Chapter 447: Liar

    Chapter 447: Liar

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    Even though Qian Shan arranged for Mo Wuji to stay in one of the rooms in the corner, Mo Wuji didn't mind because he was lodging under someone else's roof and didn't have much of a status to ask for more. After returning to his room, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to place restrictions around the room and then his spiritual will fell on the poisonous imprint within his sea of consciousness.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji understood what type of imprint this was. This imprint had a spiritual will tracker mark within it and contained an extremely strong toxin. This toxin was under complete control of the person who placed it and whenever she was willing, she could ignite the explosion of the toxin within his body. Soon after, the toxin would then instantaneously penetrate into the person's sea of consciousness as well as every single spirit channel in the body.

    As for the imprint, Mo Wuji didn't touch it because he couldn't be too bothered about it. Firstly, he had no intentions to escape now as he had yet to offend anyone here. At most, he would be wanted because he sneaked across the Immortal Chasm. Secondly, he had his detoxification meridian so it didn't matter much to him no matter when the toxin exploded and spread within him.

    After throwing these thoughts to the side, Mo Wuji took out the pill.

    This was the first time Mo Wuji heard of the Channel Supporting Pill and he had no idea which tier of immortal pill it was in. To be able to recover the spirit channels of an Earthly Immortal stage expert, this Channel Supporting Pill must definitely be something else.

    He just arrived from a cultivation planet which was why he didn't know any immortal pills formula. Now that he had this Channel Supporting Pill, he naturally had to analyse so he could recognise it in the future.

    While the Channel Supporting Pill was still in Mo Wuji's hand, it was already giving out a faint scent. In terms of its condition, Mo Wuji felt that this pill should be a lower tier immortal pill.

    After observing it for a while, Mo Wuji finally threw this pill into his mouth. Even though the pill dissolved straightaway after it landed in his mouth, it would not affect Mo Wuji's ability to recognise the pill formula. He came out with his own pill refinement technique hence, as long as he was given the pill itself, his ability to deduce the pill formula from it was a talent gifted to him from heaven.

    Very quickly, Mo Wuji kept sighing because he deduced that there were over ten ingredients used to concoct this pill. The pity was that he had not even seen a single ingredient that was needed throughout his entire life thus far. This showed that the Channel Supporting Pill was made up of entirely immortal spiritual herbs so how was he supposed to deduce the formula when he didn't recognise a single of them?

    A faint immortal spiritual energy flowed into his broken meridians and it started to recovering at an insane speed.

    This was indeed a good pill and Mo Wuji instinctively started to circulate all his meridians so as to assist the recovery of his broken meridians.

    After just four hours, all four of his meridians were fully recovered. Just at the moment all 107 meridians linked up simultaneously, Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness trembled and his cultivation level jumped straight into Earthly Immortal Stage Level 12.

    The elemental energy that he had lost, returned back to his body and even his spiritual will increased by many folds.

    Mo Wuji heaved a slight sigh of relief because even though it didn't mean much to be an Earthly Immortal Stage Level 12 expert here, he could finally move freely.

    Whether or not Wen Lianxi placed the toxin in his sea of consciousness, Mo Wuji was still very grateful for her because after all, he was still a stranger to her and she had no idea what type of person he was. After helping him, it was reasonable and logical to ensure that she had the upper hand and control over things so Mo Wuji wouldn't blame her for her actions.

    Mo Wuji opened the storage ring that Wen Lianxi gave him and he took in a deep breath of cold air the moment his spiritual will landed inside the storage ring.

    What a fortune! The lowest tier herb was actually a Tier 8 spiritual herb and it was in the least abundance. The more common ones were the Tier 9 spiritual herbs and some Tier 1 immortal herbs. One must know that it was extremely difficult for him to even find one stalk of this spiritual herb back when he was in Zhen Xing.

    Besides, he also saw a jade letter and a low grade immortal pill furnace and a pile of immortal crystals. These immortal crystals were all low grade immortal crystals but Mo Wuji had this feeling that Wen Lianxi specifically gathered these immortal crystals for Mo Wuji because he was certain that she would be using the higher grade immortal crystals for herself.

    From the bad state that he was in, Wen Lianxi should have guessed Mo Wuji should have nothing with him after sneaking from the Half Immortal Domain which was why she decided to give her a pill furnace and some immortal crystals.

    No matter the grade of the immortal crystals, it was a timely help to him. Mo Wuji didn't cultivate because his immortal mortal technique was different from other common techniques. It was not only a cultivation technique for meridians, it was a reverse technique.

    He had no clue what Wen Lianxi's cultivation level was but he was certain it was higher than his own. The moment he started cultivating here, things wouldn't end up well if someone were to find out. At the thought of this, Mo Wuji took out the jade letter and just as his spiritual will entered the jade letter, he could feel another spiritual will.

    Mo Wuji was aware that Wen Lianxi was observing what he was doing but he didn't bother about her as he continued to scan through the jade letter.

    This was the lowest grade jade letter for Pill Dao which briefly introduced a few immortal herbs of the immortal realm and the characteristics of some of these herbs. Some of the herbs that were introduced here, Mo Wuji recognised them in the storage ring that Wen Lianxi gave him.

    Other than these, there were a few basic things such as refinement techniques for a few immortal pills. Mo Wuji wouldn't learn all these techniques because he only needed to understand them. All his previous techniques were all deduced by himself and even for array dao, he had already stopped following Chu Xing Zi's legacy and started to build his own array dao now.

