Chapter 460: Undying World

    Chapter 460: Undying World [1]

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    In a mere instant, Mo Wuji came to a realisation. This was still his grey bead world. The only difference was that it was no longer an empty void, but merged with the Laws of Earth from the Earth Elemental Bead. No, it was more accurate to say that the merge of the Laws of Earth with his life force and vitality resulted in this land.

    Soon, Mo Wuji saw his pitiable appearance; he was anorexic-ally thin and his hair had been completely bleached...

    Mo Wuji was sure that if not for his vitality channel, he would have been dead.

    Han Qingru's urgent cries sounded through once more. Mo Wuji hurriedly emerged from his world and landed within his array.

    Feeling the flow of spiritual energy within Mo Wuji's array, and even hearing some grunts, Han Qingru did not care any further and rushed in.

    Mo Wuji's array did not have any defensive restrictions; it was only imbued with concealment effects. Han Qingru was able to easily break through Mo Wuji's restrictions. When she saw Mo Wuji's appearance, she was stunned still.

    Mo Wuji was lying on the floor; his hair was bleached and he looked nothing more than a pile of bones in skin. Compared to the Junior Brother Mo that was brimming with spirit, this was simply a difference as huge as that between Heaven and Earth.

    "Junior Brother Mo, what happened to you?" Han Qingru hurriedly took a step forward, supporting Mo Wuji up and leaning him onto her body.

    A pleasant fragrance wafted into his nose. At the same time, Mo Wuji felt Han Qingru's strong Heavenly Immortal aura, it was much stronger than even the Ji brothers.

    "Senior Sister Qingru, congrats on successfully condensing your immortal lattice." After this congratulatory sentence, Mo Wuji took out a few vitality restoring pills and swallowed them.

    Even though he had the vitality channel, the damage he suffered was too much.

    "En, if not for you, I'm afraid I would never have been able to condense my immortal lattice. Junior Brother Mo, what exactly happened to you?" Han Qingru was slightly worried. Even when a cultivator was heavily injured, it wouldn't have reached to a point like Mo Wuji's.

    Mo Wuji smiled; he couldn't reveal the matter of him giving birth to a world. He could only create a story, "Not long ago, I encountered a vixen spirit. She sucked away all of my Yang energy [2] which left me in this state..."

    Han Qingru's face instantly swelled deep red. If not for Mo Wuji's weak appearance, she would have dumped Mo Wuji down.

    Mo Wuji reacted; his joke did not seem to be appropriate, so he hurriedly said, "I'm okay. Oh right, do you have any immortal crystals? If you do, give me some."

    Han Qingru shook her head awkwardly, "I don't have any immortal crystals. Wait here for me, I know of a city square not far from here. I will go to the city square to sell some things."

    Mo Wuji understood the meaning behind Han Qingru's words; she probably wanted to help him get some immortal crystals. He waved his hand, "That's not needed. I have a spirit gathering array here, it's enough if I rest for a few days."

    Han Qingru was still very inexperienced. She was currently being pursued, if she went to the city square, she would only be courting death. After he recovered and cultivated for a period of time, he would condense his immortal lattice. Then, he would send Han Qingru to the Immortal World and they would each go their separate ways.

    "Alright, then I won't disturb your rest." Han Qingru placed Mo Wuji down carefully, then left Mo Wuji's concealment array.

    After Han Qingru left, Mo Wuji administered more pills, and started to recover his elemental energy. Even if he wanted to condense his immortal lattice, he would have to wait till he recovered his power.

    Multiple days passed by in a flash. Mo Wuji was still emaciated and weak, but it was a huge improvement. His head full of white hair was now beige.

    Feeling Mo Wuji start to absorb immortal spiritual energy, Han Qingru heaved a sigh of relief. She left a jade letter outside his array, then carefully left the cave.

    She had used Mo Wuji's immortal lattice stones to condense her immortal lattice. Now that Mo Wuji's cultivation had faced a hitch, she wanted to find some ways to help Mo Wuji.


    Mo Wuji didn't even know that Han Qingru had left; he was continuously recovering the damage to his meridians and his elemental energy.

    After several days passed, Mo Wuji finally stopped. He had yet to completely recover; it was best if he used some immortal pills or immortal crystals to recover fully.

    He did not have any immortal pills, but that wasn't important to him. He did not have immortal pills, but he had the Grass, Wood, Stone. After reading the Grass, Wood, Stone, he would ask Han Qingru for help. As the manor lord of Hundred Flowers Manor, she should have some immortal herbs on her.

