Chapter 456: The Long Road Of Immortality

    Chapter 456: The Long Road Of Immortality

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    Seeing that Han Qingru didn't answer his question, Mo Wuji did not continue on the topic. Instead, he asked, "Senior Sister Qingru, then can you tell me the difference between the Immortal Domain and the Immortal World? And what's the matter of the Immortal Seeking Staircase and the immortal lattice?"

    When Han Qingru heard that Mo Wuji was from Half Immortal Domain, she was convinced that Mo Wuji didn't know anything. Regarding these questions, even if Mo Wuji didn't ask her, she would still have slowly talked about it to Mo Wuji.

    "The Immortal Domain that we're living in, is merely a small part of Yong Ying, it's called the Corner of Yong Ying. Here, cultivators can only advance to the Heavenly Immortal Stage at the very most. If you want to take a step further, you would need to condense the immortal lattice and enter the real Immortal Realm. To condense the immortal lattice, you would need immortal lattice stones. But the prices of immortal lattice stones are exorbitant, and they come from Half Immortal Domain..."

    Mo Wuji took out a piece of blackstone and said, "Senior Sister Qingru, is this an Immortal Lattice Stone?"

    When Han Qingru saw the blackstone in Mo Wuji's hand, she was slightly startled. However, she immediately recalled where Mo Wuji came from; Mo Wuji was from Half Immortal Domain, so it was natural that he had some immortal lattice stones.

    She nodded, "Yes, that's an Immortal Lattice Stone. After passing your Heavenly Immortal Tribulation and entering the Heavenly Immortal Stage, you can start condensing your immortal lattice. The strength of your immortal lattice completely depends on how many immortal lattice stones you use, and the degree of your condensation."

    "Senior Sister Qingru, according to what you're saying, the more immortal lattice stones I use, the greater the potential of the immortal lattice?"

    Han Qingru answered, "It's like that in theory. But everyone's cultivation technique is different, and their immortal lattice is also different. Thus, people require different amounts of immortal lattice stones. I heard that some supreme immortal lattice require millions of immortal lattice stones. But the most ordinary of immortal lattice only require 1,000 immortal lattice stones. Some people aren't able to gather that many immortal lattice stones, and try to condense their immortal lattice with a few hundred stones. Thus, their immortal lattices are weaker."

    Mo Wuji hurriedly asked, "Then do those people in the real Immortal World need to use immortal lattice stones to condense their immortal lattice?"

    Han Qingru shook her head, "No, my father told me that they have different methods of condensing an immortal lattice in the Immortal World. The immortal lattice stone is merely one of those methods. It's also possible to condense the immortal lattice just based on one's insights on the Dao. However, we are at the corner of Yong Ying, the rules of the Dao is not perfect here. Thus, even if one had high insights and talents, he would still require immortal lattice stones to condense the immortal lattice."

    "Would I be able to climb the Immortal Seeking Staircase the moment I condense my immortal lattice?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "Yes. A Heavenly Immortal with a condensed immortal lattice would be able to climb the Immortal Seeking Staircase and become a true immortal," Han Qingru sighed and said.

    "Then Senior Sister Qingru? After entering the Heavenly Immortal Stage, what higher levels are there?" Mo Wuji finally had a rough understanding of the difference between the Immortal World and the Immortal Domain, and the immortal lattice stone.

    By this time, he did not need to ask any further to know that Ying Bian City was a low tier city constructed at the corner of Yong Ying. It's primary goal was to collect immortal lattice stones.

    Han Qingru answered, "After the Heavenly Immortal, it's the Golden Immortal. Then, the Xuan Immortal."

    "Then after Xuan Immortal?"

    "It's the Grand Yi Immortal [1], Grand Zhi Immortal and Grand Luo Immortal. It's said that the Grand Yi Immortals are also called Grand Yi Celestials, Grand Zhi Immortals are called True Paramount Celestial Monarch [2], while Grand Zhi Immortals are called Grand Luo Heavenly Celestials. [3]"

    "Then are Grand Luo Heavenly Celestials the strongest immortals?" The more he knew, the smaller Mo Wuji felt. He was an Earthly Immortal that had yet to condense his immortal lattice. After the Heavenly Immortal Stage, there were still so many levels after it.

    Han Qingru answered, "No, it's rumoured there's are Immortal Kings. Immortal Kings are the most supreme expert. Every move of theirs are sacred arts."

    Mo Wuji sank into silence, and did not continue asking any questions. Compared to the Immortal King, he was merely an Earthly Immortal. Even if he was in the Extreme Heaven Stage, he was still an ant among ants.

