Chapter 450: Beautiful Manor Lord

    Chapter 450: Beautiful Manor Lord

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    Mo Wuji's face turned awkward as he said, "Because I have always been a gardener and most of the time, I have only been purifying spiritual herbs and Tier 1 immortal herbs. I may have came across a few Tier 2 immortal herbs but it was in very rare instances."

    All the drug refiners did not doubt Mo Wuji's explanation because the status of a gardener was really low. Even though they were all drug refiners and their job was tough too, their status was much higher than a gardener. The monthly allowance of a gardener could at most allow them to afford some better Tier 2 immortal herbs, let alone large amounts of Tier 2 immortal herbs for them to purify.

    "Dao Friend Mo, didn't Manager He give you the Hundred Herbs Collection before you came over?" Wang Hezhen questioned.

    Mo Wuji thought of the Hundred Flowers Collection that Deacon Wei gave him and realised that there was another book called the Hundred Herbs Collection. Manager He didn't even mention anything about it which showed how unhappy he was with Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's intention was to learn how to purify a few low grade immortal herbs before leaving but he was naturally interested in something like the Hundred Herbs Collection. From the Hundred Flowers Collection, Mo Wuji knew that this Hundred Herbs Collection must be pretty extraordinary.

    "The Hundred Herbs Collection has very detailed introduction of all Tier 1 to Tier 3 immortal herbs," Wang Hezhen added.

    Mo Wuji hurried to inquire, "Brother Wang, was this Hundred Herbs Collection also written by the manor lord?"

    "Of course, the main reason I came over to be a drug refiner here was for the Hundred Herbs Collection," Before Wang Hezhen could answer, a slightly younger drug refiner answered from far away.

    Evidently, everyone was no longer as concerned about Mo Wuji the moment they found out that his background as a gardener.

    "Then the manor lord must be a top grade Pill Monarch," Mo Wuji was not completely clueless because at least he knew what a Pill Monarch was.

    "I've heard that the manor lord didn't know how to concoct pills nor drugs," Wang Hezhen shook his head as he answered Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's heart trembled because how could someone, who didn't know how to concoct drugs, be able to write out the Hundred Flowers Collection as well as the Hundred Herbs Collection. The only possible reason for this would be that the manor lord had a peak grade immortal herbs drug manual.

    At the thought of this, the fire in Mo Wuji's heart started raging because the one thing he was lacking now was knowledge. To become a Pill Monarch, he had to at least be familiar with the various immortal herbs. If the manor lord of the Hundred Flowers Manor really and a peak grade manual of the immortal herbs, he had to crack his brain to get a copy of it no matter what.

    Previously, he had no idea what was the strength of the manor lord of the Hundred Flowers Manor. If the manor lord was a Heavenly Immortal, he could use the blackstones to exchange. If the manor lord was stronger than a Heavenly Immortal, he would have to use other means to get the manual.

    As he thought about this, Mo Wuji hurried to ask, "Brother Wang, if you spend so much time refining drugs here, won't you have no time to cultivate?"

    In actual fact, Mo Wuji wanted to ask about the relationship between blackstones and advancing into the Heavenly Immortal Stage but he felt that it wasn't appropriate to ask directly about blackstones here. Even though Wen Lianxi already knew that he came from the Half Immortal Domain, people here didn't know about it and he couldn't reveal it now.

    Wang Hezhen laughed bitterly and said, "I do not even have a Calamity Crossing Pill so I can forget about advancing into the Heavenly Immortal Stage. Moreover, so what if I managed to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage? Would I be able to condense immortal lattices? In fact, I wouldn't even be able to afford one immortal lattice stone. If I am unable to condense the immortal lattices, I will forever be stuck in the Heavenly Immortal Stage and forever be unable to ascend the Immortal Seeking Staircase to enter the true Immortal World..."

    Mo Wuji heard these words and it seemed as though countless of mysteries had been resolved and even more mysteries popped up at the same time.

    Now, Mo Wuji was certain that the blackstone was the immortal lattice stone and no wonder it was so valuable. It was something to be used for condensing immortal lattices.

    However, what did Wang Hezhen mean when he said that if one was unable to condense immortal lattice, one wouldn't be able to enter the true Immortal World? Isn't this the Immortal World?

    Mo Wuji really wanted to ask more questions but the restrictions on the entrance of the concoction hall trembled slightly.

    Manager He and Deacon Wei entered the hall first and stood on both sides of the entrance as a young woman walked in.

    Noticing the young woman, everyone including Wang Hezhen stood up and bowed, "Greetings Manor Lord."

    The moment the woman entered, Mo Wuji extended the spiritual will from his spirit storage channel to be cautious as he had just arrived at the Hundred Flowers Manor. After all, not everyone was as kind as Wen Lianxi to not harm him even though their deal fell through.

    Mo Wuji stood up with the rest as he extended his spiritual will concurrently. He didn't expect the manor lord to be such a young woman and after he followed the rest in greeting the manor lord, he couldn't help but praise the beauty of this young woman.

    Especially the delicate and beautiful pair of eyes which was almost like an expanse of limpid water in autumn; so calm yet it brought along traces of solemness which could go undetected. Her fair skin was almost like cream which could be seen from her slightly exposed neck, seemingly smoother than anything he had seen before.

    She was merely wearing a simple dark coloured dress, a dress which wouldn't really bring out the beauty of any other woman. However, when she was in this same dress, this dress seemed to exude a fairy-like nature of its own. All these years, clothing had always added colour to human but in this particular case, with this young woman, she brought colour to the clothing.

