Chapter 452: The Incident In The Manor

    Chapter 452: The Incident In The Manor

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    Even without the report from Deacon Wei, Mo Wuji could already feel his spiritual will imprint approaching rapidly.

    When Han Qingru heard these words, her face changed drastically. She immediately stood up and subconsciously muttered to herself, "Didn't I send him to Yong Ying Immortal Pier?"

    She soon came to an understanding that now was not a time to be worried about such matters. She urgently turned to Ding Ding, "Ding Ding, bring Dao Friend Mo upstairs to hide. Hurry."

    "Ah..." Ding Ding stuttered in astonishment. Before she could say anything, Han Qingru nudged her, "Hurry."

    "Dao Friend Mo, I have to trouble you to hide for awhile. We will continue our talk later. I'm truly sorry," Han QIngru apologized to Mo Wuji; anxiety could be seen in her eyes.

    "No worries." Mo Wuji smiled and followed Ding Ding upstairs.

    He felt that this matter was not as simple as it seems. Even if this Manager He really wanted to control the Hundred Flowers Sect, he didn't believe that Han Qingru would behave so anxiously in front of him. This Manager He was merely a Heavenly Immortal, but it's still unknown whether he had already condensed his immortal lattice.

    Because he felt that this matter wasn't simple, Mo Wuji didn't say anything much, but took the initiative to follow Ding Ding.

    Just when Mo Wuji reached upstairs, Manager He walked in. He didn't even pay any greetings as he entered. When he saw that Han Qingru was the only person in the room, he hurriedly gave a modest bow, "Shufeng greets the manor lord."

    Han Qingru said indifferently, "Manager He, you're back from Yong Ying Immortal Pier?"

    Manager He hurriedly said, "Just when I left, I remembered that there was something that I had left undone. Thus, I hurried back here. At the same time, I wanted to tell the manor lord that I will be running the errand at Yong Ying Immortal Pier tomorrow."

    Han Qingru nodded, "Since that's the case, you can leave first."

    "Yes." When Manager He left, his gaze landed on the teacup that Mo Wuji just drank from. A trace of malice flashed across his eyes.

    After Manager He left, Han Qingru hurried upstairs.


    Manager He walked quickly back to his house. Not long later, a grey robed servant walked in and asked, "Manager, why didn't you drag that fella out?"

    "Did you see him leave?" Manager He asked with a solemn expression.

    The grey robed servant hurriedly said, "No, I'm sure that Mo Wuji did not leave. The moment he entered, I sent you a message. Thereafter, I have always been observing from the outside. However, when you returned, that old b*stard, Wei Wu, reported it."

    Manager He nodded, "I understand. He Tun, go back and keep watch outside of the manor lord's residences. The moment that Mo Wuji comes out, inform me immediately. I originally wanted to let him live for a few more days, but that fella is clearly looking for death, to think that he would dare enter the manor lord's room."

    "Should we inform the master?" When the grey robed servant heard those words, he hurriedly whispered.

    Manager He snorted, "You may not care about your life, but I do. Idiot, that Mo Wuji didn't leave, and my spiritual will was unable to find him. Clearly, he was hidden in the manor lord's room. We will wait till we kill that fella, then tell the master that this fella wanted to get close to the manor lord, which was why we killed him. Not only wouldn't we get in trouble, we would even be rewarded."

    The grey robed servant instantly understood. They definitely couldn't inform the master now. The master had instructed them to keep watch on the manor lord. If the master were to know that a man had entered the manor lord's room, that Mo Wuji would definitely die. They would also get into trouble.

    At this moment, a red light descended on Manager He's hand. It was a flying messenger sword.

    Manager He grabbed the flying messenger sword; his face changed drastically, even his legs were quivering slightly as he said, "Master already knows that a man has entered the manor lord's room..."

    "Ah..." Not just Manager He, even He Tun's face turned pale.

    "This b*stard, I knew I should have gotten rid of home a long time ago." With that, Manager He charged out. He knew that he wouldn't be out of trouble if he were to kill Mo Wuji now, but if he didn't kill Mo Wuji, he would be the one who would be killed.


    The moment Mo Wuji entered a room, he knew that it was Han Qingru's boudoir. A faint fragrance filled the air, causing Mo Wuji's mind to wander. At this instant, he seemed to recall something from the past.

    Shaking his head, he cast these unnecessary thoughts to the side. His spirit storage channel's spiritual will had already extended outwards; he wanted to know the exact role that Manager He played within Hundred Flowers Manor.

    A faint outline of a flying sword flashed by the boundaries of Mo Wuji's spiritual will. This was a flying messenger sword? What left Mo Wuji doubtful was, the person who sent the flying messenger sword was the person who was by the manor lord's side, Ding Ding.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji was sure that Ding Ding did not inform Han Qingru before sending the flying messenger sword. Not only that, she had sent the sword out while she was hiding in a corner.

    Just when Mo Wuji was suspecting who Ding Ding was sending this flying messenger sword to, the restrictions on the room opened, and Han Qingru walked in. "Sorry, Drug Master Mo. I have implicated you."

    "No worries, was that Manager He? At the most, I would just leave from this place, I've not been implicated," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    Han Qingru sighed, "He's just a dog, I was referring to his master. I always thought that He Tun was a person of the Hundred Flowers Manor. Only now, did I discover that He Tun was just monitoring you. I say that I've implicated you, because the moment you leave my residences, Manager He would act against you. He should know that you're here, and I'm also not able to help you."

