Chapter 458: 108th Meridian

    Chapter 458: 108th Meridian

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    How could Mo Wuji be in the mood to care that he had just been dragged into disaster by that Three-eyed Dove? He wasn't even in the mood to care about the incoming Black-furred Lion.

    After he swallowed that fruit, the spiritual energy within it went rampage. He had to urgently release some of this spiritual energy. However, the energy seemed to be like a mad cow, running around his body in all directions. Mo Wuji exerted all his effort to draw these spiritual energy together, then directed them towards the Heavenly Immortal barrier.

    "Boom!" In this single impact, the cultivation shackles on Mo Wuji started to tremble violently. At the same time, thunderclaps suddenly sounded in the sky. Thereafter, ten bolts of lightning as thick as a child's arm descended down upon him.

    The Black-furred Lion that was pouncing towards Mo Wuji was startled by this terrifying Lightning Calamity, as it hurriedly retreated. Even though its cultivation was equivalent to the advanced Heavenly Immortal Stage, it did not dare face this sort of Lightning Calamity. As a demonic beast, it was afraid to even touch this horrifying Lightning Calamity.

    "Crackle! Crash!" These ten bolts of lightning slammed on Mo Wuji consecutively. All the skin on Mo Wuji's body instantly exploded; his bones immediately cracked.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled astonishment. He had always been able to absorb the essence within the lightning. However, this Lightning Tribulation was so swift and horrifying; before he could even absorb the lightning essence, he was already heavily injured. And this was just the first wave of lightning.

    Cultivating to the Great Circle of Earthly Immortal, Mo Wuji had his fair share of Lightning Calamities. However, he had never experienced one like this; it was too fast, and its power was horrifyingly strong.

    From afar, the Black-furred Lion observed Mo Wuji's Lightning Calamity. It saw the ten horrifying bolts of lightning land on Mo Wuji's body, exploding a huge mist of blood. However, the lightning bolts actually didn't manage to strike that cultivator down. When the Black-furred Lion noticed this, its heart pounded rapidly. It carefully took steps backwards, and when it had retreated to a fixed distance away, it immediately turned and fled into the depths of Five Lotus Mountain.

    In its eyes, Mo Wuji was not someone it could offend. It couldn't even deal with the power of those lightning bolts; this was already enough to show that Mo Wuji was much stronger than it. The moment Mo Wuji moved towards it, it would be drawn into the Lightning Calamity. Moreover, the immortal spirit fruit had already been eaten, so why did it continue to stay here for?

    As it thought of all these dangers, why would the Black-furred Lion dare to continue observe Mo Wuji's tribulation?

    "Crack!" A thin fracture appeared on the Heavenly Immortal shackles. Before Mo Wuji could start to heal his injuries, another ten bolts of lightning descended on him.

    Mo Wuji was slightly more prepared compared to the first time; he threw ten lightning webs upwards. Even though the lightning webs weren't able to block these lightning bolts, it eased the pressure on Mo Wuji. Just when he swallowed a few healing pills, the lightning bolts ripped through Mo Wuji's lightning webs, and struck against his body.

    Mo Wuji's 107 meridians formed a huge circulation path, which continuously reverse circulated, drawing away wave after wave of lightning essence.

    Even though this Lightning Calamity was like a crazy and powerful wave, because Mo Wuji continuously drew away the lightning essence, the damage on Mo Wuji's body was not as much as during the first wave of lightning.

    Before the lightning completely disappeared, another ten lightning bolts descended.

    A much bigger fracture had appeared on the barrier to the Heavenly Immortal Stage. As the lightning bolts descended, Mo Wuji concentrated the lightning essence he just absorbed and sent it towards the Heavenly Immortal shackles.

    "Crack!" Mo Wuji felt something breaking apart within is body. Huge amounts of force filled all his meridians. Mo Wuji's meridians continuously widened; his sea of consciousness also expanded crazily. The violet elemental lake within his sea of consciousness was now a small ocean.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's power was rising rapidly.

    He had advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage. Mo Wuji did not even get to celebrate when the ten lightning bolts came towards him.

