time duration of 10 years and expected him to advance only three levels, wasn't she looking down on him?

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji said, "If I have sufficient immortal spiritual herbs and enough immortal crystals, I am confident of achieving your aims. However, I would need you to give me a simple pill manual and some immortal pills for my reference would be good."

    "If you are not lying earlier on, I believe you can do it too. I am definitely able to agree to give you what you need but how can I be sure that you wouldn't sneak away with my things after I allow you stay and study Pill Dao? One must know that you are a fella capable of traversing the Immortal Chasm. Why don't you swear upon your Immortal Dao?" Wen Lianxi looked at Mo Wuji.

    It was naturally impossible for Mo Wuji to stay by her side and concoct pills for 10 years. Mo Wuji was thinking that as long as he could advance to become a Tier 3 Pill Monarch and helped her concoct what she needed, he would say his goodbye immediately.

    "Senior Wen, I have and will never swear previously and in the future. If Senior Wen don't trust me, you can give me the most poisonous pill and keep the antidote with yourself. Moreover, Senior Wen can visit me anytime to take a look at my progress," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    Wen Lianxi looked suspiciously at Mo Wuji for a while before nodding her head, "I trust you. Since you are willing to eat the Immortal Domain's toxic pill and reluctant to swear, you are evidently a person who don't like to go back on your words. Also, I would not be able to visit you to check on your progress on a regular basis."

    Mo Wuji's heart was pounding fast but he would naturally not say the truth. The only reason why he dared to swallow the poisonous pill was because he had a detoxification meridian. As for her point of not being able to check on his progress regularly, Mo Wuji didn't think much about it as he simply thought that she was unwilling to spend so much effort and attention on him.

    "This is a storage ring and there are all sorts of top tier spiritual herbs in it including immortal spiritual herbs as well as the rest of the items you mentioned earlier. After I visit the Yong Ying Thrush Mountain, I will send you to a place to study your Pill Dao. After you achieved success in your Pill Dao, I will find you again. As for the supply of the immortal herbs and spiritual herbs you needed, I will get people to send it to you after a while," Wen Lianxi handed Mo Wuji a storage ring as her voice revealed traces of gentleness.

    This was simply too good to be true. She was willing to let him study Pill Dao, help him recover and even bring him away from dangers. Mo Wuji's gratitude towards her kind acts suddenly grew tremendously.

    Just as the storage ring landed in his hand, Mo Wuji could feel a slight movement in his detoxification meridian. Following which, Mo Wuji hurried to use his spiritual will from his spirit storage meridian to scan his body. Mo Wuji immediately sensed a faint stream flowing from his finger to his meridian and seeping into his sea of consciousness. After a while, it concealed itself beside the violet lake in his sea of consciousness.

    Because of his damaged meridians, even though the detoxification meridian could sense the toxin, it was unable to detoxify it. Fortunately for his detoxification meridian, he was able to use his spirit storage channel to locate where the stream concealed itself.

    Otherwise, he would definitely not be able to notice the extremely weak stream and eventually not being aware of the danger hiding itself within the violet lake in his sea of consciousness.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because he was indeed too naive. He was just thinking about how Wen Lianxi didn't even know anything about him yet she was willing to offer such lucrative conditions for him. It seemed like even after he became a Tier 3 Pill Monarch, the help that Wen Lianxi required from him wouldn't be too simple as well.

    Wen Lianxi smiled and passed a jade case to Mo Wuji, "There is a Channel Supporting Pill inside and even though it could only recover spirit channels of cultivators below the Heavenly Immortal Stage, it should be sufficient for you."

    "Many thanks Senior Wen," Mo Wuji thanked her sincerely.

    Even though Wen Lianxi used plotted against him in the dark, Mo Wuji was still very grateful for her. Without Wen Lianxi, his meridians would never be able to recover. Without Wen Lianxi, he had no idea where he would be now and things were made much more difficult given the fact that the Immortal Domain was desperately searching for those who came over from the Half Immortal Domain. In fact, if Wen Lianxi didn't plot against him or create a security net for herself, he would be the suspicious one.

    "Go and focus on recovery first. Qian Shan, bring Mo Wuji to a quiet room," Wen Lianxi told Mo Wuji gently.

    "Alright," Qian Shan's answer could be heard from outside the door.

    "Senior Wen, may I ask what is the true use of the blackstones from the Half Immortal Domain?" Mo Wuji hurried to ask as he saw Wen Lianxi trying to chase him away.

    Wen Lianxi said faintly, "You will understand in time to come hence, no need for me to explain."

    Mo Wuji could only express his thanks and followed Qian Shan after leaving the room.
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