    Feeling Mo Wuji's melancholy, Han Qingru consoled him, "Junior Brother Mo, even the Immortal King rose up from the lowest of cultivation. You're knowledgeable in alchemy and arrays. How do you know that you wouldn't be able to become an Immortal King?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Senior Sister Qingru, you're right. You dares say that I wouldn't become an Immortal King?"

    Those years ago, he was a mere mortal without any spiritual roots. People said that he wouldn't be able to cultivate. But still, he was able to create his own cultivation method. Even though his method was based on the Immortal Mortal Technique, he eventually reversed the entire Immortal Mortal Technique. Now, it did not even have a shadow of its previous self.

    Compared to when he couldn't cultivate, he was now at a much higher point. Who knows that he wouldn't be able to become an Immortal King?

    When Han Qingru saw Mo Wuji's enlivened confidence, she heaved a sigh of relief. A cultivator's worst fear was to lose his confidence.

    "Senior Sister Qingru, I still have two questions I want to ask you. After a person dies, can he be revived? Or does his soul simply disappear?"

    This question had always been in Mo Wuji's heart. Now, he finally managed to meet a Heavenly Immortal, so he naturally had to ask this question.

    After a brief moment of silence, Han Qingru answered, "My father once told me, after a person dies, he would enter the World of Reincarnation. If the fleshly body is still present, some experts are able to find that person's soul, and bring that person back to life."

    "People can truly be brought back to life?" In Mo Wuji's urgency, both his hands had already grabbed Han QIngru's delicate arms.

    "Junior Brothr Mo, please let go." Han Qingru's face turned red. Previously, Mo Wuji had grabbed her, but it was during a dangerous situation. But now, they weren't in any dangerous situations, so Mo Wuji's actions were too much.

    "Sorry, I was too agitated. Senior sister, please tell me." Mo Wuji let go of both his hands, but he was still unable to quell the emotions in his heart.

    After Mo Wuji released his hands, Han Qingru slowly said, "Even though it's possible, there are some conditions. The fleshly body must not have perished for a long time, and it needs to be constantly moisturised with Life Force Immortal Grass. It would be best to store it in a pocket dimension. After doing this, you would still need to find a supreme expert to merge the life force with the fleshly body..."

    When he heard this, Mo Wuji felt as though he had been doused in a bucket of cold water? How was he going to get a pocket dimension? And the Life Force Immortal Grass is a peerless treasure, how was he going to find some? As for the supreme expert, he was only a mere Earthly Immortal, how was he going to request the help of such a powerful person?

    Seemingly aware of Mo Wuji's raging emotions, Han Qingru did not continue any further. She just sat there quietly beside Mo Wuji.

    After some time, she saw that Mo Wuji was still silent without a word. Thus, she took out two storage rings and handed them to Mo Wuji, "Junior Brother Mo, these are the Ji brothers' storage rings. Have a look at what's inside."

    Mo Wuji secretly clenched his fists. He needed to get stronger as soon as possible, no, he needed to get much, much stronger. It wasn't for himself, but for Cen Shuyin as well.

    "Thanks Junior Sister Qingru." Mo Wuji accepted the storage rings.

    "Junior Brother Mo, you said that you had two questions. What's the second one?" Seeing Mo Wuji return to his senses, Han Qingru asked.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "Forget about the second question. It's not very important."

    Previously, Mo Wuji wanted to ask Han Qingru about how he could return to Earth. But compared to Shuyin's matter, everything else was merely fleeting clouds.

    He no longer cared about why Xia Ruoyin plotted against him. To him, that was a cloud that had passed by a long time ago. There was no need to think about it.

    With Mo Wuji's skill with arrays, he was able to easily break through the restrictions on the two storage rings.

    "So rich..." When Mo Wuji saw the immortal crystals in the Ji brother's storage ring, he could not help but exclaim in emotion.

    Previously, he had to use 100,000 immortal lattice stones to exchange for 3,000,000 low grade immortal crystals. In the Ji brothers' storaage rings, there were already over 2,000,000 low grade immortal crystals. Other than that, there were thousands of immortal crystals that were at a higher grade than the low grade immortal crystals.

    Mo Wuji grabbed one of those immortal crystals in his hand and immediately felt the concentrated immortal energy within it.

    "Senior Sister Qingru, could this be an intermediate grade immortal crystal?" Mo Wuji asked emotionally. What he was lacking the most was cultivation resources. With intermediate grade immortal crystals, he would be able to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, then condense his immortal lattice.

    Others might not have immortal lattice stones, but he had truckloads of them.

    [1] Yi is the second of the ten Heavenly Stems.

    [2] Zhi means the peak or paramount.

    [3] The Grand Luo Heavens signify the highest of heavens, with nothing else higher.
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