Chapter 449: Drug Concoction

    Chapter 449: Drug Concoction

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    Drug Concoction

    "I saw that you have been observing the garden a lot these few days, seems like you are really interested in nurturing flowers?" Deacon Wei sounded off from afar.

    Mo Wuji hurried to get on his feets as he clasped his fists together towards Deacon Wei and replied apologetically, "Because I was completely captivated by the huge variety of flowers here, I had forgotten to visit you. I hope that you can forgive me for being so forgetful."

    Deacon Wei shook his hand, "No worries, this is only a small matter. I've heard from Master Qian Shan that you are a gardener but I want to ask if you know how to concoct drugs?"

    Concoct drugs? Mo Wuji shivered a little because his status now was merely a gardener and drug concoction should be the job of a drug refiner. Even in the Immortal Domain, the status of a drug refiner should be much higher than a gardener right? Why would Deacon Wei ask a gardener like him if he knew how to concoct drugs?

    Seeing how Mo Wuji was in a daze, Deacon Wei explained, "It's okay if you don't know. I casually asked you this because when you first arrived, I could smell the scent of spiritual herbs from your body. It seems like you are pretty interested in flowers so how about this? Come to my place tomorrow and I will assign you a plot of land for you to be in charge."

    Mo Wuji's heart turned cold because before he descended Wen Lianxi's ship initially, he was indeed concocting the Tier 8 True Nihility Pill. He would have never expected Deacon Wei, a person in charge of the flowers would notice such small details and even remember them. Seemed like this Deacon Wei was not any ordinary deacon.

    "I do know how to concoct some drugs but my standard for purifying herbs into their essence is still not extremely good," Mo Wuji hurried to say because he definitely didn't want to waste time nurturing flowers here. If he had this amount of time to spare, he would rather find some cultivation resources and undergo closed doors cultivation. Because he had no clue what Deacon Wei's intentions were, Mo Wuji decided to be slightly conservative with his answer.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji said he knew how to concoct drugs, Deacon Wei was elated as he asked, "So what is percentage purity of essence can you achieve?"

    Mo Wuji smiled slightly, "I should be able to achieve above 80%."

    If he were to just purify spiritual herbs, Mo Wuji could easily achieve 90% and above of purity and he had a high chance of hitting 100% if he were to use his Scholar's Heart. Mo Wuji had never tried purifying immortal herbs but he guessed that 80% shouldn't be a problem for him.

    "That's good enough, I will arrange for you to help the Hundred Flowers Manor concoct drugs. This ensures a better future than being a gardener for you too and even though it might be a little more tiring, the monthly allowance would be ten times higher," Deacon Wei said excitedly.

    Mo Wuji asked inquisitively, "Don't we, Hundred Flowers Manor, grow flowers only? Why do we need to concoct drugs?"

    Deacon Wei laughed, "The concoction of drugs is the main source of income for our Hundred Flowers Manor and we grow flowers simply because our Manor Lord likes it. Even so, there are a lot of immortal herbs within these flowers that we grow."

    "Then may I ask what are the few drugs that you all concoct here?" Mo Wuji shot out yet another question because if his job was to only purify a few spiritual herbs, he wasn't interested at all. If it involved immortal herbs, he wouldn't mind helping by staying a little longer.

    He just arrived here at the Immortal Domain so it couldn't get any better if he could concoct drugs to earn cultivation resources. As for the blackstones, Mo Wuji wouldn't touch it unless he was fully aware of its uses. Even if he knew the uses, he needed to wait till he was sufficiently strong enough before touching it.

    "It ranges from Tier 1 immortal herbs to Tier 3 immortal herbs and the monthly allowance would be directly dependent on the purity of your concoction as well as the amount you concoct. Don't worry, as long as you do a great job and already have sufficient cultivation resources, we would occasionally give out immortal pills. Hurry up and follow me, I will bring you to meet Manager He," After Deacon Wei finished speaking, he waved to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji followed behind Deacon Wei out of the garden and asked, "Deacon Wei, the book you gave me was really decent but why are there only flowers in the book?"

    Mo Wuji had only just arrived at the Immortal Domain and was completely clueless about the different types of immortal herbs so his priority now should be to study the various immortal herbs.

    Deacon Wei answered immediately, "This Hundred Flowers Collection was arranged by the Manor Lord as she is not only proficient in all sorts of herbs but even more proficient in flowers. As long as you contribute to the Hundred Flowers Manor, the Manor Lord will reward you and you can even put forward any requests you have."

    As he spoke, Deacon Wei had already brought Mo Wuji to the stone gate in front of the stylish building he saw earlier.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan the place and could instantly sense the various hidden and defensive arrays put in place.

    "Come in, but try not to look around," Deacon Wei signalled for Mo Wuji as he stepped through the stone gate first.

    The moment Mo Wuji entered the stone gate, he could sense the array behind him closing up. His heart skipped a beat but he calmed himself down very soon after. He was merely a nobody so the Hundred Flowers Manor wouldn't resort to such extensive measures to deal with him.

    After crossing two intersecting stone paths, Deacon Wei finally stopped in front of a door which was full of restrictions. Following which, Deacon Wei slided a jade token across the door and the restrictions were immediately lifted.

    Mo Wuji could smell the fragrances of medicinal drugs as he followed closely behind Deacon Wei.

    In front of Mo Wuji was a big hall which covered close to 1000 meters square of land and there was a pile of the various medicinal herbs in the middle of the hall. There were seven people purifying the herbs and in front of each of them was an Earth fire. Everyone of them was sending the essences of the purified herbs into a jade vase beside them.

