Chapter 453: Heavenly Immortal Domain

    Chapter 453: Heavenly Immortal Domain

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    Han Qingru was not an idiot; she understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words. She looked towards Mo Wuji with greater astonishment. Ding Ding had followed her since she was young, why could Ding Ding betray her?

    "Since that's the case, I'm leaving first." Han Qingru's personality was not bad, which was why Mo Wuji wanted to help her. But after he reminded her, she was still hesitating. There was no point in him persuading her any further.

    Thus, Mo Wuji turned and prepared to leave. Even though Manager He's power wasn't much, for a Heavenly Immortal like him to be a person's lapdog, that person definitely wasn't a person that Mo Wuji felt like he could deal with.

    Han Qingru anxiously pulled on Mo Wuji's clothes, "Please take me with you. I believe you."

    Mo Wuji was slightly startled; he was slighltly confused as to why Han Qingru would suddenly believe him. However, he did not think too much into it, but simply nodded and said, "Then follow me."

    The entire garden was filled with arrays. Fortunately, Mo Wuji was adept with arrays, and coupled with the fact that he had researched on the arrays here for close to ten days, he was soon able to find a path within the sea of flowers.

    "It's not this way, the main entrance is that way." Seeing Mo Wuji try to walk through the sea of flowers, Han Qingru reminded with anxiety.

    Mo Wuji did not show any intentions of stopping. He explained, "If we take the main entrance, then we really wouldn't be able to escape."

    Ever since he started suspecting Ding Ding, Mo Wuji had placed an imprint on Ding Ding's body. At this instant, that imprint was stationed by the side of the main entrance. Ostensibly, Ding Ding was waiting for them there. Regardless of what Ding Ding's true abilities were, Mo Wuji did not believe that Ding Ding would be waiting for them at the main entrance by herself.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji had also made sense of the situation. Ding Ding's flying messenger sword must have been to the expert behind Manager He. If he were to bring Han Qingru to leave through the main entrance, as long as Ding Ding could delay them for a short moment of time, then wouldn't that expert arrive to stop them?

    "Ah..." Han Qingru uttered subconsciously; she felt a tight grip around her waist. Mo Wuji had already grabbed her by the waist; their figures were flashing through the sea of flowers.

    The instant Mo Wuji hugged her waist, Han Qingru felt her entire body turn stiff. She even subconsciously wanted to push Mo Wuji away. Fortunately, she understood that Mo Wuji only did this because he felt that she was too slow.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji's next words were, "We need to leave this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, we won't be able to escape."

    To Mo Wuji, he really didn't care much about hugging Han Qingru's waist. At this kind of situation, how could he think of such matters?

    But after he actually grabbed Han Qingru's waist, Mo Wuji discovered that Han Qingru's waist seemed like it was boneless; it was so soft.

    "How did you get so familiar to the arrays and restrictions here?" Han Qingru ignored the fact that Mo Wuji was grabbing her waist, and asked in surprise.

    "I'm slightly knowledgeable with arrays. When I came in, I studied a bit of the arrays here." Mo Wuji cast his previous thoughts aside. As he answered Han Qingru's questions, he was speeding through the ocean of flowers. In a short period of time, they had reached the edge.

    This place in front of him looked like the walls to the Hundred Flowers Manor. But in reality, Mo Wuji knew that it was a trap array. Because the boundaries of this trap array was slightly big, its grade was affected. An array of this grade posed no problems to Mo Wuji.

    "There's a trap array here." Just as Mo Wuji placed her down, Han Qingru reminded him urgently. She was worried that Mo Wuji would simply force his way through this place. The moment he forcefully entered the trap array, he would immediately trigger the restrictions in the entire flower garden. By then, even a fool would know that the two of them were trying to escape.

    "I know." As Mo Wuji spoke, he fetched out 10 array flags and threw them down. A few minutes later, he lifted his hands and did a ripping motion. A small opening appeared in front of the two of them.

    Han Qingru stared at that opening in astonishment. Before she could even say anything, she felt a tight grip on her waist again; Mo Wuji brought her and charged out of the flower garden. An exquisite flying car appeared in front of them. Thereafter, Mo Wuji brought her into the car. The flying car flashed into a shadow, leaving Hundred Flowers Manor far behind them.

    "Are you an array master?" Han Qingru finally came to her senses, and she stared at Mo Wuji in disbelief. Even an idiot wouldn't believe that Mo Wuji was a gardener. Could a gardener be able to possess a flying treasure that was quasi-immortal grade?

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "We'll talk about this later. Now, I need to help you to remove the imprint."