    Mo Wuji no longer did the same as what he did previously, to absorb the lightning essence to weaken the lightning bolts. Instead, he punched out multiple times.

    The shadows of his fists crashed against the lightning bolts; filling the sky with trails of lightning.

    The leftover lightning bolts landed on Mo Wuji's body. However, it helped Mo Wuji's power to increase. Not only didn't these lightning bolts worsen his injuries, it actually caused his injuries to heal slightly.

    Seemingly noticing that Mo Wuji had already advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, the Lightning Calamity was no longer harmful to Mo Wuji. The Lightning Calamity finally slowed down. When Mo Wuji's power seemed to reach its maximum point, the Lightning Calamity brought down another slew of lightning.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't even block it, but wholeheartedly absorbed the lightning essence within the lightning.

    "Crack!" It felt like his soul and his body had been opened. Mo Wuji did not even open his eyes but he could feel that he had an additional meridian in his body.

    His 108th meridian had finally been opened; Mo Wuji's heart was filled with ecstasy. He did not have spiritual roots and spirit channels. As he cultivated using meridians, he knew that he had to open 108 meridians.

    His 108th meridian was finally perforated today. This meant that his Immortal Mortal Technique would no longer be slow and sluggish, and his cultivation speed would be much faster than every other cultivator.

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, his 108th meridian completely joined up with the rest of his meridians. In the blink of an eye, his 108 meridians formed a huge circulation path. At this instant, Mo Wuji understood the huge difference between the circulation path with 107 meridians, and that with 108 meridians.

    Both his power and his cultivation speed had encountered a huge qualitative change.

    Just when Mo Wuji was wondering what kind of channel his 108th meridian was, a faint message was inscribed in his consciousness.

    His 108th meridian: World Channel.

    World Channel? There was such a peculiar meridian? Mo Wuji was filled with doubts. Just when Mo Wuji was trying to discern the abilities of his World Channel, another roar reverberated in the sky.

    More than 100 lightning bolts descended from the sky; these terrifying lightning bolts seemed to want to destroy Mo Wuji completely. Even Mo Wuji was stunned; he was going to face a second Lightning Calamity?

    While his Lightning Calamity hadn't fully concluded, why would there suddenly be over 100 lightning bolts at a go?

    Mo Wuji did not dare to think any further. He fetched his Tian Ji Pole and furiously formed layers of pole shadows. At the same time, he formed multiple lightning webs.

    He felt that this Lightning Calamity was trying to kill him; he had never heard of over 100 lightning bolts descending simultaneously. Was he not destined to become an Immortal King?

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" These lightning bolts crashed down heavily, tearing Mo Wuji's lightning bolts to shreds. Even Mo Wuji's pole arts had been exploded into gold light.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji discovered that these lightning bolts were actually completely black.

    "Crackle! Crash!" Lightning bolts slammed onto Mo Wuji continuously. Even though Mo Wuji was already in the Heavenly Immortal Stage and was more than 10 folds stronger than he was previously, he was still left paralysed by these lightning bolts. Cracks started to form on his meridians, and even his sea of consciousness started to become unstable. His entire body crashed heavily on the ground.

    He was only able to accept one wave of such lightning. If another one came, he knew that he definitely couldn't take it.

    I'm dead. Mo Wuji's heart was filled with grief. He didn't expect that there would be such an abnormal Lightning Calamity.

    What left Mo Wuji pleasantly surprised was that after this wave if lightning, the sky started to clear up; there was even a spiritual rainbow. Mo Wuji hurriedly started to heal his meridians.

    Fortunately, he had the vitality meridian. Even though his Lightning Calamity was horrifying beyond the point of imagination, he didn't actually lose his life.

    With the power of his vitality meridian, his injuries caused by the Lightning Calamity recovered swiftly.

    He finally managed to succeed in his Heavenly Immortal Tribulation; Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly, a trace of insight appeared in his mind. This insight wasn't due to his dao revelation channel, but his 108th meridian, the World Channel.
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