Chapter 451: Inflation Of Immortal Lattice Stones

    Chapter 451: Inflation Of Immortal Lattice Stones

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    "Hey, Dao Friend Mo, if you're willing to listen to me, you should leave immediately." Wang Hezhen didn't respond to Mo Wuji's words, but transmitted this message to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji also knew that Wang Hezhen wouldn't dare to reply, so he didn't ask any further. There's no need to talk about Wang Hezhen, all the other refiners here were lowering their heads as they examined their ingredients, they all looked like timid people. However, Mo Wuji did not find this fact unsettling. If a person was cooped up here for the entire day doing something monotonous like studying immortal herbs, it was naturally for that person to be cowardly.

    That pretty manor lord also didn't seem very assertive; just because of a simple sentence from Manager He, she gave up on questioning him. Mo Wuji guessed that it would be difficult to find her again.

    Since he was faced with difficulties on both sides, he decided that he should learn the purification methods of Tier 1 to Tier 3 immortal herbs. Might as well; he was going to leave today anyway. He had no reason to fear Manager He; if that Manager He comes to find trouble, then he would just slip away and make himself scarce. Furthermore, when he acted on his own initiative with the high tier immortal herbs, Manager He had already developed a killing intent towards him. Naturally, Manager He wouldn't let him off.

    However, Mo Wuji believed that as long at this Manager He wasn't an idiot, this Manager He wouldn't act against him within Hundred Flowers Manor. As long as this Manager He followed him out of Hundred Flowers Manor, this date next year would be Manager He's death anniversary.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji walked to the area with the signs "Tier 2 Immortal Herbs" and "Tier 3 Immortal Herbs" and grabbed some.

    When they saw Mo Wuji boldly touching Tier 2 and Tier 3 immortal herbs, everyone was stunned. However, no one said anything, nor reported his actions.

    Ostensibly, these pill refiners might be cowardly, but they were not dogs that simply abided to Manager He's orders

    Mo Wuji started with the purification of Tier 1 herbs. After an hour, he started on Tier 2 immortal herbs. After another hour, Mo Wuji started on Tier 3 ones.

    Including Wang Hezhen, all the pill refiners were dumbfounded by Mo Wuji's seemingly casual purification of Tier 2 and Tier 3 immortal herbs.

    None of them were a match for Mo Wuji's purification method and speed.

    Just when Wang Hezhen wanted to turn to Mo Wuji for guidance, the Tier 1 immortal herb within Mo Wuji's hands turned to ash.

    Immediately, everyone discovered staggeringly that none of the immortal herbs after that herb had been successfully purified. That meant to say, after Mo Wuji's initial success, he started to fail continuously.

    However, Mo Wuji continued to unbridledly use the immortal herbs here.

    Only Mo Wuji knew what was going on. Every time he failed, it was when he was infinitesimally close to 100% purification. If he wasn't aiming for the perfect 100%, he definitely wouldn't have failed once.

    "Bang!" Another purification failed. The smell of char permeated through the air.

    Following the constant sounds of purification failures, the hearts of everyone in the hall started to palpitate.

    Failure in purification was permitted here. However, it definitely couldn't be to the likes of Mo Wuji, with over 100 hundred failures in a row.

    Standing slightly far away, a young pill refiner was considering whether he should give Mo Wuji a reminder. Fortunately, Mo Wuji had stopped.

    Mo Wuji did not intend to practise any further. Anyway, 100 over low tier immortal herbs did not even mean much to the Hundred Flowers Manor.

    "Looks like my alchemy standard is still lacking," Mo Wuji said awkwardly to the rest of the pill refiners as he stood up.

    "Mo Wuji, follow me out." At the moment, Deacon Wei's voice sounded at the door.

    Mo Wuji was already intending to leave. Now that Deacon Wei had called for him, he naturally didn't hesitate to walk out of the Refinement Hall.

    When they saw Mo Wuj walk out, all the other pill refiners in the hall heaved a sigh of relief.

    "I guess that Manager He wouldn't let him off. He's really a newborn calf ah." One of the pill refiners sighed and said.


    "Deacon Wei, you're looking for me? Have I been fired?" Mo Wuji smiled and clasped his fists towards Deacon Wei. He was prepared to get fired. Since that Manager He wanted to kill him, he definitely wouldn't get any immortal crystals as a severance fee.

    However, after he asked these questions, Mo Wuji felt that something was amiss. The spiritual will which he imprinted on Manager He did not seem to be within the Hundred Flowers Manor. Soon, Mo Wuji confirmed with his spiritual will imprint that Manager He had left Hundred Flowers Manor. Looks like that fella got lucky, he managed to retain his life.

    Deacon Wei smiled and patted Mo Wuji's shoulder, "I'm not the one finding you, it's the manor lord. Later, when the manor lord is talking to you, you must keep your eyes glued to your toes, and don't lift your head up, you understand?"

    The manor lord was looking for him? That beautiful woman? Didn't she previously say that she was overthinking, why did she want to see him? Mo Wuji suddenly thought of Manager He's recent departure from the Hundred Flowers Manor; his heart raced briefly. Could the manor lord be waiting for Manager He to leave, before coming to find him?

    Either way, this was his opportunity.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji said joyfully, "Many thanks Deacon Wei. Rest assured, I definitely wouldn't anger the manor lord. Oh right, why haven't I seen Manager He?"