    If there was a second chance, she definitely wouldn't have called Mo Wuji over.

    Mo Wuji was now on alert. If he was facing Manager He alone, he would not have any reason to fear. But if Manager He had a backer, then he definitely couldn't stay in Hundred Flowers Manor; he would be surrounded by enemies.

    "Boom!" Just when Mo Wuji thought that he should leave immediately, a beam of sword light slashed through the restrictions on Han Qingru's room.

    Han Qingru stared at Manager He, who was wielding a sword at the entrance of the door, and shouted angrily, "He Shufeng, what galls! You actually dared to destroy the restrictions on my room."

    Hearing Han Qingru's angry scolding, Manager He bowed and said, "Manor Lord, I'm here to catch Mo Wuji. This person had wasted immortal herbs in a wanton manner, and now he even dares to trespass in the manor lord's room. He must not be spared."

    Han Qingru was angered till she started to tremble. She pointed her finger towards He Shufeng, "I'm the manor lord of the Hundred Flowers Manor. If I want to invite someone into my room, do I need the permission of a mere manager like you?"

    "He Shufeng, get lost." When Ding Ding saw He Shufeng destroy the restrictions to the room, she hurried to stand in front of Han Qingru. At the same time, she scolded He Shufeng harshly.

    Mo Wuji glanced slightly towards Ding Ding. This woman was not simple. Just now, she had secretly sent a flying messenger sword to some unknown person, and now, she was pushing Han Qingru to the side.

    On the surface, she looked like she was trying to protect Han Qingru from Manager He. But in reality, this woman was trying to create a pathway for He Shufeng to attack him.

    Mo Wuji had already seen through this. It was exactly as Han Qingru said; Manager He was just a dog. Since he was a dog, he definitely wouldn't act against Han Qingru. Ding Ding's actions were deliberately asking for Manager He to kill him.

    "Today, I will let you know the consequences of offending the Hundred Flowers Manor..." As Manager He spoke, the longsword in his hand had already conjured a sword beam which raced towards Mo Wuji.

    "Stop..." Han Qingru's anxious cry was only uttered after the sword beam was formed. She was completely unable to stop Manager He's sword beam.

    Mo Wuji finally noticed that this manor lord's cultivation seemed to be empty; she was completely unable to display her power.

    A mere Manager He with a scattered spirituality; even if this Manager He was at the Heavenly Immortal Stage, Mo Wuji wouldn't fear him. Mo Wuji didn't even bring out his Tian Ji Pole as he charged straight towards the sword beam, lifting his hand and shooting two lightning swords.



    The lightning sword clashed against the sword beam, exploding within Han Qingru's room.

    "Bang!" In that simple exchange, Manager He was sent flying by Mo Wuji's violent lightning sword. Mo Wuji took a step forward, sending forth another lightning sword.

    Manager He stared sluggishly towards Mo Wuji. This was a mere Earthly Immortal that only had a storage bag, how could he be so impressive? He was sure that Mo Wuji's elemental energy had yet to convert to immortal elemental energy; he was definitely still in the Earthly Immortal Stage.

    "Pui!" Mo Wuji's lightning sword directly sliced Manager He's into two.

    Everyone stared in aghast. A gardener that had just arrived, had actually killed a manager in the Heavenly Immortal Stage. Moreover, it was done in two simple moves. This was clearly a battle of two people at different levels, and the person who won this battle, was actually the one at the lower cultivation level. Mo Wuji was speechless. He was sure that with Manager He's level of power, he would be able to kill a whole group of Manager He's even when he was in Half Immortal Domain.

    After some time, Han Qingru came to her senses. She said hurriedly, "Drug Master Mo, you should leave first."

    She knew that Mo Wuji would only be waiting for death if he continued to stay here.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. He knew that this Han Qingru was kind, but unfortunately, she didn't know that almost everyone around her was monitoring her.

    "Manor lord, I will inform Deacon Wei, and try to drag the time..." Ding Ding uttered. She did not even wait for Han Qingru to respond before she rushed out urgently.

    "Drug Master Mo, you should hurry and leave, I..."

    Mo Wuji interrupted Han Qingru's words, "Manor Lord Han, even though I don't know who's watching you, but I would suggest that you follow me and leave Hundred Flowers Manor."

    He could feel that this manor lord would not come to a good end by staying here.

    Han Qingru shook her head, took out a talisman and handed it to Mo Wuji, "If I could leave, I would have done that a long time ago. There's a spiritual will imprint on me. The moment I leave, I would soon be discovered. I have an escape talisman here, you can use it."

    "If Manor Lord Han believes me, I can help remove that imprint for you. But I can only do that after we leave Hundred Flowers Manor." Mo Wuji did not accept the escape talisman. He wasn't boasting when he said these words. Those years ago, Broken Sect had concealed a terrifying imprint on him, and he was still able to remove it. Now, wasn't his cultivation and array knowledge at least a hundred times better? He didn't believe that a mere imprint would faze him.

    "You're really able to help me remove the imprint?" Han Qingru asked in pleasant surprise.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I'm sure I can do it."

    "Then we'll wait till Ding Ding returns, then we will leave immediately." Han Qingru was so excited that her voice was even quivering. One could clearly see how desperately she wanted to leave this place.

    Mo Wuji said solemnly, "If we wait for Ding Ding to return, then we can forget about leaving."
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