    After an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji put down the jade letter and started to refine the low grade pill furnace. Even though Mo Wuji didn't have any spiritual will technique to use, his spiritual will was much stronger than that of an average Earthly Immortal Stage cultivator.

    Mo Wuji managed to refine the low grade immortal pill furnace in just one hour.

    Mo Wuji was not the type of person to waste time so he immediately took out a bunch of Tier 8 spiritual herbs to concoct Tier 8 pills.

    Even though he told Wen Lianxi that he was a Tier 9 pill refiner, the truth was that he hadn't even touched a Tier 8 pill before, let alone Tier 9 pills. Therefore, he needed to become a true Tier 9 Heavenly pill refiner in the shortest possible time. As long as he had sufficient amount of spiritual herbs, this wouldn't be too difficult for him.

    Mo Wuji didn't dare to use his Scholar's Heart because why would he dare to show it off when he was only an Earthly Immortal Stage expert?

    After deciding to use his simple Earthly Immortal's flame, Mo Wuji chose to concoct the True Nihility Pill. This was a type of pill to recover the elemental energy of cultivators above the True God Stage. Back in Zhen Xing, he always wanted to concoct a pill like this but simply couldn't find any Nihility Immortal Grass.

    The Nihility Immortal Grass was a Tier 8 spiritual herb and was astonishingly expensive because of its rarity. Presently, there were at least 10 Nihility Immortal Grass in the storage ring that Wen Lianxi gave him. Furthermore, all the other supplementary herbs were present so he naturally wanted to start by concocting this pill.

    Mo Wuji felt like he returned to the days at the Formless Blade Sect where he put his heart and soul only on learning and deducing the concoction of a pill.

    As stalks of herbs were thrown into the furnace, even though Mo Wuji was only using the Earthly Immortal flame, the herbs were fusing very quickly in the low grade immortal pill furnace as Mo Wuji started to purify the herbs.

    Normally, the percentage purity when achieved was about 90% but this time round, he really wanted to try achieving 100% pure essence using this immortal furnace to purify his herbs.

    Mo Wuji realised the outcome very quickly because just as he was about to achieve the 100% purity, he heard a clear explosion and then he could smell the burnt solution. This made him conclude that he had failed the first furnace of pills.

    Mo Wuji failed on the second furnace of pills, third, fourth...

    As long as he continued to purify even when the herbs were very close to achieving its 100% purity, the herbs would immediately explode.


    Wen Lianxi stared at the monitoring screen and the first time she extended her spiritual will to observe Mo Wuji, she did that intentionally so that Mo Wuji was aware that she was observing him. If Mo Wuji dared to continue concocting the pills even under her watch, it would mean that she found the right person. However, Mo Wuji didn't start concocting the pills straightaway as he tinkered with the jade letter and just like that, about four hours were wasted.

    Afterwhich, Wen Lianxi retracted her spiritual will and ignited the hidden monitoring array screen for Mo Wuji's room. He really wanted to know if Mo Wuji would dare to try concocting the pills once she retracted her spiritual will.

    However, the truth made her disappointed and furious because Mo Wuji wasted a few hours and failed eight consecutive attempts. No wonder he only dared to start concocting the pills after she retracted her spiritual will.

    If she still couldn't tell that Mo Wuji was definitely not a Tier 9 pill refiner, she would really be an idiot. Previously a Tier 9 Heavenly pill refiner actually failed so horribly to concoct a Tier 8 immortal pill after eight attempts despite having his full strength back. She believed that even she could concoct out a few Tier 8 immortal pills, even if they were not of the best quality.

    She sighed and realised that she must be at the end of her tether to actually believe a random stranger she met to be a talented pill refiner.

    Presently, she started to doubt Mo Wuji's claim that he managed to cross the Immortal Chasm. When she received the news that a battleship managed to cross the Immortal Chasm from the Half Immortal Domain, she was certain that Mo Wuji was a member of that ship because it would be perfectly normal to have been as wounded as he was even if he travelled using a ship. It was likely that because Mo Wuji was injured, the other members refused to bring him along and decided to leave him alone by the road.

    Mo Wuji was in desperate situation which was why he lied to her so that he could escape to a safer place. At the thought of Mo Wuji's desperate wish to live, Wen Lianxi sighed yet again because she hated to kill. Even though she was used by Mo Wuji, all she wanted to do was to throw him out and pray hard to never see this liar ever again.


    Just as Mo Wuji failed to concoct eight consecutive furnace of pills, he realised that the problem was with the furnace. Mo Wuji didn't continue trying to concoct for the ninth time because during the process of the eighth attempt, he was confident he could easily concoct a True Nihility Pill.

    Just as Mo Wuji grabbed a bunch of ingredients preparing to concoct a furnace of True Nihility Pills, there was a slight movement in his restriction on his door.

    Mo Wuji hurried to lift the restriction and he saw Wen Lianxi standing in front of his entrance so he hurried to clasp his fist and said, "Greetings Senior Wen."

    Wen Lianxi stared at Mo Wuji for a while as she realised how naive she was to think that everyone would be like her and feel guilty after doing something indecent. For example how she felt extremely guilty for a period of time for putting a toxic spiritual will imprint into Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness previously. However, she couldn't see any traces of guilt in Mo Wuji's eyes.

    "Dao Friend Mo, have you gotten your alchemy standard back?" Wen Lianxi did her best to control her tone so as to appear calm.
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