    He had only seen such beauty three times: Cen Shuyin, Zhuang Xiyue from the Tian Chi Manor as well as the manor lord in front of him now.

    Moreover, this manor lord looked slightly more mature for her age and looking at her hair bun, it seemed like she was already married.

    Mo Wuji was able to detect this woman's cultivation level easily and she was at most in the Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    Even though he still had a lot of queries for Wang Hezhen, Mo Wuji knew that this wasn't the time to ask. Furthermore, what he really wanted to know now was how he could get a copy of the introduction manual of the immortal herbs from the manor lord's hands.

    "Are you a newcomer?" The gorgeous woman's first glance was at the unfamiliar Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji rushed to answer, "Yes, Manor Lord."

    Deacon Wei hurried to add on, "Manor Lord, this Mo Wuji was brought back by Master Qian Shan and he said that he was a gardener. Afterwhich, I asked him and he told me he even knew how to refine drugs which was why I brought him here. Since we are all part of the manor, I thought it would be convenient to use an extra help here."

    The woman nodded her head as she knew Deacon Wei's intention. The fact was that using a gardener to refine drugs for us would be much more cost saving than to hire a drug refiner back. More importantly, she was aware that Deacon Wei couldn't find anymore drug refiners around.

    "Show me the drug that you've refined," This woman suddenly called out with a poker face.

    Mo Wuji took out the jade vase beside himself and passed the vase of Immortal Energy Grass solution which he purified earlier on to Deacon Wei. Deacon Wei placed the same vase in front of manor lord.

    The manor lord nodded and smell the solution as she opened the cap of the vase and smiled after wards.

    Mo Wuji was surprised too but it wasn't because of the smile on manor lord's face but at how daring this Manager He was.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will from his spirit storage channel had already covered this entire place so the moment Manager He's spiritual will extended out of him, Mo Wuji could notice it straightaway. Even though Manager He's cultivation level was much higher than his, the purity and density of his spiritual will would never be comparable to Mo Wuji's. He was able to observe what Manager He was doing but Manager He wouldn't be able to detect his.

    Mo Wuji was wondering why Manager He was so daring because Manager He's spiritual will was actually observing the manor lord and this beautiful manor lord seemed to be clueless about it.

    Just as the manor lord's expression changed slightly, he saw that Manager He furrowed his brows.

    "Your solution is not bad at all as I guess you have achieved about 90% purity," The manor lord handed the jade vase back to Deacon Wei as she nodded at Mo Wuji.

    After saying this, she seemed to be pondering about something and only after a while, she continued, "Mo Wuji, what is the highest percentage purity can you achieve for a Tier 3 immortal herb? Are you able to achieve about the same standard as this?"

    If he wasn't aware that this beautiful manor lord had a peak grade immortal herbs introduction manual on her, Mo Wuji would definitely say no. However, he said without any hesitation, "Manor Lord, what you've just saw was my unsuccessful solution. If you let me mature my flame and the environment, I should be able to purify a solution of much higher purity."

    "How dare you! You are only a gardener and miraculously managed to refine a Tier 1 immortal herb so how dare you talk nonsense about Tier 3 immortal herbs?" Manager He raged angrily after hearing Mo Wuji.

    After raging, Manager He turned hurriedly to the manor lord and said, "Manor Lord, this Mo Wuji had no idea what he is talking about. He is only a gardener and he actually dared to look down on the skills to purify a Tier 3 immortal herb."

    Mo Wuji was shocked because who on earth was this Manager He to act like this? The manor lord didn't even say anything yet he dared to shout like this in front of her. If Mo Wuji was the manor lord, he would have slapped this Manager He and turned him into ashes immediately. It was just purifying a Tier 3 immortal herb, if he couldn't do it, so be it. Why must Manager He get so agitated?

    What shocked Mo Wuji even more was that all this beautiful manor lord did was to reveal a slight smile, "Oh, I must have let my imagination ran wild earlier on. Manager He was right, you guys can continue refining the drugs. Deacon Wei, follow me on a trip to the garden will you?"

    After saying this, the gorgeous manor lord turned and left the hall.

    Mo Wuji felt that the whole scenario was too absurd and he had nothing to say about this manor lord. He looked at the other drug refiners, including Wang Hezhen, started doing their work after the manor lord left as if this whole incident didn't happen at all.

    "A mere gardener and you dare say such things about a Tier 3 immortal herb. You must have big guts but if something like this happens again, I will crush the skull of this ant head of yours," Manager He stared coldly at Mo Wuji.

    If not for the fact that Mo Wuji still had something to do today, he would have drawn out his Tian Ji Pole and smashed this Manager He into pieces.

    This Manager He had made a huge mistake to treat Mo Wuji like as if he was as good tempered as the manor lord.

    "And the few of you, whoever dare to spout nonsense in the future, I will extract out all your bones too," Manager He reprimanded the rest of them as Mo Wuji saw a trace of killing intent in his eyes.

    After noticing this trace of killing intent, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he immediately used his spirit storage channel and made a spiritual will imprint on Manager He. This Manager He really seemed like he wanted to kill him and if Mo Wuji let such a guy go, he would have wasted all his hard work to reach where he was today.

    "Brother Wang, I notice that Manager He wasn't really very respectful towards the manor lord?" After Manager He left, Mo Wuji asked instantly.

    Wang Hezhen only lowered his head and refused to answer Mo Wuji's question.

    Mo Wuji knew that he should be afraid of offending Manager He so he didn't continue talking about this as he changed the question, "Brother Wang, is the immortal lattice stone the same as the blackstones from the Half Immortal Domain?"
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