Chapter 457: Charging To The Heavenly Immortal Stage

    Chapter 457: Charging To The Heavenly Immortal Stage

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    "That's right, that's a intermediate grade immortal crystal. You can use these intermediate grade immortal crystals to charge to the Heavenly Immortal Stage," Han Qingru answered.

    Mo Wuji said gleefully, "Senior Sister Qingru, I will now prepare to break through to the Heavenly Immortal Stage. You can stay here to condense your immortal lattice."

    "Ah..." Han Qingru was briefly stunned before she shook her head and said, "Junior Brother Mo, you should cultivate first. I temporarily don't need to condense my immortal lattice."

    Was condensing the immortal lattice something that could be done in just a casual mention? It required large amounts of immortal lattice stones. However, she didn't even have one immortal lattice stone. Even if Mo Wuji had that one piece of immortal lattice stone, it wasn't enough to condense the immortal lattice.

    Mo Wuji smiled, took out a storage ring and passed it to Han Qingru, "Senior Sister Qingru, there are immortal lattice stones in here. Feel free to use them, if there's not enough, just tell me."

    Han Qingru stared quizzically at the storage ring. She sent her spiritual will inwards and was instantly stupefied. After some time, she stammered, "Few millions of immortal lattice stones?"

    Mo Wuji responded with an "En", then said, "I came from Half Immortal Domain. I don't have anything else, just these immortal lattice stones."

    With that, Mo Wuji threw our ten array flags, separating Han Qingru from him. At the same time, he grabbed a pile of low grade immortal crystals and tens of intermediate grade immortal crystals, all in preparation to charge to the Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    Han Qingru finally regained her composure, staring at Mo Wuji's defensive array in shock. She was sure that her new junior brother definitely wasn't a simple figure back in Half Immortal Domain.

    Could a simple person have obtained so many immortal lattice stones? She once heard that during the annual purchase of immortal lattice stones, those from the Immortal Domain could only purchase a little over hundred thousand stones from Half Immortal Domain.

    Just this ring alone contained enough immortal lattice stones for ten years of purchases.

    After a long time, Han Qingru gradually regained her calm. She excitedly grabbed a pile of immortal lattice stones and started condensing her immortal lattice. Previously, she wasn't able to go to Immortal World because of the spiritual will imprint on her, and also because she didn't have any immortal lattice stones.

    Now, not only did Junior Brother Mo help remove the imprint, he even gave her so many immortal lattice stones. How could she not be excited. With so many immortal lattice stones, coupled with her talent, it was definite that she would successfully condense her immortal lattice. The moment she condensed her immortal lattice, she could head towards the Immortal World.


    This was Mo Wuji's second time cultivating using immortal crystals. During the first time, he only used 1,000 low grade immortal crystals. Back in the Immortal Chasm, even though he was also cultivating, most of the energy within the immortal crystals were practically wasted. Now, his current use of cultivation, could truly be called true and unrestrained cultivation.

    One low grade immortal crystal after another directly disintegrated into dust by Mo Wuji's side. Mo Wuji's cultivation rose rapidly. In merely a month, Mo Wuji advanced from Earthly Immortal Stage Level 12 to the Great Circle of Earthly Immortal.

    After collecting the immortal crystals around him, Mo Wuji stood up and opened his array.

    Han Qingru was still condensing her immortal lattice. Behind her, was a faint immortal halo; Mo Wuji guessed that this was Han Qingru's condensed immortal lattice halo.

    As she sat there, Han Qingru looked like a fairy. Her long hair rested neatly on her delicate shoulders. Coupled with her gorgeous facial features, Mo Wuji could not help but praise her beauty.

    There was no wonder why Lao Cai would be so tolerant to Han Qingru; she was truly too pretty. Moreover, while she was delicate on the outside, she was tough and resolute on the inside. She was truly a person that Mo Wuji could appreciate.

    Mo Wuji did not disturb her. He left a jade letter saying that he would be facing his tribulation, then he left the cave.

    Mo Wuji did not dare face his tribulation here; since this was their hiding spot, he naturally couldn't do it within the area. Moreover, according to Han Qingru's words, there were many strong demonic beasts here, which was why he had to find a more concealed location.

    Bringing out his flying car, Mo Wuji used his fastest speed to head towards the depths of Five Lotus Mountain.

    Three days later, Mo Wuji stopped on top of a flat plateau. This was quite a distance away from the periphery of Five Lotus Mountain. Moreover, there weren't any tall peaks nor deep gulls here, so there wouldn't be any demonic beasts near.

    Most importantly, the immortal energy here was considered rich, which made it suitable for tribulation.

    Mo Wuji grabbed out 100,000 low grade immortal crystals. Then, he installed a defensive array around himself, as well as a spirit gathering array. At this instant, he was feel grateful towards the Ji brothers. If not for the Ji brothers pursuing Han Qingru and him, where was he going to get so many immortal crystals?