    "Manager He has gone out to help the manor lord with some business. As long as you follow Manager He's instructions, Manager He definitely wouldn't punish you," Deacon Wu pointed towards a gate not far away, "Enter that gate, the manor lord will be waiting for you there."

    Mo Wuji thanked Deacon Wei once more, and walked towards the gate.

    Just as he reached the gate, he heard the manor lord's melodic voice from within, "Is this Drug Master Mo? Please come in."

    The moment Mo Wuji entered, he saw the pretty manor lord looking at him at the center of the living room. Beside the manor lord, there was a young girl wearing a blue dress.

    Seeing Mo Wuji enter, the pretty manor lord hurriedly stood up, "Drug Master Mo is here, please take a sit. Ding Ding, quickly pour Drug Master Mo a cup of tea."

    Mo Wuji was slightly doubtful. He had called himself a mere gardener for the Hundred Flowers Manor. This pretty manor lord seemed to be too polite to him. Even if in terms of purification, he had only purified a Tier 1 immortal herb previously, and the purification had only barely achieved 90%. The only explanation was, this woman really believed his words that he could purify Tier 3 immortal herbs, and at an even higher degree of purity.

    Ding Ding soon served Mo Wuji a cup of spiritual tea. Mo Wuji did not drink it; he only needed to feel the breath from the tea to know that it was brewed using immortal tea leaves.

    "Drug Master Mo, please enjoy the tea," The pretty manor lord said gently.

    "Many thanks." Mo Wuji was also rather interested in trying this tea. After a word of thanks, he raised his tea cup and downed it.

    The pretty manor lord stared at Mo Wuji blankly; she had never seen a person drink tea in such a manner. Even though this sort of immortal tea leaves did not count much for those in the Immortal Realm, it was already considered top grade for an average immortal. To actually be downed like that, that's simply...

    Rich immortal energy filled all the meridians in Mo Wuji's body. In this instant, he did not cultivate but he could feel his cultivation rising steadily.

    This was some good stuff; to think that there was such good tea. If not for the fact that it wouldn't be appropriate, Mo Wuji would have immediately started cultivating. Fortunately, even without cultivating, Mo Wuji's reverse circulation technique would constantly raise Mo Wuji's power.

    In less than half an incense's time, his cultivation reached the intermediate Earthly Immortal Stage Level 12.

    Only then, did Mo Wuji let out a breath of air. He clasped his fists towards the waiting manor lord and said, "Because I was from a small place, I didn't get to see much of the world. It was rare for me to get to drink such a good cup of tea, which was why I had to make manor lord wait for so long."

    He actually didn't feel awkward about his actions. As for his uncouth action which spoiled the atmosphere, he had already cast it aside. To maximise the effects of this sort of tea, he had to down it in one big gulp. If he were to take tiny sips at a time, he would be wasting most of the immortal energy.

    When the manor lord heard Mo Wuji's words, she smiled faintly, then continued to speak with a gentle voice, "Drug Master Mo is too polite. My name is Han Qingru. Drug Master Mo can directly call me by my name."

    "May I know why Manor Lord Han is looking for me?" Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't call her by her given name. Those words of Han Qingru were simply to pull their ties closer.

    In his heart, he was thinking about whether he needed pills to support his cultivation. Because he created his own cultivation method, and had so many meridians which were in reverse circulation simultaneously, he had never needed pills for his cultivation. He only needed a source of spiritual energy. But after drinking a cup of the spiritual tea, he knew that if he were to use pills to compliment his use of immortal crystals, his cultivation would be even faster.

    "Is Drug Master Mo really able to purify Tier 3 immortal herbs with a degree of 90%?" Han Qingru asked.

    Mo Wuji thought that the other party would beat around the bush before asking the question. Now that Han Qingru had directly cut right to the question, Mo Wuji's impression of her improved. Since everyone knew the reason why they were here, they could be more straightforward.

    "I can," Mo Wuji said resolutely.

    "Then can it be higher? Or can I ask, what's the highest degree of purity that you can reach with Tier 3 immortal herbs?"

    Mo Wuji remained silent. He did not know what benefits Han Qingru could give him. If there weren't any benefits, then he would simply claim that he could only reach 90%.

    Han Qingru clearly understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's silence, "Dao Friend Mo, you should be in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage, with just a single step into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, right? If you are able to purify Tier 3 immortal herbs to a degree of over 90%, no, as long as you can reach 90%, I would definitely reward you. Whether you want immortal herbs, or immortal crystals, I would be able to help you."

    "I wonder if I can get some immortal lattice stones?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly.

    When Han Qingru heard Mo Wuji's words, she furrowed her brows. After some time, she finally said, "Dao Friend Mo, I know that you are going to advance to the Heavenly Immortal Stage, and would need some immortal lattice stones to condense your immortal lattice. It's just that immortal lattice stones are extremely hard to get right now. I heard that the Half Immortal Domain is collapsing, and the price of immortal lattice stones is inflating by several folds. But if you want immortal lattice stones, I am able to get you some."

    When Mo Wuji heard this, he was sure that blackstones were immortal lattice stones.

    "Manor lord, Manger He has returned." Deacon Wei's voice sounded outside the door.
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