Chapter 454: Pursued

    Chapter 454: Pursued

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    In that instant, Mo Wuji was able to deduce that the best method to tear apart his opponent's domain, was to use a stronger domain. However, he didn't even have a dogsh*t domain, so how was he going to do that?

    "Stop, I will follow you..." Seeing Mo Wuji restrained by Ji Yan's domain, Han Qingru was distressed. She brought out a jade ruler and charged over. However, she only took a few steps before she was stopped by Ji Zhao.

    Mo Wuji's 107 meridians went into furious, reverse circulation. All the elemental energy around him surged like violent waves. If he didn't break through his opponent's domain, then even if he could move grudgingly, he would still end up dead

    "Boom!" A faint light emerged from Mo Wuji's body. This light burst forth like a rainbow, directly forming fractures within Ji Yan's domain.

    "Extreme Stage Spirit Halo?" Ji Yan cried out in alarm. As a Heavenly Immortal cultivator, he was clear of what that spiritual rainbow which burst from Mo Wuji was. It was the spirit halo of the Extreme Heaven Stage.

    After the Extreme Stage Spirit Halo tore Ji Yan's domain apart, Mo Wuji instantly felt lighter. He swept forth with his Nirvana Pole Shadow, and a Next Pole appeared behind Ji Yan's neck.

    "Crack!" At almost the same instant, a beam of light shot out from Ji Yan's waist region, blocking Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole.

    Mo Wuji sighed. The Next Pole was a silent pole, soundless and deadly. With this attack, he was able to ambush do many people in Zhen Xing. But now, it was easily blocked by Ji Yan. This made Mo Wuji understand, his Nirvana Pole Shadow might be strong, but his level in the skill was too low.

    "So what if you have the Extreme Stage Spirit Halo?" Ji Yan snorted; his figure twisted in mid air as his saber transformed into a river of sabers which surged towards Mo Wuji.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's eyes were filled with layers upon layers of intersecting saber light. These saber light surged towards Mo Wuji like a raging river.

    Mo Wuji calmed down. This was the first time he felt that a pole was not suitable for him.

    The saber river had yet to descend but Mo Wuji already started to feel waves of pricks all over his skin. He pushed his Nirvana Pole Shadow to the max. His pole shadows extended and continuously superposed to form layers on top of one another, defending against that saber river. At the same time, Mo Wuji constantly formed hand seals with his two hands.

    One lightning web after another formed behind the pole shadows to defend against the saber light which broke through his pole shadows.

    Elemental energy instantly exploded, as lightning and saber light whistled into the surroundings.

    Lightning-type cultivator? Seeing Mo Wuj's lightning web, Ji Yan's eyes widened in shock.

    Mo Wuji knew that his escape depended on this next instant. If his opponent really started to view him highly, then his opponent wouldn't simply let him escape. After he formed the hand seals, he immediately charged towards the midst of the lightning webs, lifting his hand and twisiting it in an enigmatic semi-circle manner.

    Spatial imprisonment!

    As Ji Yan suddenly felt the space around him solidifying, his face changed. This definitely wasn't a domain, but a spatial sacred art.

    Ji Yan could no longer care about his saber river as he furiously ignited his vital blood essence, attempting to struggle free from this spatial imprisonment.

    Mo Wuji's face turned increasingly pale. Against an expert with a Heavenly Immortal Domain, his spatial imprisonment could only last for a short moment, and it required much more energy. But since he had already displayed his spatial imprisonment, how could he simply let his opponent go. If he didn't use his killer move before his opponent breaks out of his spatial imprisonment, then he could only wait for death.

    A thick lightning sword shot forth, at almost the same instant Ji Yan broke free from the spatial imprisonment. The lightning sword pierced through Ji Yan's heart. His Tian Ji Pole quickly followed suit, directly smashing against Ji Yan's forehead. A mist of blood burst forth.

    "I'm going to devour you..." As he saw Ji Yan getting killed, Ji Zhao no longer cared about sparing anyone. His Heavenly Immortal Domain easily shattered apart Han Qingru's weak one, the giant scissors in his hand cut towards Han Qingru's waist.

    Even though Han Qingru's elemental energy had been ignited to the max, she was still unable to completely escape from this slash.

    "Pui!" The giant scissors lacerated a huge and deep scar on Han Qingru's waist. If Han Qingru wasn't quick with her escape, that slash would have been enough to cut her in half.

    A mist of blood spurted out from Han Qingru's waist as she anxiously retreated.

    Ji Zhao then furiously pounced towards Mo Wuji. While his domain swept towards Mo Wuji, his giant scissors had already formed ten beams of cold, sharp light which shot towards Mo Wuji's back.

    Even though Mo Wuji knew that Ji Zhao would come attacking, he truly didn't have the ability to dodge the attack. He had already used most of his elemental energy killing Ji Zhao, and he didn't even have the time to deal with Ji Zhao's domain before these ten huge scissors light shot towards him.

    "Drug Master Mo..." The ten beams of light stabbed through Mo Wuji, as his entire body got enveloped in a fog of blood. From afar, Han Qingru cried out in alarm, completely neglecting her own injuries.

    "I will make sure that you die slowly..." Ji Zhao's eyes, which were full of tears, started straight towards Mo Wuji. The giant scissors in his hands now formed a huge scissors shadow which was 30 meters wide, slashing towards Mo Wuji's waist. He wanted to first cut Mo Wuji in half, then slowly let Mo Wuji deplete his elemental energy and bleed to death.

    Mo Wuji slowly turned his head. Even though he had used most of his elemental energy, he still had three elemental storage channels and one spirit storage channel.