    Once again, Mo Wuji entered his grey, round bead; it was really like a world inside. There was not hundreds of square meters of land, and at the edges of the land, were boundless empty space.

    Mo Wuji carefully placed Cen Shuyin's jade coffin in this world, then started to install all sorts of magical arrays around it. He did not have the Life Force Immortal Grass, but he had the vitality channel. Even though he had not fully recovered, he still extracted some life force from his vitality channel and injected it into magical array. As long as the array was functioning, Cen Shuyin would constantly be within life energy.

    He knew that his round bead was not considered a pocket dimension but Mo Wuji believed that it was in no way inferior.

    Feeling the soil on the ground, Mo Wuji's heart suddenly pounded and he muttered to himself, "From now on, this world will be called the Undying World. [1]"

    Because he started the meridian cultivation technique and created the reversed Immortal Mortal Technique, he was able to have his 108th meridian - the World Channel. It then led to the birth of his own world.

    Thus, this bead would be called the Undying World; it was truly an apt name.

    Because of the Earth Elemental Bead, the Undying World was able to have land. From the looks of it, if he wanted the Undying World to be a world with life, he would still need the Water Elemental Bead, Fire Elemental Bead, Metal Elemental Bead and Wood Elemental Bead.

    Mo Wuji sighed; it was a complete stroke of luck that he was able to obtain this Earth Elemental Bead. Each of these beads are extraordinary treasures birthed from the cosmos, much less five of them.

    Even though it could not be a complete world, his Undying World was still better than a storage ring. At least, there would be a place to place Cen Shuyin, and to hide his immortal lattice crystals.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji cast all these thoughts aside and took out his Grass, Wood and Stone.

    He wanted to learn to concoct immortal pills, so he needed to start by understanding immortal herbs.

    The moment Mo Wuji flipped to the first page, he knew that this book was a treasure. Not only did the book introduce the characteristics of various immortal grass and wood, as well as their uses, it even introduces various kinds of smithing materials.

    It seemed to contain information from Tier 1 to Tier 9 of immortal herbs.

    Mo Wuji soon sank into concentration. Hours later, he learned about the fruit that he had eaten before his tribulation. It was actually a peak Tier 2 spirit fruit, the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit.

    The Falling Dust Immortal Fruit was an immortal fruit that was able to help Heavenly Immortals charge to the Golden Immortal Stage; its value exceeded even many Tier 3 immortal grass. Moreover, these Tier 3 immortal grass that he was referring to weren't those mundane and ordinary ones in Hundred Flowers Manor. Not only could this Falling Dust Immortal Fruit be eaten directly, it could even be used to concoct the Falling Dust Immortal Pill. This was a Tier 2 immortal pill that could help Heavenly Immortals enter the Golden Immortal Stage.

    Mo Wuji sighed inwardly, he had really wasted it. An Earthly Immortal actually used the Falling Dust Immortal Fruit.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji soon cast these thoughts aside and went back to studying the Grass, Wood, Stone.

    Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, multiple days had passed. Mo Wuji felt that he was now knowledgeable enough on immortal herbs to start concocting immortal pills.

    He hurriedly placed Grass, Wood and Stone into his Undying World, and walked out of his array.

    Where did Han Qingru go? To Mo Wuji's surprise, he didn't see Han Qingru.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will casually swept through the area and he immediately found the jade letter that Han Qingru left behind. His heart immediately sank; he recalled that Han Qingru previously said that she wanted to go to the city square.

    As he picked up and read the jade letter, he found that it was exactly as he guessed; Han Qingru had gone to the city square. Mo Wuji did not know when exactly did Han Qingru leave, but he was sure that it had not been simply one or two days ago.

    If she hadn't returned after so many days, there was only one possibility, that Han Qingru had met with an incident.

    As he thought of this, how could Mo Wuji still stay in this cave. He hurriedly swept up everything in the cave. His figure flashed as he charged out from the cave.

    [1] This Immortal here is the same 'immortal' as with the novel's title, Immortal Mortal, and the Immortal Mortal Technique. It means undying. It's different from the Immortal from Earthly Immortal or Immortal Realm, which refers to deities or celestial beings.

    [2] Suck is a good verb to use here LOL. A vixen spirit is like a succubus, and sucks the vitality from men.
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