    Advancing into the Heavenly Immortal Stage required the Calamity Cross Pill, but Mo Wuji did not have it. However, Mo Wuji wasn't worried; his cultivation technique was different from others. At least, Mo Wuji had never faced any bottlenecks since he started cultivation. The only 'bottleneck' he faced, was the need for copious amounts of cultivation resources.

    Following Mo Wuji's reverse circulation, the immortal spiritual energy within the low grade immortal crystals around him were extracted. In a short period of time, a faint immortal spiritual whirlpool had formed around him. After an incense's time, the spirit gathering array which he installed had also started to gather the immortal spiritual energy from the surroundings.

    As Mo Wuji's cultivation soared continuously, he prepared himself for the descend of raging lightning. Thereafter, he would charge into the pillars of the Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    As time slowly passed, Mo Wuji took out more and more immortal crystals. At the same time, more immortal spiritual energy was gathered by his spirit gathering array. However, he was also increasingly worried. He had never encountered his current situation before; his power was rising constantly, and all the meridians in his body seemed to be filled to the brim with immortal spiritual energy; he was so close to charging to the Heavenly Immortal Stage. However, not a single shadow of the Lightning Calamity appeared.

    Feeling the rapidly decreasing number of immortal crystals in his ring, Mo Wuji's heart sank. He suddenly wished that he had the Calamity Crossing Pill; if he had a Calamity Crossing Pill, he would definitely be able to incite the Lightning Calamity.

    From the looks of it, Mo Wuji couldn't use his previous standards as a gauge of his curreny cultivation. This was the first time that he felt that he wasn't prepared for his tribulation.

    Another day passed. Mo Wuji took out the last thousand intermediate grade immortal crystals from his spirit ring. He decided that if these intermediate grade immortal crystals still weren't enough to call for the Lightning Calamity, then he would give up on this attempt. He would then search for the immortal herbs required for the Calamity Crossing Pill, and concoct it.

    "Roar!" The loud roar of a demonic beast resounded; Mo Wuji knew that a strong demonic beast was coming. Even though he possessed the peak grade Wind Escape Technique, he did not wish to come close to the demonic beasts here.

    This tribulation betrayed his plans completely. Originally, he was intending to spend one day to pass the tribulation. But now, five days had passed but the Lightning Calamity still hadn't descended. Without the Lightning Calamity, and as he continued to absorb immortal spiritual energy so furiously, it was no wonder that he had drawn the attention of strong demonic beasts.

    Just when Mo Wuji was prepared to stop his attempt, a Black-furred Lion that was several meters tall appeared in his spiritual will. This was definitely a demonic beast that had exceeded the Heavenly Immortal Stage. Mo Wuji's heart tightened; before he could keep the array flags around him, he saw the Black-furred Lion jumping into the sky.

    The moment the Black-furred Lion moved, Mo Wuji knew that the Black-furred Lion wasn't targetting him, but a huge Three-eyed Dove.

    When the Three-eyed Dove saw the Black-furred Lion pouncing towards it, it uttered a shrill chirp, extending its wings and soared to the sky. However, its flapping wings seemed to be moving in slow-motion, as though something was restraining them.

    Mo Wuji was very clear that this was the Black-furred Lion's domain.

    I have to go. Just when Mo Wuji thought of this, the Three-eyed Dove spat out a black shadow.

    This thoroughly angered Mo Wuji. It was clearly the Black-furred Lion that was attacking the Three-eyed Dove, but this Three-eyed Dove actually turned to attack him.

    Unexpectedly, the black shadow did not contain any hints of killing intent. Instead, Mo Wuji felt a sensation of rich immrotal spiritual energy, and smelt a fruity fragrance.

    After smelling this faint fruity frgrance, Mo Wuji started to feel that his shackles keeping him at the Earthly Immortal Stage easing up.

    At this point in time, if Mo Wuji didn't know that this fruit was useful to helping him charge to the Heavenly Immortal Stage, then might as well be an idiot. He did not hesitate to grab the fruit and placed it in his mouth. At the same time, he circulated his immortal elemental energy.

    With the circulation of his immortal elemental energy, the fruit instantly dissolved and seeped into the meridians in Mo Wuji's body. All 107 meridians in Mo Wuji's body simultaneously released a crisp sound, reverse circulating at a much faster speed.

    An explosive force let loose inside of Mo Wuji's body; this violent force caused Mo Wuji to feel as though his body was exploding.

    When the Black-furred Lion saw Mo Wuji swallowing the fruit, it immediately gave up on the Three-eyed Dove and turned to Mo Wuji. The Three-eyed Dove instantly broke free of the Black-furred Lion's domain control, transforming into a shadow and speeding into the sky.
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