Chapter 459: The Created World

    Chapter 459: The Created World

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    At this instant, Mo Wuji felt a hint of dao and spirituality continuously revolving within his World Channel, then furiously sucking in his vitality and elemental energy.

    What's going on? As Mo Wuji thought of this, his World Channel suddenly stopped reverse circulating. A grey dao halo emerged from his World Channel, and started to transform continuously. Eventually, it transformed into a small round bead.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on this grey, round bead, and was instantly stupefied. This was a world? His World Channel actually formed a world? However, this world seemed to be void and empty, like space.

    With a thought, his body actually appeared within this grey bead. The bead was completely empty; there was nothing except for some hints of chaotic energy. However, this chaotic energy actually seemed to be related to his modified Immortal Mortal Technique; it seemed to be derived from the the cultivation technique that he had personally developed.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept outwards; he discovered that he was indeed within the bead. Outside the bead, was the same messy plateau ravaged by his tribulation.

    Could this be a world that I created? Do every newly advanced Heavenly Immortals possess such a world? As Mo Wuji thought of this, he felt that it was not likely. If it was really the case, then Han Qingru would have told him about it.

    This world should be related to his meridian cultivation technique, which gave birth to his World Channel. Because he opened this World Channel, he was able to create this world of his own. Because this world was newly born, it was completely empty.

    Since it was a world, then he should be able to store things inside right? When Mo Wuji thought of this, he casually threw a few spirit stones from his storage ring inside. As expected, the spirit stones formed a small pile within a corner of this empty space.

    Mo Wuji did not continue researching on this world; the place he was in wasn't safe. With another thought, he emerged from his world.

    The moment Mo Wuji emerged, that grey world immediately concealed itself within his Mind Palace. Mo Wuji hurriedly collected his array flags, took out his flying car and left this place swiftly. After he returned, besides continuing his research into this world, he still needed to condense his immortal lattice.


    When Mo Wuji returned to the cave, Han Qingru was still condensing her immortal lattice. Behind her, an immortal lattice dao wheel was revolving smoothly; dao will which belonged exclusively to Han Qingru entered into this dao wheel. At this moment, if Mo Wuji wanted to investigate the inner thoughts of Han Qingru, he only needed to send his spiritual will into this immortal lattice dao wheel.

    Regardless, Mo Wuji wouldn't do such an uncouth thing. Typically, a Heavenly Immortal would condense his immortal lattice in secret. It was completely because the two of them were on the run that Han Qingru was condensing his immortal lattice here.

    No longer caring about Han Qingru, Mo Wuji installed another array around himself. After installing the array, Mo Wuji immediately jumped back in into that grey world that he created.

    The grey world was still empty. Mo Wuji took out his storage ring, and slowly placed the things within the ring into the world, one at a time.

    Most important, were his tens of millions of immortal lattice stones. If these things were revealed, probably all the cultivators in the Corner of Yong Ying would want to kill him.

    A khaki-coloured bead was also taken out; this was the Earth Elemental Bead. It was really a sheer stroke of luck that Mo Wuji was able to obtain this Earth Elemental Bead.

    Previously, he was already prepared to die when he snatched this Earth Elemental Bead away. After all, both the Void Toad and the Yin Fire Centipede were existences far stronger than him. Even Mo Wuji didn't expect that he would be able to find a way out after stealing the Earth Elemental Bead.

    Mo Wuji also wasn't sure about how the Earth Elemental Bead was formed. He only knew that such a bead even existed from some random jade letter that he read. It's said that it was a treasure for earth-type cultivators, and it would bring great fortune to the cultivator.

    Mo Wuji carefully brought out a relatively bigger box; he was preparing to place the Earth Elemental Bead in the grey world. Before Mo Wuji could store the Earth Elemental Bead on the jade box, the Earth Elemental Bead suddenly raced out of his hand, and floated in mid air. Earth-type radiance seeped out from the Earth Elemental Bead, and soon, merged with the empty, grey world.

    This is?

    Mo Wuji stared in astonishment as the scene unfolded before him. At the very next instant, he felt boundless vitality and elemental energy being sucked out of him.

    The extracted vitality and elemental energy instantly merged with the Earth Elemental Bead. Waves of tremors suddenly reverberated through the air.

    What's going on? Before Mo Wuji tried to understand what was going on, he knew that something was wrong. If his vitality continued to be extracted, he would soon turn into a pile of dead skin.

    Stop, this must stop immediately.

    Just when Mo Wuji was about to yell "Stop", he felt a hint of grief. At this instant, it seemed like his grey world was collapsing.

    Even though he understand what was going on, Mo Wuji could guess a thing or two. It should be because his world required the Laws of Earth, and the Earth Elemental Bead was formed from the natural Laws of Earth. The moment he called for "Stop", his world, which had yet to be completely formed, might possibly implode.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart, let it continue then. But if it reached an unbearable point, he must stop it.

    Aligned with Mo Wuji's thoughts, the elemental energy and vitality within Mo Wuji's body surged out, merging with the Laws of Earth emanated by the Earth Elemental Bead. The grey bead world continued to shake continuously with tremors.

    After some unknown time, Mo Wuji was truly unable to take it. He feel unconscious in his own world.

    Even though Mo Wuji had already passed out, the vitality and elemental energy within his body continued to be sucked out. The Earth Elemental Bead also gradually became smaller. Finally, it vanished within this grey world.


    Time continued to pass. In the blink of an eye, half a year passed.

    With a light sigh, Han Qingru stood up. The immortal lattice dao wheel had already been concealed within her body. Spending a total of 630,000 immortal lattice stones, she was able to form an immortal lattice which completely belonged to her.

    At this instant, she felt that her power was more than ten times stronger than previously? If she were to fight against Ji Zhao now, she believed that she would have nothing to fear.

    So this was the difference with an immortal lattice? Han Qingru felt the immortal elemental energy surging within her, and felt indescribably emotional.

    After half a year, not only did she condense her immortal lattice, she had already completely converted her elemental energy to immortal elemental energy.

    If this was the past, she would never have dared think of such a thing. All these was brought to her by Junior Brother Mo. Han Qingru turned to Mo Wuji's magical array; her heart was filled with gratitude.

    She secretly created an array around herself, as she washed up and changed to a new set of clothes. Thereafter, she organised the remaining immortal lattice stones and prepared to return them to Mo Wuji.

    Even when her father was condensing his immortal lattice, he didn't do it so luxuriously. 630,000 immortal lattice stones, it would probably be enough for at least a hundred people to condense their immortal lattice. Moreover, she had only used a small portion of the stones within the ring.

    Han Qingru waited outside Mo Wuji's array for a few days. Soon, she felt that something was amiss; there was no signs of movement within Mo Wuji's array.

    Logically, if Mo Wuji was cultivating, there should be the circulation of immortal spiritual energy. However, within Mo Wuji's array, there wasn't the flow of any sort of energy; it was like a pool of dead water.

    As Han Qingru thought of this, urgency filled her heart as she hurriedly touched Mo Wuji's array.

    The moment Han Qingru touched his array, Mo Wuji, who had been unconscious for an unknown amount of time, immediately woke up. He soon discovered in astonishment that he was still lying in his grey world...

    That's not right, this was different from his grey world. His grey world was completely empty, while this world contained grey land.

    He was currently lying on this grey land. The pile of spirit stones that he deposited here had disappeared. On the other hand, his spiritual herbs and pills were still around. However, his pile of immortal lattice stones and the Earth Elemental Bead had vanished.
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