    A bright rainbow halo burst forth, directly tearing Ji Zhao's domain apart. At the same time, Mo Wuji punched forward.

    When he was crossing the Immortal Chasm, this was the sacred art that he gained enlightenment on - Merging his heavenly fire with his fist. With this sacred art, he was able to blast away countless of Gui Water Spiders and Yin Fire Centipedes with a single fist. It was just that he was heavily injured by the radiant blade array right after he entered the Immortal Domain, and then he entered Hundred Flowers Manor straight after. Thus, he never had the chance to try his hand at this sacred art. But now that his life was at stake, how could he still care about that?

    "Boom!" Searing hot fire was blasted out by this punch.

    Ji Zhao instantly felt like the entire space around him was burning. A sense of impending doom filled his heart.

    Even though he wanted to cut Mo Wuji in half, he had to retract his giant scissors to defend against this fire-type attack.

    A terrifying explosion could be heard as the flames from the fist filled the air. All of Ji Zhao's clothes were instantly burned to ash. Ji Zhao heaved a sigh of relief; he knew that Mo Wuji's elemental energy was completely depleted, and this terrifying punch must have been at the expense of his life force.

    At this moment, he saw Mo Wuji punch once more, no, he saw Mo Wuji punching twice consecutively.

    The entire top of Ji Zhao's head went numb; How could this be...

    "Boom! Boom!" Two fists merged with heavenly fire crashed against Ji Zhao's chest. Ji Zhao felt as though his mind had turned sluggish as his entire body was sent flying backwards, exploding in mid air.

    Mo Wuji coughed out a mouthful of blood and sat paralysed on the floor. He had three elemental storage channels; even though he had run out of elemental energy, he was still able to punch out three times.

    Everything happened in an instant. By the time Han Qingru reacted, everything had already ended, and she hurried to support Mo Wuji up. Mo Wuji swallowed a few healing pills and said hoarsely, "Take the storage rings, then let's go."

    Mo Wuji had done such things many times over, but this was actually Han Qingru's first time. She only knew what she should do after hearing Mo Wuji's words. She hurriedly went to take the two storage rings from the Ji brothers. By this time, Mo Wuji had already fetched out his flying car.

    "Drug Master Mo, you..." Han Qingru had personally seen ten beams of scissors light stab through Mo Wuji's body; she was sure that Mo Wuji was heavily injured.

    Mo Wuji coughed out another mouthful of blood. He knew that he was fine. Even though he was currently unable to move, he would gradually recover within a few days. He was different from other people; he possessed the vitality channel.

    Mo Wuji took out another top grade flying treasure. He struggled to place an Earth grade spirit stone in the energy groove of the flying treasure, then threw the jade box with Han Qingru's spiritual imprint into the flying treasure, and activated it.

    The flying treasure swiftly sped off into the distance.

    After doing all this, Mo Wuji say weakly, "You control the flying car. Change the direction and escape in that direction. Remember, don't fly for more than two days straight..."

    After saying these words, Mo Wuji no longer had any energy, as he collapsed within the flying car.

    Han Qingru was also heavily injured, but as compared to Mo Wuji, her injuries were much smaller. She immediately understood Mo Wuji's meaning, as she hurried to control the flying car. She changed the direction, then sped off.


    By the time Mo Wuji woke up, he found that the surroundings were pitch black. He immediately scanned around with his spiritual will, and instantly discovered Han Qingru beside him.

    "You're awake." The moment Mo Wuji moved, Han Qingru was awakened, and she asked in pleasant surprise.

    "This is a cave?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Han Qingru hurriedly answered, "En, I did as you said and flew for two days. During these two days, you had always been unconscious. We are now at the periphery of Five Lotus Mountain. I don't dare to enter Five Lotus Mountain, so I could only find a cave around the periphery."

    Mo Wuji glanced at the restrictions outside, and he immediately knew that Han Qingru's arrays couldn't make it. However, he was quite satisfied with the location; it was actually a fracture within the canyon. He never thought that Han Qingru could actually find such a concealed spot.

    He did not ask Han Qingru how she managed to find it, but threw out a number of array flags.

    Within one hour, Mo Wuji had completely improved the restrictions on the cave.

    Even though she knew that Mo Wuji was adept with arrays, when she saw Mo Wuji improved her restrictions by more than ten folds within an hour, Han Qingru could not help but feel her face turn red. She guessed that Mo Wuji was a rogue cultivator. She possessed so many cultivation resources, but she wasn't even comparable to a rogue cultivator.

    "I've been unconscious for two days?" After improving the restrictions on the cave, Mo Wuji asked.

    Han Qingru nodded, "Yes. After two days of flying, we reached this place. I've been to this place once before, it's called Five Lotus Mountain. Only my father and I know of this cave, that's why I immediately hid here."

    Han Qingru's heart was filled with doubt. She had examined Mo Wuji's injuries; he definitely wouldn't have been able to wake up after two days. Even if he woke up, Mo Wuji definitely shouldn't have been able to install the array. But in reality, not only did Mo Wuji wake up, he looked fine.

    "Thank you. If not for you, I guess that I would have probably lost my life," Mo Wuji thanked.

    "I should be the one thanking you. If you didn't bring me away, I would have eventually become that person's plaything." Han Qingru shook her head.

    Mo Wuji did not continue on the topic. The reason why he thanked Han Qingru was because if not for her, he definitely wouldn't have been able to escape from the Ji brothers' pursuit. It was natural for them to help each other.

    "Manor Lord Han, can you tell me who wants to make you a plaything?" Mo Wuji asked as he ate some healing pills.
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