    Mo Wuji used an Earth fire before during his time at the Formless Blade Sect so he didn't find it very fascinating seeing it here. Other than being stronger, there wasn't really much difference between the Earth fire here and the one he used at the Formless Blade Sect.

    "Wei Wu, this is the new gardener who knows how to concoct drugs?" The one speaking was a middle aged man.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to size up the man and he could immediately tell that he should be in the Heavenly Immortal Stage as the aura around him was much more intense than Kou Yuan. Even though his aura was intimidating, his spirituality was not as strong. Mo Wuji predicted that he should not be that powerful and Mo Wuji was confident that he could finish this fella off with his current cultivation level.

    "Yes, Manager He. I've just questioned Mo Wuji and he told me that he knew how to concoct drugs," Deacon Wei answered respectfully.

    As he finished his piece, he turned to Mo Wuji and said, "Wuji, this is the Manager He who is in charge of the administrative affairs of the Hundred Flowers Manor's Drug Concoction Room."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards the middle aged man and greeted, "Mo Wuji greets Manager He."

    Manager He furrowed his brows a little because not only did this person in front of him has such a low cultivation Level, he had no manners too. Did Mo Wuji really think he could just clasp his fists without bowing when greeting someone of much higher status than him?"

    Deacon saw the unhappiness in Manager He's eyes so he hurried to pat Mo Wuji and said, "Mo Wuji, hurry up and find an Earth fire then sit down and start concocting."

    "Many thanks Deacon Wei," Mo Wuji could feel that this Manager He was clearly not very pleased with him and he even seemed as if he had the intentions to chase Mo Wuji away. Realising this, Mo Wuji hurried to find an Earth fire and started to ignite the fire immediately.

    The moment Mo Wuju entered, he noticed that there were only immortal herbs here and Deacon Wei wasn't lying when he said there were only Tier 1,2,3 immortal herbs here. No wonder Wen Lianxi wanted to send him here to study his drug Dao because this was the most suitable place to study purification.

    Now that there were so many immortal herbs for him to concoct into drugs, why would he let this opportunity go to waste?

    "Remember, the losses from your failed attempts would be deducted from your monthly allowance," Manager He saw that Mo Wuji had already started concocting the drugs so he didn't say much except to warn him.

    Mo Wuji grabbed a Tier 1 Immortal Energy Grass because he saw such a herb in the jade letter that Wen Lianxi gave him but before he could attempt to concoct it, the jade letter was taken away by Qian Shan. Now that he had this opportunity again, he naturally wanted to try it.

    After a few minutes, Mo Wuji was able to purify this herb as the solution ended up inside the jade vase beside him.

    "What!" Manager He exclaimed in surprise as he saw Mo Wuji producing the purified solution.

    Mo Wuji didn't look old at all yet he managed to purify the herb so quickly and he did look extremely skillful for his age. It seemed like he had misjudged this Mo Wuji fella.

    Mo Wuji heard Manager He and was equally as surprised because how could this Manager He be so capable that he was able to tell in an instant that Mo Wuji had achieved 90% purity?

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji heard a sound from where the neighbouring drug refiner placed his jade vase. Following which, a red radiance flashed by and the jade vase was immediately discarded.

    Mo Wuji finally understood that the accepted solution would be send directly into the jade vase while the rejected one would be reported straightaway and then discarded.

    This seemed like an assembly line job and he felt like he was a worker at the assembly line.

    "Manager He, Deacon Wei, Manor Lord is looking for both of you," A clear voice could be heard from outside the gate.

    Deacon Wei and Manager He acknowledged the order and then walked out of the hall.

    "This Dao Friend here, my name is Wang Hezhen and how may I address you?" The moment Manager He left, the drug refiner closest to Mo Wuji turned and asked. Wang Hezhen looked much older than Manager He and even he had some white hair growing out. Mo Wuji took a quick look at his cultivation level and concluded that he should be in the Earthly Immortal Stage. However, his eyes were a little turbid and had symptoms of edema which was clearly not something a cultivator should have.

    Mo Wuji's eyes fell on the herbs that he was purifying and realised there was nothing he could recognise in his pile. It appeared as though these were neither Tier 2 nor 3 herbs.

    "My name is Mo Wuji and I would love to have Brother Wang's guidance in the future," Mo Wuji stopped with his work as he greeted Wang Hezhen.

    Wang Hezhen hurried to shake his hand, "No, no. Brother Mo's refining technique is much better than mine and my guess is that the Immortal Energy Grass that you purified earlier on had a 90% pure essence. Even though it was a Tier 1 immortal herb, to be able to achieve 90% purity was extremely difficult."

    Mo Wuji praised this fella in his heart because he did achieve 90% purity earlier on. He believed that as long as he tried a few hundred times, he would be able to achieve 99% and once he achieved that, he would move on to the Tier 2 immortal herbs. When Mo Wuji finally managed to achieve 99% purity for even Tier 3 herbs, he would leave the Hundred Flowers Manor because there wouldn't be any more reason for him to stay.

    This was also why he didn't waste time doing meaningless things the moment he reached this place as he started work immediately.

    "Brother Wang, in actual fact, I've just started embarking on this career and I only know of a few Tier 1 immortal herbs. I realised that the herbs Brother Wang is purifying are of higher tiers than mine and I don't even recognise the names of some of these herbs," Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said as he was prepared to learn a few things from this Wang Hezhen.

    "You don't recognise this Silver Rings Flower?" Wang Hezhen looked curiously at Mo Wuji and even the few other drug refiners stared at Mo Wuji when they heard the conversation.

    Which other drug refiner wouldn't recognise the Tier 2 Silver Rings Flower?
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