    With that, Mo Wuji didn't even wait for Han Qingru to agree before he grabbed her wrist. This matter not only involved Han Qingru's life; it involved his life as well. He did not have time to wait for Han Qingru to agree. If Han Qingru didn't agree then he would politely invite her out of the car. He had just arrived at Immortal Domain, he was not going to die wrongfully like this.

    Han Qingru seemed to know what Mo Wuji was doing, so she didn't say anything.

    The moment Mo Wuji grabbed Han Qingru's wrist, his detoxification meridian was able to detect the imprint within Han Qingru's body. This imprint was even poisonous. Even though it was similar to other imprints, this one was actually more dangerous. This poisonous imprint had actually constricted Han Qingru's cultivation.

    Mo Wuji circulated with his detoxification meridian. In a few simple minutes, the poison with Han Qingru's body was swept away, together with the spiritual will imprint. At the same time, he stored it within a jade box, and quickly formed seals over the box.

    The sensation of elemental energy, which she hadn't felt for a long time, spread throughout her body. Han Qingru stared at Mo Wuji blankly. She had tried many means to remove the imprint on her body to no avail. But this Earthly Immortal in front of her was actually able to remove it so easily?

    In her agitation, Han Qingru didn't even get to express her gratitude when she saw Mo Wuji's face change.

    "Boom!" A violent explosion burst in front of Mo Wuji's flying car. Mo Wuji waved his hand, alighting the flying car together with Han Qingru, and sending his flying car back into his storage. Just now, he was preoccupied with helping Han Qingru remove the imprint, so he wasn't able to notice that some pursuers had already approached them.

    Almost at the same instant, a flying ship landed in front of Mo Wuji and Han Qingru, blocking their path.

    Two man jumped out from the flying ship. These two looked very similar, they both had a square face and slitted eyes. The only difference was that one of them had hair, while the other was bald.

    Originally, Han Qingru was ecstatic that she had recovered her cultivation. But after seeing these two people, her face went pale again. She subconsciously took a few steps back and stood beside Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji opened his palm, and Tian Ji Pole appeared in his hands. He could feel that even though these two people were also in the Heavenly Immortal Stage, they were multiple times stronger than that Manager He.

    "A mere Earthly Immortal is able to run so far. You're not bad." The one speaking was the bald man.

    "This two people are the Ying Bian Twin Assassins. We won't be able to escape. I will block them, you..." A trace of remorse could be heard in Han Qingru's voice. If she wasn't with Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji should be able to escape by himself.

    Mo Wuji did not even wait for Han Qingru to finish her sentence, he brought his Tian Ji Pole and swung it towards the bald man. He knew what Han Qingru was going to say; but he wasn't such a wimp that he had to depend on a woman to provide him a chance to escape.

    Mo Wuji was only halfway there, when he suddenly felt the space around him turn heavy. It felt like the surrounding area did not belong to him; his entire body slowed down.

    "Boom!" The Tian Ji Pole slammed against a saber; elemental energy exploded.

    Violent elemental energy surged towards him. Mo Wuji felt as though his chest had been struck by a heavy hammer. There was even a trace of fire energy in that attack. Mo Wuji's heart sunk, he could clearly feel that the power of his Tian Ji Pole had been halved when he was in that heavy space. If not for that, he wouldn't have suffered so badly.

    Mo Wuji had originally intended for that pole to be a probing attack. Now, he knew that he was not a match for the two of them.

    Han Qingru hurried to support Mo Wuji. She said anxiously, "These two are the Ying Bian Twin Assassins, Ji Yan and Ji Zhao. They have already condensed a portion of their immortal lattice. Just now, you had charged into their Heavenly Immortal Domain..."

    Heavenly Immortal Domain? These three words were like a faint light that flashed across Mo Wuji's mind. Unfortunately, that light was too fast, and he was unable to grasp it.

    "Manor Lord Han, please stand by the side. If anything were to happen to you, we brothers aren't able to take the punishment," The bald man that sent Mo Wuji flying with a single move said indifferently.

    Mo Wuji had a rough estimate in his heart. He believed that his actual capabilities weren't like what he had displayed just now. He shouldn't be too far off from the bald man.

    "Let me, Ji Yan, see how good you are. To even touch the person that Master Lao likes..." The bald man charged towards Mo Wuji in a straightforward manner, swinging his saber forward.

    There was a trace of contempt in his eyes; clearly, he didn't place Mo Wuji in his eyes. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't have attacked in such a wanton manner.

    Mo Wuji knew that he had to kill one of the two as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be hard for them to escape.

    The restrains from the domain swept by. Once again, Mo Wuji was trapped in the opponent's space.
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